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How to document type sign work order illinois

and thank everyone who's attending the second in the series of webinars focused on assisting our employers so as Lacey said I'm downline from the Illinois Department of Employment Security and I will demonstrate how to enter a job order into Illinois traveling comm and then we will have Diana Schuler from the business employment skills team provide us some information on programs that can also assist you and then afterwards we'll open we will open it up for questions and I will have my email contact information also on that last slide so at any time you can email me you know at any any time today tomorrow whatever if you have it if you have any questions about Illinois traveling comm so when you log in Illinois javelin comm your home place pages place and this is your home page and in your account menu when you click on my job postings your list of job of active job postings displays now to create a new job posting click post a new job if you recently created your employer account and it has not yet been approved you can still create job postings but they will not be visible to the public until your account is approved creating a job posting is a six step process step one is post a job answer all the required questions required questions are marked with an asterisk some information is optional however the more information you provide the more attractive your job will be to job seekers and it will also help Illinois traveling comm provide you with better automatic resume matches type the job title and a drop-down list may displays you type to help you refine your job title a more specific job title will result in better resume matches you may select a suggestion from the drop-down or continue typing the date you want the job made public defaults to the current date the expiration date defaults to 30 days in the future you can edit either or both of these dates if necessary enter the number of positions available and tight the years and months of experience required for the job select the education level required for this position if you select some high school or less or high school diploma or equivalent you may also select the required minimum educational functioning level to learn more about the educational functioning levels click the ESL description links it is not required that you select a minimum educational functioning level continue scrolling down the posted job page providing at a minimum all of the required information in the other shifts schedule's description box you can enter additional information about shifts such as weekends and holidays required you must answer the h-1b question I'm sorry I think I okay I apologize you must answer the h-1b question sorry about that you must answer the h-1b question the question relates to job supporting recruitment of foreign professionals and specialty occupations now if you select yes for is your company of registered apprenticeship sponsor you must provide your company's apprenticeship registration number if you select that driving is an essential function of the job you will be asked to select the type of driver's license and any endorsements or restrictions if appropriate when you are finished click go to next step build Job Description clicking this button saves your work so far after clicking this button if you hold a few exit before completing the job posting it will appear on your on hold job posting list if the job title for this job posting matches more than one occupation a list of those occupations will display select the occupation that best matches the duties for this job posting step two is Job Description during this step you will provide the wage information job description and any special credentials required to view state specific market wage information for the occupation on career onestop org click the market wage information link select whether you want to display wage information on the job posting you can choose to hide the wage information from jobseekers by selecting no select high wages are paid for the position if you select annual or hourly you must provide the minimum and maximum starting wage or salary if you select other for the high wages pay for this position you do not have to provide the minimum and maximum starting wage your salary but you do have to provide an explanation and the salary other explanation box continue scrolling down the Job Description page providing at a minimum all the required information in the what is the job description text box type or copy and paste a job description you can format with bold italic and bulleted or numbered lists to check your spelling click the check spelling link you can also upload the job description the file must be Microsoft Word Microsoft WordPad or LibreOffice writer it cannot be a PDF uploading the description will overwrite any text you of typed or paste it if you would like to view information on licenses or credentials related to this job posting click the link next to find credentials the US Department of Labor career one-stop website opens displaying licenses relevant to your state and the occupation associated with the job posting for more information click the license name when you are finished return to ijl desired you can enter license information from prefer from career onestop in the are specific credentials required for this job touch box when you're finished click go to next step talents review the list of talents commonly associated with the occupation you selected for this job posting select all of the preferred talents and individual needs to perform this job when you are finished click go to next step essential talents from the list of preferred talents you selected now select the essential talents you want to display in the job posting talents that you do not identify as essential will not display in the job posting however all of the talents you selected will be added to a combined job lists to help IDs staff identify employer needs when you are finished click go to next step tools and technologies you will follow the same process selecting preferred and essential qualifications for this list and for work activities once the job order is complete and search for qualified job seekers you will be able to view the qualifications a job seeker has that match to your job order in the gap evaluation however it is not mandatory that you select preferred and essential information to skip this section scroll to the bottom of each page and select save when completed with the two additional selections click go to next set job location doctor areas job location chaplain uses the location information for job searches select the location of this job from the physical address drop-down if the address is not listed click add an address or manage my address book the address book contains all of the addresses and contact information entered during the account creation and from any job postings in the system for this employer to add an address or other information click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page type a unique label provide at a minimum the rest of the required information click the Create button you can edit add and delete as many addresses phone numbers fax numbers of email addresses and web addresses as desired when you have when you're finished making changes to your address book click I have no more to add the company description is prefilled with the information provided during the account creation you can edit it if necessary we when you are finished click go to next step posting preferences select one of three options for the question how do you want your job to display public means potential employees will see all job and contact information limited means potential employees will see all job information except company information they can respond to your ad through a confidential link and private means job does not display the potential employees but is available to IDs staff if you select yes for would you like to receive resume managers by email you must provide a contact email address on step 5 contact information its desired you can type a note to yourself the note will not display in the job posting you can also post your job and additional job banks at the bottom of the page indicate whether you need staff assistance with this job posting if you select yes you are requesting the assistance of staff at your local IDS office and recruiting potential applicants representative from the office may contact you for additional information your job posting will go through an approval process prior to becoming available in public searches you will still be able to view and edit create similar posts close and delete this job posting when you are finished click go to next step additional information oh sorry step 5 information select any benefits that this job offers while the benefit selection is optional to attract job candidates we recommend that you include benefits information on your job posting the job posting contact information is prefilled with your account contact information is available if the contact person for the job is different be sure to change the information here by typing the correct contact name and title or changing the selections and the dropdowns if the desired information does not display the dropdowns you can add or edit the information by clicking manage my address book select how would you like select how you would like to be contacted by job applicants you may select more than one option only the contact information that corresponds to the reply methods you select will display in the job posting so for example if you do not select fax as a reply method the contact fax will not display on the job posting but will be visible to idea staff if you would like to provide any additional information about the application process type or type or copy and paste it into the application description box when you are finished click go the next step review and post step 6 is review and post carefully review all the information you provided to make any changes click the Edit link at the top of the appropriate section at the bottom of the page you can click the view option the view links to review your job postings short display will show you how your