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[Music] um welcome students thank you so much for being here at employer insights with seagate technology we're really excited that you are here um and we're really excited that seagate is here that they've taken time out of their day to be here with you so first of all what i'd like to do is welcome uh the career center hosts um my name is lisa trakovsky i am the assistant director of employer engagement i am happy to be here and i'm happy to um host seagate for this event today my uh co-host that is helping me with this event today is christine bautista christine did you want to um introduce yourself yes hi hello everyone good afternoon my name is christine bautista i'm the program lead for the mentoring and alumni um side of our program here at the career center but i'm primarily a career counselor and i serve the college of social science in the college of education and i'm excited that seagate is here today yes and i'm excited too so today's guests are justin muller he is the senior talent acquisition partner at seagate technology and we have nancy liu she is the senior quality engineer at seagate technology justin and nancy did you want to say hello to the students hi guys welcome thank you for letting us uh have an opportunity to network with you guys happy friday as well thank you happy friday yeah i'm excited to end my friday it's um it's afternoon here in minnesota so this is kind of a nice end to my week that's wonderful thank you okay um so let's go over the agenda for today so everyone knows what we will be doing so today we're going to talk about your uh talk about what are your insights so basically there are some common questions that the career center has received from students um and we will be asking those common um questions with the representatives from seagate we will then lead in to the seagate mentors we will talk about this program and then we will do a q a so um what we ask for you to do is if you would like to ask a question verbally is to please raise your hand and we will go ahead and call on you in the order that we see the hands raised if you don't feel comfortable asking questions verbally please feel free to drop them into the chat however the recruiters would love to hear your voice verbally so um if you can and feel comfortable please do um and then at the end we will do a wrap up okay so i'm going to turn the um i'm going to turn the floor over to catherine chow who was also from seagate she just has a few words she'd like to say to you great thanks lisa i appreciate it hi everyone um i'm kathryn chow as lisa mentioned i'm an internal communications specialist with seagate and a member of the planning team working with san jose state university on mentorship opportunities between our mentors and students like yourselves um i wanted to start with kind of sharing why seagate is participating in events like these and opening up mentorship opportunities for students is we've seen just with the cobia 19 pandemic we've seen many students have been impacted in losing internships job opportunities in-person networking programs and much much more during this time so we wanted to find a way to help students through virtual mentorship and through events like these we're really looking forward to sharing helpful insights and with that i'll turn it back over to lisa great thank you catherine okay so this question is for both justin and nancy um justin i'll give you the opportunity to uh to answer this question but tell us a bit about your role at seagate and how you got started in your field yeah sure so i um so i graduated from san jose state proud alum back in 2003 uh i actually got my degree in political science so that's not the uh the natural um bachelor's degree usually to get into hr and recruiting probably but um it uh it ultimately has served me really well i mean i think the the political science degree i got from san jose state was great um that department is really strong and uh certainly on one of the one of the the key skills i think i i picked up from political science is is writing ability we had to do big term papers all the time and um also i mean just a general understanding of how government works uh has has served me well and so after i graduated i actually went into um a government service for a bit i worked for the house of representatives um under local congresswoman old afghan's office and then i worked for the silicon valley leadership group a non-profit for a number of years as well too and then you know as i was progressing in that kind of career path i decided i i wanted to do something different and i knew um someone that worked at intuit actually and led their talent acquisition program and he had an opportunity that i found really intriguing and so i jumped into it you know i jumped into a career transition um not knowing what exactly to expect but you know forward ten years later i love talent acquisition i love hr uh it has fit like a glove with i think my personality and um my skill set in general um and so my role at seagate has evolved quite a bit i'm going on over seven years which is hard to believe i've been at the cupertino headquarters during that entire time of course up until covid where most of us have been working remote and so i started doing university recruiting uh and certainly have partnered with lisa over the years on that front as well too san jose state's a huge school for us uh on the talent front at seagate we've uh i don't know what the exact number is but we've got hundreds of alumni uh at seagate that graduate from san jose state uh engineering of course uh but but also all of you know you could name just about any kind major and i'm sure we've had that kind of graduate uh at seagate at one time or another so really one of our our best partner target schools that we get talent from and so we're certainly happy to to partner on a venture like this that is not recruiting oriented we really did and our employees and our executive leadership really wanted to provide an opportunity in light of what kova did last spring which you know i