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Industry sign banking colorado emergency contact form computer

hey everybody my name is ben skogen i'm the pointman product manager at prostar and today what i'll be talking about is our software solutions and how they're being used well first of all what they're out to accomplish uh the states and the dots and the agencies and the companies that are currently leveraging this technology and um why it's important uh so uh it started with prostar about five years ago let me go through this here so i have a background in military and then in the engine engineering and surveying industry i do i do various different train the trainer events for different companies and clients one of which includes the colorado dot and that was kind of our first step into providing a plot an enterprise grade platform for a state agency to start accurately mapping utilities in the subsurface space the the dot in particular has a right-of-way with you know hundreds of different companies or utility owners represented there that have their utilities along that right-of-way and so far the issue has been um there aren't as many good records of where those utilities are that that than cdot would like to have um and so in order to get a permit um they wanted to well let's back up they we worked with cdot for the last two years or so to develop this system and then as of a couple weeks ago january 14th or 15th i believe cdot mandated this system in the state of colorado for all utility owners that have assets along the right-of-way so in order to get a permit signed off it needs to go through this system so that cdot knows with the degree of confidence where their where those utilities are located at on their right of way so my job is to work with users in the field and then take those um requests and and features and workflows and requirements into the development team build those features and then go back out with the clients and the users and test that so that's what i've been doing for the better part of three years now at prostar is working with those field users and those agencies uh to do that we've also partnered with trimble at the corporate level and rolled out um an integration with trimble gps receivers in order to meet that accuracy requirement that cdot has um and then got into all of those dealers as well including frontier precision which we'll be talking about later on in this presentation um if there's any questions feel free to write them down raise your hand interrupt yell at me that's fine i'll be glad to answer so agenda real quick it's not going to take too long but i want to talk about what point man is and how it works um the success that it's seen in the industry and some of our partners up in uh even in minnesota right now and how this is starting to change not just you know a new software solution but changing a mindset in the utility industry of going from paper to digital or paint to digital if you will and creating more accurate records with the intention of reducing line strikes damages delays injuries things like that so what is pointman it is two things uh it is a precision mobile data collector that exists as a mobile app on android and ios and it pairs with those tools those gps receivers as well as pipe locators it is also a gis app so we've created our own gis system from the ground up to not only collect the data but collect the attributes the metadata and store that on the device there is also a cloud version that we are releasing called pointman pro and we'll go into what that is as well here in a little bit so when we talk about what pointman is out to do is two things is to collect the accurate location of those subsurface utilities when they're installed but also we've got a lot of utilities that were put in the ground prior to even the 70s where we didn't have a lot of gps or the strict regulations that we see more coming into play nowadays and so we need to find out where those are map them and or update the existing gis data that we have that oftentimes if we're honest is not as accurate as we hoped it would be and that's the reason we see those line strikes and things like that um so moving on uh the that's that's what pointman is appointment's mission is in essence but how we're doing that is very interesting because we're in with that the colorado dot is the first dot to adopt this system and mandate it several other dots are in the process of coming on board but once we have a dot we start talking to the 8-1-1 center in that state and then we start talking to the contractors and vendors and utility owners so this this um this perfect storm if you will of dots eight one ones and and contractors all on the same platform is now starting to become a reality um and we'll go into what that looks like here in a little bit uh prostar started off as a you know tech startup company with a vision and a couple patents and we are now a publicly traded company as of january of this year so it's growing very quickly and multiple different verticals and so it's exciting to be a part of this how it works is you pair your tools to a mobile device android or ios whether you're using a gps and or a pipe locator you compare both at the same time so if you're just using a gps you can grab the precise location of an asset and pin that to the map whether it's a point line polygon photo sketch or pdf form you can also pair a pipe locator to grab depths off of a utility and as soon as you capture a depth it will also trigger a gps reading and save all of that together onto that point on the map so you collect the field data after you've paired your tools and we support more than just trimble and juniper on us obviously but this is just a sampling of what we support natively appointment every major pipe locator as you can see there supported on android and ios we have plans to release windows this year as well our goal is to make is to be hardware agnostic so we support a lot of different receivers so that people and use users can leverage the investments they've already made in hardware and not have to buy a specific piece to make it work with point man when i say cdot mandated this software they mandated point man but they have an enterprise subscription to it so they can provide that free to the vendors you can log in and collect your data there the only thing you're going to need in the state of colorado is the gps required to meet the accuracy requirements which is a tenth of a foot or less so you're looking at an rtk or a vrs correction needed to attain that once you collect this data it's just living on the mobile device you can export it out in several different gis formats um or you can um upgrade to pointman pro and have a real-time connection to the cloud the no need to export anything from the mobile device it does work offline if you have the cloud version so you can save everything locally to the device and then when you're back in the office or back in cellular you can sync in real time or sync with one button automatically so we mentioned cdot uh they mandated the software i wrote it into their code um and legislation um and then we've got several other members in the utility industry uh that have realized the value of collecting accurate data um one of them one of which is jim anspach