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Sign Profit Sharing Agreement Template in Hawaii

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How do i document type sign profit sharing agreement template hawaii

all right sam is going to be popping on here in just two seconds uh we'll go ahead and get everything kicked off thank you so much for joining um why we wanted to do this training and this one is mainly just for our agent collab um tomorrow's mastermind will actually be with people from across the country and that's basically a mastermind on lead generating during this time but there's a lot of cool systems programs that exp actually provides we're still learning all of them and the reason why i wanted dustin to actually lead today's training is she is submitting tons of offers still during this time and she's doing it beautifully so um with me signing all your guys contracts i can actually see the processes that you guys are all using to either generate and send to me for signing and dustin has been doing it really smooth for a long time which is why she's going to lead us today on writing the offer and getting it over using all of the systems provided um to get it over to me to sign and for you to get it signed quickly and be able to get it submitted so in these times as well we do have a little bit more negotiations power as dustin will kind of go over in her offer but at the same time timeliness proactivity and being aggressive on your offer and time will set you your clients up for success as well so to be straightforward you have zip forms that's part provided by any um nar that you can actually generate contracts from we have dot loop so we're actually looking at whether or not we want to use the sky slope that is provided for contract management um and if we can't which i'm telling you dustin's doing a good job with it we we have dot loop that we can actually use on the side as well so this is why we're going to use the training to see what's provided how smooth it can be but there's other programs and systems that we have as well in the event that we don't necessarily love what sky slopes doing but on a liability standpoint sky slope does have a feature to where you can cc a specific um contract email that's provided and then any of the communication that you have throughout that contract will automatically load and sync into skyslope because the proper way to track your transactions is you do you are supposed to keep all of your email exchanges and upload them into the file in the event that hits the fan after closing and some of you newer agents out there that's when you learn your systems or what you did or did not do is when hits the fan after a transaction and they say hey what happened during this home inspection you need to be able to go to your file or your emails pull it up and say this is exactly what happened during that home inspection and if you can't do that you are going to be the one who's probably going to have to pay to fix whatever was wrong so this is where the systems and everything that we do are super important um it's kind of like a doctor who doesn't take notes during a meeting with a potential client if a doctor doesn't take notes during that meeting and that client gets sick later on and they go to the doctor and say hey doctor i need to see your notes and the doctor says i don't have notes that doctor will probably lose his license same thing goes with liability and real estate is there's reasons why we have systems and the way that we do everything because we want to make sure that we are limiting liability for you guys um while you're making money you're here to make money help a lot of people but if you get sued or something bad happens on the back side that's going to take away from the money you just made and prevent you from making more money in the future so these are some of the little nitty-gritty things that we just need to keep in mind as you guys become successful professionals um but again dustin's going to kind of run us through today how to write a perfect offer get it signed by me very quickly and submit it to get accepted so um we have the chat feature as well so if you have questions throw it in the chat and we'll make sure that it's answered this is going to be a lot of q a and stuff like that but at the same time dustin will kind of lead us in getting everything submitted so dustin if you want to kick it off introduce yourself real quick to the group and then we can get started hey everybody dustin uh i don't is everybody from hawaii know some of the some of you guys in another state i think just zach okay okay so some of this because it's a hawaii contract so like you know zach some of this will be useless but the systems work really well so um when i started in real estate new like everybody else um you don't have a lot of budget so i learned how to work with the software that was provided rather than um somebody like trav who loves programs that's a whole lot of them right so um still i think in this time you know with covet and things being slower for all of us being able to not have excess programs and bills make a lot of sense so again here i am using what's provided to me so i'm gonna share my screen and just kind of walk you through how i do this process and how i use only the mls sky slope in my email which are all already provided to me i'm not paying anything for them i mean you pay for your mls access right and your zip forms access already you paid with your dues i'm sorry guys i had somebody just pull up set my dogs off okay let me share my screen okay let me make sure i can see the chat box as well you guys this program i don't know how to use so well all right you guys seeing my screen okay yep okay so i pulled up this random property in ocean point to kind of mock up an offer for you guys um so if you want to write down the mls or take a look at it or something you're welcome to do that happens to be a redfin property this is kind of funny that i chose that for today randomly so unfortunately you cannot email directly from the mls to like save your um your mls the sheet um or like the realist or the city and county sheets um for me i have to hit print we want full i always do it with all the photos because at some time down the road if something's missing in the home you can show that it was there when you saw the house that it was in the original listing so i like to do it with all the photos for me i have to go to my print screen and i have to i have to open it up and save it in another program like this so i'm just going to turn this into a pdf and i have created this joe buyer and i'm just going to save my mls sheet because when you submit the offer i promise you travis is going to want to see this um because important things like what's included or not included or any special instructions are going to be on