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Industry sign banking arkansas form fast

welcome everybody my name is markus and in this video i'll show a simple way how we can easily create and form llc in arkansas so let's start the first thing you want to do is scroll down below to the description and click on the link legalzoom is amazing company in which you can which is going to help you form your llc so you just want to click on llc here and then you you just enter your name what you want to call your llc and then just like check availability and then you just write here the state you're in arkansas let's see search and now we just add here your email address get my llc and then when do you want to launch your llc let's go with up soon or like you should see like you can choose which one you actually want continue istan's company of first llc yes and now what will stone's company do and you just write here your segment what you're going to do actually continue and wilston's company have employees in the first year you can press yes or no you're really option and you can go like with a i don't know and right here you can see essential services for stone's company so by law you will require registered agent this is something that you will need and then you will need also some legal documentation so you see essential services so the first thing you can see that the legal zoom is going to offer your registered agent what you can do is to simply go with there or you can appoint a different registered agent now here save time and money on your essential documents you need to have uh like you can have complete coverage or you can go with the operating agreement plus iron or operating agreement ein is required because without it you can file taxes or open a bank account so you can really choose which one you want and like which documents you already have right when you got it business services for stone's company now legalzoom is going to offer you some legal protection and also total compliance legal protect means that you can have like 30-minute consultation with independent attorneys about legal issues or new employment tax questions etc you can take the trial or no thanks and then you're going to see total compliance here they can help you with annual report feelings and formalities and yeah that's pretty much it but if you want to you can have it and if they miss anything they are going to pay the fine or penalty so now we are in the end and now we have options to go with economy which is going to take 30 business days to create your llc or we go with the standard or express gold i recommend going with express gold or standard only because it's going to take less days and in express gold as you can see you're gonna they have seven days a week lifetime customer support so that's something really important now you can like create a business checking account and you can press no thanks and then you're gonna see right here you can simply also change the package of llc if you want to and then you just click here continue checkout you just add your address line first name last name and cvc building zip code everything and you just pay and that's pretty much it now they will contact you and they will help you with the setup of your llc and that's pretty much how we do it so thank you very much if you have any questions guys ask me down in comments and have a great day and goodbye

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