was i was very familiar with helping with the ur program but we as march rolled around we um we knew we were going to have to go virtual uh or uh the other pathway that a lot of companies did was canceling their intern program altogether our executive leadership decided to honor all of those offers and we had a great virtual program last summer um and you know kind of a telltale of how well it went we ended up extending over half of our intern class last summer through the fall and so they proved themselves from a remote perspective and just knocked it out of the park so we had a number of san jose state students within that last cohort as well too and and so we're we're looking to continue the partnership and um we thank you again for uh for having us as your your guest today great thank you justin um before we move on to nancy patrick we um can you share the sign in link with the students to sign in for today's event hopefully you can hear me yes it's in the chat box it's in the chat window now perfect thank you so very much students if you don't mind please um sign in at that link so that way we can share some information with you after today's event thank you very much okay um nancy we'd love to can you tell us a bit about your role at seagate and how you got started in the field in your field hi um i went to school actually for biology at carleton college a liberal arts school in minnesota and i knew i wanted to get an mba a business degree but also knew that i needed uh you know to have experience before doing that and so um you know right out of school i worked as a manager at jimmy john's and then i was also a microbiologist in a lab um and that fell under the quality control quality assurance department and so that gave me a kind of glimpse into quality and operations which i really really liked um and then during business school um i got an internship at seagate and so i'm i'm a huge fan of seagate's internship program and that's really how i was introduced to my career now which is in quality um and so the position was uh in corporate quality and that's where i i got more in-depth kind of philosophical knowledge and learning about what what it is to be in quality and um what what quality does which is really um connecting people with resources and and leveraging other people's expertise like in engineering in order to solve complex issues and i just love that i love the philosophy that quality you know in in any business there are no mistakes that are that blame people um you always look at the process in which it enabled people to have to to make mistakes um and that everything is a learning experience so i really i i enjoyed that a lot i became um and then i i did another year of seagate internship before i graduated and then i was a contractor at seagate for another year before i left and went and got some experience in manufacturing quality and supplier quality um and then you know the opportunity came to come back to see last year which was such an honor and and so great um and i you know i live in minnesota but my boss carrie who's here she um she is also in california so um one good thing about covid is that we can do these um virtual mentorships so i'm really excited about that and and yeah that's that's basically how i got to where i am now great thank you um so we have our next question here many students worry about finding internships and jobs in this economy and environment what are your top tips for job or internship search during these challenging times and this is for both justin and nancy well um i could lead off um well i so lisa and i were actually just discussing i was curious what what uh what she was seeing from the numbers of opportunities through um through handshake and you know when covert hit last spring um a lot of opportunities just evaporated um and you know it the number certainly from a from a data perspective dropped and but uh as she shared they they have gone back up significantly this spring so i mean that's certainly good news i mean across the board um in terms of of seagate our numbers have been pretty uh consistent i think we're looking at probably a little bit of an increase in intern and grad opportunities in general um so i would just start with with that kind of general landscape of of where you guys are at in terms of finding uh both grad positions and intern positions it's looking up i think and you know hopefully as as covid kind of uh gets more under control and the vaccination situation gets better and better as well too that there's going to be more opportunities um so i mean right now um i think that probably uh there's there's certainly not as many opportunities there otherwise would be obviously with with covet but um i think uh you're i think there's some due diligence in terms of researching which companies uh are going forward with intern programs um i think you could do google searches on that um obviously you know using linkedin using handshake and seeing using every kind of job job aggregator service there is out there to find internship opportunities is always your first step um and then what exactly those opportunities look like i think it's probably uh my guess would be that there's probably it's probably more challenging to find if you're a hardware engineering oriented student those kinds of internship opportunities are probably a bit more challenging to find right now now for seagate in terms of how we operate we have a huge design center over in fremont which most of you have probably seen if you drove up 880 and saw the big sign so right now the only people that are working inside there are hardware development engineering folks and people that make the labs the machinery actually operate so i i know there's been some hesitancy um on our part just because we've uh limited the amount of employees that are actually on site just just simply due to covet um so when uh when you guys are looking for opportunities i think it you gotta really put in the research as to who's hiring um who's doing well under covid seagate's actually been doing quite well under kovitz and you know last time at this