this and he's going to want to match that up to the um contract i just put it in the chat box basically everything needed um and then real quick dustin if you can for as far as your client wants to submit an offer on this property specifically what do you do as well as far as like making sure value and all that's there yeah sure um i tend to pull up the neighborhood if it's listed here um and pay attention to the size bedrooms and baths and i do a search um i'm sure everybody's pulled comps i can do that if you think i need to yeah well um let's see some of the newer agents if you can yeah because we've got a couple new air agents here do a quick just pull on comps um and dustin also is using ocean point which is quite lovely for you because it's a pretty s it's a pretty straightforward neighborhood as you go to like kaneohe kailua hawaii which are actually dustin's stomping grounds too the comparables will be a lot more difficult you know being custom built homes um additions throughout the years ocean point is going to be straightforward and it's easy for you to to get a good gauge on how to get pricing real quick so definitely so you definitely want to look at solds that's really what sets value right is what people will actually pay not what things are listed for it's what somebody actually paid um this has an automatic setting for 180 days i think that's fine unless you don't come up with anything i have here 142. that seems a little high so for me i'm going to go back now and look at some of the statistics this is a three two and a half um so i'm just gonna flip back and forth and i'm i'm gonna go with a three and a two plus and it took me down to 79 that's helpful it's still a lot to look at um this home in pretty good condition so let's let's try to just make sure it's maybe in good shape so it actually compares that to dropped a couple off um the only other thing you could really do is square foot but we'll look at what's here let's just let's just look at the results on that one too it's actually attached it is on the one we're looking at right yep it's the attached single families okay okay oops wrong one let me go back to my criteria boom that makes it real nice that took it down to only four properties right yep so two that are sold here's ours sitting on a little bit of the higher end right seven tens the highest so real quick and as well everybody um shoot this pulls up so two cup two solds this is actually a pretty decent grouping um but when you get it like not enough this is where you can actually go in and dust if you can go in and just pull it back from 180 to 360. say that again for this on the 360. so if you don't have enough data to go off of you can do a quick pull and just pull it back a little extra so it gives you an extra sole so right there perfect right so we have no idea sometimes too you guys if um if i don't have enough comps but there's a lot of in escrows i'll actually reach out to the agents the listing agent and i'll ask what what price did you guys end up on we're trying to make an offer on a house in the neighborhood and i'm trying to do comps and i was wondering where you settled and they're usually pretty forthcoming sometimes depends on the agent right perfect yeah so i tend to look at the pictures i want to know is this house in the same condition as the one i'm looking at sometimes pictures get pulled um and they're not there but if they're there oops sorry i think it's worth looking um i mean and the date too so this just happened in january you see the date here so this is a pretty recent comp you can see it's got hardwood um so the one that sold here has carpet that's a little bit different and it sold in november last year so you can see that the higher one was more recent so they're selling a little bit higher now so um in the market today right now i'd probably go in at 675 at the highest i know there's not a lot on the market but this one went into escrow somewhere around 675 right because that's what it's listed at and to hop in that to everybody as well what dustin's doing is this is where you can also gauge the market so you know a year ago two years ago summertime pcs season you know if it's listed at 16.95 and there's a high of 710 there's probably going to be multiple offers you might have to go over but this is where again there's a little bit more negotiations power the market's obviously in a funny place so this is where dustin absolutely is able to get clients better deals so it's listed at 6.95 hey here's 6.75 you know or six it depends on your clients situation too like i end up with clients that are in a hotel that have limited time frames there's limited things on the market in ocean point which is where they want to live um how bad do they want it so i think that it you want to make sure it's going to appraise because you don't want to be in a battle if you don't have to later on if the appraisal comes in low you want to um but you want to also understand them their circumstances so if they really need this house because it's the only one on the market and it's the one they want then you might want to recommend they go ahead and go for it because i can see here that it's likely to appraise it somewhere close to that price so i think it's priced fair but in this market i would probably suggest to try to get it a little lower absolutely and just to remind everybody of your fiduciary responsibility um it is to get an accepted offer for your clients at the best possible price so if you called that listing agent which dustin of course is going to call the listing agent before she submits on anything and say hey what's going on do you have offers blah blah blah if they're like hey give me 665 and the seller will take it and no other offers are coming in legally your fiduciary responsibility would actually mean 665 is is what you should try to submit it at so just reminding everybody what it like the fiduciary is of being a real estate agent sorry dustin you're good no it's okay and i definitely think you should call the listing agent you'd be surprised how many of them will over share turns out if you don't talk a whole lot somebody else will so i have a tendency to ask and then get quiet and see how much they're willing to share a lot of times they'll tell you oh i'm so happy your client's making an offer my clients are in such a bad place and we really you know they just me and once you know the situation it helps you judge what price to go in multiple offers no offers desperation so but i've had agents actually tell me oh this is a brother and sister and they've got to let this go and they lost their jobs and you know they're in a place where you can maybe get a good deal so for sure okay let me my little thing's in the way let me get back to the listing so um not only do you want to save the mls in its current condition at exp and part of what