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Help me with industry sign banking arizona presentation computer

hi I'd like to welcome everyone to today's ASU master and computer science admissions live Q&A i'm diana sunshine and i'm on the Coursera team and that works closely with the ASU team first I'd like to make sure that everyone's familiar with the zoom interface so if you take your mouse and you look and you scroll around you can see that there's a navigation bar at the bottom and if you click on the chat tab if you could just type in that where you're coming in from today we typically get a very global team of people that show up and so we're really excited so the first person has said hello but let's get more people Oh Egypt Texas Scottsdale Arizona Mexico's yeah yeah this is exactly this is amazing so what I'd love to say is good morning good afternoon good evening to everyone who is on today's webinar and we're very excited to give you some more information about the program the other thing that I'd like to do is we'll do our first poll so this is a way that you can see how the polling system works so well right now launch a poll that talks about how did you actually hear about this program and so you can see how you can just click on and this is great so people are doing it right now wonderful so while the polls going on what I'd like to do is introduce you to our panelists today we have Anita Chava and Kristina Sebring I'd turn it over to you - hi good morning so I'm Kristina Sebring I am an academic success specialist in the School of Computing informatics and decisions system systems engineering or Sydney for short at ASU I'm the primary advisor for the MCS online program thanks Christina I'm Anita chocolate the senior director at plus and I work very closely with the academic College on creation and delivery of this program and behind the scenes on chat we have Nicola Jacky she's our student services coordinator associate so she works closely with students who are going through the admissions process as well as our pathway students all right so did you want to are we gonna did we want to close out the poll are we okay to continue we continued and you can close out the poll okay party okay so for today we're going to talk about the MCS online curriculum and give you a little overview of what the program so you know what to expect go over our admissions requirements talk about the prerequisite courses which are related to the admissions requirements talk a little about a little bit about what international students can expect from the process just the general overview of the application process and deadlines and then answer some of your questions live so we can get those answered for you oh we did want to provide a one little reminder that about using the Q&A function at the bottom if you type your questions in there as we move through the presentation it makes that a lot easier for us to get through them and answer them on near the end of the presentation so moving on to an overview of the program so uh our curriculum has advanced topics we have blockchain security artificial intelligence a lot of classes and big data they're broken into three different areas we have foundations systems and applications as well as some elective courses so students take one course from each of the three main areas and then they choose a good grouping of electives from all the other courses that are available and then while working through the program they get to complete a lot of exciting projects right so there's some good projects in all of these courses so let me talk to some of those for example our applied cryptography course that we're releasing in the fall have you ever wondered what how your data secure when it's stored in the database that really happens through encryption and when the data store data stored in blocks and so the encryption happens through block ciphers and so there's a lot of projects around encryption mechanisms how to break secure protocols to give you a full understanding of fundamentals behind that another course that we have is data visualization so in this era of big data when you're trying to make sense of what that data means we have a course that introduces you to concepts of data visualization and tools for it and how you can see patterns and trends that will help inform businesses to make better decisions another favorite class of mine is the scalable data processing class which talks about big data concepts and introduces you to a concept of ER diagrams entity relationship diagrams and it teaches you how to create them some of the normalization techniques all these skills that are really important in your workplace there's also a course called blockchain and so in the blockchain of course we talk about what is a public law chaining and then we have projects around how to create private blockchain components on top of that so really making sure you understand the fundamentals of it so all these courses have some really great projects but these are applied projects and they've intentionally been designed to help you in your workplace and help you with new challenges that you face in your work careers perfect that sounds very interesting and a lot of variety as well so we also have a brand new concentration that's available starting this fall so we're accepting applications right now in cybersecurity so when students do the cybersecurity concentration they really focus in on our security courses they take 15 credits specific to our security courses that apply cryptography software security information assurance and advanced computer network security and then they choose one more elective of their interests from our security courses they can take operating systems software verification validation and testing and then they the other 15 credits they have to take the area of course as I mentioned before and then they can take a couple other electives if you know they're also interested in maybe the blockchain or some more data or artificial intelligence courses so it's a really good opportunity for students who really want to focus on that cybersecurity aspect of computer science so going into our program details we do have three starts a year we're coming up on our fall start right now