job posting will display the jobseekers and their job search results full display will show you how the job posting information will display to job seekers when they click on the job title to view the job details to return to the posting after viewing the shorter long displays use the back button on your browser when you are satisfied with the accuracy and completeness of the job posting at the bottom of the review and post page click activate this job posting if you do not click activate this job posting the job will not be available in public searches on its posting date after clicking activate this job posting a thank you message displays confirming that your job posting is now complete and will be posted on its posting date they send its disclosure level public limited or private the text of the thank you message depends on whether you requested staff assistance whether the posting data is current date or in the future and whether your employer account is approved or pending approval the contact email address in the job posting will receive a verification email on the posting date the verification email includes the job title job posting number date posted closing date and in Illinois gaveling com contact email address for feedback or questions if you did not request staff assistance with this job posting it displays immediately in your active job posting list to view your active job posting list in your left hand account menu click my job postings by default jobs are sorted by updated date to sort using different criteria select the desired option in the sort by drop-down and click go keep in mind that active jobs are not necessarily visible to the public if your employer account is approved active jobs are made public based on the posting date and disclosure level you chose jobs that are not yet public display in the message display the message not yet public in front of the job order number to search for resumes with the same occupational classification as the job posting click search resumes to view other options click view options to view and edit a job posting click review details to copy a job posting could create similar post the review and post page displays with all the information from the original job posting use the edit links to edit the job if necessary when you are finished click activate this job posting at the bottom of the review and post page the job will appear in your active job posting list or job postings pending staff approval list depending on whether you have requested staff assistance to edit AG to the job posting to indicate it is part of a special initiative select tags if no tags are available the tag link will not display to do your job postings planning staff approval on hold and closed job postings click the appropriate button button at the bottom of the active job postings page on hold and close jobs are not visible to job seekers deleted job postings are not visible to employers job seekers IDs staff and can only be reactivated with staff assistants to place a job posting on hold or delete the job posting click the appropriate link if you are sure you want to perform this action click OK to close the job posting click close select the reason for closure and click close this job if you didn't if you did request staff assistance with this job order it displays in your job posting pending staff approval list while the job order is pending review by Job Center staff you can still search for resume matches view and edit the job posting create a similar post place the job on hold close or delete the job once job Center staff have reviewed and approved the job posting it will automatically move to your active job postings list and will be viewable by job seekers they sent us disclosure level once it reaches its posting date when you edit a staff assisted job posting it goes back into the approval queue for staff to review and reactivate job postings display in your on hold job postings list when they are incomplete or when you have manually placed them on hold on hold job postings are not visible to job seekers you can search resumes view and edit create similar post close and delete on old job postings to reactivate an animal' job posting click review details and then on the reviewing post page use the edit links to edit the job that's necessary then click activate this job posting at the bottom of the page the job will then move to your active job posting list or job postings pending staff approval list depending on whether you requested staff assistance job postings display in your closed job posting list when they have reached their expiration date when they have reached a maximum number of referrals or when you manually close them close job postings are not visible to job seekers you can search resumes review details delete and create an active copy of close job postings you may not edit close job postings to create an active copy of a closed job posting click the view options and then click create similar posts under review and post job page again use the edit links that it's a job posting if necessary and click activate this job posting at the bottom of the page the job will appear in your active job posting list or job postings pending staff approval list depending on whether requested staff assistance for this concludes the information on how to enter a job order in Illinois javelin com now we have Diana Schuler here to discuss ways your business can benefit from working with the business employment skills team after Diana we will open it up for questions Diana thanks Don good morning everyone for those of you who may not be familiar with the business employment skills team or best Incorporated we are the local grant recipient of the federal workforce development funding we serve lasalle Bureau Putnam Lee ogle Whiteside Carroll and Jo Daviess County so it's a very large area we do have business relations representatives that cover those counties so if you're interested in connecting with he correct person please feel free to contact me and I can make that referral under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act which is that federal piece of legislation that funds us it outlines a number of work based learning programs that benefit area companies workers youth and seekers internships assist companies by providing temporary short-term placements through our paid work experience program this program is designed to give youth adults and dislocated workers the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience and educational enrichment in a variety of different occupations participants in this program are paid by best and are our employees we do all the withholdings we provide them with workers compensation coverage when we ask from sponsoring companies is that when they take one of our interns is to provide meaningful work supervision and skills training many of our interns have actually gone on to do very well in their placements and been hired on full-time by their sponsoring companies on-the-job training provides reimbursement to a company for a percentage of a qualified new hires wage to cover the cost to providing that on-site on-the-job training the percentage of reimbursement which can be up to 75% of their wage in the length of the training reimbursement will vary depending on the skills needed to become proficient in the job only those skills that are not currently possessed by a new hire are allowed training time and new hires must be determined eligible for this program before they begin working many individuals have lost out on this opportunity to get this reimbursement because they start the individual working and then contact us and we can't do anything about back dating or retro actively entering into a legal contract for the reimbursement customized training is typically conducted pre hire to meet specific needs of a company the participating company or companies is required to pay at least 50 percent of the cost of training and to make a commitment to employ the trainee once they have successfully completed the required training so while it's a little bit similar in that there's only a portion that the company has to pay for to OJT it's also a training that's actually done prior to the beginning of work in combat worker training which has been very popular for us over the past few years provides grant assistance to area companies seeking to up skills or current workforce either to avert a layoff or to enhance their competitiveness within their industry businesses are required to provide up to a 50% match of the training the important thing to remember though with incumbent worker training is that wages that you would pay to your employees while they are in the training are considered to be a portion of the company's required match if those wages meet or exceed the match obligation then the grant will pick up pretty much most of the cost of the training Ari says our essential skills training is our only fee for service this program offers companies the opportunity to work with bus staff to design a training in the essential workplace skills also referred to as soft skills that best meets your needs we have six modules to choose from this training is meant to give your employees the communication and self-discipline skills that make them meet their peak performance these workshops can be ducted on height or at an off-site location within your community Dunley for various different types of of businesses we've done healthcare we've done manufacturing we've done recreation and entertainment as well so if you want to actual reference or to speak to somebody who has had us on-site to do this we are more than able to provide you with that contact information have any questions or would like additional information please feel free to contact me my both my phone number and my email are listed there and be happy to have a conversation about what you're looking to do and what your needs are thank you thanks Diana so now we can open up for questions and there you have my email address so please at any time you know at any time you're working with the Illinois job link or if you didn't if you just then get Diana's contact information you need it if you can always email me be more than happy to provide you any information we can about Illinois traveling but are there any