year we we certainly wouldn't have bet the house that you know we would have a really solid year um there are other companies that are doing extraordinarily well in particular what we're using right now zoom is doing fabulously um there's a lot of companies that have absolutely thrived during the past year amazon and so forth so you might want to target your searches to those kinds of companies that have really been thriving the past year uh and are going to be more prone to having internship and grad opportunities that's just top of mind i think for for what what's going on right now and i'll turn it over to nancy with that thanks justin um i completely agree you have to start early and you have to be um you know prepared for a lot of rejection or not being responded to but just remember you know it only takes one and and to keep an open mind i think that's one of the greatest um things is that it's really an opportunity for you to kind of try something out in the corporate world or you know whatever career that you want um that's kind of low risk um and and also for you to you know get some first-hand experience so i definitely do think um starting early um communicating a lot with people i just um had an intern sign up for this summer and he really stood out because he responded right away to my uh to my email there were three candidates and the other two you know took one didn't even respond one took more more than a week or two and um by then i had kind of already made up my mind that that it was going to be the intern that um the candidate that responded to me right away and he just seemed very on top of it um just made really good impressions so um make sure that you're you're responsive and and show your enthusiasm i also think that it's just like justin said utilize linkedin and all the other networks that you're able to the platforms um even if even if you don't end up getting an internship from somebody um you're still networking and making these real connections and relationships that you don't know may benefit you in the future um and and it helps you too now you can stay stay connected through linkedin with articles and following certain people and influencers those are all very good um resources great thank you so much nancy so the next question is and whoever wants to answer this question perfectly so we received a couple of student questions during those last few responses actually we're going to do the questions at the end um we're running out of time so um so for time's sake we will keep going on and then we'll get to the students questions later not a problem so keep in keep in mind for the q a segment at the end then yes we went over that in the agenda so um this question is can you explain what to expect in a virtual internship well i could uh i could lead off on that so i mean going back a a year ago i i mean never in our wellness dreams have um did we think that we would ever have to put together a virtual a fully virtual internship program i mean we we had uh yeah i guess like i said i mean i've never seen gay seven years i mean that's eight eight consecutive intern programs and last year certainly was a doozy too um this is something that you nobody ever had thought of would would come to reality and so once we were getting into march and april and you know it was increasingly clear that um we were either gonna have to do a virtual internship and at the time i mean we're we're a hardware company as well too i mean a lot of our opportunities you have to be within the labs actually working on the machinery and so forth but um our executive management like i mentioned earlier we decided to commit and honor all of our offer agreements we didn't cancel anything and that certainly cannot be said for a lot of companies that just canceled their entire intern programs uh out of hand entire grad program's out of hand and i know how i can certainly appreciate how devastating that is to to a lot of students that worked hard went through the interview process had a succesful interview process and were excited about either starting their career at a company or having an internship so i really feel for you for those that that had those opportunities kind of just unfairly taken away and again i mean that's one of the reasons why we wanted to provide this kind of mentorship opportunity during um really unprecedented times um now focusing on what we actually did so we uh we basically kind of kept the core components of the intern program in place um a lot of our opportunities during the summer internship program or like executive luncheon learns with you know our ceo or other top officers and so we were actually able to keep those in place pretty easily through zoom um you know obviously we're not there for lunch but we're still able to gather we're still able to to really network with executives take q a and so forth so that that component worked well um we had typically you know as an appreciation type event we took everybody to a giants game or something like that and then we also had like uh a charity development day where we went out and helped a local charity so those those those two things obviously didn't work for the actual internship program but um for the for the actual project work program work um we obviously had to call an audible with a lot of job descriptions that were out there that students had accepted positions for particularly on the hardware front but um i think we were able to make the most out of it we were able to have them contribute in meaningful ways uh even on hardware-oriented engineering type opportunities um and really um the support organizations like like sales hr marketing finance legal they were all absolutely able to excel and really you know not miss a beat quite frankly uh all of those teams were working remote as well so we're all kind of in the same boat and by the time students actually popped into their internship opportunities in may june you guys were already taking zoom classes and already acclimated to um you know the the video kind of face-to-face as well too so i think that helped a bit to pop into a virtual