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Document type sign permission slip alabama mobile

today's presentation videoconference notarization so feel free to take notes as we go through these slides on the effective date of this proclamation was Friday April the 3rd and again I want to acknowledge Sheila and finger she was on friday's webinar she is the one that brought this to our attention in the notary's for Alabama hangout group on Facebook that was one of the reasons why I started the Facebook group to be a forum for Alabama notaries to share information quickly trust me there are a lot of notaries around the state today who aren't even aware about this proclamation so I'm glad that you're able to join us right now we've got about 15 notaries here in the webinar all right let's get started everyone here knows who I am I'll have my contact information up again I don't pretend to be a know-it-all most importantly I am NOT an attorney I am NOT here to decipher explain the proclamation on what we covered today you should not consider it to be legal advice we are going to review it together I have made some comments I will share with you what I plan to do how I interpret it but it is going to be up to you to interpret it for yourselves a little bit of background prior to March 26 it was mandatory that Alabama notaries require personal appearance by document signers this requirement applied to all notaries for all know Terry this meant of course that both the notary and the document signer had to be in the same room at the same time during the notarization process about two weeks ago in response to the highly contagious nature of cove 819 and social distancing orden ordinances requiring individuals to be at least six feet from others governor kiv issued proclamation number four which stated in part licensed attorneys could use video conferencing to perform notarization s-- it also stated that notaries under the supervision of licensed attorneys could do the same so this is when i got excited when i saw video notaries so i was like yay they're gonna do something for us but then when i read the details and saw nope it did not pertain to me and it did not pertain to most of you but again initially governor IV said licensed attorneys and supervised notaries could use video conference equipment to perform notarization x' during this state of emergency that made me unhappy i continued and i've continued doing notarization x' in person if you're in the Hangout you would have seen where i posted a picture I did Jimmy rig clicks a glass eye meet at my office where there is a 20 foot long table there at one end I'm at the other end but again since it the video conferencing excluded someone like me like we just had to wait so we waited a few days and then last week Governor Ivy issued proclamation number five okay among other things Governor Ivy addressed how notaries can be conducted beginning on Friday April 3rd so in her Proclamation and you can find a copy a proclamation number 5 on couple places three to be exact you can go to the notaries for Alabama dot-com website scroll down where you'll see important documents for notaries it's one of the several uploaded forms and you can just click on it download it it's a PDF print it what have you it is eight and a half by a fourteen so change your settings to make sure that that prints for you properly the other place you can get a copy if you are a member of the Facebook group notaries for Alabama hangout Sheila uploaded a copy bear in the files section and then finally you can just google governor kiv alabama go to her website and you want to click on the link for Co vid 19 and then look for her Proclamation so when you view it she has three main points it's really a B C and D but the meat of it is captured in statements a B and C and I have put them up on the screen for you I will read it notaries appointed in Alabama Mae notarized signatures through videoconferencing programs and confirm the signatures of witnesses who participate virtually through videoconferencing as though they were physically president the signing provided that they and I believe they mean the notaries maintain a recording of the audiovisual communication for a period of five years following the date the recording is noted in the notaries logbook okay so read over that that's the first thing out the box these are some comments one I just want to clarify videoconferencing requires both audio and video abilities I mention this because initially I was like oh I can just use FaceTime well I'll have to check but it's my understanding FaceTime may not be recorded I could be wrong number two Ivies uses the word may not must okay and so there it's not a what I want to say you do have an i it's not mandatory so that says to me if I want to continue to do in-person notarization without breaking the ordinance about social distancing and all I can but if I don't want to do that I can now I have permission the state's permission so use videoconference e3 keep in mind the supplies to us performing notarization as well as witnessing what do I mean by that sometimes there a document they just need with witnessing and I've been hired to do that so we can use it for both for the notary is responsible for recording the session this is going to come up again a little later but that's something that I was like okay this means a little more work it's not as easy as maybe I thought and those recordings must be maintained for five years notice the proclamation also says a separate record or recording of the activity or transaction must be established and for some reason governor IDs Proclamation calls it a logbook I don't want to spend a lot of time on that now but when we get to the end I'm beginning I'm now thinking that was deliberate and they may not be referring to the journal but let's continue but before I move on any comments or questions from you on statement a and what governor IV has authorized us to do I have a question yes what do you think about where it says video conferencing programs youth do you think that means you could use