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hello and welcome to another tutorial video this time around you're going to learn more about what goes into a company's profile and PowerPoint because it's a very common task that you are going to have to complete in investment banking and even other field within finance so we're going to look at a couple examples of company profiles here and then I'm going to teach you an alignment trick something that is very powerful that you can use to accomplish alignment like what you see on this slide where we have these two pie charts and these text labels up here and then they're evenly distributed with the shape above so there's the same amount of space between these two labels and this side of the shape and then these two pie charts are also Center aligned with these text labels right above them ordinarily this would be very difficult to accomplish in PowerPoint but I'm going to show you a trick and some commands you can use to get this working lately I've been doing a lot of PowerPoint work because we're working on a new version of our course and they're about 50 lessons for it so I figured this time around we could take some time out and I wanted to share one trick that we teach in the course for alignment and distribution something that is very useful on a crowded slide such as what you just saw for the company profile you might be asking what is a company profile and the easiest way to explain this is just to show you a few examples essentially a company profile is used to describe companies usually you use it to present what potential buyers might look like to your client if the client wants to sell its company or you use it to present what potential sellers look like to your client if your client wants to buy another company and the key is that you have to do it in a concise way you don't want to print out the company's entire annual report you want to list one slide or half a slide or quarter slide of information and present the key stats like that so here we have a variant where we have a two-page profile so we have the qualitative information on the first slide and then the quantitative information or at least a lot of it on the second slide you can have a one-page profile like we do here that combines both types of information on one slide and then you can also have very short profiles here and then there are many other variations you could have column layouts and you could have quadrant profiles so there are a lot of different ways to set this up and it really depends on what your group is looking for and what these seniors bankers that you work with also want to see I'm going to close at least for now those are a few examples of company profiles now in the PowerPoint course or at least the new one we're working on we recommend customizing the quick access toolbar so in my version of PowerPoint for example you see this area up at the top I can press the Alt key and then access many of the common shortcuts here very quickly however if you just have the default PowerPoint installed on your computer you're not going to have this so we're just going to focus on these standard shortcuts here even though there are a little bit more cumbersome to use than our optimized setup also for this trick I have to give credit to nuts and bolts training and the Creator tailor croon Quist it's a great PowerPoint course and as far as I know he came up with the idea I'm about to show you I'm just going to illustrate how you might apply it to Investment Banking style presentations so here's the task how do you properly distribute text labels and pie charts across a big box or a category label and what I mean is going back here let's go to our two page profile the second slide right here just to make this a little bit easier I'm going to delete all the text so I'm pressing the shift key holding it down and then clicking using the left mouse button on all the text and actually an easier way to do this would just be to select everything here at the mouse and then deselect the actual shapes by clicking on these so we're left with these shapes and the text labels right here and the task is let's say that these were not in the right positions let's say our text table or over here and then our other text label were say over here so they're clearly not distributed correctly what do you do in this case if you go and select everything by using the shift key holding it down and clicking on these and then you go to alt H G a you could try something like align Center but that doesn't really do what you want you could go to alt H G a and then M for align middle but that is a vertical distribution or alignment so that's not really what you want either you could try alt H G a and then distribute horizontally but that doesn't really do you want because now that move the top bar at the top over which you don't want to have happen here so in this case and by the way the same thing would happen if you tried it with the shape down here if you grouped it with ctrl G and made it all one shape this one actually is already grouped the same exact thing would happen here if you try to distribute these evenly across the shape so the problem here is that the usual shortcuts like a line middle and center and distribute horizontally won't work correctly because you lack a reference frame for the alignment and distribution so the solution will be to use ninja lines that's what the creator of the other course calls them you can call them alignment lines or whatever you want and so if we just have this box in place and we have these two smaller shapes inside the issue is that PowerPoint is really treating this box as if over a single line and so it doesn't know where to position these shapes relative to this single axis the single line and to solve it we start by inserting fake lines on the left and right sides of the box and making them extend as far as possible and then we distribute everything within that so you can go to alt n SH for insert shape and just go to the line right here you can press shift and hold down the shift key to keep it straight as you draw the line when you draw this line you want it to extend down all the way past the area that you're working in right here so we want to extend from all the way up here down to the very bottom and then we could copy and paste this but let's just do the same thing go to alt n SH and insert another line on the right hand side over here if these did not line up to the edges you could left or right align these but they do in this case and so once you have these the next step is to select both lines and then each text label and then distribute the lines and the text labels horizontally so shift click click click we have everything and then alt H G a H and now these text labels are properly distributed within the box above so we have the same amount of space on this side in the middle and then on the right side and that is working correctly now you might think that you could do the same thing for these pie charts as well so you might think okay well we have these pie charts and we have these lines let's just press shift and click on all these alt 8g aah but it's not quite correct the issue is that these text boxes are different sizes and so what you actually want to do here is now you have to align these pie charts and make them centered with the text labels above and again if you try to do this in PowerPoint so if you go to alt H gac for example for align Center that actually moves the text box over which you don't want you don't want the text boxes to move instead what we can do is move both these lines into position and then select the lines and the pie chart and distribute them horizontally what I mean by moving these into position is we can move them over to where our text box is right here and then let's move the right one over as well I'm pressing the shift key and dragging it over and then we can select both these alt H G a and then R for a line right and then this one as well alt H G al and a line left and now we can select our shape these two lines by holding down the shift key and then alt H gah and now this shape is exactly centered with stable here now the way I had it set up doesn't make it obvious that it went from being uncentered to centered but to show you again let's say that we head out somewhere like this where it's obviously not centered if we select everything and then go to alt HG aah now you can clearly see that it is in the center of this label and the reason we're doing this is because when you have a bigger shape and you're trying to align it to a smaller one like we have here PowerPoint doesn't interpret that correctly and so you have to provide another frame of reference in the form of these lines you could go over here and do the same thing for the operating come by segment let's also move the shape clearly out of position and then let's right align this alt HG AR let's move this line over inside this textbox alt HG al and then let's let the shape the two lines and then alt HG ah4 distribute horizontally and now this one is also centered within the textbox and the same applies to the revenue by segment one over here so that is just a quick trick you can use to do this they're called ninja liens because you insert them they do their job and then you delete them and they stealthily disappear just like ninjas do I think it's a good name although again all the credit for this goes to the creator of the other course and then once you're done with this in step 4 you could go back in and insert the text labels and connectors you remember that we actually deleted them here we had what each segment of the pie chart represented but we deleted that so you could go back in now and fill those in and insert text boxes for those but that's not the point of this lesson I just wanted to show you that alignment trick and with that we are pretty much done so there's one short simple trick to review some of the key shortcuts here you can select multiple shapes with shift hold down the shift key and then click the left mouse button you're going to syrtis shape with alt and then the N key and then Sh you can distribute shapes horizontally with alt HG aah or vertically with alt H Gav and then you can write a line or left align them with alt HG AR or all 2hg al you can group shapes with control G we did that once or twice here and then you can ungroup them with ctrl shift and G and you press and hold the ctrl + G keys at the same time you press ctrl hold it down press shift and hold it down and press G to ungroup them and that's the difference between the + shortcuts here and then the , shortcuts above the steps to do this once again were you insert the fake lines then you select both lines and the text labels you strip them horizontally then you move them into position for the pie charts you select each chart and then both lines and distribute it horizontally you put all the text labels and connectors in place after that and then you can delete the lines when you're done that's it for this lesson hopefully you know a little bit more about alignment and distribution for creating profiles of companies in PowerPoint you

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