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Illinois Sign Profit Sharing Agreement Template Safe

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Document type sign profit sharing agreement template illinois safe

my name is Edie Toulouse I'm a project manager here at the Department of business affairs in consumer protection and I really truly want to thank you all for coming out today for taking the right first steps being proactive and learning about the requirements of being licensed as a business here in Chicago now what are we going to be talking about today well I'm gonna give you a brief overview of our department and specifically the part of the department that does the business licensing which is the small business center then we'll get into the nitty-gritty of talking about business licenses however we're not going to go deep dive into each specific license we're going to give you an overall view we're gonna do or talk about the three different steps that you can take three quick steps to obtain a business license how to apply for the license once you are ready to get one what are the specific requirements when you're ready to apply and then as part of that licensing process there's also a zoning aspect of it as well as inspection aspect of it for some licenses we're going to talk about that then we're going to give you some tips to avoid the common pitfalls that most entrepreneurs who are just starting up sometimes fall into when they don't know all the ins and outs of running the business yet then we'll talk about public way use permits because if you intend to open up shop so to speak and have a sign in front of your door well anything that overhangs over the public ways you're gonna need a public way use permits and you can take care of that here as well in our one-stop shop also we're we've added a new functionality to our one-stop shop and that's also taking in permanent applications specifically the permit intakes Center well we now take in occupancy placard application so we're going to talk about that briefly and then we'll talk about the various resources that are available for you through our website and then we'll have a Q&A so hopefully if we didn't or if we missed anything and you have any specific questions and we'll have a Q&A portion for that but however throughout the presentation if you have any question just raise your hand say hey Edie I've got another question about that specific topic okay so let's roll the business affairs and consumer protection department licenses businesses and public vehicles what we do is we provide business education as well and access to various resources we also as part of our department because it's a multifunctional department enforce the Municipal Code and protects in Sumer from fraud and actually barb who just spoke you briefly covers that portion of our department now the part of the department or the division that handles licensing is called the small business center and it is the business licensing division of the ACP and we determine as a one-stop shop for businesses and entrepreneurs due to the fact that throughout the business licensing process there's actually multiple departmental functionalities that need to be taken care of but your business consultants who will help you through the licensing process well take care of all that for you and we hope that you don't need to go anywhere else so we'll take care of like I said the entire licensing process now what does the one-stop shop pertain to first and foremost as I mentioned we handle all business licenses in the city of Chicago in terms of new license application no other agency okay no other agency issues licenses in the city of Chicago except for our department and then once you've obtained a business license should you need to make any changes to that business license in terms of information you would come here to our business consultants will assist you with that our business consultants are your case managers and basically they will be your single point of contact throughout the application process so now you don't have to contact various people and numbers throughout the city departments to find out where you are in your application process you have one point of contact and they'll take care of everything for you also our one-stop shop is the public where use permitting functionality as I mentioned earlier they accept new public way use applications as well as changes through existing applications and we'll talk about that towards the latter part of the presentation now on site here at our small business center which is at room 800 we actually have a Zoning representative as I mentioned earlier as part of the licensing process there is a zoning portion of it and actually as you go through the licensing process when you provide your information it is actually done automatically through the system and it's fed to our zoning in-house representative and they will do the assessment of your business location address and see whether or not you can conduct the type of business you want to do at that specific location and they're also here if you have it happen to have any other zoning related questions such as special use and variances also depending on the license that you'll be applying for you may need to consult with a department of health sanitarium and we're fortunate now to have a health sanitarium in-house as well so you don't have to go to the Department of Health and reporters to speak to one we have one in-house for you so if you have any food related business license you don't need to go anywhere else during your consultation with a business consultant after you've completed your application process they will actually walk you to the health sanitarians so you can discuss whatever there are in terms of requirements for your food-related license now there are also licenses that require a fingerprint-based background check and whenever that's required we actually have a criminal history unit that does the fingerprinting in-house as well so you don't have to go anywhere else other convenience options that we offer at the Small Business Center well we have an express lane dedicated to simple inquiries and business licenses right at our triage and as well as self-service kiosks so certain functionalities that you can do if because it does get busy sometimes at our small business center hopefully you can assist yourself using our small excuse me service kiosks as was mentioned earlier we have the solution station where we have our nonprofit partners help you