then we also have a start and spring and summer so when you complete the program you'll take ten courses which equates to 30 credit hours and then our culminating experience for this program is a project portfolio so it's a as you mentioned a project pace degree so it's not research-based there's no thesis requirement as some master's degrees require so it's very project-based the portfolio is really just a summary of the projects you did while completing your courses throughout the program and you get to choose which ones you want to focus on in your final portfolio the total cost for the program is fifteen thousand so that breaks down to 1500 per course and then we do have su has a lot of financial aid available we do it is very much determined on individual basis so that would be something you would want to work directly with the financial aid office about but there is assistance available if you need us so moving on to our admissions requirements this is a very popular area of how do you how do you get in and get started in the program so we do have a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 and this is in the last 60 credit hours of your undergraduate degree which is usually the less to select the last two years not everybody uses that same terminology but it is usually the last two now if you you know if you're listening is an international student and your degree was not completed on the 4.0 scale don't worry you do not have to convert that to the 4.0 scale we actually ask that you list it on the scale that was used on your you know your degree sheets or your transcripts and then it's evaluated using that scale that's used in that country so as an example I got my undergraduate degree in computer science in India and we don't use GPA we actually use percentage and a 70% is actually very good for the scale in India so just enter the 70% or the 60% or whatever you got because we know what that means and don't try to convert that to a cheapy yes yes and then now we do have a math requirement isn't it is an engineering degree so it is important to have a solid math background so we asked for calc the equivalent of calculus one in two and discrete math now students coming from stem degrees science technology engineering and math have very likely completed this even if it doesn't explicitly say calculus one in two for instance to use your example a lot of transcription in DSA math one two and possibly three so it doesn't explicitly say calculus but it is learned in those course and then we do a su does require official transcripts from all institutions you have attended they do are sent to our graduate admissions office now you can apply with your unofficial but they do have to be in a legible one attachment so we can see them all to be able to apply with your unofficial z' and then you have still have to send your your official transcripts once admitted so you still will need to send them but we allow you to apply with your unofficial because we know that it can be sometimes be a bit challenging to get your official transcript sent and can be time-consuming so that's allows you at least to get through the admissions process before you have to send up we ask for we also ask for a personal statement or a resume you have the option to upload both if you want to but you can it's also fine if you only upload one or the other and then there is an application fee it varies depending on you know if you're a u.s. student or an international student so there's a little bit of variance on there and it can range from 70 to 115 dollars for the application fee the program does not require GRE or letters recommendation so if you've been working in the industry for a while that eases that step a little bit so you don't have to find recommenders now for our international students we touched on this a little bit when we talked about transcripts you do have to provide proof of English proficiency and ASU does have a page dedicated just for this that kind of outlines what the requirements are and what the exemptions are so like if you are a u.s. resident or I'm sorry US citizen or a permanent resident you're not required to provide English proficiency or if you've already created or completed a few credits in the US you do not have to provide proof of the English proficiency one thing is our program does have slightly higher requirements than ASU in general so like for example we require 90 on the TOEFL test just to provide an example for that but we do encourage you to visit the English proficiency web site just to check into the exemptions of what exactly they require at the university level you do also need to provide proof of visa so if you're a US citizen we will need a copy of that now if you're living outside the US and you're not play to come to the US there is an option when you apply real select JN which just means international not coming to the US that allows your application to move through the process without that visa requirement and we do have options for getting your transcripts here our MCS online website which we're going to give you that link in just a little bit has a really well built out FAQ section with a good portion of international student questions that can help guide you on how to get your transcripts here we also have a wonderful enrollment team who can provide you with some other options and some suggestions for getting your transcripts to yes you have anything to add for international students yes I do know especially there is a service called true India okay - India copy that will actually help you with the transcripts and that's all listed in the FAQ allowing you to start the program with unofficial transcripts is with the understanding that it will take you some time to get us the official transcripts but definitely check out our website we have a whole wealth of information on transcripts and different options that are available to you yes and we have students from all over the world so yes we definitely try to work with you on this so continuing in the admissions requirement not all students entering our program do you need to have what we call prerequisite knowledge which is knowledge in some topic areas that will ensure that you will be successful in our graduate level courses and these