something as simple as FaceTime or Skype or zoom or do you think that might mean some kind of specialized program that has security protocols and such in it good question I believe and I strongly believe that it means we can use FaceTime Skype zoom whatever as long as there is audio-visual and the ability to record the session and record visually in Auto audio I do not believe they are requiring us to use Sinex doc you serve notary cam and I'm going to talk more about that because those programs are for remote online notarization and as you can tell I think it's the next slide I firmly believe this proclamation is not instructing Alabama notaries to perform remote online notarization x' you so yes so when when it says about the videoconferencing it has to be recorded does that mean that if you record it you have to provide that to the client as well good question I hadn't thought of that and my answer is no I saw nothing about providing the client with that recording I interpreted it kristie to me if at a later date either authorities the courts or the documents signer at a later date needs proof of the transaction the notary is expected to provide that recording ok so it's strictly for legal coverage for court systems and all that kind of stuff correct but I do welcome you Kristy and anyone else once you review the actual proclamation if you feel differently please let me know I think that's probably you know this sounds like that if that's what it is I sure hope so Kristy also if when you do that are you I guess you would be required to tell the client that you will be reported or how would that yes yes because give me a moment well no I was just thinking of Alabama's laws concerning recording I am a licensed private investigator here in Alabama and so this is part of my training Alabama is a one-party state and again this is not legal advice and a one-party state means when two people are interacting talking all it takes is one individual to one individual can record that interaction and does not have to disclose it to the other person however if if if we were a two-party state then it would take both participants to be aware and acknowledge that the recording is taking place so really truly legally it's my understanding you wouldn't have to disclose it but I would I play if I do this I plan on letting them know I agree okay thank you you're welcome to me it's a common courtesy and if they're up to no good I'm sorry Ellen don't forget what you're gonna say if they're up to no good I'm hoping that fact will tell them to stop the notarization go ahead Ellen talking about the one-party state and all that made me wonder when we're doing these online notarization do both parties have to be in Alabama whoo that came up on Saturdays called a webinar so yeah add on to that question is if if we can do somebody notarization for somebody in another state which seems to me kind of odd if we could but if you could do that now does their state's recording laws apply and I know you're not an attorney gotcha so I've read this proclamation over and over and I do encourage everyone to do the same there's nothing in there that addresses where the documents seiner or the witnesses have to be located it just acknowledges they're going to be somewhere where their notary ain't that being said it also does not say should notarized for people outside of Alabama this since and so Allen s is my final answer governor ki V is concerned with the residents of Alabama her Proclamation pertained to the residents and this section to Alabama notaries and for that reason I am going to only notarize folks who are in Alabama and how am I going to know that if I choose to do this cuz when we get done here I think some of you I'm gonna take a poll and see how many are gonna do it I'm still on the fence but if I choose to do it at the beginning of a notarization while it's being recorded I'm going to ask the document signer it's a state for the record what state and county they are in at this time because as you know we need that well about to say we need that for the notary certificate but for the notary certificate I am going to put where my feet are planted but I'm making a note of that usually the venue which is part of the notary certificate reflects where the notaries feets planted at the time of the notarization so yeah that would be where we're at not where the document signer is that I feel I feel good about that answer but I still want to make a note of it good question any other question all right let's move on so someone yeah this is what I touched on already all right so again I am firmly of the belief Governor Ivy was not approving or authorizing remote online notarization I feel a need to stress this because while videoconferencing notarization sounds like Ron ro n remote online notarization it's different once out so Ron still has not been approved once that does get approved for us there are a whole set of additional rules and requirements we must follow let me just give you a quick few now we need to use a electronic signature or a facsimile of our signature to apply to documents we also need a special certificate or seal electronic seal with our name and all the information that is on our existing notary stamp or embosser we now need that that's produced electronically that's not what this is saying and you'll see why I just come out I think it's in the next statement also with Ron there is a Ron a set fee for remote online notarization as you probably know about 23 states voted Ron in over the last few years most of those states say that their notaries can charge their old-fashioned notary fee plus a one-time $25 Ron fee I don't know where they got that $25 from but it seems like a lot of states or adopting that IV's Proclamation does it mention that at all so try to get out of your own and finally with Ron you I'm not I don't want to say mas but most notaries are reaching out to vendors like DocuSign or da clarify Sinex notary kam to use their platforms that will allow them to notarize online quickly easily yada yada okay and again there's no mention of that so as