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what up what up what up in this video we are going to jump into six different grants that exist for small businesses uh some of which includes you know us self-employed us sole proprietors us uh independent contractors um but again these six grants um that are for us small businesses um are for you know their particular region their particular state or um you know city so you know we we got a little ohio there's a little uh delaware a little virginia a little colorado a little this little that thrown into the mix so i i think i'm gonna start to create um a little like time stamp thing down in the description area and uh you know that will help make my videos be a little more transparent for you in terms of being able to easily find what you're looking for if it comes to your particular state now some of these grants do exist for you know kind of just on a national level as well in which if that's the case maybe with the time stamp area i'll just have it say the name of the grant and not you know a particular state or you know county or region or whatever so i want to throw that into the mix because i haven't started doing that yet but it's something i've thought about and i think it would be helpful for you guys and the other thing i want to say is well there's two things one i've said this before i'm going to say it again because people see small business and think they are excluded but in reality oftentimes you are a small business now you know if you're not paying taxes if you don't report your earnings then yes we you know we got we're hitting a little hiccup um but if you pay taxes meaning if you work for uh grubhub if you work for uber lyft instacart fiverr taskrabbit upwork if you work for any of these gig platforms or if you do your own thing around your town or city and you report your earnings you are basically a small business in which oftentimes you'll be eligible for a lot of these grants and these loans so you know i feel that's why i'm making a lot of these videos because i feel like it's important to get this out there get this word this this message out there to more of you guys more people more of our friends our family who you know could be getting some of this free money because literally there are tons of tons and tons and tons of programs right now that are giving away free money for your business so uh you know i wanted to make sure i threw that out there make sure i made that pretty clear so i hope you guys understand you are basically a small business um now again if you aren't you know there might be different stupid there might be some aspects to it that prevent you from being eligible from some of these programs because you're not fully registered and legitimized as an s corp or llc or something and you know there might be a few few little things that you haven't done that will prevent you from you know being eligible in that sense but for the most part or maybe not the most part maybe 50 50 you'll be eligible for a lot of these programs um the other thing i wanted to mention really quickly before i jump into these is that some of these you know i was looking at um i don't always dive into the eligibility to you know what's required but i think it was um this colorado one um in which it was saying down here in there uh uh faq area one of the questions was i opened for business for the first time in 2020 am i eligible and it says yes however you must provide documentation that clearly demonstrates your loss expenses direct result of covered this could mean providing sales projections for 2020 next to your actual sales or providing receipts for covered related equipment or expenses so this is basically you know with this particular grant and that's this isn't always going to be the case but this is why you got to just spend a little time if you've happened to come across a grant that i'm like hey this is your state your region and you're like oh that's me like i'm in illinois i'm in ohio i'm in wherever well check out that grant and then just look in their faq area and you know see what you know the requirements are and check out if they have anything like this because there are some people that have literally just started their business over the past you know six months because of everything going on and uh and uh you know hey this is a great example of one that will uh allow you to potentially get some of this free money for your business even if you just started it this year in 2020 so before we uh keep things moving if you haven't already subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell then you can stay up to date on all of my videos while we're talking about grant and loan videos other kind of motivational uh small business videos videos for us uh entrepreneurs and you know sole proprietors and uh self-employed um individuals who are just grinding you know or if you just need that a hand need a little assistance right now with everything going on and uh you want to make the most of these opportunities it's free money sitting on the table why not right um and so definitely subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell um but then also like this video it does help me it does help the youtube algorithm so other people other self-employed entrepreneurs and whatnot will have a better chance to come across this video um which will again help with them also potentially liking my video in the future that you will potentially come across that you'll need to know about because i share a grant or loan for your particular state city or region so it's kind of one of those give and get things you know we don't think about it oftentimes but things always work out like that in a funny way so definitely like the video subscribe to the channel and uh leave a comment down below letting me know what state you know what region you are in if uh you know i've come across some some grant some loans for your particular region i'll definitely try to uh you know keep my eyes open and create a video or two that share some of those grants with you guys all right so i got the uh the patriots football game i had a long day today uh and i got the football game on right now and i'm supposed to be relaxing and enjoying but i got i had to get this video done for you guys because i've been slacking on my my grant videos um and i know a lot of you are starting to appreciate these and i know they are helpful for you guys so while i'm doing my own research for myself i might as well help you guys and share some of the the programs and grants and loans and whatnot that uh i come across that you guys can benefit from as well so jumping right