remote work environment as well and again i mean the the proof was kind of in the numbers on how well our last year's cohort did from a remote perspective i mean we ended up extending over half of the internship class uh through the fall a lot of them are still with us now on a part-time basis and there were actually the silver lining to it was that there was no need to commute and out of the office we also were able to open up the extended opportunities to schools outside our geographic region as well too and you know that that certainly was kind of um definitely a silver lining that enabled students to commit to more hours of part-time work as well too so it worked out well and we're very optimistic going forward this year uh with the virtual intern program as well too as it's looking likely thank you justin so for the next question um what are your top resume tips in our cover that are still relevant um well i'll lead off so um so resume tips so uh i would say i'll start with uh so basically really there's uh there's at the university level there's there's engineering type um recruiting and opportunities and the more business oriented opportunities so i'll start with engineering i think uh certainly engineering one of the most important things that you could do and this actually goes for for all types of job hunting as well too is to tailor your resume to the job description as much as possible and of course you know obviously being honest about it as well too but for instance if there's a a software engineering opportunity you're looking at and the mandatory programming language is python so i would suggest that you not hide it within your resume that you're good at python um you're going to want to put it front and center up top so one of the the top tips i would give for engineering resumes is to put your technical skill sets up at the top of the resume put it in bold uh put it near you know your what you're studying currently you could also add it within current coursework but i would just have a top section that says technical skills and whatever the job opportunity is you prioritize your skill set in line with the priorities of the job description so um you know recruiters uh see a lot of resumes there's no doubt about that and um the easier you make it for um a recruiter to actually see and match a talent and a skill to the job descriptions the better um and then also i mean just in terms of the different kinds of ai tools that are available to us as well too you want to make sure that if you have the skills in the job description that you absolutely have that skill set spelled out in your resume one way or the other so that that's probably front and center of a solid resume um and obviously i think there's a linkedin question later but obviously having your linkedin profile up and and uh up to par as well is important too cover letters um you know i i don't cover letters certainly i don't see a lot of them anymore um i stay for some positions i i think it's certainly important so for instance if i had a communications oriented position i you know a good solid cover letter i i think is certainly relevant um for engineering roles probably also um but for for certain opportunities i think cover letters can be effective now with that said i would suggest if you ever get a hold of an email to a recruiter or some hiring manager or um anybody involved with the hiring process of a job that you're looking for you put your cover letter inside the text of an email and get it sent to them so they don't have to open an attachment they look at your cover letter right there front and center and it doesn't have to be extraordinary long a paragraph or two that shows that just demonstrates a little bit why you're interested in the opportunity why you're a good fit and you know that could be a paragraph or two and um have it front and center in an email text that's always a better way to do it than having an attachment out there great nancy did you want to did you have anything for the cover letters thing because i honestly have never gotten a call back with for any job that's had a cover letter any internship that's anything that's asked for one um i do have like a generic one um that you know there's some applications that that require them and it's quite generic so i'm you know i'm not very equipped to say whether or not they're still relevant but it's good to hear that from justin because you know just from what i've heard people spend even less time reading those than than your resume which is already quite um quite short of a time and you know also a lot of the times the cover letters are just kind of i feel like it may not say that much sometimes they're just like oh i'd really love to work at your company and it's kind of you know i kind of think like well yeah that's why i'm applying right but i see where justin says you know as a another form of um like to show your communication skills or anything like that um but yeah i just i've never i've written some great ones and i've written some non-great ones and i just haven't had any feedback on them ever um but yeah i think i think justin covered the rest pretty well great thank you so much christine i can't remember is it me do i ask the next question or is it you yes you ask the next question okay thank you um okay so students know networking is important but they're not sure how to do it well can you please give us a um excuse me can you please give us your advice on how to best network in a virtual environment um nancy you want to lead off or you want me on this one maybe we both have different perspectives um uh so i think it could be good um i think that again using platforms is great um and and the best advice i can give in networking in general if even if it's not virtual is to be genuine and not to act you know it's very clear when somebody is coming to ask for genuine advice and and mentorship and someone who just wants a job right um and it's not bad but you know really know who you're talking you know who you're trying to get advice from and know like who your audience is because and a lot of the times