you have to load into uh that's mandatory to load up into sky slope is the active listing mls and then once it goes under contract and it shows in escrow you have to then save the mls again and load it into their files they want to see that it was marked into escrow after you go into contract just fyi there's a huge list i'll show you when we get in sky slope of what they require exp requires you to upload the other things um that i know travis is going to want to look at and and he taught me to always save is um this which is your your your real list right that has some value it usually tells you who the owner is which you're going to need when you write the contract correct yep so um so you do that did everybody get that you do that by just clicking on the tmk number right here and it takes you there again i don't know your system i'm on a mac so i don't know the best way for you to download i have to do it through my print screen so i would suggest you guys play around with that hello it doesn't want to work for me right now it's super weird i'm sorry i don't know why my print button's not okay all good and then if you click that team k number again pulls up the cnc just worked for me so i'm just gonna download can't see the bottom of mine so and everybody on the the real estate and the city and county public records you can see mortgage history so you can actually see if people um haven't made their mortgage payment and they're facing pre-foreclosure you can see permits which you do you want to check for when they bought it um how much they paid for it sometimes your strategy you need to know are they upside down can they have they owned it for 10 years and have bought it you know then they've got 300 000 in equity to play with um sometimes that helps you make a decision or the actually let me rephrase that helps the buyer make a decision on what price to go in at it's all information you want to give your buyer so they can make a great decision and telling them um it looks like the last time this recorded we'll go in where travis is saying i wouldn't already save this let me get out of the screen so again if you hit the number again in this screen it's going to take you to the city and county site give you a whole here again you're getting the the owners names you guys can see that in here it also gives you a link to permits so if you think that there was an addition or they've covered or enclosed a patio this will actually take you to the city and county permitting department where you can see any permits pulled for this home this ocean point is unlikely they haven't changed it but you can also see that it sold last in 2014 so they've owned it six years they pai 593 000 for it they're currently asking so they got a little room to play there they should have some equity correct um there's also a print button here i'm saving these for later you guys because i just because we're gonna we're gonna upload all these at some point right so for me these are all going in i created a file on in my active clients joe buyer here and i'm throwing everything just in that folder for later anything else you want to add before we move on the only thing i was going to say is you're doing a similar process on listings as well so if you go into a listing and you take a look at the mortgage history and you see all of these refinances it's a pretty good indication that the clients have been doing like cash out refinances and almost taking out the equity of the home and the reason why i want to say this now is when you start getting a lot of listings um that could be a bad situation to where the client might not even necessarily be able to sell or if they are selling they're having to bring a bunch of money to the table at closing so this is just some of the process of establishing where are the sellers at which again on the buy side you want to know because it helps you strategize with your buyer what you want to submit at okay so once i have all this information uh saved um i go into my zip forms um i would assume most of you have used this unless you're a new agent where you're gonna create a new transaction this is a purchase floating loading loading i usually name it after the property you guys can set it up however you're comfortable well this is pretty much how they all should save it anyways it's just yeah i use the buyer's last name and then the street name that's how i do it um the reason you don't just use the buyer's name is because sometimes you end up doing two or three offers for one buyer and so you need to at least know which properties which when you're in here the mls connect allows you to put in the mls number no six eight three four i like to find a picture helps me know i got the right house i think so it pulled it up this is the property we're gonna use it it pulls all the information from the property over for you which i think is great and we're gonna save it and now i've got it should pop up here in a minute and now we have a new transaction okay it pulled across the tm the tmk number it's pulled across what else has i got here some some other parties the listing agent so we need to add documents right what are we what are we doing so for me i i use the forms i always do the cover sheet i don't know if you guys are doing that once you put all the information in the cover sheet the buyers names the sellers names it it populates every other document you add from that point on so that you don't have to do it more than once that's just that's a thing i do we're gonna need the purchase contract as is is standard here in hawaii we've got to do some as is properties um for this i'm i've got a va buyer so i'm going to put my financing addendum in and you want your you you want your co-op and now i've got all my forms loaded everybody keeping up so far okay all right so when i go in the cover sheet i'm going to come over here into my and i'm going to pull up let's say i'm going to use this one it's got some names and stuff on it also on the mls often it it will say in the agent's remarks who they want the escrow person to be you guys can work on that yourself if you've got an escrow person that um is fee wise really great for your clients you may want to push for that person over the one the by the seller wants to use um items tend to not haggle over the escrow agent i just feel like it's one more thing somebody would have to counter and if you don't have to get a counter and you can get the contract signed it's better but a shitty escrow officer would ruin a transaction as well just if they would have a really crappy one then it's worth fighting over right so i'm going to get joe byer and uh let's say by her wife in here too there we go you're going to come down and find your sellers lister listed right here and we we got angel junior and we got seller two as sarah and um it's it's already got me in here