and he is actually uh part of pro star now he's the founding governor of asce standard 38 and so we're working very closely with him to make sure that point man when you're collecting this data that it's accurate and complies to regulations in the civil engineering space tyler bristow founded centerline mapping he uses point man for his training curriculum as do several other institutions uh we are in purdue university louisiana tech uh cu denver and cu boulder uh currently among others um virginia tech teaching the curriculum for grad students that are going out into the civil engineering space how to equip them with the best knowledge of here's why you need more than a paint mark type of thing jeff zeiss uh has written a couple blogs about pro star and the senate bill 18167 um as it pertains to colorado d.o.t and i believe jeff is i saw him on this call i'm not sure if he's still here but if he is hey jeff how you doing um he's also been following pro star very closely over the last few years and uh it's great to have his support so obviously digital utility data is helpful if it's accurate but it can be very detrimental if it's not so we can actually capture all of the information you see on the screen and more the difference between you know sub meter and survey grade here or mapping and serving survey grade is shown in the accuracies here on the so this is the gis portion of point man storing these attributes and then using that in another gis system after the fact so this is good for users it proves you did the work it proves you did the work accurately this has been verified over the last three or four years by surveyors and has been found to be extremely reliable because you're already leveraging something that's already trusted like trimble or some other gps unit it provides a better business decision this business decision is a dig or no dig decision to whether or not you want to take down that liability and start digging so having this data at your fingertips out in the field is very very helpful in fact we can pull data from different data sources at the same time because this is our own gis system and we built it on ogc standards we can connect to esri in real time bentley cloud connect in real time civil 3d anything any sort of and mentioned earlier publishing a wms or wfs service we can connect to those as well so you can put on multiple different data sources at the same time get what i call a better situational awareness out in the field of what's around you and that is what's proving itself to minimize line strikes we're on a project in the denver area right now took their line strikes from 150 a year down to 10 after they started using the system and so they're realizing millions of dollars in savings as well as injuries and loss of time this helps surveyors understand the data so that they can start to trust it more and it's shareable it's very quick and easy to train i can have a crew on site up and running before lunch collecting survey grade data via point man for utilities it's utility focus this is not a replacement for a surveying application like trimble access this is for utilities and subsurface utility engineering specifically it is affordable and low cost and we'll get into that not necessarily the pricing per se but um you'll understand here in a little bit how pointman on the cloud end is different from anything else on the market um we have a very good team of engineers surveyors geodesists um utility engineers um on staff at prostart to make this work and make it work well um as mentioned jim ann spock is part of prostar as well on the regulation side and then we have a fairly robust team of support technicians and dealer networks as well pointman pro is the cloud version so you have field and office capability this is a this is the first time that i'm aware of that you can get a self-serve sign up on your own swipe a credit card and you have your own personal cloud in less than 30 seconds so very powerful tool log in on the website and you can check all of this out on but this is the way that dots 811s and contractors are working together to make sure that utilities are not getting hit that better data is being collected that we're starting to actually map the subsurface assets and in an accurate way once you log in you have a ton of data at your fingertips this is an example of colorado dot just one data set turned on there's several other folders that are not turned on in there but you see the same exact view in the field as you do in the office this data is actually pulling live from an esri environment so as well as the federal railway database uh federal railway administration um so that when the cdot users are out in the field working on railroad crossings this is just one example that i'm showing they can actually update the crossing information in pointman out in the field it comes into the office for review and then and then after review gets shipped back to fra through an api access point man has a full on enterprise system built for state organizations large you know construction and infrastructure companies such as kiewit and jacobs just to name a few are rolling this out um we have it's very simple to use very simple to train you do not need the learning curve that something like esri has although it is not designed to be a replacement for esri it's designed to connect to it to leverage all of that information out in the field you can see on that laptop screen color-coded land parcels utility line work forms drone imagery supported in there augmented reality is coming soon for utilities so you can look under the ground and see all that data all the more reason to have it to be accurate and this is role-based access so this is all permissions based and you can give permissions down from the project level to the layer level to the feature level and lock it down to who gets to see what if you have vendors in your system who are picky about their data we've solved that problem this is also sock 2 compliant which is the same data standard security standard that banks use we go through that compliance audit every year so it's the most robust secure platform that you can have and it's also built on the most modern framework which is amazon web services um as mentioned up in minnesota i'm down in colorado frontier precision is our dealer we are working with them directly to help customers get into the equipment that they need in order to get this done accurately and wsb is our first point man enterprise user up in that area as well so looking forward to working with them and rolling this out state by state until we're all accurately collecting this this uh these utilities uh that's the end of my talk if there's any questions we can open it up for discussion and thank you very much um we are up on time but i think travis i believe you're probably gonna run short on your presentation for today for your group talk yeah that's that's fine you can steal some of my time okay so let's uh leave the floor open for another three minutes or so and we'll take it from there i've got a quick question for you um especially since you mentioned wsbe um the link uh between the the device and the pipe locator receiver that you're talking about is that link then via bluetooth it is yep bluetooth is supported on android and