you will get questions like how can i get a job there or or how can i get an internship at seagate and honestly like i don't have the ability to give that kind of those you know hand those jobs out so in reality when you're networking you're really trying to build relationships and and be genuine and to kind of show not just learn from the other person but to show a side of you that a lot of people might not get to see outside of work or or in you know a less professional setting um and and i think people right away can tell whether it's virtual or not um if you're looking to build a relationship and do something a little more long-term versus like oh can you just read my resume or oh can you give me some tips and you know that that kind of relationship can really blossom into to anything right um and you know looking back at when i was in college a lot of my networking was virtual um just because there's alumni and supper all over the country um and and there are opportunities everywhere so um you know really taking the time to to to write a note or or connect with somebody or even to look at what kind of work they do it's so easy to look that stuff up now and to show that you're interested um and and that you're open to opportunities um you know even even my my boss now you know she we had worked together many years before um and we kept in touch and i feel like that's one of the reasons my name kind of came up when when my uh then boss retired which is why i had the opportunity now so um you know you just never know what's gonna happen sometimes a relationship three four years ten years down the road is going to really be something amazing and change your life so um don't just think of it as like oh i need more numbers i need more friends i need more linkedin connections um think of it as really like an investment and and to kind of hone in on some other skills you want long term that's that's well said for sure and so you guys are familiar with zoom you guys are familiar with the other video networking um type tools so you know it sounds weird to ask for like a coffee meeting on zoom but you know if once you get over that awkwardness or have a lunch meeting on doom um don't be uh don't hesitate to try to to do that like you would in under no normal circumstances because i mean we're all going through it we all understand uh that we're not going to be able to meet face to face almost the entire time so i i i just uh i i wouldn't hesitate to to ask somebody to do a virtual coffee meeting or or something like that so um people are more willing now right because sometimes you don't have to commute and there's more you know there's more of a need i think for little breaks within the day um when you're working from home and stuff so um yeah definitely yeah and our employee resource groups they're they're putting together like you know happy hour sessions and it's it and it's absolutely needed ibi once you're once you're working from home i mean you need that kind of light interactions with co-workers because that you know the the so-called water cooler random interactions just are not happening so you have to make them happen basically great thank you very much we have about five more minutes to answer um these questions so um we'll um i think we need to make the answers a little brief christine i'm going to ask the next question yeah so the next question is um talk about talk to us about linkedin and what are your top tips and what should students not do well i could cover this one pretty quickly so linkedin is great for students i mean for the most part you don't have to pay for it most you know 80 90 of what you'll get out of linkedin is free so from that perspective alone it's fantastic so make sure to set up your profile make sure to have a professional looking photo don't have an unprofessional looking profile and don't leave it blank have have a have a professional looking uh photo up take some time to to do it well uh be thoughtful about your work experience uh put the skills in there that you need to uh and any certifications etc and then in terms of job hunting once you actually find a job description you apply to it you know go on linkedin and search university of recruiting recruiter for whatever company or just recruiter for whatever company and then you know start trying to connect with them right off the bat i mean odds are they're going to accept you and then once they accept you you could do a follow-up message right away and say oh i'm interested in xyz position is this yours perhaps or can you leave me in the direction of the recruiter that has this position and so right off the bat that's a key way to kind of break out of the applicant tracking system box to be able to do that um and you know when you get lucky you get lucky and if you could get through to a recruiter or a hiring manager that actually has the role that's gold and you actually get to connect with them outside of waiting for the applicant system process to take place wonderful can you share with us how your organization supports diversity and inclusion in the hiring and development of employees of various backgrounds and experiences um well actually i'm going to put in the chat or employee resource group we have nine official organizations um that have really healthy participation as well too and i mentioned you know during this whole coven situation uh we've continued to have that participation rate and it's important too because you know i mean pre-covert they they would all get together they would have specific organized events and so you know again it goes back to to not being um to not worry about the awkwardness of virtual type events um and so they've they've really kept things together i think for the most part and offered you know kind of lighter activities that have been important uh from a recruiting front we partner with all sorts of organizations diversity organizations sponsor them host them for events host them for tours and so forth so those types of recruiting events have certainly presented opportunities and hiring opportunities precisely from those types of events