at exp i gotta add this and i gotta add that it's already got redfin in here because it populated that through the mls um for some reason on these contracts it does not put if you if you let me pull it up real quick the mls real quick that we saved right here you see this number has a lot more zeros than these that drives me nuts i just feel like it's a room for error i don't like error so i'm gonna get it correct that and now that'll be this way it'll be like this now through all the contracts now that i've got it corrected it you can add your property description here that it's a fee simple attached single family with three beds two and a half baths something simple like that that will put that in the contract for you as well because you put it in here um you can add your purchase price in here let's say they decided on this we're going to shoot for the 6.75 got that our initial deposit let's say is a thousand dollars i can get that in there i'm not going to pick a closing date because they're going to do a 30 days or less um you want to give it a reference date so we're writing it today you can put in your expiration date let's say we're going to give them two days and until 5 p.m this is a residential so here's where you can put in the escrow company i'm just going to pick some random people i've already got loaded in here so you can fill all this out the escrow you fill out your lender information let's say i'm going to use home bridge do put in all the phone numbers and emails this is a va i don't know if you need to watch me do that but do get it all filled in i don't have an appraisal or a title company or any attorneys at this point any questions this far guys everybody or something we're good doing good save it thing on how you write a contract correct already saved that these guys can watch or reviewing it so um we do have videos on like reviewing because it's like one thing that you need to be able to do no matter what newer agents and and even agents is to professionally walk any client through that purchase contract like you've done it a gazillion times um you simplify it you explain you know four paragraphs of attorney jargon and you explain it in a two sentence easy to comprehend manner um the client it makes you look like the professional in being able to do that and it's also like your job is to make sure they understand that contract so we do have a training of going through the entire purchase contract how to review it which goes into detail in every paragraph so dustin is actually just going to kind of breeze through and show you what she puts in as far as days and then if you have further questions you can reach out to any of us for further explanation or we have the trello board that you can go in and watch some of the videos as well yeah i'm just going to hit the highlights because you get more in depth i'm sure on all the details of the contract and i really want to show them how to get it uploaded now for a signature um so again it it pulled it's pulling all the information because i filled out that sheet um we're gonna have travis sign here so miner you can tell i've been with a few things sorry i've worked in another state so it all comes up it's crazy um all of this will come up obviously we're just i'm gonna i'm gonna kind of shoot through this because travis again i think you already have that we know it's redfin we know that i've got the buyer and that everybody's a member of the board we hope right um for me i'm just gonna reiterate which i'm sure travis does in his videos if it does not apply make sure you mark it as not applying don't leave anything blank you can n a everything and then you can even put dashes through some of the time of it yeah yeah so i just think that's i think that's really important um this is the section where you decide with your earnest money sometimes my buyers aren't even here so i have a tendency to give them like three days to wire they decide to drive over and drop off the checks nobody seems to get mad i was going to say for everybody you can just go ahead and do what dustin just did um where you always put that the buyer will wired in within three days and then if you drop a check off it's fine so you you basically just do that just in case because if you put that you're going to get a check in the next day and then your client is on a submarine and you can't get a hold of them and they didn't bring their checkbook yeah absolutely nobody carries checks anymore yep correct um obviously this is where the initial deposit came over we're doing um 6.75 is what we decided by way of and i would type out a new va loan new 100 va loan whatever your conditions are here um this additional line i'm going to minus my thousand dollars back out so my purchase total purchase price is back to 675. this is a lot different when you're not 100 financing and you've got people doing down payments you know so you just make sure all this math works um i have a tendency to tell them they can have the money back or put it towards closing however they want to do um just giving them options they get to decide so i'm going to kind of just leave that as is i'm not going to go through all the verbiage because he does that very well in the other videos i would assume yes trap yep and then there's there's tons of different verbiage for different things again um either ask if you have questions or we'll probably have a verbiage um bank that you guys can always go to to pull out certain things correct so this section is really everything you're going to attach right to your offer um and this is where really having the mls handy and making sure you send it to trav is important because he's going to verify whether there's like a disclosure like is there i mean you just really need to look so we know we do as is here hello um it should it should disclose if they're in a 1031 exchange right we're doing va financing i would go through here and um n a everything that doesn't apply we know in hawaii we have to do the as is to everything it's not distressed again no blanks right this property isn't old enough for lead base or 1978 for everybody out there none of these apply so i'm just gonna n a everything right now redfin doesn't have any special things but like here coldwell banker c21 a lot of the big names they have their own addendums um this is where you would add that and you can see my drop down has them since reach one you know so if somebody's get if it'll usually say over here in the mls that please attach addendum this is where you would add that is in the other section as well as anything else you plan on attaching i can't think of anything besides the standard addendums can you travis um and as far as in there yeah so that would be like uh photovoltaic addendums um lease back like if there's any if there's any addendums not listed in there that's specific and pertaining