we go forward all we know is we gotta see the signer through video conferencing equipment okay come on statement B from governor Ivey any person who witnesses a document through video conferencing may be considered an in-person witness provided that the presence and identity of such witnesses are validated by the notary at the same time of the signing by the same idea identifications required under current law I chuckled when I read this because I mumbled to myself being a notary instructor there is no law that I'm aware of for notaries that says what type of ID we're supposed to use but there is a best practice that says government issue ID is the best form of ID so keep in mind there are documents out there well keep in mind this when government when government when governor IV issued this proclamation I don't think she was just thinking of loan closings I truly believe she was thinking of primarily the typical notary handling general notary work okay and there are documents that I've been presented with that just need missing all right there's no no Nuri certificate and I serve as a witness but then there are also those wills that require notarization and sometimes even witnesses so this is where she is just saying yeah there may be a time when the notary needs to have the documents signer in the video conference session as well as one or more witnesses and so what I imagine is what we have here today on Zoom we're up to 23 notaries and if I wanted to and if you wanted to we could all turn on our video cameras and see each other and so if I wanted to circulate a document to be signed by all of you and I notarized all your signatures this is where it gets tricky folks I could watch each of you sign it on camera you know you may have to tilt your camera so that I can see that you're signing it we'll talk about those logistics later but that is statement B and here are my comments on statement B when witnesses are required they must be present and play an interactive role in the notarization s-- or signing the notary must verify everyone's identity by requiring government-issue ID or by using personal knowledge we tried this out Friday night I asked one of the participants here on the webinar to hold their license up to the camera and they did it and I'll be honest with you I couldn't really see clearly that the ID matched the notary and so someone suggest that you know what maybe we have them do that and then take a picture of it and either text the pic or email the pic or put it what you know really close to the camera I do not believe that this proclamation again is asking us to use one of the doc verify platforms that uses something called KB a knowledge-based AI think it's authorization where you have to pay for that U and then it would prompt the signer to answer questions like what street did you grow up on as a child what's the make and model of the first car you ever owned you know that's wrong that's part of remote online notarization and I don't believe that's here now what we are being asked to do during this state of emergency questions and comments from the group on about statement B okay statement see the official date and time of the notarization shall be the date and time when the notary witnesses the signature via the videoconference technology hmm that's looks like a word is missing all documents must be returned to the notary for certification and execution before we leave here I'm gonna pull up I think I can do it while I'm talking because that's definitely an era I don't want to leave out anything important so I'll come back to that and see what I left out but here are my comments on common on c1 they're letting us know it's important that the notary records and the date and time of the videoconference notarization at the end of the videoconference the signed document yeah something's missing folks must be returned to the notary so that he or she can use a wet signature now that yeah that is here in statement see where this signature by a video conference all documents must be returned to the notary all right so again I get the impression that once he notarization is done not even once before it's done once the signer completes signs the form the ID is verified that document has to be sent to the notary for the notary to stamp it sign it crimp it whatever and then get it back to the document signer that was a big AHA for me I believe they want us to apply a wet signature folks and how are we going to do that alright give me a moment I pulled up the actual proclamation I just want to quickly read it because I may have left something out that's important here we go see let me go back so you can compare the official date and time of the notarization shall be the date and time I'm reading from the actual proclamation now shall be the date and time when the notary witnesses a signature via the video conference technology all documents must be returned to the notary for certification and execution okay all right so now you know what it says and then my comments are at the end or towards the end the signed document must be returned to the notary so that he or she can use a wet signature to sign the document and in order for the notary to apply his or her official sealed stamp three this method of notarization requires several steps and could involve different dates yet and still the date of the notarization will be the date and time of the recorded appointment videoconferencing okay questions and comments about statement C does that mean that we're gonna have to backdate it when we sign our certificate like if you notarized if I witness you do it on Monday but papers don't get to me until Tuesday or Wednesday good now you know yeah but you know what I was thinking Ellen this is Ellen I'm Eunice okay I think I'm gonna require I don't want this to drag oh I'm good I'm leaning towards having the document sign or sign it and then either scan it and email it to me or fax it now granite their signature wouldn't be wet they'd have to decide whether wherever this form is going if their signature has to be wet or not it has been at least