out with various business information and consultation for business plans score is there for legal advice law project is there and for a smell of business loans accion is there please make sure you pick up one of the handouts for more information and in terms of business workshops like this one we hold them regularly as BJ mentioned earlier now as a tip if you are not aware already maybe you should already as entrepreneurs but if not you really should have a business plan ready it's your opportunity to evaluate your options in regards to your financing your operations and promotion of your business and however just keep in mind the business plans are not required in order for you to get a business license we just suggest that you have them because eventually you'll probably need to get some financing and typically the banks will ask for one now if you don't know how to write a business plan no worries now there are software out there that you can buy and help yourself essentially but again as we mentioned earlier our nonprofit partners Corps can help you out with that and through some times we also have workshops in regards to writing a business plan now let's talk about the business licenses what we have here is an example of a license certificate and basically most businesses operating in the city of Chicago require a city of Chicago business license there are exemptions and those exemptions are those businesses that are regulated by the state of Illinois department of Professional regulations for example doctors attorneys architects and CPAs so those businesses that are regulated by the state they will take care of it and may not need a business license through us also trade licenses for example general contractor electricians plumbers and carpenters licenses that's obtained through the Department of Buildings so but other than that all other licensed functionalities in terms of business activities you go through us now a couple years back in 2013 Mayor Rahm Emanuel with the City Council conducted a paring down of our licenses we used to have about 117 business licenses for the different industries however they've reduced it so that now with the new three-tiered structure and risk-based structure we've lessened a number of business licenses to just 49 and so that if you want more information you can go in with greater detail at our website and that's us so if you have any specific questions about specific licenses please click on the hyperlinks that will take you directly to the ordinance to give you the full details of the license requirement now if your specific business activity doesn't fall in any of the categories and that's quite possible because we have many emergency emerging businesses nowadays and that's great and so to help compensate for that we actually now have an emerging business permit which we didn't have before and the emerging business permit encourages new business ideas because basically it allows new businesses to develop their ideas and evolve over time while we try to figure out what would be the best license for you so you tell us what your business activities are in totality and then our business consultants will tell you what business license or licenses you might need okay now the licenses have specific terms and application license fees and limited business licenses as well as regulated business licenses have a $250 license application fee and then there are those specialty business licenses that you'll note on the handout that we provided you they have varying license application fees but the term is typically 2 years almost all of our licenses have a two-year term also you can apply for your business license even though you may have outstanding debts with the city of Chicago however unfortunately we cannot provide you with your official license certificate which I showed you earlier until you pay off any existing city debt that you may have such as parking tickets or fines or if you happen to have any Illinois sales tax due in terms of payment once you go through your license application process if you happen to apply in person as opposed to online then you can pay in person as well our cashiers here will accept any form of cheque credit card cash and payments are received and processed like I mentioned specifically here at our location so you don't have to go anywhere else now really there's three simple steps but you know there are more details to each duck obviously but there are three simple steps to obtain a business license and two of them actually you have to take care of before you even come here the first step is to first determine your legal business entity okay then after you've determined what legal entity you should be or you feel is right for your business and you then you should register your business entity with the proper government agencies and we'll talk about that then the third step really is then to come in see one of our business consultants or apply online for your business license now we're not attorneys here but we can definitely share with you some basic legal business entity types and if you are aware of this already then this is just a reminder but for those who are new to this sole proprietorships basically our unincorporated business owned in one by one individual partnership is another type of entity legal business entity and that's a single business where two or more people share ownership then there's a corporation where it's an independent legal entity owned by its shareholders and then there's a limited liability company which is a hybrid type of legal structure that provides the lehman limited liability features of a corporation but yet also has the tax efficiencies and the operational flexibility of a partnership then there are nonprofit organizations and that's basically a corporation that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive now that's just some of the different types of business entities you can check the website with the state of Illinois and they could provide you with greater detail for more information about that but that's just a brief overview but regardless of your business entity it doesn't really matter to us what matters to us is that you registered it okay and how do you do that well if you're a sole proprietor or if you decide to conduct your business either as a sole proprietor or a general partnership then it would probably be wise to register your business name if you're conducting business under an assumed name with the Cook County Clerk's office assumed name Department and if you happen