to your transit transaction um what are some other good ones yeah the early occupancy or rentbacks a big deal right yeah now we have the new covet addendum yeah yeah absolutely um i also have been looking through the docs for exp and they seem to have like um they have a couple of addendums in there that i haven't been using that i think we're supposed to maybe a wire fraud i think there's one about partner companies um that i'll show you when we get in sky slope where you find those and i i'm still trying and maybe trav you can look into that for us make sure what we're supposed to be attaching as extra addendums specific to exp yep absolutely um of course things are going to be included this is also why you send the mls to travis because these things should be listed in the inclusions on your mls so you just want to match it or if there's something not listed here but you know you saw it like say they don't put ceiling fans but you know they were ceiling fans it's a really good reason to maybe come look at these pictures why you saved the mls with the photos or you can't remember whether there was a dishwasher or whether it was a microwave hood or if the microwave was separate or it was a wall unit there's usually pictures of everything in here again inclusions check it sometimes like you should check it three times and then i'll check it because if you mess up on the inclusions on the buy side or the listing site you could end up having to buy your mistake um full transparency for me one time uh washer had slipped through the cracks on mine and i ended up having to go and buy the client a washer at closing so conclusions are important it works on both sides if you're the selling agent too and and you get a contract that clicks washer and dryer but your client took the washer and dryer the buyer expects a washer and dryer it's in the contract you would have to supply it that would be your error um so you really just want to be really careful to make sure you click everything that's supposed to be there and not click things that aren't supposed to be there um and on and read this really careful if you're on the seller's side make sure they didn't click something that's not coming with the house um this section is only if it's uh leased solar otherwise you would use the solar that is up here here this one if it's owned if it's least you're gonna go in here um lee stuff we'll talk more in depth on at a later time or when you're going into transaction the least pv stuff is really it's actually like a whole nother set of disclosures um that you want to make sure your clients are okay taking with it so again it's one of those really important things that you'll go over when you run across it but always just keep it in mind as well please also when you take a listing if it has solar know something about it i i just had a deal where the owner didn't even transfer the solar into their name when they got it the agent didn't know anything about the solar the age how it was linked to whether it was being monitored when the last time it was serviced like nothing and so that was really frustrating we had i had to do all the leg work for my clients but have to find out the story on the solar so solar here is a big deal and you want to know what's going on this inclusion of furniture i'll let you touch on that as a broker i know that most lenders and people don't like to see any kind of furniture being included they like to be that of that be like a separate bill of cell that you do outside of the contract correct travis correct yeah the more the lender doesn't want to see it he's not giving you a mortgage for furniture that's what they say exclusions are important too on the mls that should be listed um here there should be an exclusions if there is say they've got auntie's uh tiffany lamp over the dining room table and it's not gonna stay hanging there when they leave you need to you need to exclude that or be talking with the agent about are they gonna put another lamp up how that's going to work so you just want to pay attention to that um and here's where you do the closing date it does an auto calendar that's a pain by using the space bar you can type i know a lot of people do um cap days or less right or 45 whatever is standard that you're you know whatever works for your clients that's a conversation you should have had before you started writing the contract right price earnest money closing date kind of have all that kind of not to know what their plan is up front um again i don't i don't want to break the conversation down i like to have a right to extend at least a week um how about how do you feel about that trap oh absolutely yeah no always need an extension of some sort now that's just in case something goes wrong and i'm sure you touch on this this is a unilateral right which means either side can use it and it can only be used once so if the seller extends by this in the contract then the buyer doesn't get another seven days that's in it it creates an addendum after it's been used once you can see it out of populated what i put in for the escrow these should all be filled out i shortcutted obviously um thes are adjustments right let me read what i'm looking at based on throw okay this is for me where you just make sure you don't leave blanks and i'm sure you touch on that a lot how the how they're gonna convey it they're gonna it's gonna be their residence you wanna make sure you marked that you this is the one i always don't see this box i often miss that look how tiny it is just wanted to point that out i'm always like where is that box about fee simple trav you go over all these dates right yeah yeah you're good you can just everybody make sure that's filling it again you can watch the other videos to see how it's filled out or if you have super specific questions just reach out as your writing offers yeah the ones you don't want to miss or your jaywand dates for sure there's some stuff uh who who's paying for things like the termite that's important for you to not miss i mean absolutely and then as you guys write your first contract we'll help you with it um whoever's either training or mentoring you or myself or anybody in the group um we'll help you write that first offer as you start writing them you'll kind of get like the normals that you always use and so you'll get a lot quicker and faster as it as you get going um but again we're going to kind of breeze through so that dustin can show the the smoothness of going from zip forms directly with sky slope now yeah i'm just gonna save this and as i open any of the other ones whether it's the va contingency any of the things that are in my forms here it'll auto populate everything through now the dates everything will just come through and these forms become really simple so um i'll show i'll just pop up the as is it fills in everything for you and