prerequisite this prerequisite knowledge previously needed to be demonstrated through college credit transcript but in our mission of access and knowing that we want to provide and is aspiring to be in we change the model for the prerequisite knowledge demonstration yeah so so the the four areas we asked for you dive knowledge and is computer organization in assembly language programming data structures and algorithms operating systems and then either principles of programming languages or theoretical computer science so either one of those which on international transcripts sometimes it's programming paradigms compilers formal languages things like that for that last requirement so moving on to what we changed as the model we now have short non-credit courses available that for students who have not formally taken these courses this is a really good option for them and these courses are actually on-demand and they're available if you go to our NCS website you can there's a link there that will take you straight to the courses the courses are really built to be a refresher of fundamental knowledge so you can take them at your own pace they have knowledge checks and then there's a final exam that's proctor and you must score 80% or higher in the final exam to show demonstration about prerequisite knowledge and so for people who've had degrees and let's say mechanical engineering or math and they've been working in the IT industry for a while and have learned that knowledge but don't have college credit on a transcript they can enroll themselves in these prerequisite courses go through the course and if they get 80% they would basically meet that prerequisite requirement now we do give you two attempts to take the final exam to get that 80% or higher but if after the second attempt you don't get that 80% then we do require college credit on a transcript now what's also important is that as Christina alluded to you may have taken this material in your undergraduate degree and so we would encourage you to first apply and then the admissions team which is chaired by Christina will determine what prerequisites you actually need and then you can go ahead and just take those prerequisites so we do encourage you to first apply yes so on and just elaborate on that it is really important to apply because sometimes the course titles don't always match one for one and we do evaluate a lot of international transcripts so there is a lot of we have a good Bank of knowledge and reference points for evaluating you also have the ability to upload course descriptions when you apply which can also assist the admissions committee in trying to evaluate that application but then once it's evaluated you do receive a follow-up email letting you know that you know maybe you need to take some these prerequisite courses or what the next steps would be and that way you know exactly what you need to take to be eligible for admission so it is definitely recommended to go ahead and get that application in so you can get that evaluation yeah so this um this is a really good option we do already have students completing it we have three courses available right now we have computer organization operating systems data structures and algorithms and we have principles of programming languages planned for next month so so they'll all be available very very soon this actually might be a good opportunity to elaborate that you can also we would allow you to start the program if you're only missing let's say that last one that's not yet available it is possible that the admissions committee will still deem after evaluating your application that that you can go ahead and start the program but we're still gonna request that you complete the course so that that's also still an option which is why we enourage you to apply so you can get that evaluation so another option we have available because we're ASU is all about making sure that our programs are accessible is the pathway program know which you're also very familiar with so what this is is maybe you don't quite meet the 3.0 GPA criteria for that's a really good example with a lot of students in the pathway are doing so what you can do is you can take three classes as a non-degree student at ASU and demonstrate a proficiency and graduate level coursework by earning a three point two five GPA by doing that you establish a high graduate GPA which would then qualify you for admission those credits you complete can then be applied to the program once you are accepted later so you don't lose time but it kind allows you to earn earn your way into the GPA you can also demonstrate English proficiency this way because you complete nine credits at a graduate level with grades a B or better that satisfies a issues English proficiency requirement so that's another good option for it we also have a few students who might be working on their prerequisites and maybe want to sample a graduate course or two who do that that's also an option I guess it's just proceed with caution because you still do need that prerequisite knowledge to be successful in the classes but it's also not it is an option for you if you want to do that since it's a non degree plan did you have anything to add from pathway yeah the Nam who definitely is as Christina said another way to get into the degree program and again in our mission of access because ASU prides itself on that we are providing this option to you because there is another way to get into the degree program as well and as Christina said the three courses that you take in the pathway our actual courses that degree students take it well and so you are sort of already kind of working towards that path off the degree but it is important that you get 3.25 yes or higher in the first attempt along three courses in the pathway yep and not if - if your application gets it evaluated and we think that this might be the the option you need to go that that's actually what the admissions committee will recommend you'll get an email back encouraging you to pursue the pathway first before doing the degree program so that's again a definitely a good idea to apply first to get that evaluation I so we've talked a lot about the application process so there is a link to directly apply and we've given a you can access