to decide to have a legal business entity which is a limited partnership or a corporation or an LLC or not-for-profit then you should register that with the Illinois Secretary of State and when you register it with them then they will give you what's called a file number that's key because we will ask for that file number during the license application process and also to going back to the sole proprietors and general partnerships if you are going to be conducting your business other than your name then when you register your business with the assumed names Department that also ensures that nobody else is using that name already so you want to make sure that that's taken care of that way you don't get any lawsuits coming your way all right then jumping down to the Internal Revenue Service well you're going to need to register with the IRS and basically regardless of your legal entity type you need to obtain and depending on your entity type you can answer a brief questionnaire on the IRS s website and I'll let you know whether need you need to get what's called an employer identification number and basically that will help you file for your taxes that's your identification again that's important to obtain because we're going to ask that of you during the application process then lastly for any legal entity type if you are conducting business in the state of Illinois regardless if you're headquartered in Illinois or not then you need to register with the Illinois Department of Revenue so that you can get your certificate of registration that you are conducting business officially in the state of Illinois and you will contact the Illinois Department of Revenue for them we have the handout for more contact information actually the 3 steps has the detailed information of where you need to go to be able to obtain any of this information so assuming you did step number one you figured out your legal entity type for yourself or you consulted with an attorney or financial planner or CPA alright and then you went ahead and register your business with the right agencies right ok or you had somebody do it for you again you hired a professional to register for you then you're ready to apply for a business license and again those two first steps are important because really if you have that information already it makes the licensing process that much faster because then there's no back-and-forth that's required that we will need to don't ask more information of you okay so if assuming that you're ready to apply for slicin how can you do it well there's really two ways to do it you can either apply online with our online license application system or onto the right-hand side as are the steps or information in regarding stop applying in person starting with the online license application system to apply online you would access the online license application system through our SBC website the Small Business Center homepage and when you access the city of Chicago dot org for /s BC web page then you would just click on the button that says apply for a license once you've done that then you will basically we'll go through the application process just to let you know that most of the business licenses are available however someone a more complex business license unfortunately are not available yet online that being the liquor license applications or the public place of amusement application and special events those types of applications are not up currently available online now if you need assistance as you're going through the license application process online and you need help please call our call center and that's at three one two seven four golbez that's three one two seven four four six two four nine and somebody can assist you during the available there are available business hours now the online application system is available all the time right however the processing time is during normal business hours now in terms of applying in-person if you want to play in person you will come here to city hall room 800 at the Small Business Center and basically our walk-in schedule is from Monday to Friday and that's from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and appointments with our business consultants are highly suggested because it does get quite busy sometimes and you can schedule for an appointment online a few issues which is available at our home page and you can also request for an appointment through r74 golbez number when you do apply in person then we're going to ask to make sure that you bring all your documentation yes sir a limitation in terms of not at all if you're just beginning and you just you know you want to inquire or if you've already begun your application process or if you want to find out the status of your application irrespective of that if you have any business licensing question come on in okay or make an appointment using that so if you were to apply online how do you do it well here's a snapshot of the home page of the online license application system basically if you've never used it before just like any other online system you will need to create a user profile so your first step is to click on that blue button that says get started create a user profile once you've done that then the system will ask you a series of questions just like our business consultants when you come and see them they will ask you a series of question so that they can ascertain depending on what you want to do what your appropriate licenses are or license so answer the relevant questions and then at the end of part one if there are any additional documents that's required the system is going to ask you to print out some fax cover sheets and then you will utilize those fax cover sheet to fax and all the required documents what we're trying to do here is prevent you from having to come all the way down here to drop off those required documents so if you apply online we want you to conduct everything online and finish the entire transaction online if at all possible yes yes you you will um well it is a fax cover sheet so you literally do have to fax it in it has a barcode on it and what it will do is it will connect your specific facts to your specific application with that specific document that sometimes you it will require multiple documents so you will need to connect it or write application and the right document IDs okay so once you've done that then this the application is zoned and what we mean by zone is that a zoning representative takes a look at your business location address then