ios yep so what information i know you mentioned uh the depth of cover what information is being relayed via bluetooth from the locator good question so we're grabbing the depth uh which means um we'll just go through the locator first the depth the frequency the current um the mode that the tool was on um all of those and the name of the tool itself uh so that we know what was captured we can grab anything out of that bluetooth string but that's currently what we're grabbing on the gps side we're measuring the ground shot not at the top of the pole so we're subtracting that off so that you're taking a depth measurement from the ground but we are giving them the ground elevation and then the depth reading we're not giving them the elevation of the feature because we don't know how big that pipe is under the ground um so we're just letting letting the user handle that so the ground shot is being taken from the locating receiver yes you're measuring from the ground down to the utility using the locator sure and your long lat location is the locator correct and so my question for you i'm just trying to figure out first which true measurements are being taken via that bluetooth connection my next question is what's what's the the margin of error that's been calculated for that bluetooth communication so that's a good question we're relying on the depth information from the pipe locator itself but we're not pulling the gps off the pipe locator we're pulling the gps separately off of a separate receiver that's usually up on a pole like if we're talking survey grade we'll have a two meter survey pull standard pole with a gps on there we'll subtract from the face center of the ps receiver down to the ground and from there we will take the depth reading off the pipe locator okay so in this instance we're talking about three separate pieces of equipment being on site the the locating receiver the mobile device and the survey equipment that's correct so we use we don't support total stations at this time but we do support gps survey so you can actually get down to rtk quality um or rtx if you have the trimble subscription so we can get down to you know a couple hundredths of a foot great so i i would be interested in speaking further with you too because uh you mentioned wsb they are actually a customer of ours for locator equipment as well that will be capable of very pairing for this purpose yeah absolutely thank you i can share my my email uh it's actually right here on the screen um so far and that's my direct line so feel free to get a hold of me and we can set something up ben we got one more question we'll take uh and it's from uh keith novi keith go ahead hey ben i'm uh i'm keith i'm the damage prevention manager for center point energy here in minnesota um you had mentioned a reduction from like 100 damages to 10 and don't quote me i don't know what what are you equating that to what what did your product do to reduce the damages is it can you expand on that a little bit absolutely so this was a six mile stretch along i-70 uh a six billion dollar um highway relocation project with uh thousands of utilities and so all of those utilities had to be test holder potholed um and point man captured all of the locations of those potholes so now um using a uh you know a survey grade gps unit so now they know where those those utilities are um before they weren't doing that at all they had paper sketches from cad that had unknown quality to them um and so they're they're not hitting the lines as much anymore there are 23 000 potholes in the point man enterprise system on that project right now um and because of that they only had 10 line strikes in the first the first year as opposed to 150 and that's per year so you're you're saying that the excavator would be out there with this image and and that's with this accurate data that's what's saving okay yeah absolutely so not just the potholes but the line in between it as well when you pothole it you can now run a you can now better find um the line in between it using a pipe locator and connect those two pothole dots together with a line so i mean they've it there's a staggering amount of data in those layers in that enterprise system that in an excavator sitting in the in the behind the bucket can look on a tablet mounted in there and see where everything is around him so that's that's the major major reason for that that's the ceot right just the excavator is only the colorado dot that's using it correct it's not open to all the excavators it is open to any vendor and contractor on the cdot project cdot's part of this this project in denver but this this is a private company's project um and cdot's on it because their right-of-way runs through there basically they went from four lanes to eight lanes and moved everything in a six mile stretch through downtown denver and that includes things like nasdaq fiber lines i mean it was a very high profile job it's still going it's nearing the end of end of the phase but our completion but they self-insure this private company and so they they want to know where everything is before they start working because they have to budget in fees for fines and things like that but they they're saving millions of dollars a year with this what kind of static did you get from the contract locators i'm sorry uh did you get any uh um static from contract locators implementing this um at first because the the legislation wasn't super clear in colorado about how it works um they thought they were required to buy point man which they're not their point man uh enterprise with cdot is free for all of those people that have assets on their right-of-way this is something that they can get on their own for their other projects so once they leave the cdot project they have their own cloud system and they can transfer the data from from the cdot system that they collected into theirs and use it for use their own system for other work did they have any pushback though i mean they come back and say hey why we you know it's going to take a lot more time for us to do it's going to slow down our process we need a higher ticket price or do something no because we've had um about a dozen webinars uh training all the vendors and like i said it's it's less than an hour call and everyone's up and running on the system very simple to use when they sign up cdot sends them an initial 10 minute video to watch which covers most of it and then they're just in the system so it's it's not been bad at all compared to what i thought it was going to be we've had maybe four or five angry calls that turned into being fined at the by the end of the call but i mean there's 1500 users so that's pretty good ben thank you so much for presenting today and as i indicated we'll be sure to get your presentation up on our website so that it can we can pass around to others so thank you again absolutely yeah feel free to contact me at this at this information on the screen and i'll be happy to answer questions or set up a demo with anyone interested um lastly real quick uh jack kelvin at trimble is the d.o.t director and uh if you have questions you can reach out to him from the dot side about how it works if you're interested in looking at this solution thank you thank you

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