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How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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Download pdf file.Use this link.Print the pdf file and sign.Can anyone download my signed pdf file for me ? Not at your request. Please sign the pdf files using the link above.Can I use my printer's ink to sign a pdf file and save it to my pc? No. Printing ink does not have the same density as a laser printer.If a pdf file is printed on black paper, will the text disappear? Unfortunately there is a possibility of text being printed on the paper, which is invisible on the pdf file.Is there any way to make the pdf file printable on different paper colors? If you use a PDF Converter, you can use the color profile of the pdf file as a reference to find out the color of other printing paper. You can download the Adobe Color Profile and use it to colorize pdf file.Can I print an original pdf file on black paper? Not easily. PDF files are created as color images, so in order to be usable, PDF files need to be printed on a color printer.Can I print an original pdf file on white paper? If you print an entire pdf file on a color printer (or just a part of a pdf on a color printer) you will not see what the pdf file is actually showing. But you can still read the text on the front of most pdf files.Can I use a digital camera to print an original pdf file? Yes, but please note, if you use a digital camera in order to create and print a pdf file, you can only print the pdf on a non-colored printer.Can I use a laser printer to print an original pdf file?...

How to do electronic signature on iphone?

How to do fingerprint scanner on iPhone? This tutorial is for iPhone users, i hope some will find it useful.

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