wonderful and i believe this is our last question yes so for our final question um we get many questions about how to best navigate the interview process can you share tips for successful interviewing nancy do you want to take this one from a non-recruiting perspective um during sure uh during my mba we did like like crazy amounts of um interview setups or what's it called like role playing and they're so awkward but it's it is very useful um and even more awkward and more useful is to have them videotape you while you're being interviewed by somebody we had you know we actually had real interviewers and come uh and and do it and then give us feedback but they would yeah we had videos and it really shows you what kind of like nervous tics you have like i sometimes have reading glasses and if i'm interviewing with them i'll be pushing them up all the time or you know if i have a bracelet on i'll be fidgeting so those little things can be um can be really useful i just think lots of practice um and again being being genuine and and doing it doing it so much that basically it's no longer a big deal and um and yeah working on those you know elevator speeches or or um kind of be expect people to ask you those those normal interview questions and then uh have have kind of something to to talk about there anything else you want to add justin yeah i i would just note the the virtual landscape that over the past year so i mean all of our seagate interviewing across the board has gone to virtual we don't have on-site interviews anymore maybe very very few but you know just a couple quick tips i mean you guys are familiar with zoom and we actually use webex to conduct our our video interviews if you have some time i would just if you and if you can you know i would just familiar familiarize yourself with whatever the networking tool is prior to the interview so ou don't fumble around with it you know have the webcam angled exactly like you want it um you know use a virtual background if you want and it's appropriate uh make sure you have space and a quiet space during the interview uh and hopefully you know don't don't ever random people walk behind you or anything like that you want to be able to capture your full attention in a video interview um but it's the new normal and um just in general the more you interview the better you get at it whether it be virtual or in person great thank you so much and now it's going to spend four to five minutes to talk about seagate mentors catherine did you want to talk about that yes yeah absolutely yeah thank you justin and nancy um great presentation and really good insights um so in terms of seagate mentors we do have a group set up um on sjsu squared students should connect with rc gate mentors on the platform because it's a really great opportunity to connect one-on-one with our mentors who are really happy to share career advice and career related insights what students can expect when connecting on the platform is one-on-one engagement like i mentioned before and the opportunity to join in on group conversations through the discussion board feature in our group and kind of one thing in particular for students to know about the group is feel comfortable reaching out to mentors our mentors are incredibly friendly and really willing to help in any way that they can through kind of helping you guide through your career journey so thank you lisa yeah you're welcome thank you so much catherine okay i know a lot of students have questions and i've like a lot of hands have been raised so we're going to go ahead and now head over to our um q a session so patrick um did you want to call on the the first student's hand that you see yes so i'm i'm going to be addressing the questions in the order that we were getting them i was like taking notes about everyone who was like messaging questions in the chat window thank you very much for those as well as people who are raising their hands early in the presentation um for starters let me i gotta pull up my notes um talia cortez if you're still here um you're welcome to voice your question that you had earlier thank you patrick um so this question is just it's more for me i guess um my question is i've been in banking in the banking industry for almost 10 years now and so obviously i really my dream is to get into the tech world tech industry and so my question is how difficult would it be for me to you know get the attention from a recruiter or from a company um because i'm currently a sales analyst but it's in mostly you know thinking would it be really difficult for me to look for something in the text field but maybe the same position justin can give can give kind of the recruiter um point of view but from from my point of view as someone who uh is not an engineer through education i'm it's through my profession um i would say you know go for it there's so many skills that are transferable like a lot of people see biology and then they see me have and now i'm um getting another master's in tech management so a lot of people you know it kind of intrigued them a lot of people have asked me to go interview and they kind of just say oh we just wanted to know like what your career you know path is why you're doing this and um it can be a great um starting point especially there are so many people in the job force right now who have changed their careers multiple times so um i think as long as you show that you're willing um to learn and to to take those skills to the next level i think there's no reason you can't do it um also though that what helped me is i did get a certificate in quality engineering through the american society for quality um just for my my own edification to have kind of those basic skills um in quality engineering which is what you know where my career is um so you know if there's something specific let's say computer science engineering or something again like what justin said look into the languages and and things like that maybe take courses on the side sometimes there's free courses and classes especially in the virtual setting um you know and and bump up those skills