it right from our MCS online website but we also have a direct link available so it's just links slash MCS - application so you can type that right in and we'll take you right to our graduate application you would go through the application pay the application fee and you'd send any documents you need to send to our Graduate Admissions and that's the application process our deadline is coming up it's July 26th so just a little bit over two weeks away so definitely if you're playing to apply go ahead and get that application in as soon as possible no we are gonna try to answer as many questions as possible that we can this morning but you know if you have maybe a question that's very specific to your situation and you want to talk to somebody please contact our enrollment team they're wonderful they're here to help and guide you through the process answer your questions um so they have you can email them if you prefer MCS enrollment at ASU edu and we also have a toll-free number so that's eight four four three five three seven nine five three so you can call them and speak to them directly we also have a very well built out website we have course outlines a really a lot of FAQ sort of that we've collected and answered throughout the since the program launched so that's really well built out to help answer your questions um so you can get to that just by links that on slash MCS and then of course we do encourage you to apply but I know we're getting ready to transition to questions so I guess if you have questions go ahead and use that Q&A function and begin typing them in and we have three commonly asked questions on the screen there for those three questions before we take questions from yeah of course so the first question Christina is are letters of recommendation required for admission so they are not they are optional so you're welcome to submit them if you want to but they are not required so we do again we ask that you enter them exactly as they appear in your mark sheets and then with their evaluated based on the scale use in the country where the education took place so that's really important so they're they are not converted I guess is that important takeaway here and the third question does my IT experience count it doesn't count directly towards credit but the prerequisite course option that we've given you is an option for you to show your IT industry experience that you understand those fundamentals so that you are eligible for the degree programming and those CPA courses will help fill in that classroom theoretical component right they that might not be present yes all right so this is great information so just remind everyone if you do have questions please put it in the QA and we're gonna launch our second poll right now just to let everyone and to understand how interested people are in this program while people are responding to the poll I'll talk about the first question we have and from a minute and he's wondering what is the study period average time for the program so how long does it take somebody to get through the program typically so okay so there is a lot of flexibility in the program first off which um I guess we did not mention but our classes are in seven and a half week sessions when we have two sessions per semester so that equates to five sessions per year so if you take one course per session you can complete the program in two years it is also possible to go a little bit faster a little bit slower depending on your other life commitments so there is a little there is some flexibility available on that and also we understand that you all have challenging schedules most of the people in our degree program are working professionals and so the lectures are not live they're recorded and you can pace yourself during the week within the class and so that's a very important component of the program in addition you may not necessarily have to take a class every session but you do need to take a class every semester every fall and spring semester every fall and spring semester and so let's say you start we took one class and then in fall Vineet you have this huge deadline at work and this project that's gonna consume all your time you can decide not to take a class in fall vmn come back in spring which starts in January and our program started in fall of 2018 and we have students graduating and we I actually have one graduate I'm in this summer and then we have some more who are I would say 100% online students who will be graduating in fall so we do have students graduating already in fall so about a year and a half yes um one other thing I do want to mention because you mentioned the working professional we do have a lot of students who were working full time doing this degree and so we do recommend if you're working full time to take only the one class per session because the time commitment per week is about 15 to 20 hours depending on the course so we do recommend that if you're working full time I'm just it's a little bit more manageable pace on top of a full-time job and possibly even Families yeah great okay so I might had another question was this program included thesis or is it a non thesis masters so this program is a non thesis message so it's very project-based so you do a project portfolio at the end is the culminating event in place of a thesis so there is not a research component to this degree excellent ok so Michael is wondering is there any entry test required like for example like a GRE or anything like that no we do not require a GRE or any other type of standardized test and somebody else is asking um would the word online be included on the diploma or degree certificate so that's a great question and I and so what's important about the degree that we offer here it is exactly the same degree that is offered to our on ground students the same course is the same syllabi taught by the same faculty the purpose when you when you graduate it will say master of computer science we do not denote the modality in which your degree was awarded and I know that's an important concern especially with international students your degree certificate will say asu master of computer science and it is not notated on your transcripts either I get that that question quite a bit it is not mentioned