they take a look to see whether or not the business activity that you stated is allowed in that specific business address and basically if everything is okay then we will you will receive an email letting you know that your application has been approved for completion and that you may continue and move on to part two yes water information you still apply for business license to raise capital mm-hmm well depending on your business activity and irrespective of your business activity you have to have the headquarter address you've got to have a home base so to speak and that may be potentially if you don't have a commercial location it may be your residential address but mind you though there are specific restrictions on what you can do at home so we can get into additional information about that later towards the Q&A yes well there the question is that they'll be manufacturing or creating a food product that will be bottled and though she'll be utilizing a shared kitchen which is a commercial kitchen okay so the question is is that whether or not she'll need to be licensed at to her home address which is not going to be the case for that specific license and it varies depending on the license but for your for that specific one it's going to be licensed at the commissary and but it all depends and we can get into greater detail on that - because unfortunately that's a licensed specific question and we're just going into broad general questions for now okay and then that's correct yes yes that that's definitely an option for you because it would behoove you to probably come prepared with either an address or a series of addresses that are zoning representative or your business consultant can take a look for you to see whether or not that specific business address would allow you to be able to conduct a specific business activity that you want to do because just because you want to do a certain business type doesn't mean you can do it at that specific address so but don't sign a contract yet unless you're sure that you can do it there right correct yes and actually we're going to talk about that you can do that you can you can request to speak to a zoning representative and you can let them know what you want to do and if you have an address in mind mind you do and I'll go over it in a few minutes but there is a website dedicated for that functionality that the Department of Zoning put one up so that you could type in the address location and then we'll tell you what zone is there and then you'll cross-reference that with our business zoning guide and it will let you know what can be done in that zone so you can you help yourself or we can help you yes oh I'm sorry yes ma'am that's good that's a good point there there are pure boxes and UPS and FedEx boxes those are not valid we need a physical address location no we will not accept that no we we licensed business we actually license addresses so we need to be able to make sure that you're able to conduct the business activity that you want to do at that specific address location and depending on your activity now there may be instances that where we may be able to accept it however it's on a case-by-case basis and it's depending on what you're going to be doing so I can't get into specifics right now but we can definitely talk after our Q&A and depending on what your business activity type maybe because BJ is a business consultant and she can probably tell you whether or not you can we can accept a virtual address but more often than not we typically need an actual physical address location because the address location then drives what you can do in that specific address yes ma'am absolutely Oh depending on the address that you provide us that is gonna be the address that's going to be licensed and that's going to be zoned as part of the license application process so if you're looking to have a commercial location then it would behoove you first and foremost to find out whether or not that address location before you sign any contract okay okay then then you would need to be licensed over there and we can we can begin the license process however depending on your license type your business activity type you may need to be inspected and the inspection is generated once you pay your application fee so therefore your building has to be ready to be inspected at payment so you have to kind of time it just right and that's something that you will need to discuss with your business consultant they will let you know when would be the right time okay yes mm-hmm right but again and no matter what you're gonna need to have an address as your home base right so depending on your vending type and vending functionality okay a food truck now the the food truck is the license is going to be the addresses gonna be on the license is gonna be the commissary which is the commercial kitchen because you know that you can't cook at home and sell it that's illegal you have to create if you're creating food for sale it needs to be done in a commercial kitchen a licensed commercial kitchen okay so we can have your home address so to speak as your home base but but or for your personal information but the commissary is there going to be the license of record and that's something that we can get into detail and I don't want to kind of get into too much you know you know we can talk about it afterwards after the Q&A and we can get into details about specific licenses so let's get back to the application process real quick so if you're applying online once zoning has approved you and you get the notification by email then you will be informed by email to complete part 2 of the license application process and then answer is here is questions and then pay for your license application fee once you pay for your license application fee step number five is if there are no inspection is required then your license certificate will be mailed to you and you should receive it within seven to ten days depending on the postal service and but if there are inspections required then we won't send out the certificate until your inspections have been passed now if you're coming in person to apply for your business license yes sir what's the what the inspection and depending on your business activity there are different inspecting departments and we'll talk about that in a few minutes that they can they need to take a look at your facility to make sure that it's within the city standard and city code okay so if you're applying in person what do you need to do well you come in again as I mentioned