and and then be proud of them and show them on your resume you know um yeah everything can be related now to science and engineering so i definitely would say go for it it's great thank you very much um the next the next question i i had was um earlier we had someone have their hand up uh aaron if you're still here you're welcome to ask a question to the speakers aaron if you're talking right now there might be something wrong with your microphone you're unmuted but we can't hear you still well i'll tell you what if you want to type type your question in the chat box um i can read that out shortly um in the meantime there was another question from earlier um there's there's somewhat of a scarcity of opportunities in the hardware field for kovid um or due to covet what are your tips for like how to circumnavigate like uh the sir scarcity how can one apply for positions when there are relatively few uh it's um you know it's a tough one i mean it's hard to do remote hardware engineering i mean there's no way fans and butts about it um like i said i mean we were able to have our interns that were phd level you know lab um you know very focused on our lab equipment at least originally that that's what the goal was but i mean they were still able to contribute very meaningfully um even in a remote environment i think uh just to provide some you know some some hope so to speak as covet dissipates and the on-site um and vaccinations roll out and the on-site uh limitations relax you're gonna see more hardware engineering opportunities and just in general i think as the as the economy um adjusts to the covet shock you're going to see more opportunities but i just in general i think and it it might be you know something that that spikes dramatically i mean if we're if um you know if it if it if it leaves us and we get the the vaccinations to a point where we're on site regulations and those concerns are relaxed a significant degree hopefully things start popping you know for hardware engineering i mean there's still silicon valley i think it still has probably the most types of hardware engineering development opportunities more than any other geography so there's that as well too but um you know i think as we get through this you're gonna see more thank you justin uh the questions from aaron uh that were from earlier um one of them is that is there a recommendation given the current hiring situation and hiring climate uh like if you had to choose between a preference of taking an internship while in in school or taking an entry-level job uh out of school uh is is there like a sort of preference or a recommendation for doing one or the other like internship or entry level if you had to choose between the two well i mean i could speak for for the way seagate does its internship program so you have to be enrolled in school in order to be uh eligible for an internship so you can't graduate and then have an internship with us so that wouldn't be an option for the way we do things but i think a lot of companies are probably similar but for the companies that do provide internships after you graduate um i would be i'd kind of be wary because you don't want to get you don't want to be graduated and you don't want to be locked into um being hired as an intern and then they keep you as an intern indefinitely i think that's kind of something you have to look out for i think ideally if you have a grad opportunity as opposed to an intern opportunity take the grad opportunity absolutely um unless it's some kind of amazing internship opportunity but but generally if you're graduated i i take the take the grad position thank you um and there's a follow-up question i'll ask that because it's really quick um given the the current environment of remote work um is is the work current employees being measured by the amount of production that's happening or on like just just number of man hours or is it a mix or blend or does it depend um so we actually had our hr all hands and i i kind of asked a similar question so we're all exempt so i mean the professional level employees are exempt so there's no way to gauge nobody's keeping track of us hourly um now i mean if you were on the if you were not exempt and you had the clock in and out that would be a very easy thing to to put a metric to uh but as we're all exempt it's it's it's difficult to quantify but i will say this over the last year um our leadership and our ceo have very uh very fort rightly said we had a great year production-wise productivity-wise we saw it dramatically increased during the the first half first two-thirds of the comad pandemic um you know productivity has been through the roof we've seen it maybe wane a little bit just because of burnout issues and um you know i think that dynamic is is probably happening across the board at companies from what i've read otherwise too thank you nancy i think um also kind of be careful with i know as um as as students it's very um tempting to equate your worth as a as an employee with productivity or what you know how much you're doing um and and i know like i was given you know being at st it's great because they really they really believe in the holistic experience you they want you to be educated you know they want you to learn and and be part of the community i know some companies don't don't necessarily promote that as much but also you know i think as you get more into your career and you start gaining those skills you'll start learning to trust yourself and and and have those boundaries because we we did have people who are working you know they work way more now that they're at home um and have are kind of getting burned out um because there's lack there's less boundaries and then you know there's people who are working more because they have less time to commute you know in california so um you know i think a lot of a lot of people are learning um different ways in which it works for them but don't you know try not to to tie your worth completely with um with productivity because um that's not sustainable and but i know as a college student um that's that's what you see right