I'm notarizing it on the same day but again when I'm with you when I read this I said yeah but what if a wet signature by everyone is required then they're going to have to overnight it drop it off somewhere yeah that's up that's the LSU if they overnight the documents I mean if they just scan the documents and send them to you their signature is not wet but then you apply your wet signature the only way you're going to get it back to them is via the same method exactly exactly so that's why I assumed that in it didn't it's a original something like that no can you back it only for the notary yeah I can and remember this is incomplete so let me read it again right well it read it read words word it just looked like there might have been a punctuation behind the word technology I think something oh okay you're right you're right all documents must be returned you absolutely right Ellen to the notary for certification and execution but yeah nowhere else did I see I have I didn't see the word original mention yeah you're correct but I guess I'm just assuming that when I see all documents I'm actually thinking of physical item as opposed to electronic transfer not allow you're either I know there's too much wiggle room here there really is yes misinterpretation does anyone else have a comment or a question hey I do a lot of things hi I'm kind of bouncing in and out I've had a lot of issues do other things that I've been doing um I do a lot of stuff for the housing authority and they would bring them to the office for me to do and I even had one call Friday which I wasn't available at all Friday to do it and you've got some people that they're gonna be limited to access I had someone try to even bring me a document and they try to go to a local office supply store who was not allowing people in to and fax or email a document human that's gonna be a big issue right there you raise a great point I think we notaries a notary signing agents a lot of us take our technology for granted you know we are we're so used to scanning faxing you think by now got it but a lot of people don't yes some folks do have phones where they can take pictures of things and text that to us but you know once you start doing that turning something into a JPEG or whatever it it changes the format condenses it it's not as legible and I you're absolutely right Sheila especially using the example of the housing authority if folks need their assistance for housing there's a good possibility they don't have fax scanner the ability to print and I hadn't thought of now FedEx Kinkos and all they're not letting folks in there Wow good point Michelle yeah there's that you they've got online this scanning software that you can use now is my daughter downloaded it for me a couple years ago is it's free put the document in what don't even have that capability yeah even I don't want to say not literate not computer literate enough that they would have the capability of doing it even have they be access to the ability to do it mm-hmm and then there there are some that would as we know so yeah we got to know our audience and you know what's at the back of my mind is so how might this work not only for general notary work but for loan signing you know I can't even imagine once I sat down I've been playing through my head the steps that it would take and I'm like like I do a lot of Alabama marriage certificates and those appointments when folks have their forms filled out 15 minutes or less minute this videoconferencing thing I could see this tacking on another 30 to 60 minutes and I'm not looking forward to that all right so how might this video conferencing work um this is just quick there's so many steps that I had to stop but we know from the proclamation the document signer is gonna need your present ID sign the form that they need notarized maybe fax scan it to the notary right then and there we're gonna have to wait a little bit for it to get there come to us and the signer may need to send us the notary a photo of their ID again if I think if they can hold their card to the camera so that I can clearly see the photograph great but someone on a previous webinar said they may want to ask for the signer to text them a copier and because they want to keep it as part of their record so number two the notary public we know we've got to verify their identity administer the verbal ceremony if it is a juror we need to administer that oath if it's an acknowledgment if it's already signed we need to ask them hey is this your signatures I see you've already signed it did is that your signature for me the verbal ceremony also includes ascertaining that I know what they sign their you know sharp they understand are not being forced or coerced and I do that by just asking them some questions and then we've got a complete the notary certificate section by hand I believe and return the form to them but again Alan now you've got me thinking that may be the better way how did you put it to have them mail it to us did you say hmm the only way I would see how it could be done that was my part when I actually read it originally was that they would have to get us the original document normally by mail although it could be FedEx or any other service that provides that we would do the original document didn't return the original document that damn yeah I can't believe I'm agreeing with you guys but that's the only way and I don't mean that to you know be flippant I just in my brain I was fixed on them faxing or scanning but we all know most companies financial services and all they want wet signatures for everybody Michelle may I say something of course you may hey I'm Debra I'm in at wall county I have took the Pahlavi Oh class and the notarized comm class and the first thing you do is you acknowledge you ask them I mean it shows you step by step if we can get this implemented I'm on the list and I don't know how far down I am but it you take a ten question after you watch the video but it shows the notary and the signer and a signer already has copies in his possession through email and so do i and it's all