you just want to i don't even have anything to save at this point so let me get back and go in okay so i can now send you see the email button there's two ways to do this to get it into skype send it and it'll go well where you have to split it which i'll show you how to do that or you have to send them one at a time so that they stay individual um i'm going to email i'm going i'll just choose them all and then i'll show you how you can split documents when you get there um i am going to go into my google contacts and sorry it's making me get out in here i am going to look up it's destined it'll come up at sky slow so i'll show you in sky slope how you find your sky slope email so you can see i don't need to write anything i'm sending documents i don't i don't even bother unless it makes me which i don't remember oh it makes me put a subject in so let's say i'm gonna put buyer and the same name i used that and i'm just gonna send this off let me choose my accounts again just is that how you email it to me as well through there now as i got to add your signature to it okay gotcha okay so i'm gonna go into sky slope it's gonna take a minute for those documents to show up they're gonna go because we don't have an actual transition going we don't have an accepted offer i'm not going to create a transaction yet i want to wait until i have an accepted offer before i go through all the rigamarole to create a transaction okay so right now i i let everything stay in my working docks and i'll show you what i've got going again i've only done two transactions in here so far so um this this pdf is from today right now so this is the document i'm going to create a folder and i called it buyer let's just say that's his last name and i'm just going to create a folder over here there's nothing in it but i'll show you why i do that later so let's let's uh uh let's split this let me show you what the document came through like first here's all my doc all the documents in one big form got that now i didn't know they were going to come all together in one big clump the first time i did it so i had to learn how to do this split so it'll pull your document up and you can decide whether to send them take the time to send five different emails or to come in here and split it i think it's gonna be so this was my cover sheet and this goes this goes from page one to page two i believe three oops fine page four then starting here is the purchase contract on page five correct and it's really really long it's 14 pages sorry i can't tell where it is 13 14. the screen's kind of small oh whoops this goes to page 18 page 19 is my as is right page 20 was my va i would probably label these a little better i just kind of wanted you to get an idea page 21 is the co-op two menus and that's the end and uh i'll tell it to split it boom look i did a nice job it told me so there they all are i split it out does everybody see that i'm gonna i'm gonna choose them all just to show you and i'm going to move them into that file now oh now they're in my buyer file under their name i also need to upload the mls um all these forms that we saved earlier because he's going to want to see these so again i can just go in here write an email to my sky slope right here and i can take these things that i saved hello okay and i'm gonna drag him into this email and i'm going to send them to skyslope they'll take a minute to get in there just so you know they're going to take a minute to get over here i was gonna give him a second see if i could get it to pop in so now we want to send them to you travis right you need to sign you're going to sign the purchase right and the co-op and if i waited for the stuff i just sent to get in here i would also select the mls and what else do you want do you want both the realist and the city and county shield it's all in the at the very top of the chat so the mls with photos sitting county realist the full offer with all addenda um do you want to see all the addendums yes yeah okay and then i'm not sure if there's a good way can you just email that before you send for signing as well from here yeah yeah this email button right here yep cool so everybody email it to me first if i am signing your your the offer email it i'll take a look at it and i'll say thumbs up or fix that and then you can send it for signing sorry go ahead dustin okay so look i'm gonna back up trav because because for for the new agents that you want to send i want you to understand the same way i emailed this to um sky slope i can email these to you straight out of here before i go to the treble to load it and sky slope have to come back to zip forms change it and then load it again because it will change right so i would suggest for for the people that you want to see them prior to signing them sending them for signature to again hit the email button here select them and send them all to him out of here you can look at them by time you get them all the way into sky slope if you had to make any changes you would have to delete it and then send the new one correct yep so i think i think that's a work in progress you can decide what you think is better if you do it through sky slope we could add the mls and everything because it would already be in here and then whatever document we change we just have to update or delete and replace once we get it in here in the correct form we're gonna use the digi sign now i know a lot of people have docusign i have never owned it since i started in real estate it's one of those things like brick and mortar everybody tells you you have to have i never i've never had it i always use every program including zip forms has a signature thing and i just don't feel like you need extra steps so you go into digisign let me let it load so i can show you what to do so you can either choose a property to associate it to in this case we don't have a transaction going so there is no property because we haven't opened that transaction yet so here they come you can reorder them which i think put them in the order they they are listed in the purchase contract the co-op probably at the bottom in here i would have the mls the real estate in the city and county that you want to see in front of the purchase contract so you would scroll through those first and we're gonna go next and now it wants to know who's gonna sign right so i need a recipient the first time you do this you will have to add him i've got him in here now you can choose need to sign or just get a copy so like right later on if you want a copy to go to your transaction coordinator you could just put her in here but just receives a copy as someone who's going to get it you yourself automatically why is it not letting me save it so roll oh no drumroll let's try again select oh that's why thank you so here you're the broker you need to sign and i'm going to save you so it's saying