that the classes were completed online so just list the course the semester and the grade excellent okay so somebody is asking about the examinations right that if you wanted to take some of those I think it's the prerequisites and you have to pass the exam and how much what is the fee for those examinations so the prerequisite course once you enroll looks $59 for one attempt of the course and when you're taking the exam you will be proctored so there is instructions within the course that talks about the proctoring process now when you talk about fees overall for the degree program the price that Christina mentioned is $15,000 inclusive of everything we don't add extra fees the only additional fee will be the application fee to the program excellent okay and the next question from Wang Shu is can you talk a little bit about the different concentrations in the program so right now we have our general master of computer science program and then this fall we are we're launching our cybersecurity concentration so that is the only two concentrations available now official concentrations where your degree would say but you specialize in cybersecurity but that said we do have a lot of courses available in data science and some courses and the artificial intelligence so you could still specialize your degree and choose to take courses in those areas to specialize your skills as you leave the program but cybersecurity is the only official concentration available as of today excellent okay um her nose has a question of what is asu's rank among US universities so su has several ranks we're number one in innovation but when it comes to all the graduate programs and employability all of that is available on ASU edu forward slash banking's and you'll see all the rankings of all the different programs within asu and you'll also see a specific call-out to the graduate program which includes the master of computer science excellent and Michael is wondering if these slides will be available after the webinar so that's the question for you yeah so we will get we are recording this webinar and we will be sending it out and with a link so people can review it but we also should set it up so that we can we will email all the registrants PDF of the slides I think that would be great so we will get that done it well within the week okay okay mr. Corey Wow so someone is asking are we allowed to take more than 10 credits I think they probably mean 10 courses throughout the degree so yes you can't take more if you want to ten is the minimum that's required but if you want to take additional courses you absolutely kind of completely up to you but the men ten courses to earn the degree excellent and then um somebody was asking can I apply if my GPA is too low can you apply if the GPA is too low yes you can still apply because in fact we do look at that junior/senior that last the last two years so for example let's say a student maybe had a little bit rough start to their college career their freshman year and then they recovered very nice their last three years so that junior senior GPA actually might be higher than the final GPA so that's why it's important to apply and get that evaluation so we can tell you officially that whether you can go right into the degree program or if you should maybe do the pathway first and then if their GPA is deemed too low they still can take the pathway right and do the work so anybody should apply if they're interested and feel that they can handle the master level work yes you do need a four-year undergraduate to go that's very important yes and we know a lot of international students to get that fourth year what do you normally recommend to your applicants so they do need to complete another year of coursework we know that can be challenging when you're international but that is they do just need another year of coursework somewhere to be able to qualify is that four year degree would any of the pathway classes qualify for that fourth year or not yeah unfortunately no because you have to for it to be a non degree graduate student at asu you have to have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree which is up your degree requirement again so it would be something that would have to be done if you're internationally potentially in your home country sorry okay um so the next question this is a good one what programming experience which is required for the program this specific person has a BS in electrical engineering would I be able to succeed in the program without a BS in CS so that's a really great question and at the beginning of every course we do mention where the programming language is required primarily most of the classes require project submissions in either Python or Java so if you are thinking about applying to the program this is a good time to start brushing up on those skills and I would do it in the order of Python first and then Java second the other classes that would require C but it wouldn't be it it wouldn't be C programming over many years it's just basic C language but the Python and Java you would need to have some experience in that in those two languages right and somebody is asking is it possible to convert from the online program to the on-campus program yes it is possible but a new application is required whenever you're changing from an online campus to an in-person campus our on-campus admissions requirements are slightly different for example the on-campus program does require the GRE and letters of recommendation so slightly different requirements to move on campus but it is possible 12 credits can move with you since they were completed with ASU so it is definitely possible if you want to start online and then apply in transition to the on-campus program perfect okay so Omar has a question that says even though the prerequisite courses are self-paced is there an average time that students take to complete them and you know you may go to a module and you may find that it's material you already know and you might just quickly scan them but there might be another module where you really need to spend some time on the material the average has been about 25 hours per course so far and again that can be taken over the weekend or at night depending on your work schedule