alive you can even conference in the title or the lender it's just seems like it's gonna be really really easy and it took this cow 15 minutes and it was over with okay let me ask you this though how do you apply your notary signature and stamp is it wet you sign it on the computer that's not what well what happens is they'll send it back to you you'll get the full documents to do that and then you send it back to them that's not what the Deborah I love what you're seeing cuz trust me I've thought about using a platform yeah but all of that that's wrong that's remote online notarization and Alabama has not approved that okay so even with you doing the training and all that's fine I would for anyone who wants to use the platform I you are going to need to make sure from either the Secretary of State's office the governor's office that using an electronic signature and seal notary seal is acceptable you're going to also have to get approve but let me stop there I know and I shouldn't say you have to I trust me I thought about possibly using the platform cause you're right it would be a lot easier and faster but everything on that document is a facsimile there no original signatures from either party the document signers signature is electronic or a facsimile and so as the notaries and so our goal is to remember we want to make sure that that document will be accepted wherever that signer presents it that's really the document signers problem to be honest with you but so tread softly I I but I'm with you it would be a heck of a lot easier Deborah yes a heck of a lot like I said I'm just learning to I wanna help all I can but I'm still confused about a lot of things - yeah and I don't know if you were in the room when or the group when we started I I was and I mean oh sorry so yeah at the beginning I stress and you're not the only one who came in a little later so I want to say it again Alabama has not been approved for remote online notarization if that's what you thought I can understand why but this is the clarification governor IV said you no longer have to require the document signer to be in the same room with you notaries since Cove 819 is amongst us during the state of emergency you guys can be at different locations so that everyone is safe but we're gonna need you notaries to video record to record the transaction using audio and video software okay number three anyone who is a third witness of their witnesses present they've got a show ID to the notary the witnesses have to be able to see what's going on because they are witnessing the document signers signature and that whole transaction the document signer or the notary will have to send that form to the witness to have them sign it and then get it back home to the document signer and then God forbid if the notary has to now notarize the witness signature so you guys see this it's a saga all right considerations the notary must select the video conference program to use it must be compatible with the document signers computer and mobile device so this is kind of getting back to what Sheila said you know we can't assume I mean I use Apple phones and stuff what if they've got Android what if what works for them doesn't work for me we have to record it the way that I'm recording this webinar and then I've got to save this file so today if I've had to hang on to a recording of this webinar I have got to save it on a jump drive or an external hard drive or somewhere on my computer and make sure for five years if I'm asked to produce it I have to be able to produce it to whatever official asks for it it talked about a log book and maybe Governor Ivy minar Journal but I imagine we need to not I imagine the proclamation says you know we've got to record the date and time of the event and you know normally we would hand the journal slide it over across the table to the document signer and get their signature we can't do that okay there are online notary journal programs out there I heard about one does anyone here use one um I'll find the name of it and post it in the Hangout but it seemed to be cheap like two dollars and fifty cents a month I meant to write down the name of it but I'll find it I mean so that's a possibility too payment of fees now if you're doing us loan signing your continued to invoice the signing service or title but what if you're doing general notary work you need a convenient secure method to collect your fees certification and execution by notary we already talked about that I believe that means at minimum the notary signature needs to be n seal needs to be wet or original oh I'm sorry a couple questions from the group thank you so hey melody so this is going to so this is going to end the same day notarization for the future I get several can you do it today request so this is not going to allow for that you're absolutely right I think I think you're right now could this be done the same day it's possible as long as everyone's signature doesn't need to be wet but yeah I think and keep in mind Melanie I don't think they're talking about loan signings I don't think governor Ivey was thinking about refires and buyer and seller packages but for those of us who do general notary work most of those calls are for today and yeah it surely can't be a rush thank you Sheila notary act I think that is one of the online journals I have not checked it out [Music] there are several but that is when I've heard of that I may check into if I decide to offer videoconference notarization because remember we may do it we weren't told we had to do it all right remember we've got to return the executed forms back to the document signer that means postage folks if it gets mailed so we're going to have to factor that in gotcha how will errors be corrected yeah I mean there have been tons I make mistakes and I would I would hope I would have caught the mistake before everyone disappeared but what if you know how it is you tell the document sign or sign your name like this and they leave out the initial where they put an extra initial in sign in the wrong place so this can really be a headache