to room 802 you through the entire process with your business consultant or BC inputs the application into the system that's after you filled in a business information sheet and they will then also collect any required documents of you as I mentioned before so make sure you have that with you already so you don't have to come back multiple times then after the BC inputs your application into the system and it then sends it to zoning the zoning takes a look at it and checks to see whether or not that you can conduct the business you want to do at that specific location then on step four if all requirements are met then the applicant signs the application which is printed out and then you will pay for your application license fee then lastly if everything is is ok meaning all documents and all requirements have been met then the license is issued however again if there is an inspection required then that needs to happen and that again as was asked earlier the inspection is is triggered via your payment so it's automatically done however the inspections are are in terms of appointments are done through us and you will be contacted by the inspection department so coordinate that yes absolutely yeah that's something that we covered a little earlier step number two oh no you wouldn't be allowed to pay unless you can get the license so zoning comes first they they would need to approve it first before you can get to the rest of the application process and then pay we wouldn't allow you to pay unless you can get the license okay yes sir on the application feet is separate however how many inspections until there's a third inspection you will start paying we inspection fee to the health department if it's something like a massage establishment or liquor license or a daycare you will continue to until you can satisfy the inspection requirements of that inspecting department you don't have to repay the license fee over again but you will not be able to conduct business until you have satisfied all of those inspections no the employer identification number is issued by the IRS that your federal obligation your federal tax the tax ID the Illinois tax ID is for the state your that's your state obligation okay the city of Chicago allows people to so those are the two ways to apply for your license what are the standard application requirements this is what we ask of all applicants first and foremost your business legal and doing business as name your ownership information and then your legal entity type so basically bring your legal documentation with you already right as we mentioned before register your business first then bring everything they give you then your business location address and the square footage of your business location also we'll need for your detailed description of all your business activities conducted on and off the business location premises we need to know everything that you'll be doing because basically we need to make sure that the license or licenses that you will get will cover everything that you need to do also we cannot go forward unless you have a valid government-issued photo ID from all applicants okay so if there are multiple owners then all owners IDs need to be obtained then also if applicable your Illinois Secretary of State file number your federal employer identification number and your Department of Revenue account ID number the ein the ein that your Illinois tax ID or it used to be known as the Illinois business tax so typically if you're selling something you're gonna need to get it yes sure sure the Illinois Secretary of State file number so the file number will be on your documentation if you register your business then your federal employer identification number you get that from the IRS and you can apply online and then there's the Illinois Department of Revenue account ID number or they may call it Illinois business tax number if you're selling something you have to get that and we ask this of you because our system actually requires it so we can't go forward unless you give that information ok yes well that varies because these are other government agencies you're dealing with when you're okay so we can't we can't account for how quickly the IRS can turn around and give your uri IM other that's pretty quick maybe a couple days or maybe even less with with the state you register with them and again we can't accommodate for them because depending if you've prepared accordingly and you've got everything and they processed it that could take a day or two so what we can account for is when you come in already and you've prepared yourself and you've gotten everything already and if you have all your documentation and you come in and see whether their business consult set down a business consultant you can walk away just for example sake or a limited business license which is a simple business license that doesn't require an inspection you can walk away with the license on the same day two hundred fifty dollars however regardless where you incorporate we don't care what we do care is when you conduct business in the city of Chicago when you conduct business acog oh you need a city of Chicago business license so we don't care where you incorporate but you will need to bring with you your incorporation documentation it doesn't matter here you're conducting business in Chicago yeah and that question you need to ask with the state of Illinois so depending on your business activities they will let you know whether or not you need to apply further but then in terms of city of Chicago taxes you'll automatically be applied for that when you apply for a license it's in it's part of your application process okay so you don't need to do anything yes the question is changing of legal entity type so yes a you want to start off as a sole proprietorship or partnership then later on you become a limited liability corporation or a corporation or what have you can you do that yes you can you you as long as you come in whatever legal entity type when you come in that's what your license will be under okay and then if there's anything that changes then you come in and then you change the information with us if you are not change you're just going well we can't legally advise you what to do but there are smart business practices I'm just saying I'm sorry yes ma'am well okay we can't we are not licensed attorneys or CPAs however ou nonprofit organizations that do partner with us and do come on certain days utilize their services and they can help you out I'm trying to figure out what you