it's going to go here first if i click me i don't want to it's automatically going to go to yourself like i'll get the signed copy in an email it'll email me you don't have to do that and i don't have anything to sign here you can add more groups you can put it in order like i can send it to travis to sign first and then i could create a second signature once he signs it then it could go straight to the buyer so you could go ahead and add them over here if you wanted to i tend to like to get it back signed by travis and be sure it's all good before i ever send it off to the buyer when you hit next it's gonna open it up for you i i assume this looks like docusign again i've never used it pretty similar one thing you need to know about this program is that it doesn't automatically date i know that dot loop automatically dated and i probably docusign automatically adds a signature date skyslope does not and i think that's really important oops again um but where else are you gonna sign the co-op which is the very bottom so again we're going to add a signature here and then i'm going to click on date signed and i'm going to add the date down here and it'll put the date in there you select the person signing so that it if your buyers sign on different days i guess it would date it differently based on who you select there so there's a lot more signatures when you send to the buyers obviously than just travis you're gonna get this tribe to sign cool all right i'm gonna send it i'm gonna tell you uh like's new offer do you have something you really wanted to say no you can just put offer for a review okay and if i have any special notes like we're going in low on purpose or i would tell you yeah everybody if it's urgent like you can text me or and then you can put it in there like urgent reviewing this evening type stuff that way i can know if i need to get on and sign an asap for you or you know there's a little bit of time and he's in for signatures when i'm gonna go back in my docs now i'm gonna go back home i'm gonna go back in my working docks once it's signed it will show up back here in these documents as well you can move it you can split it apart because you don't want to send the co-op obviously to the buyers uh they don't get it and you're you're going to do the same thing you're going to choose the documents that need your buyer's signature you're going to add them in there and you're going to send it to them to sign and it'll come back in here um i want you to i just want to show you real quick if i clicked on this i can assign it to a property so once you go all this stuff will be sitting in this folder that i've created for this buyer once i have all the signatures and the offers accepted i can now send this put all this stuff and assign it to that once i get that transaction open i just don't happen to have it i don't have it set up to show you but it i can pick one of these and it would put it in that actual files documents i also want to touch real quick on your working docs and i know that when we looked at sky slope um with cassie she did this this tab this office docs this is where you can get the w-9 for the co-op this is where i was telling you they have some forms uh this is also where i found like the like a referral agreement uh the j1 sign off if your buyer doesn't want an inspection they're all in these company docs over here in the office docs any docs that exp wants you to add so i'm only using uh zip forms which i get through my uh mls right my local board and sky slope which i get through exp i don't have any additional programs and travis you said it's been working really cleanly yeah no i'm getting the stuff and it's it's looking good so that's where you know docusign is 20 bucks a month uh dot loop is really expensive you're in the fat what's that yeah absolutely and that's um the less things that you can use that work that you don't have to pay for the more profit that you're gonna have in your pocket you know what i mean and this is the time to cut the things that you don't need um again doc you sign 200 a year dot loop hundreds of dollars a month crms hundreds of dollars a month where you're getting kd core you're getting sky slope you're getting all these things and again if it's not making you more money just get rid of it so yeah yeah i'm just gonna go in a transaction real quick so i want to show you the list that exp like you've got to use this right we have to use sky slow because you have to load the documents they have to get reviewed by the exp reviewer to complete the file so if you're using another program as well or even like dot loop for utrap you're still gonna have to do this you still have to get all the documents here so here is this particular address at sky slope for this actual sale do you see that so when you create your emails back and forth it's usually me and whoever you know usually the listing agent and their transaction coordinators we also ask them to send everything to this email we access an email that's added that way like he was saying everything that goes back and forth between you is documented there's a log that shows everything that who's been doing what and who touched it and who did it and all but the checklist is long that's why i was saying you need they asked for a current mls active at the time of offer they asked for the mls that's pending um here's a wire fraud this says required um i just kind of so i look this over get in your sky slope and look over what exp is going to make you upload to make sure that you get it and you have it if you don't save a current mls and they need it and all you have is a pending mls you're not going to have the document you need to make this file complete so you should get really familiar with what they want from you and we use coordinator so we have a fantastic coordinator that we use that helps but you still need to know how to do all this stuff um you know if for some reason the coordinator can't get in and get your j1 submitted you need to know how to submit a j1 and things like that in a timely manner um so the coordinator is there to like help you but not like necessarily take it over like you still need to know all the ins and outs of every transaction all the systems and programs that way you are truly the professional but anything that gets attached to the contract later any addendums and or or extensions or anything if the other agent is sending it to you and this this address is part of that email chain that document will then be in your documents and it'll already be here the downfall to this program is it also takes all of our signature blocks and images and loads them in here it's super easy to come through and just move them into the trash to clean it up if you so want i do that pretty often because i don't i like a clean file but everything that any documents that are attached to any