you you especially someone like me i'm quite young as well i don't want people to think like oh she's just another millennial you know she's not hard working she just wants to go home and and shop online or whatever but um you know that's kind of a myth you know so so definitely be you know be wary of any company that's trying to track you or or look at the proportionate like correlation right and just say like oh you must be producing at least this output because of this input i don't think you know humans are like that yeah and i mean productivity not having a commute i mean right off the bat particularly the bay area not having that i mean that's an extra hour two hours more for some people that they could work so you take that dynamic away and you're able to apply that to work and then you know cove has been tough i mean our entertainment options are pretty few and far between so you know for myself i mean there's just a total lack of entertainment quite frankly so a lot of time i just end up working more because the the the opportunities to do other things that we had enjoyed are not there so i i certainly think that those have have been a factor yeah people take less vacation because what are they gonna do well thank you for the advice it's very poignant uh i'll say that we have about like six six questions left in my queue and about five minutes left in the session so we'll need to go quickly uh matthew and will thank you very much for for holding your time here we're gonna go i'm gonna start with matthew real quick um if you don't mind meeting yourself and asking your question all right thank you my name is matthew i'd like to ask about how seagate plans to transition after the pandemic do you guys want to continue to do online a lot or do you guys continue would you guys want to go back to in person in the facility and working well our uh actually we just had our all company all hands yesterday and our our ceo touched a bit on it um we're kind of in a wait and see pattern in terms of uh seeing how the vaccinations play out um and i think it's too soon to tell to have a specific time frame as to when um more of the support organizations are going to go back into the office our priority as a hardware company is getting our hardware engineers in there and doing what they need to do and the people that actually run the labs and the machinery so they're they're currently our our top priority in terms of being on site um i think it's too early to tell but you know of what i read and listened to from the the scientists that hopefully we'll we'll get to the worst end of this by fall thank you so much justin thank you uh so next will uh i saw your hand was up uh we we only have time i think for like one question uh if you have if you don't mind like prioritizing which question you want to ask yeah that's fine um thank you i guess the most important question i have is um if you have any specific advice for helping uh any advice for people to kind of close during an interview to kind of use like sales jargon like what are some things people can say during the interview that will boost their chances of getting called back i i would you know i'll i'll devote to nancy but tying trying to tie everything back to the job description and the core elements of what the role demands and reiterating it and emphasizing how you're able to meet those bullets on a job description is is really the key to the game and i'll give you uh definitely that for sure um uh but one of my tricks is that every interview you know i don't i don't they tell you to ask questions but the only question i usually really ask is um whether or not they have feedback for me and whether or not they think that i would be a good fit for that job because you're also interviewing them and and i kind of take it the same way as when i was getting accepted for universities um if they didn't accept me it has nothing to do with my worth but it's them thinking you know she probably doesn't won't excel as much or that's not the type of person who will be successful um at our you know facility or whatever so um i really like to gauge that uh because they can tell me hey this is this might not be what you were looking for originally and so that it's there's a couple of great things that come out from it one you're showing them that you're open to feedback and that's the hardest part so i always still get kind of scared asking that but they're open to um that's a great sign two you get a feel for how the interview goes you know there's no guesswork if you ask and they give you that feedback um you know you you have a good indication as to how well you did um and i think um you know those can be really good otherwise um just be yourself and and again repeat um especially with the interviewers who talk a little too much sometimes they don't give you enough opportunity to say your skills so yeah again reiterating what justin said about um tying it to your to the job description great thank you nancy thank you so much so students we are out of time for this event i'm so happy that you're here um we would love to hear from you about today's event if you could um please uh fill out the survey this is the link here where you can go you'll be automatically entered into a raffle to win a 20 amazon card so please uh fill it out let us know how today's event went for you we'd love to hear about it and we also have some more employer insights events coming up um as well so we have another one coming up next week and several others thereafter so thank you again so much for being here patrick is there a way that you could um put this link into the chat probably there oh perfect thank you so much see he's one step ahead of me great so thank you so much for being here we appreciate it and i just want to say thank you to justin and nancy as well as catherne thank you so much for taking your time out of your day to be here and to participate in employer insights event we are so happy that you are here today thank you thanks guys thanks so much have a great weekend me too thank you you

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