want to be okay all right so what other license requirements will we need well depending on the license that you need to obtain some business licenses are going to require a fingerprint based criminal background check on every owner corporate officer member or any person with either a 10% or all the way up to 25% or more interest in the business as well as every on-site manager namely for example the licenses that require that daycare facilities massage establishments and tobacco retailers just to name a few so also if you're going to apply for a liquor license there are other additional requirements that's going to need to be met first and foremost you need to provide some site plans or floor plans your corporate stock certificates corporate minutes and corporate structure chart your financial disclosures lease or proof of your property ownership and your general liability insurance so depending on the licenses that you will be applying for or that you will need based on your consultation with the BC they will tell you what license you need and they will tell you what documentation you need to have you can begin the application process however you know depending on again it's all about the sequence of things when you're doing things also too because depending on if you've obtained or signed a lease yet and then you went and talked to your insurance agent you may or may not have something so you could begin the process of speaking to the agent and if in case you want to wait until you're sure that the license is going to be obtained to obtain your the insurance then you can contact or your agent and then you can have them forward to prove your proof of liability insurance to are your BC so it all depends in all depends it depends on which license you're getting some licenses won't require it so it all depends on what you're doing okay now as I mentioned previously as part of the application process there is a zoning review each application is owned well you know the the previous slide was talking about if you're applying for a liquor license an additional requirement is if you've incorporated then we're gonna require your corporate stock certificate your corporate minutes and your corporate structure chart so it's all dependent on your license type we are just giving you overall general of kind of an overall view of depending on what you're going to be doing there's going to be additional requirements because some licenses require that and as a reminder as I mentioned before before you commit to a location it's imperative that you research the location and confirm that the specific activity that you want to do is allowable in that specific address the zoning application review basically at the time of your license application zoning review is conducted to determine if the business activity is permitted at your proposed business location the zoning of information is available online as I mentioned earlier at the Department of zonings website they have an interactive map and as well as you can utilize the our zoning reference guide so that you can find out what activities are allowed in that specific zone and if I'm just not seeing the kind of wear the zoning review works when you're already in a residential sure they're doing it so from a home there are certain activities that you can write okay you cannot sell stuff from your house you can't have a barbershop you can't have you know a store food store you can't compare but there are other that so everything that's that and when speaking about when he's talking about zoning zoning reviews activities so if you're at a home and say your consultant and that would be approved from the home location because the ordinance state and basically if you want to schedule an appointment to speak to our in-house zoning representative you can do so so they can find out for you ahead of time whether or not the specific address you want to conduct your business in will be able to support all in your business activities yes now right well it all depends if you're talking about commercial locations it doesn't really make a difference and first and foremost we can't recommend them any specific type of business and what-have-you it's always going to be your decision we can provide you with information but in terms of if you're going to be conducting a home business and then there are limitations as to when and what time you can receive packages and and the kind of traffic that a whole occupation allows and we can speak more about those you know specific information after the Q&A if you wish but you know and it's gonna be your choice to basically where you want to ship packages it's irrespective about the license however the home occupation does I have stipulations okay now when you go through your zoning review as part of your license application process what is a Zoning representative going to be looking for first and foremost the proper classification of your business activity then on your compliance with the use requirements and then your compliance some licenses have parking requirements and then also your proper building permits have been applied in issue for because don't do any build outs on any of the allocation unless you have the proper permits another application requirement as we talked about earlier are the inspections on-site inspection depending on your license type an on-site inspection may be required by one or more of our city departments prior for the license to be issued now the inspection schedule well once an inspection is an application as a prove excuse me and your license fees paid then inspections would be scheduled within the next ten days you will be contacted by the inspecting department an example of inspecting departments the Department of Buildings may come on take a look at the facility or the fire department or the or the Department of Public Health so each one of these departments are looking for something specifically in terms of consumer safety okay so they will be in contact with you if it's required and you will be informed in that by your business consultant couple things to avoid as we mentioned a couple of times already do not sign a lease unless you're sure that that address is zoned appropriately for your activity and if you're going to be doing our selling liquor then or have liquor then check to see make sure that there's no liquor license restrictions in that area also before construction in any establishment make sure that you've obtained the proper permit from the Department of Buildings then I don't assume that the