once you want to enroll in a course you do not have to complete it within two or three weeks and so that's where the flexibility is so if you've already applied and got your decision on what prerequisite courses you need to take now there's a really good time to start working on them just to clarify Anita they are completely self-paced and once they start they can take as much time as they need to go through it right yes excellent okay and so there is a question that says what if you take that three courses as a non-degree student the performance is not late and you don't get the 3.25 GPA requirement oh that's a that's definitely a difficult question because we do require that 3.25 demonstrated in the in the pathway in order to qualify for admission so it is necessary to earn the 3.25 in the pathway to be eligible for the MCS program especially if you were completing the pathway because you're under undergraduate GPA was too low but also when you finish those pathway courses you still get an answer transcript you do yes perfect and so Vikram is wondering can I take a break for one semester and continue the degree courses or the degree yeah so thereare academic processes in place like we talked about there's a lot of flexibility with sessions so I've had a few students I can either said maybe they do session a and that's I should be so that's always an option and you know based on your schedule but if you ever need to take a full semester off and there is a leave of absence process at ASU that I would actually be the one to guide you through that if that's something you need to do so absolutely that that's a possibility but once you start in the course you do need to finish in the course yes yes yes yeah so the degree you could take you can take breaks during the degree but within a course you have to complete the course frederik okay so another question I think you may have answered this but it will ask it again which is um for the courses that are taught in this online master's program are they the same courses as the on-campus classes yes they are so they have the same curriculum same instructors the only thing that is different is the mode of instruction and the lake's our on-campus classes are they follow the 15 week schedule so these are online classes do are considered accelerated since they follow the seven and half weeks yes and that is why we encourage you to take just one classes yes and so hussein's asking um how do you assess people during these courses I he's assuming there's kind of exams in homework but can you talk about the assessments sure so the courses are actually the grading is determined by the faculty so there might be homework well we call them practice exams our homework there's also midterms finals or projects so at the beginning of every course if syllabus posted that talks about the weighting of all these items towards your final grade after course is slightly different because it does depend on the faculty member but there might be a course where the project determines 30% of the grade and there's no final exam or they may be a course where you have a few projects in there and each project is maybe 10% of your final grade so it's course-to-course perfect um Michael has a really good question and I'm gonna read it specifically how it's written and said when we get the degree do we get graduation robes mailed to us I assume we don't walk you can walk it is absolutely an option - you can come to Tempe and participate in the in the commencement ceremonies if you want to there are related graduation fees and like you have to purchase your caps and gowns but you absolutely can come and attend and participate in the graduation ceremonies here in Tempe yeah that's awesome um can you ron's asking are you able to give an example of project that is due at the end for example a fully operational app or something similar or is it a culmination of courses and this person just kind of wants to make an example of what a project would be like yes depending on the topic there's so many different kinds of projects there's one course that actually asks you to write the basic code for an app to determine concussion Diagnostics and so how do you input that data and then how do you transform it and then how do you provide an outcome so there's a little bit there's a little bit of sprinkling of that other projects also include for example analysis of geospatial data another another trending topic so this project actually uses Apache spark sequel to help analyze geospatial queries which is so important in big data and is a newer concept and then as Christina mentioned you could take these projects and create your culminating project portfolio that you could showcase to employers if you're looking for a career change or if you just want to build your portfolio to put online on LinkedIn perfect the next question is if somebody and complete the MCS with the ASU online can you pursue a PhD afterwards yes you can so we did it is a master's degree so you the gap might be as thick because the MSAs degree does not require any research there might be a bit of a learning curve in learning how to do academic research which is a primary requirement of a ph.d program but you can absolutely pursue a PhD after completing the online national computer science in fact for example our ph.d program which is can vary of course by school we allow you to apply up to 30 credits even with approval from an earned master so that actually could give you a good head start if you will into a ph.d program and then there's a question about is there a lot of writing and when I saw that one because I didn't know so I just want to mention again these are applied projects so again it's about the ability to program and use those skills in the workplace and that's why this is very important that we find like the project types that are included in the courses and so the next question is are there weekly discussion boards required in most of these courses kind of a broad question but I'm assuming that it's kind of like what are the other types of ways that you can communicate with your classmates and staff and other technologies yes I I didn't hear you Christina so yes there's all the courses have discussion forums and every project that's in the course has