emails whether it's verification verification of funds anything coming from the lender whether it's your receipt from escrow for your initial deposit if you're if you're creating this if you're making them add this email it'll all automatically go in here and you will not have to upload it it's already there and at any point you can digi sign out of here you can choose any of these and send it off for signatures if need be any questions about all this yeah does anyone have any questions at all again because she's more proficient at sky slope than i am currently because we're switching over to it so does anyone have any questions about submitting an offer um programs apps signatures value or anything at the time you guys can chat it you guys can holler t out whatever nothing everybody's good okay i mean one other thing in here if you go into your digi sign from your main screen you can see what's out what was sent whether it was completed i just wanted you to know that you can see stuff in here you can see what's pending and what's been completed of stuff you've sent for signatures but you also get an email so if traveler to sign that document it would pop up in my email right away and i would know that i could come back into my documents and it's in here signed so just click these things and get familiar that's all i can say it's the best way to learn is not be afraid to click on stuff that's all i got well awesome dustin hey dustin your contracts you're just sending them straight to chad yeah well i send them straight from zip forms to sky slope i use sky slopes digi sign to put his signature blocks on it and then i send it directly to him out of sky slope not too cool all right so everyone in this um organ organization or downline can definitely do that but i think that they also do you could also send to another broker if there's an emergency but travis is the best well i was going to say um on that as well give me a heads up on the property so like if i've already signed a contract for dustin on this property i don't want to sign another contract for the same property because i've already seen it and it just again i create as much separation so if i already signed one for that property for dustin and you are about to submit it i'll tell you to send it to either ring or rand for signature just so it's a different broker's eyes on it and then there's no conflict of interest of any sort absolutely i'm sorry sorry could you repeat that if if i had already submitted or if i had already signed an offer for dustin on this property and then you kume hana have a client who wants to submit on the same property i'm actually going to have you send it to a different broker because i've already seen an offer that dustin submitted with price and everything so the reason why we say and i never would do it but i i do it just 100 percent because if somebody got accepted they could be like oh well you reviewed the offer you you maybe tipped off the other agent to 100 percent made better and you told her what our offer was so she could beat it absolutely so to completely avoid that i don't want to submit an offer on the same property or sign an offer on the submit same property so if you if i've signed it before for another agent then that's when i will have you send it to the ring or rand or any other agent or brokers that are signing offers just to be 100 super clean same protocol for like when we would have dual agencies you may just not often put it out there do it if you don't have to yeah okay and then travis what did you say about uh you you want us to send you the mls the realist and the cnc beforehand before so yeah so the way if i have the mls the city and county realist i now all the public records to where when i go through and look at the offer i can look at like just little stuff i can look at the cpr or the tmk numbers i can make sure that the broker's there um i can just go through it nice and easily and then and then what happens is then i say it's good then you send it for signing and because i've already reviewed it you actually could have me sign it and immediately go to the buyers so it's one nice process because i already gave you the thumbs up on the property or on on the offer got it and then sorry i'm sorry so you want us just for ease of this process you're saying that it'd be easier for us to just send it to you directly from zip form so that you can review it and then once you give us the go ahead then we'll send it to exp to plug in the signature block boxes so that you can just sign it yeah so basically i can review it ahead of time um so you can you again can email everything basically through zip forms just so you know you can actually add in the mls the city and county and realist into that z zip forms transaction and then you could email all of it straight to me from zip forms that way i look through it you can then go through and make any corrections that i saw that you need to make and then at that point you can start the process of signing because there's nothing more annoying than like sending it for me to signing or again i did it for years to where i was like oh i'm at the bottom of the transaction i have a mistake i had everything ready for signing i have to go make the correction re-upload it and then redo all the signature lines it's just a pain in the butt yeah that works thank you yep yep other than that fantastic job dustin we appreciate your expertise on everything if anyone has any questions though uh drop it in there you're on the slack channel as well again we're here to totally help you make sure um share our experience updates again things that we've seen like if we and this is where we can kind of talk about hey i have a buyer looking for this maybe dustin just went through hey there's a killer deal my client didn't like it and this is where we can really kind of share and help each other with clients listings buyers um to where we can make ourselves all better and awesome awesome good work you can screen share with me anytime when you're trying to go through this process and i can help you tell you where to click and what to do if you're struggling to use the apps at first we appreciate that dustin you'll help us with some sky slope i am sure all right everybody if that is it that when we can sign off and go ahead and get out of here tomorrow's mastermind is going to be at the same time it's going to be on mastermind for lead generating during these times and then we also have a digital powhana friday which will be like a q a so if you want to invite friends family agents clients to it it's going to be just a fun q a friday from 2 to 4 hawaii time 6 to 8 colorado time but again tomorrow will be the mastermind so awesome cool cool all right everybody thank you have a wonderful day and we will talk to you all shortly

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