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Add Severance Plan template initials

welcome to this video on how to file your unemployment claim in Virginia career works now filing your unemployment claim can be a very anxious experience we promise that the process for doing this within virginia career works is super easy it's a long form because we need to get a lot of information upfront but I think you'll find a very user friendly now the example we're gonna use today it's gonna be an example if you never registered in this system this will be the process that you would do and it would be a little bit longer if you have registered in the system then very quickly your registration information will be found by the system and it's a little bit easier if you do it that way let's do it the hard way let's do it and let's do it in a situation where you haven't ever registered here before okay with that being said hey let's go ahead and get started ok this is what we'll call the home page the when you type in the URL this is going to be the page that will come up where you can begin the process if you get the center of screen here there's several different things that are available for you to do now if you've already registered in the system you could go ahead and put in your established username password click Sign In hey you're good to go you can start working on that initial claim and it will go faster we're going to assume you haven't registered so we're gonna do it a little bit differently we don't have a username password if we've never been in the system so we can click on not registered he's gonna take you to option 1 if you suddenly realized oh yeah I registered on here before you know maybe it was five years ago maybe it was three years ago if you do realize that and if you can find your username and password go ahead and put it in if you forgotten your username or password click on that link right there now we want option three this is the option for a situation where maybe you haven't ever been on the site before and you need to create an account now there's two different users you're gonna see there an employer and there's an individual we're going to select the individual link because that's the user type that we're going to register as let's go ahead and click on individual now it's going to take you through an equal-opportunity and non-discrimination notice please read this notice and you're gonna have to agree to it so click the agree button there we go and we're off and running there's another document you're going to need to read called the privacy agreement please read that document again you can scroll with the vertical toolbar here on the right and click I agree so take you to a page entitled unemployment insurance compensation it's going to lay out some of the details you're going to need to know with regard to filing your initial claim I'm going to go very slowly down this page because there's a lot of information here that will be presented go through the initial claim registration process then you need to know and again there's an important question at the very bottom are you attempting to file an unemployment insurance claim at this time you're going to want to say yes and click the next button once you click Next and you go to the next page it's going to tell you a little bit more about Virginia workforce connection there's a lot of very good information here that you'll need to know and I'm not crews very slowly down this page because this information is very important alright and the next button will take you from page to page as you progress through this particular form all right there's a product what we call a progress bar at the top this is going to keep track of how far you have to go with the claim now it's super easy it really is it's just a lot of steps and a lot of pages but they're critical steps that the agency needs to know about if you can complete all the information then your claim will be expedited much faster if you leave certain pieces of information out then obviously will take a little bit long so let's go ahead and get started we are in the eligibility section and the first question is going to be your social security number you will have to type it correctly two different times the next page is work history verification and it's going to ask you if you've worked since a specific date a very important question we're going to go ahead and say yes in fact as I go through this form and show you all the pages we're gonna take a relatively easy pathway to get to the very end your situation may be different pay attention to the pages where you would respond differently than the way I'm going to respond as an example going through the video alright so I have worked and I'm going to go ahead and click Next now there are several different types of claims we need to know what type of claim is representative of yours so States you have worked in have you worked in two or more states since October 1st of 2018 I'm going to go through some of these examples and take you a little bit further into them to prepare you for the additional questions you may have to ask for those of you that live on the border with another state it's highly probable at some point that you may have worked in another state this is basically asking you what state you actually want to file your claim in and the system will give you valuable information to tell you what the rules and policies are especially in terms of weekly payments for each state that you may have worked in so first things gonna ask you is have you worked in two or more states I'm going to say yes so then just wants to know what states you earn wages in since a particular date so I'm definitely gonna click Virginia and I'll pick a border state let's say Maryland and then it's gonna ask any states where you have claimed unemployment in the last 12 months I'm gonna say no and I'll click Next this becomes known as interstate claim and we're going to provide information Rico the minimum and maximum weekly benefit amounts for Maryland as well as Virginia it's up to you to make a decision on which state you may want to file weekly minimum amount in Maryland is $25.00 Maxon's for ten Virginia it's fifty four dollars and maximum weekly benefit amount of three hundred seventy eight now that could make a critical difference in really which state you want to file in we also have the web address for each state in case you want to ask more questions so then it's going to ask you wish to continue to file an unemployment claim in Virginia I'm going to say yes and I'm gonna say yes so I'll say okay there and I'll click Next next the system wants to know if this is a federal civilian claim where you work for the US government as a federal civilian employee again I must say yes to this to show you the additional questions so I said yes was this the last employer for whom you work 30 days or 240 hours say yes and was your last duty station in the United States so as you complete yes to these questions there are additional questions based on your previous responses if yes is your current duty station in Virginia say yes and then there's a lot of additional information so if you're a federal civilian employee that got laid off your screens can expand a little bit because we need more information in order to process your claim I'm going to go ahead