into it we have jefferson county has grants available to help small businesses nonprofits so jefferson county and ohio you are in jefferson county in ohio some good news for small businesses and non-profit organizations on thursday as one million dollars was approved for grants the money comes from a portion of the county's cares act funds and is being administered through the county auditor's office and it says each non-profit or small business can be eligible for up to ten thousand dollars each they have to have 25 full-time equivalent employees or less or less and have a 2019 revenue of less than two million dollars that's it so far i mean right here that's the core what they're saying is uh is important applications are due between november 9th which is i believe today through the 29th so the jefferson county uh chamber of commerce is promoting the grants to the community and its members helping to gather uh and process applications so the interesting thing is again you pretty much this is a situation scenario where you had had to have reported your income for last year most likely anyone watching this no one watching this had a 2019 revenue of over two million dollars and so if you did that and you were you know you are considered an employee a lot of times self-employed people don't realize that so when you see something that says oh you have to have 25 full-time equivalent employees or less well you are considered an employee in which you would qualify for that under 25 number and that your revenue would be under 2 million from 20 2019 assuming you reported your income if you are in jefferson county ohio then you are gonna probably potentially be eligible for that particular grant in mammoth um county um it expands the small business grant program extends eight to vocational and special needs schools as well so we're over in uh new jersey now and it says small businesses in mammoth um monmouth i think it's monmouth mammoth monmouth yeah monmouth county can apply for more funding under an expansion of the cares economic assistance grant program so it's the cares economic assistance grant program and it says that businesses already have received a ten thousand dollar grant can now apply for another ten thousand dollar related funding through the program um that is already applied and submitted expenses and access to twenty thousand dollars does not need to do anything your application will be reviewed an eligible expense will be processed if you submitted more than a since the program launched so it sounds like this is a program that's been around for a bit um and they're basically saying hey you can potentially qualify again and if you haven't qualified or if you're someone who's seeing this and you are you know basically again self-employed you work for one any of these gig platforms or you work you do your own thing around your town of city in this new jersey this freehold new jersey area you have to follow some of these this criteria to qualify um the abyss be physically located in the county since january 1st 2019 so as long as your business or your your residence your home address which is what you would use when you do your taxes from 2019 as long as that said somewhere in that county before 2019 you're on the right path so far then you have to provide documentation of being negatively impacted by the uh by the rona basically showing just numbers from last year compared to this year during you know uh april may june those those that like period when that when it first hit us the lockdown first began being able to just kind of pull up your numbers um your sales numbers and then uh have five million uh dollars or less in annual gross revenue um and employ 50 or fewer full-time workers including the owner as march 1st 2020. so we're seeing kind of some of the similar criteria that fits the eligibility under the previous jefferson county in ohio so you know you're going to kind of see these same core things and that's why i said oftentimes you need to just consider trying to apply to these programs if you are self-employed because you know if the fact is people who are self-employed have been able to uh my voice is i think i'm losing my voice i need to grab a drink but um the fact is a lot of people have gotten approved for some of these grants with some state some some areas so why wouldn't you try it with your particular region your particular town your particular state and as you can see we're over here in delaware now and that expanded eligibility and increased funding for delaware relief grants so more delaware small businesses and non-profits are eligible to apply for delaware relief grants under changes made to the program the state in newcastle county launched a joint initiative in august to help small businesses and non-profits struggling during the covered pandemic the delaware relief grants program began distributing 100 million dollar in federal cares act funding and eligible businesses and nonprofits that applied and now the program has an additional 50 million dollars and division of small business [Music] says they hope to help more businesses and so says uh so it says um in this third round of funding small businesses no longer need to demonstrate a revenue decline of at least 7.5 percent from 2019 to 2020 they only need to demonstrate a decrease in revenue of any size so as long as your revenue has been a tad bit slower in 2020 than 2019 you are pretty much on the right path um he notes this change also applies to businesses that have already received funding from this program similar to the other program they're basically opening it up to people that previously got money from this program as well and companies that meet the federal definition of small business and received a ppp loan from the sba can also now apply for these grants so in this particular situation we're seeing you know some of you probably watched my ppp video and that's probably why you're watching this or why you started to watch my videos in general and subscribe to the channel the ppp paycheck protection program was actually a program that i actually applied for and was approved and you know i went with that instead of going the eidl route that the eidl economic injury disaster loan is you know i'll post a link above my head for you guys in which it does help um you know give you guys a loan not a grant so a lot of these grants that you do not have to pay back the eid l is a loan with a you know a low interest rate that's set in stone for like 30 years or something um it's like four percent at three percent pretty good and uh you know it's there you know they they are uh there's a lot of self-employed a lot of