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Help me with industry sign banking delaware notice to quit

hi my name is Karl Pearson I'm the first attorney with a YouTube video telling homeowners to stop paying their mortgages I'm also one of the first students in New York State to obtain a student loan a state loan years ago you'll be pleased to hear that the advice to stop payment is true for many our most student loans you should stop paying your student loans and let me explain why student loans are very similar to home mortgages and I'm very familiar with them I defend foreclosures both involve a purchaser acquiring a massive lifetime debt secured by real estate as to mortgages and a higher education as to student loans and both are underwater for millions tens of millions of Americans and the value of the property and education are worth less than the amount owed to the banks it is foolish for most financially troubled homeowners to continue to pay a higher amount per month when the property is worth than the property's worth particularly when the banks can be encouraged through a lawsuit to reduce the principal amount of an interest on the loan through a loan modification agreement the same banks should be willing to do the same for underwater student loans out of necessity because the students are not making the money needed to support the loan and live a reasonable life when a student owes a hundred thousand dollars in student loans and and is expected to pay back a hundred forty five thousand dollars over a long period of time at perhaps five hundred dollars a month I'm guessing at that we have the same situation as a home mortgage with a student being unable to make the payment without too many personal sacrifices so here is what you should do stop paying your student loans you will first of all want to say well what about the fact that I can't go into bankruptcy with my governmental student loans the answer to that is that they can't get blood out of a stone so that even if you can't go into bankruptcy the government banks and collection agencies are not yet allowed to put you in a blood donation unit drain your blood and then sell it to reduce the amount you owe on your student loans so don't worry your student loans are inconsequential they're a small part of the eight hundred thirty billion dollars in outstanding student loans right now and which is about the same amount which is outstanding in credit card debt by the way in comparison to mortgage debt mortgage debt is about twenty times larger than student loan debt just to give you an indication seventeen fourteen point three trillion dollars you're stopping a payment will hardly be noticed by your lender an agreement which is what your loan is can be broken and there are consequences of course when you don't pay your student loan the bank or collection agency would argue that you have broken the agreement but what about the bank what can you argue about the bank as Elizabeth Barrett Browning said about someone other than banks how do I love thee let me count the ways here are the ways in which the banks may have broken their agreement with you the student borrower one the bank may not have the original wet ink note similar to the current scandal taking place in the home mortgage industry to the bank may have changed the note to make it marketable from a securitization standpoint but making it unenforceable and invalid because of the changes three of the assignments of the note you sign may not have occurred or may have occurred through an illegal forged or fraudulent way for the bank may owe the student the duty of negotiating a loan modification agreement in good faith particularly because of the bank's participation in destruction of the nation's economy which could provide you with an offense five the failure to negotiate in good faith would be a defense arguably to the note and not necessarily a final thought six the bank may be charging illegal use is interest on the loans in spite of various rulings which permit banks to charge user it perhaps these old decisions could be reversed or perhaps they don't apply because the bank doesn't really have its headquarters for the loans in Delaware or South Dakota the two states having no user laws and possibly because the banks participated in this in your inability to be able to pay them and and by the way just to add one more thought number seven perhaps you have made various payments to the bank that have not been reflected what I'm saying is that the student should not only be unafraid of being sued on the student loans they in fact should start a lawsuit themselves against the lender to seek modification or cancellation of the student loans now this doesn't apply to every single person I mean you have to look at it and look at the facts and see if you if it's reasonable to do so but generally speaking I think in the same way as with mortgages and credit cards is a good basis for almost any student to truly consider bringing such a lawsuit now this will cause your problem to be considered as a court as a whole including your inability to pay the risk that you may be correct as to some of your claims against the bank and a desire to end the litigation through a reasonable settlement which you could not achieve through the filing of bankruptcy as the governmental student loans so when I say that students should stop paying their student loans I'm saying that in addition they should bring a suit against the bank is for banks and try to get a resolution of a student loan problem through litigation instead of the unavailable bankruptcy as to the governmental student loans banks and collection agencies are in the business of resolving disputes through settlement but unless you go into court with a suit against the bank you are probably not going to be in much of a position for the bank to want to settle with you the bank will remember that it has the power to take your tax refunds but you may convince them that there are no significant refunds to be expected and you and plan for this to some extent so you now know how you can end your economic slavery caused by your student loans stop paying bring suit and then settle the suit if you have any questions please give me a call I'm able to represent students in any state in the United States using local counsel on a pro hoc vici basis I'll consult with you free of charge to discuss your own situation no matter where you live my telephone number is two one two three zero seven four four four four and my email address is Carl purse two at that's ciear LPers to the number two at you might also be interested in purchasing my ebook available for immediate download for $9.95 at how to get rid of your unwanted debt dot-com that's how to get rid of your unwanted debt calm the book has various forms including a form of complaint against the student loan lender the e-book that covers mortgages credit cards student loans and IRS liens and it's entitled how to get rid of your unwanted debt I look forward to hearing from you my number again - one two three zero seven four four four four thank you

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