previous owner is zoning designation applies just because a business was licensed in that commercial property before and then now you're applying for a business license for that place for that specific address doesn't mean that it may apply to you because the ordinance may have changed and so it will prevent you from being able to do what you want to do there so don't assume that and remember licenses are not transferable okay not paying outstanding city debt we can't give you even though you went through an application process we can't literally give you the license certificate unless you pay all your city debt and you can't open your doors until you have that certificate and then lastly don't forget that and your BC will remind you of this that there may be other licenses that you need to obtain that pertains to a specific license another government agency might need to also issue a license for that activity namely the state liquor license and and another example is the sanitation certificate that if you're going to be serving food you're going to need to obtain a city of Chicago sanitation certificate so that's just an example of additional things that your BC will let you know now if you're gonna have a commercial location and you're gonna have a sign then you're more than likely going to need to get a public way use permit as well and fortunately after you go through your license application process you we can walk you through a public way use representative who can begin the process of you applying for your public way use permit basically the city streets sidewalks and part ways are considered to be the public way and use of the public way requires a public way use permit the purpose of the public way use permit is to reduce unnecessary congestion and unsightly clutter and keeping the public ways clear for safe and convenient travel by pedestrians for example if you happen to have retail food establishment and you want to have a sidewalk cafe well you're gonna need a public way use permit for that and that's called the sidewalk outfit permit and actually that's a snapshot of a sidewalk every permit application examples of publicly uses well over the street level canopies awnings signs banners light pictures balconies all require public way use permits yes sir then you won't need it if its interior and you have not gone a millimeter into the public wave okay once you go into the public way you will need a permit regardless of how big or how small that sign is as long as you inched on the public way you're gonna need a permit okay yes sir well first and foremost you need to have a retail food license to have that you cannot apply for a sidewalk cafe permit unless you're licensed retail food establishment so therefore it no now can you can you begin concurrently so if you're applying for your your retail food license and you want to apply for the public way you you could talk to our public where use representa to try to see if we can coincide it because there is an app on an application process which is separate from your retail food license okay an example of on the street-level public way uses planters decorative pavers bollards and sidewalk cafes now a new thing that we also do at the our one-stop shop small business center is we're now taking in primitive occasions a new initiative basically that allows us to route permit applications that are being processed by another department but for your convenience we're gonna take it in for you we hope to add more permits in the future but right now the only thing that we're accepting our occupancy cap capacity sign permit applications as well as the fire safety permit for mobile food trucks in terms of resources we have on our small business center homepage a laundry list of various resources for you be it more information about business registration or if you are looking for a site a commercial site we we have a link that will take you to a site selector for financial assistance resources we have a list that you can go through there and utilize we have business education options we have information about various neighbourhood resources that can you can actually utilize and then also if you want information about you know if you're going to be expanding or having hiring and training resources all that is in our small business center homepage which is at city of Chicago org for slash SBC and then if you need to make an appointment to see one of our business of consultants as I mentioned before please dial three one two seven four go-biz and they can schedule an appointment for you so that you can meet with a B C or as Onan reviewer or a health sanitarium depending on who you need to speak to and then if you've already gotten your license and you want to renew your license if you need help in getting a PIN number or resetting your PIN for online license renewals or paying taxes they can assist you as well that would be our call center

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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This document shows a simple and easy way to do so. To sign pdf files, a program such as must open the .pdf file. Then, a simple certificate must be added. This document shows that the certificate has an expiration date. It must be renewed by a Certificate Authority or you could get a new one.If you already have a certificate with the certificate authority "Root Key ID" and your certificate authority doesn't support the new one ( it's still signed by an earlier Certificate Authority) please try using a newer, higher authority.Please note that this method is not suitable for certificates you have purchased from any CA. This means you must be using a certificate purchased from a CA from whom you bought your certificates.How to digitally sign a pdf file with the root key of a certificate authority using certificate signing request (CSR)? A CSR is an encrypted file with your personal information and other data that the Certification Authority wants to sign the file. The data and information are all sent via an email and you have to send it in plain text through a secure link (a "HTTPS") to us so we can send a signature for it.In your browser, go to in the address bar and paste the URL. If you don't know how or don't know how to paste a URL in the address bar click here and follow the instructions.Note that you have to click the "Allow" button so that a certificate is sent to us. The certificate is an encryption certificate (that must be used) that contains the Ro...

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