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Industry sign banking massachusetts presentation computer

what i'm going to talk to you about is online services and what i've done is i've split it i've split it into past present and future is my mic on yes yes excellent um sometimes when i when i start talking about online services i do get a little bit uh excited about it um i think that's why we put on in the morning so hopefully um i'll i'll keep a lid on it um but if i do start waffling on you don't know what i'm saying if i start using too many tlas three letter abbreviations do stick your hand up and say no stephen i don't understand what you're saying however if it's a if it's a another question um and you can hold on to it for a bit do wait till the end of the presentation um and myself or the guys will answer a question but if it's a really detailed technical question um i think it's probably best to wait to the refreshment break and what we've done is we've set up in the walton in the walter room we've set up um a uh a computer with access to online services so if you have a really really detailed question maybe leave it till then so before we start time traveling i just want to put it into context what am i talking about online services um what we're what i'd like to introduce to you is a efficient um an efficient uh um system in order to in order to make us a credible regulator um to inspire confidence in the bailiwick uh and with our theme in the background to contribute to our productivity and our prosperity we're talking about a uh an online system uh which will enhance our communication with you save us time and effort save us both time and effort um so we can refocus our our time and resources on on other activities we can minimize duplication we can minimize the errors that we make and we can improve overall we can improve how we regulate up there what i've done i've put prism and kris probability risk and impact system um i don't think prism needs needs any introduction it's the supervisory tool it's the software system that underpins our risk-based approach to supervision kris i might need a little bit more ex explaining what kris are there it's selected data it's flagged automatically it comes from on online returns selected key bits of data which feed prism and it means we don't have to pull this data out of your returns we can we can we can populate prism automatically and that gives us more time to do what we want to do which is to analyze the data we've got to look at systemic risk look at peer group comparisons look at early warnings trigger events um provide information to other regulatory bodies and of course carry on our our day-to-day activity so that's that's a bit of context that's what we're talking about that's what we want online services um elias and his and his team drew a system diagram for me um but i i redrew it and i made it really simple um and if i just talk you through it it'll help put all this into context so here's you doing your business and here's us doing what we do and we'll touch on some of this this later on today of course and this is how we communicate um by telephone by email by letter by post what we've set up is another way an additional way for us to communicate online at the moment we've got two portals pq submissions it doesn't matter which one you go to you'll get recognized down here is all our i.t systems you don't need you don't need to bother about that but both of us can pull information from that system over here we have the secret weapon the help desk and i'll talk more about that later on so i hope that's put into context i hope you know what i'm talking about um let's let's carry on let's look at let's look at some of the past we've been we've been very busy over the last three years uh 2012 we decided um we we needed to change change how we operated and we invested in the sentinel transformation program and the three key elements of that program as i'm sure some of you are aware are prism we know what that is now online pqs and online submissions returns notifications and applications those are the three the three main bits that will give us online services prism phase one it rolled out throughout 2014 internally to us uh and 2015 we went on to prison phase two um successfully launched online pqs went live january this year uh online pqs we don't need personal decorations anymore because pq's um have replaced those but we have appointments and registrations so online pqs appointments and registrations um have been have been live since beginning this year 5644 um the authorization's team have dealt with which is about 550 a month so they're coming in they're feeding our systems and finally online submissions returns notifications and applications well the whole the the online portal went went live on the 30th of october majority of returns and notifications are now in place um we're drip feeding the applications we hope to get them all done by the end of this year what we want to do though is we want to make sure that they're all that they're all good that they all work that they work for you and they work for us and so we took the 140 odd forms um and we've condensed them we've amalgamated them we've made them clearer and we've now got around about 78 forms all forms have been tested in development by the regulators and of course by some of you out in industry as part of our pilot testing and in case i forget later on thank you all very much for everyone who's took part in that so we've rationalized these forms and and these forms are i don't know who's seen them yet but these forms are dynamic forms which means they're not just a pdf they're not a form you print off they're not even a clever pdf um that you that you fill in the boxes and print off these are forms that actually build online as you use them if you if you open a button it will expand depending on the information you've given so these are pretty pretty interesting pretty um and the girls don't just do the help desk when they're not helping they carry on with with authorizations so we want a dedicated help desk but actually we're monitoring we're not monitoring but we're checking how many calls we get because we want that to go down because if it doesn't go down um there's something going wrong and it is going down it is going down what we found from pqs is uh technical problems bug problems uh starts to massively drop off as people get used to it um and and we fix some of the small things um but procedural uh questions um do go up so that's that's what we're using to focus our training now uh just finally security now we had a uh well we take we take security cyber security uh very seriously as i'm sure you do um we had a quite a spicy dummy cyber attack a couple of weeks ago on the commission um we passed with flying colors 12 minutes into it we had to stop the it guys getting their drills out and started to drill through hard drives well guys this is this is just a practice so we're very pleased and you should be you should be very pleased um that we came out with flying colors of course that's not the end of it um we continue to take it seriously we look it up we look at our physical security and our electronic security and hence hence all the all the firewalls um the data security the permissions models that we've set up into the system um and everything everything that we um that we go live on has been in individually penetrated or have penetration tested by by its specialists that's pretty much all i've got this is my question what if next time for questions ah this is these are a couple of screenshots um there's some things which i which i really like about this system um i've just got three screenshots so you might not be able to see them but look at this timeline here um and it tells you it tells you what's coming up what you need to do what's in development i think that's exceptionally useful the top right hand side here you can see just a bit of a screenshot from um from managing permissions and some of you might recognize that so your your individual names go down and what they can do where they they can submit prepare and where that form is i'm not going to show you any more because i want you to go and look at the system clearly and and don't have to play with it because you've because you've got to this isn't something that we have done in isolation this isn't something that we're doing to you uh this is something that we're doing that we're doing together um in in concert and i'll go back to where i where i started from where i was stumbling on at the start um you could regulate with it with a piece of paper and a pencil um you could but we're not because we want to do it um we want to be credible we want to be efficient we want to inspire confidence and contribute to productivity and prosperity in the bailiwick

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