its own discussion forum thread because it's very important that you collaborate with your colleagues in the class lean on each other for best practices and the other terms of collaboration are some of the courses have group projects where you're assigned group members and so there's other forums to communicate like slack with your team members and do these delivery presentations online for that course so it's very important that you network not just be enrolled in the course and take the class curriculum but also get to know your colleagues and learn from each other as you work through these projects yeah and I mean not the DAR students are actually very active on slack both in just like casual chatting the team collaboration other things like that so that that looks like a very well you'll use tool for this online program where they can interact with one another excellent and so we have a question now about online career services for students is there um are there any services and they were most interested in like checking resumes mock interview stuff like that so this is an ASU program so when you're admitted to an ASU program you get access to all of asu's resources so you have access to both ASU career services as well as Fulton engineering specific career resources so they have a very well built out website I mean you can do mock interviews and resume review so that they don't help with job placement but you do get access to handshake ASU some handshake so you can see job postings and and all of those materials say we have online career fairs things along those nature's you have access to all of that and then when you graduate you are part of a issues alumni redneck rate as well excellent and Eric is asking can we put our projects on github and make our projects part of the open source library so that's a very interesting question you can apply the learnings from your project and use it on and on github because that's what github is for but taking the exact project and putting it on github there's a little bit of academic integrity because future students will take this course if they find your project submission they may just use it as an and so we would definitely not encourage you to do that in fact when you submit your projects we have secured ways for submissions of your code and for precisely that reason is that we just don't want to make it available to the open public excellent well it looks like we've got most of our questions answered and if anyone else wants to put some questions in the QA we can answer them but so far everything's been answered live as well as um Oh somebody's typing in financial aid so do we I know you guys had already talked about financial aid but do you want to talk a little bit more about um is there financial aid available how does it work so one thing to note before we go into financial aid is that this program the online modality is less than half the price of the on ground version and we intentionally lowered the cost to make it accessible to you but we still it's still an ASU online degree program yes so we still have financial aid options even on the fifteen thousand dollar price point for the program yeah so I I would encourage you to visit the asu's financial aid website Nicole can probably place that in the chat for you to make it a little bit easier slash financial aid of all of our URLs are usually points you pretty simply it's a review what's available to you based on your student situation look there's graduate students there's some some information for international students things like that so I would encourage you to visit that website and check into the options listed there excellent okay so now that people knew that there is more questions to be asked I have a few more that we can do so there's one that I like this question is there any unkind of meetups or on-site or live networking opportunities or events that will be happening so we do have career fair yes and so people are welcome to attend in person as well all of that information is listed on our website we do have people that are in the online program especially if they're from within Arizona California they do attend these career fairs well and then the next question is where can I find out more information about the cybersecurity concentration yeah we do have that information available on the website as well so we can we can probably at that direct link out to you as well that you're actually right to the cybersecurity requirements it again it is still 30 credit hours you still complete the area and then about half half the degree 15 credits is specific to cybersecurity courses so we'll get that that link back out to you and it wasn't the degree plan was also listed earlier in the presentation so you'll have that one the presentation sent out great question is our own course is always available at every semester or only certain courses at every semester so we do not offer every single course every semester so very much determined on you know enrollment instructor availability the development cycle there's there's multiple factors to consider and when you would try to enroll in your course you will see what's available in that session as well and the syllabi for these courses are already posted on our website so we do encourage you to visit our website and the other question we also have is does the online courses require high-speed connection so I would say that our videos are not not too large and we've chunk them intentionally because we understand that in some places of the world you may not have high-speed internet connection so you don't actually need top-of-the-line internet connection but you definitely do need internet connection to be able to progress in these courses and the other question is and this is an important question I have a question about immigration status if I'm currently on an f1 with another school and I enroll them the MCAS so as an f-1 student you cannot be in an online program f what the f one visa specifically requires that you're in an in-person program attending classes in person so unfortunately no you this would not be a program for an f1 student unless you are planning of course - if you were planning to return home you could of course attend the program from there but not in