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Industry sign banking arizona document computer

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, everyone. I'd like to take thetime to thank you for watching thisvideo where we're going to go over an automatedand integrated banking solutions through OracleCloud Services demo. What we're goingto show you here is we're going to tell you thescenario that we've built up for our customers, as well asshow you chatbot technology, RPA technology, andblock chain technology and how this can beuseful in this situation. So let's start with thecustomer point of view. We have James Hartman. James Hartman justmoved to a new state where he was utilizing abank in his previous state that just isn't availableto him in his new state. He needs to be ableto open an account, but he just doesn't have thetime between work and family affairs to go to the bankand set up an account. One of his friendstells him that there's a bank that he cancreate an account to, and he can do it online. Let's delve into how this looksfrom the bank's point of view. We have the bank that's beengrowing through acquisition. They've beenacquiring other banks. And some of theproblems that they're having is integrating differentsystems that the banks were using into, you know,one cohesive holding. They also have issueswith onboarding customers, such as gettinginformation from a customer and then inputting it intotheir systems [INAUDIBLE].. Humans are prone toerror and exhaustion. So they want a wayto automate this. And we worked with them to showthem how they could do this, utilizing Oracle technologies. In order to startthe chatbot, I'm going to hand it off to Vijaya. Hello, everyone. I'm going to showcase youthe chatbot part of what we have been for James Hartman. So this is the portalthat we've built. And it has a small chatbot icon. And if James clickson this icon, he can really easily openup the chatbot window. And he can quickly sayhi, and the chatbot is going to respondwith three options. That is create account,access account status, or he can check the balance. So our aim right now is tocreate account via chatbot. So I'm going to clickon Create Account. It's going to askyou the user name. So it's James Hartmanin our use case. And here's the addressand then our phone number and then the preferredemail and any of the blogs. So he has a blogs. The chatbot is goingto give us a chance to verify the information,whatever we have given to it, and confirm if itis correct or not. In our case, I am confidentof my information. So I am choosingto give an S. It's going to trigger the RPA UIpath, which is going to be discussed by Brian to you. So what you'regoing to see here is that the information thatwas collected by the chatbot is going to be input inthe bank's CRM application. So here you can see thatthe RPA agent is actually going to be able to log inwith credentials into the CRM application. It's going to check to seethat James Hartman is currently not a customer affiliatedwith the Bank at Oracle. And then it's going to startinputting his credentials here. The power from theRPA agent is going to be in its ability tointegrate with legacy systems. Considering the bank most oftime utilizes legacy systems, it's going to be able to checkto see if James Hartman is affiliated with one ofits associated banks through a terminal application. Here you're going tosee that it's actually going to go and find that JamesHartman is affiliated with one of the associate banks. The power here is that, when theoutreach team or the marketing team is targeting JamesHartman as a customer, they're not seeingJames Hartman, you know, dot new customer. They're seeing JamesHartman, you know, who's been affiliated withthe bank since the '70s. So when it comes tooffering him services-- let's say James Hartman evergets interested in going after a credit cardfrom the bank-- instead of gettinglike a new account, he'll be offeredsomething similar to a platinum orrewards account, based on his associatedhistory with the bank. Today, I'm going to show youthe ways that Bank of Oracle has used block chain to managetheir document management lifecycle. So James Hartman hasspent a little bit of time with Bank of Oracle. And now he's ready to usesome of their services. So we're going to show himsigning up for a credit card from two perspectives, one fromhis own and the bank itself. So that he will applyfor a credit card. And the bank will sendback documents to him for him to sign. And he'll sign thosedocuments and move on. Each one of thosetransactions will be stored on the block chain. So James is going to comeinto the portal and log in. We will switch between blueand red for admin and user, but he's going to comein and see that there are a credit card available to him. He'll apply for a card. It will pop up withthe status of applied. And now we're going to logout and show what happens from the admin perspective. The admin will log in and seethat there is a new credit card available for him to approve. So it'll send an agreementout to James Hartman. And then James will now be ableto log in, review the document, and begin the documentmanagement lifecycle, starting on how it'ssaved on the block chain. So he can drop downfrom his signed document and see the historyas it develops. So he'll open the document,review it, and do his very best to sign the documentonline and then click Save to finish the signing in. And now the adminwill come back again and be able toreview the document and finally approvehis credit card. So it'll be able to comein, see that there is an approved button available. You can see that theentire lifecycle has been stored on the block chain. And we can also have a littleview into the block chain here, seeing that everysingle transaction that has gone through forthe bank and its history. Over the course ofthis project, you saw Vijaya explain how thechatbot was able to collect information from the customer. And then OIC was ableto take that information and then send it over toour RPA technology who was able to takethat information and put it in the bank'scustom CRM system, as well as check the legacysystem for the James Hartman customer. Justin was able to go over howwe were able to use block chain technology to go overthe document lifecycle management of James Hartman'scredit card application. Ultimately, what thismeans for the customer is that they're able to reducethe time and cost of onboarding a new customer. They're able to collectinformation from the customer and then enter it intotheir CRM application, as well as check theirolder legacy systems to see if that customer did exist. They're able to do it muchmore quickly and efficiently using robots, as opposed tohumans who are prone to error as well as exhaustion. Using block chaintechnology allows them to be ableto create an audit trail of the entire creditcard process to see, you know, potentially,where there might be drops in the processor to manage how information or the onboarding processis handled so that they can, you know,audit the process, as well as improve the process. Ultimately, thisreduces risk and improve controls over the entireonboarding process. We'd love to talkto you and show you how Oracle IntegratedSolutions can help you solve your business problem. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

How to sign pdf on window?

- by nateSubmission information:Posted:Category: AllTheme: AllSpecies: Unspecified / AnyGender: AnyFavorites: 0Comments: 0Views: 1191Image Specifications:Resolution: 765x904Keywords:furry little girl dog little girl

How to manually sign on the pdf file?

I've tried it three different ways.1) Create pdf, copy signature, and sign.2) Save signature (with filename changed).3) Paste signature into browser.My solution is using the "Sign your pdf" option in my pdfcreator pdf viewer.I copied my signature and paste my signature right into the textbox that appears in pdfcreator.This solution is really simple, but it does work.

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