and back out of this and we'll continue and see if there's any other examples that we can look at ok last example we had federal civilian service now what if was true military service so it's going to ask you where any of your wages earned in the military since October 1st of in this example 2018 and once again if you say yes there'll be additional questions beyond that are you currently in Virginia what service branch service entry date service separation date police mail or fax a copy of the member four of your dd-214 or orders to the following within five days so that's another type of claim that may fit your situation I'm gonna go ahead and say no and that'll bring the page back to the way it was I will go ahead and click Next again okay we're moving right along according the progress bar we finished eligibility now we go into the registration section and this section is fairly long so we'll go through it all next thing that's gonna ask is you need a username to get back into the system and the blue text over here on the right it's going to keep you out of harm's way it's going to give you the combination of characters numbers and letters that you need to have a correct username that'll work in the system I'm going to go ahead and just create a username and you will also have to create a password notice the blue text for passwords is fairly lengthy make sure to read that before you put a password in okay and you will have to type it twice also should you forget your username password or both you have the ability to put in a security question and a security question response primary location information let's check that out go ahead and put in your zip code okay and I hereby certify under a penalty of perjury that I am a citizen or national the United States or I'm legally authorized to work in the United States and I say yes email address is also required so go ahead and put in the appropriate email address they'll be part of your communications and you'll have to type that twice hey just make sure that it is correct demographic information date of birth gender and depending upon the situation for example if you were a male born after January 1st in 1960 then it definitely wants to know whether you register for selective service okay so far so good and there's also access to the Selective Service website if the condition is such that you need to access that website we're going to go ahead and click Next the system has yet to really ask your name so go ahead and put your first and last name and click Next okay let's go ahead and put in your residential address and your mailing address if the mailing address is the same as a residential address you can save yourself a little bit of time by checking that box right above the address line there we go let's click Next let's continue phone number you'll have to also put your phone type there's also space for alternate phones and text message cell phone number and let's click Next preferred notification method so if you went ahead and put in an email address email could be a notification method the system does have an internal message center which is available or you could do internal message with email notification notice the red text please note that all official virginia unemployment insurance benefit communications will be conducted by united states postal mail alright let's continue were you accessing this website go ahead and put that information in there there we go and once again click Next next it's going to ask for citizenship and there's a disability question and I'm gonna make this super easy I'm going to say no for disability just remember the some questions if you say yes they will expand and they want additional information and i'ma click Next educational information a lot of choices here are you attending school do you have any plans to enroll or attend school or vocational training in the next 12 months and click next here's employment information so we have current employment status type of business are you currently working part time for any employer are you currently looking for work and do you have any related licenses or certifications within the last 12 months have received a notice of termination or layoff from your job or receive documentation that you're separating from military service in are you a farm worker let's go ahead and click Next now if you have to forum don't be surprised if there's a lot of employment questions this is just one of those webpages where there is so if offered a job today which you accept are you self-employed or the owner or operator of a business or farm and are you an elected official and again depend upon how you answer these questions there might be some additional questions that may appear and I'm gonna click Next all right moving right along here's some more miscellaneous employment questions we have have you received any income from any other source and as you can see there's more information the system wants if you say yes are you attending school or training and have you been employed by a public or private school during the past 18 months now also just to warn you ahead of time some of the questions if you say yes there may be additional page of questions that have to do with the question that you may have answered yes way way back in the forum so don't be surprised if you may see some additional questions that come up based on a response that you did earlier I'm going to go ahead and click Next are you a labor union member and if you say yes you'll have to identify the labor union that you're involved with and I'll click Next what's your desired job title miss a chef now down here also based upon what you put here we need to know what's called the o-net occupational title and if you put a very brief description up here of your desired job title chances are the system's going to help you out so here on the drop-down I've got a lot of cooking related titles I'm gonna say chefs and head cooks I think that comes closest to my desired job and actually what I was just laid off from now if nothing comes up here don't worry about it because there's a link here called search for an occupation if you click on this particular search link you can look up the occupation that applies to you through a series of tabs I would recommend occupation listing because occupation listings going to give all occupations in alphabetical order we didn't have to do that because we already had options that appeared and let's go ahead and click Next again race and ethnicity questions and do you primarily speak a language other than English at home click Next military service questions and definitely if you say yes to any of these questions be prepared to answer some additional questions based on your yes response and I'll click Next give a valid driver's license next what type of benefit payment would you like to receive there is direct deposit or debit card whatever you click you'll get a pop-up to appear please make sure to read the information and acknowledge that you've read and you understand the statement there may be a couple of pages a very valuable information you have any comments or clarifications about your claims so far you can enter that information here and do you want your federal tax withheld and let's click Next alright we're just about ready to get into another stage of the claim filing process to proceed