again uber drivers and gig workers a lot of uh a lot of gig workers and you know uber drivers and lyft and and subscribe this that and the other people are uh applying and getting approved for the eidl and like i said i will have a link to that down in the description area and i think i just did have it above my head a moment ago as well so keeping it along moving along um you know and as a reminder businesses and nonprofits that are applying should make sure to provide their entire federal 2019 tax return submit their current state of delaware business license confirm the expenses are eligible triple check the application for accuracy before submitting and it's things like this where sometimes people will be reluctant to apply um or you know yeah essentially but even like this sometimes it's really as simple as having sent something to your city uh your town hall and what what not uh and just registering with them as as you know doing a dba so if you are self-employed and you did a dba um that essentially is kind of your kind of like a business license or at least you registering and putting your name into the system in some form or another now again it's not the same as fully legitimizing yourself as an llc but it is helping to show that you are a business yes you self-employed but you're doing your thing so we can see over here we have the small business grants available first come first served for i don't even know how you pronounce this chaffee or chaffee i bet it's like a silent um yeah i don't know county and not colorado and uh basically it says applications open on a first come first serve basis for small business grants for local food service industries and small businesses who have experienced losses or expenses related to the common pandemic applications are open through november 30th or whenever funds run out the grants and if we scroll down we can see we'll jump over to the actual grant this was the one that i was talking about earlier when i looked in the faq area and i just noticed that it said hey i opened for business for the first time in 2020 am i eligible and it says yes so oftentimes you know your business had to have been started prior to 2020 well this is an example of a grant that is available for your business if you started this year in 2020 now of course there's other criteria that you have to to meet but you know as you can see down here it says the third bucket is a small business relief fund program totaling 145 thousand dollars and targeted uh primarily at shaffy chaffee shafe small businesses who are facing a fifty percent uh occupancy restriction however any chafee or shafe shaft i need someone to tell me how to say this i gotta look it up uh small business can apply awards are capped at five thousand dollars per business so again you could potentially get up to five thousand dollars with your small business yes you as a sole proprietor self-employed individual if you are reportng your income your earnings and whatnot your business and you might be eligible for this particular grant over here we have this uh grant in ohio what is it small business relief grant this is designed to provide a relief to ohio businesses that have been negatively affected they designated 125 million dollars to provide ten thousand dollar grants to small businesses to help them through the current crisis and this says the program will begin accepting applications november second will be administered by so this is currently out and you know you guys if you're watching this now if you are in ohio consider applying for this um they do have a pdf over here that you can check out that will have a little more information in terms of the eligibility requirements and so on but if you're in ohio i mean it's open november 9th right now if this opened on the second i would check it out asap all right in finishing things up we have this staunton uh creative community fund to help women and minority owned businesses so this is starting virginia and uh the start and creative community fund or sccf is asking anyone interested in their women in minority owned business support program to reach out the program is aimed to provide mentorship and distribute thousands of dollars in funding including sixteen thousand dollars from a t impact and uh their goal is to help businesses in the i don't even know how you pronounce this uh valley flourish and grow i i probably butchered that name like horribly um but uh i said uh the support comes through access to capital access to educational resources and access to the community um they hold boot camp series and grant opportunities often throughout the year but this program will specifically focus on minority and women populations you have a email down here in this article in all of my videos i always include the link to the actual sources so i will have a link to this article in which um this article will have this email address here so if you are in that region i would just shoot them over an email say hey you know i'm a i'm a black guy i'm a you know i'm a woman and i'm very interested in learning more about this grant this program this is my goal this is my business this is what you know we're doing blah blah blah and um you know get your name in the mix so you can be on that list and um have a good chance to get yourself some of this free money so there you guys have it i mean a few different programs a few different uh uh opportunities for you guys to get some potentially free money for your business again if you are self-employed if you are a sole proprietor independent contractor a freelancer doing your own thing around the town or city you are a small business but the key thing is you have to be reporting your income so i'm gonna wrap it up there but hopefully you guys found this video helpful if so definitely like this video give a thumbs up uh subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell so you guys can stay up to date on all of my videos while we're talking grants and loans or other uh important things with growing your business or starting your business or investing financial wellness this that and the other and uh leave a comment down below letting me know i mean hey if you are in one of these states one of these areas definitely let me know that you're going to try it um but if you're not let me know where you are at and i can keep my eyes open see if i find any grants or loans that are available for other entrepreneurs and small businesses like you and i in your particular region so there you guys have it hopefully you found this video helpful you already know i'll see you in the next video peace

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