technology requirements for video conferencing folks today I am using a paid version of zoom I'm getting honest with you I don't know what I'm paying right now you know these companies make you set it up so that they take it out of your account or charge your credit card I chose the pay I think they're still a free version but I have always found the free version has limitations if you're going to do this I encourage you to check around to find the right one for you that you're comfortable with that will do what what is needed allow you to record it and save the recording somewhere so Sheila you're saying that zoom has free for forty minutes or something okay so they do have a free version doing this 40 minutes free per video time whatever that means so yeah you can do it multiple times you just have to do them in 40 minute increment all I want you singing it out another group I'll turn you think they let you record I think I do but I'm not sure about that because we're doing it on several different groups that I'm involved with all right so do it I don't back to look there is a free conference call that does have a video if you do get recording only I Chrome tell you the detail because we do the audio free version not the video free version gotcha thank you so Darrow that's probably what you're talking about zoom has free version for it unlimited time if it's one to one and so I use oom a lot for training and I knew it that the free version for training wouldn't work for me so those of you who are thinking about this find the one that works for you all right we talked about how time-consuming this could be loan signing work I shudder at the idea of trying to do a refi on low mod no problem a whole reef I mmm not me and don't forget witnesses and if you have to notarize their signatures there's you know that's a whole nother step all right don't forget while you're on this videoconference you still need to determine the signer and the witness's awareness levels that they're alert they understand what'sgoing on we talked about ID you're going to need to make sure that they produce ID that matches the name on the document I love using driver's licenses for ID because it gives me a photo a sample signature and a physical description now with videoconferencing that that physical description other than gender isn't going to help me too much because I don't know what fire five looks like sitting down you know and my eyes are dark brown but on video they look black so can't put a lot of emphasis on that and you cannot tell whether it's altered or daca counterfeit good point good point because we're not touching it or really you know you're right you're absolutely right again don't forget to perform that that oath ceremony if it's a juror we've got to watch them sign the document and then we already talked about recording it in the journal all right final points this whole video conference notarization thing is temporary it's implied in the proclamation governor IV said she's doing it as part of the cove 819 state of emergency granted it could be weeks months days it can't change so it's gonna be your responsibility to stay on top of us to know when it's over then we have to stop doing it and then we wait for Ron to come on the scene again don't confuse this with remote online notarization they are different think long and hard before spending hundreds of dollars in video conference equipment there's a lot out there right now a lot to choose from since this is temporary and now you have a better idea what's involved just make sure you choose wisely I'm because there are folks out there who are willing to sell you anything whether you can use it or not and then again stay up to date on any changes I will continue to post this information in the Facebook group and Sheila and finger does a great job if I don't see it Sheila does but Sheila is our legislative guru for notaries for Alabama there is no mention whatsoever that notaries can or should charge the document signer an additional fee for all this so let me talk about this we know for general notary work it's $5 per notarization this is a lot of work folks for us just to collect five dollars you decide for yourself if you feel that you can it just left me legally anything extra I don't know is my answer I know we can charge travel fees for Moe as mobile notaries um so maybe we can charge a videoconference fee or an administrative fee to try to cover the additional costs to do this now granted mailing these documents back and forth that's a no-brainer the notary can't be expected to pay postage to get this document notarized document back to the document signer but that is something you're gonna have to answer for yourself I am making a list of questions I will ask my probate judge here in Madison County if he can get an attorney general ruling on us that I will do and so if you have any specific questions that you'd like me to add to the list try to get it to me this week I'll hold off until a week from Monday to formally ask hey these are the questions some of us notaries have King you get a ruling on this so that we can because you know I don't want any of us to get in trouble um if you're gonna perform general notary work you'll need to come up with a way to accept payment for your services I you square um that accepts cards and then you know I also do cash out payments etc there's paypal out there - although notaries are not required to maintain notary journals in Alabama this proclamation clearly states the notary must record the transaction in a logbook our elected officials in Montgomery in Washington DC are currently discussing remote online notarization legislation it's coming so again there are two things that I know about I don't have the actual titles in front of me right now but in Montgomery there is another House bill or Senate bill for remote online notarization then in Washington DC there is a national remote online notarization I'll call it a bill or initiative that's being considered and so that is why I do believe sooner than later Ron is coming Alabama okay and so the question for you