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Industry sign banking alaska ppt simple

so this will take you through 14 hacks to build slides like a strategy consultant these are basic formatting tweaks we're gonna do little hacks you can do with the keyboard to build basic presentations that look professional so let's dive into it first some basics so we want to pull out the slide sorter here and if this isn't coming out on the left you can go to view and you want to make sure you just have the normal set up so to create a new slide you want to do ctrl M and that will give you a new slide now moving on to lighthouse again we can do ctrl M and then typically you'll have a template you can choose what kind of template you want to work with say you want some content there you can change the template next often when you're pasting slides in from another presentation things will get a little messed up so here we have some content and a title a quick way to fix this is just to right click on the slide over here in the panel on the left go to layout and then click basic content and it will fix the slide for you the next thing you'll want to do is just create some shortcuts for yourself on the quick access toolbar so up top you'll see here that I have a number of shortcuts up here these are the aligned tools and you can add different ones you end up using a lot I use the aligns a lot as you'll see later in the presentation so that could be an easy one to put up there so if you're dealing with the toolbar and you want to add something up there you can right-click any of the icons let's say use text box a lot you can do add to quick access toolbar and then when you're working in your presentation if you want to create a text box you could just click up there and add it next are the two keys you will probably use the most so I recommend using PowerPoint with a mouse such that you can use your hands to quickly move things around and use keys like ctrl + shift and we'll get more into that as we dive in there you go you're best friends so I'm gonna hide this over here to make the screen a little wider and dive into it so first we want to just create shapes I'm gonna go through some basics you want to go to insert shapes let's say we want to Square and one of the things you can do as you're creating shapes if you hold the shift key it will keep things in proportion so like for a square instead of doing a rectangle let me back that out you can click the square hold shift I'm holding down shift right now clicking and dragging now will keep it in proportion you can do the same thing with circles hold the shift as you create it and it will create a perfect circle you can experiment with these you can fill it in no fill you can change the borders and then again hold shift and drag and that's going to keep it in proportion seeing people often have trouble with is creating straight lines how the hell do we do it so it's pretty simple same thing as before with the circle and square except we're doing a line I want to click the line on the shapes messed up a little there and click the line hold shift and then just drag and that's gonna give you a straight line if you hold shift and go up and down with it you can move it parallel across the screen so we covered a little of resizing these you can hold shift like we said and keep them in proportion you can also kind of drag these around these will click into each other if you're controlling for different sizes if you hold shift and select multiple objects you can do the same proportion with two different things and then again holding shift you can go vertical and horizontal on a straight line which can often be useful when building presentations so grouping is the thing I use a lot and let's say we have this on the left side here and we want to create this on the right side but want to keep it exactly the same so using what we learned before we want to hold shift select this and select that and there's two ways we can get to grouping so one is to go to the format tab here and click group and click group there or the easy way is just hit control G now if we want to duplicate this object we hold ctrl and shift and you'll see this little symbol on the screen which tells you you can duplicate it and you essentially just drag that over and if you want to create two of these in the bottom you can hold you can shift to select both of these and drag them here it down on the bottom that's a quick way to create a basic template if you want to use it in multiple portions of your slide Soho copying shapes let's try and see if we can do this quickly using some of the grouping functions and ctrl + Shift how do you create this quickly if we only have this one shape right so what I would do is hit ctrl shift and drag a bunch of these I would hold shift and then select these and then I'm going to go up here to the top of the toolbar and use the align function to distribute these horizontally so you can find it up here if you added it to your quick access toolbar or you can go here and format a line and then distribute horizontally and then we're gonna do ctrl G to group those and then ctrl + shift and drag that down 1 2 3 and it should click in if if they didn't align right let's say it looks like this you can select all three groupings and again use the align tools to distribute those vertically and it will space them out so let's move on to photos I think a lot of times in PowerPoint presentations you'll see photos that are obviously stretched and it kind of drives you a little crazy maybe that's just me so we have some cats here this one's obviously stretched a little bit this one looks like it's in proportion this one looks like it's also stretched a little bit so you can easily fix this if you just right-click and format picture and then you want to go up here to size and properties size and you can click Reis and it will reset the proportions other ways you can do that up here on the format tab you can also reset picture and so we'll do that up here for this picture and reset that one so if we want to keep the aspect ratio the same just again like at the beginning with the shape so I'm gonna hold shift and shrink that up let's align this let's all let's make them all the same height and shrink them a little so shift and select all three shrink them by aspect ratio and you can use the distribute tool to space them out there we go got some cats on the screen so next often you can create templates that enable you to put photos in