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Can i industry sign banking california notice to quit

hi guys victoria hussit here with vk consulting and today i'm making video outdoors in a beautiful garden and today we will talk about forms new forms that landlords and tenants need to sign this forms a specific for california and these forms you need to sign by september 30th but before we go into all the details please press that subscribe button okay guys now let's look what uh tenants and landlord needs to do by um september 30th there are conflicting federal state and local eviction moratorium in place right now and they all overlap between each other and it's kind of extremely confusing what's happening and what takes a priority so right now there is a new form that was introduced by car and it's in short ntra it's not as to tenants of code 19 relief act so let's look at this form this form needs to be given by landlord to their tenants to the tenants who are currently is um behind on their rent and this form actually uh been established on september 9 2020 and it's two pages it's gonna be two to the tenant and the address and then it's gonna be basically saying that california legislative has enacted the covet 19 tenant relief act of 2020 which protects renters who have experienced covered 19 related financial distress from being evicted for failing to make rental payments due between march 1st 2020 and january 31st 2021 and this reasons can be covered 19 reasons can be loss of income caused by covered mentioned by damage increasing out-of-pocket expenses again directly related to performing essential work increased expenses directly related to health impact child care responsibilities or responsibilities to care for elderly disable a sick family member due to covered 19 increased cost for child care or attending to an elderly disabled a sick family member it everything is directly because of government in pandemic or some other circumstances and if you are affected as a tenant by any of your circumstances the law gives you the following protection if you fail to make rental payments due between march 1st and august 31st you could due to covered 19 pandemic you cannot be evicted based on this non-payment and if you unable to unable to pay rental payments that come due between september 1st and january 31st because of decreased income or increased um expenses due to covered maintenance academic as described you cannot be invicted if you pay 25 of the rental payment missed during the time period on or before january 31st 2021 said you must provide to your landlord declaration under penalty of perjury if you covered 19 related financial distress attesting to the decreased income or increased expenses due to covet 19 pandemic and if your landlord has proof of income on file which indicates that your household makes at least 130 percent of the median income for the county where your rental property is located your landlord may also require you to provide documentation which shows that you have experience in decreasing income or increasing expenses due to covered 19 pandemic and another interesting thing that your landlord must tell you in the 15-day notice whether your landlord is requiring that documentation any forms of objective variable documentation that demonstrates the financial impact you have another thing that it's very very important that you do not ignore a 15-day notice to pay rent or quit or not is perform covenants or grid from your landlord if you serve with a 15-day notice and do not provide the declaration from your landlord before the 15 day notice expires you could be evicted you could also be evicted beginning february 1st 2021 if you owe rental payments due between september 1st and january 31st 2021 then you do not pay any amount equal to at least 25 of the payment missed for that time period your landlord needs to sign and there is an address and how it was delivered to the tenant to all the tenants and landlords please keep in mind that this form needs to be signed before september 30th i hope it's helpful please like share subscribe and good luck to everybody

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