to answer for yourself is this something you or you want to get into now um I think it's gonna be yes for some no furthers all right let me hear from you what do you think are the pros and cons to governor Ivy's Proclamation anybody everybody alright y'all being quiet well I was gonna say at least it's a step in the right direction even if we do have a lot of ambiguity true and it you're right it's something Alan because last week I was very nervous performing notarization I will probably still do some in person I will maintain the distance II again my office there is a 20 foot long conference room table I can put the documents signer at one end and me at the other and yeah we're still touching the documents but if we use gloves I might want to do that if it's quick but I'm not gonna do any long spend a long amount of time around anybody right now other than myself all right Thank You Alan anyone else for the comment all right let wrap this puppy up oh there is a question I will only do in-person for now okay Gina I am interested in Ron when the time is right gotcha yeah it just this whole video conference thing is so involved alright so do you have one question yes I didn't know when to throw it in here because it's its own subject but it's not on subject this is a good time Alan okay the lady early I think it might have been Sheila that was talking about she was learning how to work with Ron but my question was is when they when they do Ron and they do all that electronically move on their screen and everything is does it get to the point to where the actual paper documents get into anybody's hands yes they print it and that was Debra I'm in Debra if you're still on if you want to comment but yes after everyone go ahead Debra yeah I'm still here it it still looks complicated to me I still like in person myself because I got a lot of questions like everybody else I'm you know worried about who finally gets these and are they correct and how will I know if they're not correct do they get another notary to go the conference to do it yeah there's a lot of questions still yeah and uh so Alan after everyone applies their electronic signature and the notary applies their electronic seal parties will be able to print the note or a signed and notarized document but again there's nothing wet about anyone's signature does that make sense yes it does okay that is a good segue Alan on Friday April the 17th I am going to do a overview of remote online notarization this is a free webinar we're going to look at four vendors four companies out there that are selling their remote online notarization programs okay I might change out swap out I may not include notarize in there I'm working on that presentation now so you know same here but again Ron is coming and what I wanted to is just make give you a better understanding of what Ron is how it would work a demonstration of it because folks I've been thinking about this seriously for over a year and I'm still I still have questions Ron you've got to give just like Debra here it is she's doing her training now and kudos to you Debra so that once it is approved you should be ready to hit the ground running there's a lot of lead-in time and expenses so we'll look at each one we're going to talk about how much money you should expect to have ready for this and I'm gonna encourage you to start saving up now because it ain't cheap it ain't cheap at all alright so again you will need to register for that you did not have to register for this one the best way to register the only way I think is to go to notaries for Alabama comm look for classes and then register it will not ask you for any money even with the paid version of zoom seating is limited once the seats are filled that's it folks okay all right that's all I had we are just now good just a smidge over an hour I want to thank you for participating I hope this was helpful I'll continue to post in the hangout group about this if anyone does one let us know about it talk about it call me tell me about it and I'll talk about it for you be wise be safe and it is my prayer my sincere prayer that we will get through this terrible time as quickly as possible and I am going to be praying for all of us that we stay healthy and our loved ones do to thank you for supporting notary's for Alabama and you guys have a wonderful evening but by oh is there a question or just let's see yes thank you

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How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

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How to sign multiple pdf? I have a PDF with my personal information and my business cards on it. I know I can send the pdf to my email, but do I have to print it all out and mail it to myself? I want to sign a PDF but I don't have a printer.anon142930Post 24 I have been trying for 6 months to get my ex back and now I'm in a situation where I'm going to try to get his property. I just moved back to Texas and I have a new place to go to. It is about a month to a month and a half away now! I will be living in a friend's apartment for a few months, so it is kind of sad that I can't get the home I own. But I'm trying, but I still don't know how to get my ex out of the house. I know the court case is going on and that he has a warrant out for him in Florida! Any ideas? And he is supposed to be in jail right now! He is in court all the time! I just don't know what to do.anon144332Post 23 I was married to my ex-husband for 13 years before we divorced. I am an adult daughter from his first marriage. I live in California and have a job that requires me to be there for work all the time. He is in prison. I just got a divorce and am trying to sell the house so it doesn't end up in a foreclosure because of him. My mother is a widow that he married in the 1970s. We are going to try and find an agreement to work out with my mother so we can both move out of the house. She is not going to agree to sell because she doesn't think my ex-husband is worth the money and she will continue...

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