so if we go to layout again change the layout and let's say we have this two person bio it gives you a template to fill in a photo the easiest way to do this you can actually copy a photo we'll take one of our cats and just do ctrl C and then ctrl V and it will fill in the perfect proportion so let's do it with this one and if you don't like how they filled in you can go up to the format and click the crop tool and you can actually move your cat around a little bit I think let's jump back to one of the cats lists so we can also use the crop tool if we want to make it more focused on just the cat so go to your crop tool again and you can change the proportions and it will auto crop that for you let's say you want to keep it in proportion you do the drag down on the crop tool let's say we want to crop it to a let's just something let's do a star I'll crop it to a star there we go you have a all star cat so next we're gonna do a process often you have to create multiple step processes we have some shapes here I'm actually going to delete those so we can start over I go insert shape go to one of your process tools here I like the first one this Pentagon it's kind of the first step in the process and create a shape I like hold ctrl shift drag it and then actually want to change this to a different type of shapes so go to format edit shape change shape and then change it to this Chevron and we'll keep the same proportion as that first one so control shift we can drag that out let's say we want to make it a four step so I'm gonna select all four shrink them down a bit this one to the end and distribute those horizontally great so again if we wanted to do that we start with the shape we could start with one of these and you get the picture space those out we have a process and let's say we wanted to make it five or six and shrink these down a bit add one two more move this one to the end just drag over the screen with your mouse and use the distribute horizontally tool there we go six step process next thing that's very useful that people don't do enough is just writing in the shapes so and let me clear these out I'll copy these from the previous page and you can actually just write in them see it defaults to the top let's make that white change the font color here can actually change the alignment to vertical alignment so it's right in the middle and let's make that a little bigger we can so we don't have to do that again we can just copy and paste that let's do a five step process this time space them out horizontally let's try and make it a little bigger actually perfect this one over and set those up there we go so let's do some advanced grouping so how do we create something like this right so I've created this out of a number of shapes if I hold the shift key and shrink it it actually grows and shrinks in proportion this can be nice for creating frameworks so let's just start with a triangle create that there use a rectangle space that out make sure it's lined up let's bring this down a little more again I'm using the shift key and dragging it so it stays in alignment there's also pretty good snapping grids in the newest PowerPoint so you'll want to drag and you can often align those things up another trick you can use if you're trying to make small changes is hold ctrl just go up and down and it will move it a little smaller than if you're dragging it so do that and then let's make the bottom a foundation so make that like that and then we can either select them all individually holding the shift key and hit group ctrl G so we've recreated that let's make a bunch of them we can space these individually using the distribute horizontally and voila if we want to disconnect them let's say we want to type in one of these foundation there you go you can edit away so next thing is let's combine the grouping with adding a six-step so right now all these processes are combined ctrl G let's actually delete these erv you can actually keep those so just make sure they're disconnected ungroup so ctrl shift G if you had them like this say you had the steps and you're trying to bring out a number of these you can actually just align the last one and distribute those as well and then you'd want to group each of the individual steps right and move that over a little and let's make a step six so we will want to select all these and make them slightly smaller that should be good move the end one over where we want let's create a little more space over here and then distribute those horizontally perfect like you see some of these text boxes might be a little close so we actually want to select all of those ungroup them and then maybe shrink them a little more and looks good finally we can get creative bring all these together we can create smart art like this grouping things writing in the boxes we can create these things if we wanted to do like one two three things on a page so let's just create something like that from scratch so let's start with a circle perfect let's make that no fill let's change the border to green insert a rounded rectangle and let's just align that there and align that in the bottom let's make this full screen send that to the back and you can create a template let's do heading one here is some text let's align that to the left and you'll see it's a little far so if you go to the beginning of that and go up to your ruler you can actually create a better starting point for that so let's I'm sorry jump there let's create some numbers there so let's make those bigger let's make them a better font let's try Georgia it's a little off-center here so you want to make sure it's aligned in the middle looks like it is showing up a little weird and we'll change it back there we go that's a little more center so we can do whole control shift let's change us to like a lighter green to work with the green let's get rid of the outline create a little space and go to shape fill more fill colors so we can do a lighter green here let's change the font to black so as you can see you can get carried away with different iterations you want to group these you can create new ones ctrl shift and drag down and that will give you new shapes it's base those out select hold shift move them up in the middle of the screen there we go we have your own SmartArt and you are ready to go so final slide I will put this in the middle let's base this in the middle here and thank you have fun creating hope you find this worthwhile

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