with your unemployment claim you must provide your most recent employment history of 30 days or 240 hours or more we're just about that point so if you have your information ready or you know your information about your employment history go ahead and click Next at this point all right we are officially in the work history process this is where you're going to enter all of your employment history and this goes back to that question where you should have answered yes have you worked since in this case October 1st 2018 so you're gonna have to enter at least one employment history while filing the claim and you may have several to keep this video very brief I'm going to go ahead and enter one but the process I used to enter this one you're going to use over and over with all the employment histories that you've had since the established date that the system asks for we don't have any yet now it could be in the system that when you go through this process we've already gathered a lot of information about you so there may be some employment history that will come over in which case you would click on the employment history that's correct and you would proceed from there and it may be not as complicated a process because some of the information be maybe already there you still need to validate the information and there's going to be additional questions that do not come over that are required so if you have employment history that comes over great work with that if there's additional employment history you're gonna have to add it all from the the date that the system asks for all right so I don't have anything so are there any other employment history items you would like to add I'm gonna go ahead and add one so I'll say yes and I will click Next okay so I'm going to go ahead and enter some employer information address zip code you will let it will add information based on the zip code so it will still definitely help you expedite your claim phone number checkout the type ui employer type did you work at least 30 working days for this employer and is this your last employer you're gonna enter that may I be the case on the first one you put into the system but for my example I will just we're gonna show one enter the employers name not your name as shown on the check stub what did you do while you worked for that company and we need to know the Associated occupation so take your best guess and go ahead and provide that what type of employment was it was it full or part-time how many hours a week did you work and there's even partial hours what was your gross salary and what's the salary based on I'm gonna say $24 an hour was it commission based what date did you begin work are you currently employed did you have any earnings this week and number of hours worked this week what was your reason for separation very important question what was the reason of your layoff last day worked does the employer intend to recall you within six weeks and what's your anticipated recall date now obviously this could change especially in this covet 19 situation that we're in but if there is a specific date that they have indicated that you will be able to go back to work currently at least go ahead and provide that were you separated from this job because you had family responsibilities was this employment with an educational institution are you a corporate officer were you separated from this job because of a lack of transportation next there's a text box to put in your job duties now there are links that will help you down at the bottom we do have a default occupational description but seriously try to make this a starting point and continue to put in what you actually did in terms of job duties at that job then there's benefit payment information did you receive any severance pay holiday pay sick pay or wages in Lua notice if you have any questions regarding what these terminologies mean you can hover over any of these links and it will provide additional information any pension or retirement information to provide and finally a workers compensation information question merely are have you received workers compensation and will click Save and you want to add the employment history to the resumes section of the system that would definitely be a good idea if it isn't already on a resume would you like to add the skills associated and would you like to add the technical skills and tools associate recommendation here would be yes and click continue okay so your employment history and summary should show here let me go ahead and minimize the screen just a little bit so we can see everything there's an edit link in the action column if you made a mistake or you need to modify something in a delete link if necessary now for most of you that probably will not be the only employment history that you had during the time period so you can add more all you have to do is indicate yes here click Next and you'll go through the same questions that you went through the first time alright let's go ahead and click Next alright here's some important monetary information to read we're still on the work history section I'll go and click Next if you want to review your claim at this point there's a link to do that if you're satisfied with your response thus far then go ahead and click Next next is an important agreement please read it if you want to proceed and file your claim then indicate as such and once again click Next if you've just been laid off it is understandable that everything is confusing and you're having a a hard time fathoming the fact that you are are laid off so this page is going to be very valuable because it's going to give you a lot of information about what to expect what you have to do each week and so forth so you need to check each of the boxes but please read the statements as you go through and check the boxes because it will help you out later when you need to know the information there we go quite a few things to read and I'll click Next now that page is so important and has so many different items that you need to know about that you can print it or you can click here to view it let's see what that looks like this will take you directly to your unemployment benefit rights and responsibilities page on the Virginia Employment Commission website so please take the time to get acquainted with everything you need to know regarding filing your weekly certifications and other responsibilities that you have to make sure that you do every week so if you want a printout you definitely can if you want to print the instructions to partial claimants and I have viewed and agree with the terms and conditions go ahead and check that and click Next alright we are almost done look at the progress bar we are all the way to complete now that wasn't so hard now was it here's some additional information regarding confirmation of your unemployment claim again this is a valuable opportunity to read all the rules and responsibilities that you have throughout the lifecycle of your claim and I'll click Next alright when you get to the page that states my job matches you are done you successfully completed your initial filing of your unemployment claim thank you for watching this video we hope this information provided a valuable resource to you

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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