the US on an f1 visa and then we had some other questions i came from the chat somebody said they have a bachelor's degree in information technology would they be eligible for our program and as long as it's a four-year degree program from your home country yes you would be eligible and again for English proficiency requirements please do check our website because there are some exemptions for English proficiency that are listed over there now I've got a couple of questions about discrete math what if they haven't taken that course before and they would like to take that or if they don't have calculus so on our website we have the math courses that you would need and I would definitely call the MCS enrollment center you have the contact information there are a couple of class options that are available to you to be able to take that math requirement but definitely follow up with our help team the other question is somebody wants to enroll in a PhD for computer science could they do that getting the MCs degree with ASE oh yes so if you get the MCs degree from computer science you could then apply for the PhD in computer science because it's an ASU to ASU if you have the grades or B or better in the MCS those classes can apply toward that later PhD program so absolutely now there are a lot of questions about students telling us about their background and asking if they're eligible again we would encourage you to apply you will get that evaluation and you will be provided a decision from the admissions team that's either the degree or the pathway is the best option for you and you do hear back I think that's an important and unique thing about this program you do hear back with some recommended next steps whether it's taking their prerequisites or pursuing the pathway program do you prefer a personal statement and a resume mhm what is your preference in the application Oh truthfully either/or either one is fine I do get questions frequently about what is a personal statement that that's basically why you want this program what you hope to learn and get out of it what your long-term goals are so that is that is the personal statement doesn't have to be long it can be very short but we it is truly either/or so if you want to attach both please feel free to submit both with your application the other question is when do you have to declare a concentration so the concentration you actually do pick that when you apply so you do when you apply you decide I want to do master of computer science or cybersecurity now it is possible to adjust that later we have something that I would work with you on and once you're admitted to the program and then scan is asking if the NCS pathway courses are free no it's the same course about a degree student would take so every course is $1500 and so to complete the pathway you would you would spend four thousand five hundred dollars please note that when you're in the pathway financial aid is not an option for you because it's a non degree program yeah but you are just to add to that the pathway courses you are earning academic credit and grades on a transcript so there are the same classes you take well while you're in the degree program if you have questions on prerequisite courses again there's our enrollment Ian can help you answer those questions the other person asked well if I'm a plication evaluation says I have three prerequisites complete can I still start the program without having the four three requisite so if you you would likely in that situations hard that that's kind of a hypothetical question if you are only missing one of the prerequisites I mean everything else in your application it you know is okay as far as GPA and you have the bachelor's degree in English proficiency and all the other factors you would actually likely receive a positive message advising you've been admitted and that you've still but you need to complete that prerequisite course within one year of admission and a lot of the couple of last questions that we have is that if I want to apply for the screen 2020 term and let's say I apply in December 2019 how long does it take your committee to make an application decision so our admissions decisions are actually issued pretty quickly I'd say we're right around a two-week turnaround at this point so we're very quick with our turnaround we will have spring deadlines though so if you apply after those deadlines you you may be considered for the next enrollment cycle so again for this in ciclo for fall it's july 26 so make sure if you want a certain fall you applied by July 26 but you can certainly go in and apply for spring right now if you want to question is admission especially for this fall so you just answered that yes you should apply by July 26th at least get your application and if our transcripts take a few days after that we will still accept them and get them but we will complete all admissions decissions probably about a couple weeks before classic oh yeah I'd say early August early on in our class starts on August 22nd yes so I'd be nice this is great you got through all the questions so congratulations and everyone can see that there's all of the contact us follow-up questions how you can get anything else answered through email through phone online we definitely recommend that everyone just start your application now because Christina and her team will get back to you if there's any questions they have or to get back to see if you should do a pathway or take some of the prerequisite courses so um is there anything else that you guys would like to add right now no I guess just to reiterate if you know if you're interested in the program please submit the application even if you're you know unsure about prerequisites or GPA and get that evaluation and then we can you can get started on your next steps or you know be admitted and get and get going on the degree program so we encourage everyone to go in and apply excellent well I hope everyone has a great rest of their day or night I saw that there are a few people from China Hong Kong Somalia and so um I have a feeling there's some people who are up in the middle the night right now so and have a great rest of your day and we'll talk to you as I know

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