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How to industry sign banking georgia work order

I was interviewing with UBS and this is a phone interview that I had with a UBS banker and it turned out that the new BS banker was a big Manchester United fan as well and I have Manchester United listed on my resume and it was a 3035 minute phone call that I had and trust me about 20 minutes out of the 30 or 35 minutes that we spent speaking over the phone was spent talking about Manchester United what's up guys care say hey up low good to see all of you good to see all of your beautiful faces hopefully you are enjoying seeing my beautiful face as well they chaotic in video may I'll be talking about the resume and I'll be covering every single aspect of the resume that got me into Goldman Sachs if you've been following my channel survive you've seen some of the the recent videos that have done on my channel you probably know my story but for you guys were unaware let me reiterate so I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in industrial engineering in December 2015 after I graduated I worked at Goldman Sachs I did a one-month internship with Coleman on the trading floor which was followed by a stint with Deutsche Bank on a full-time basis so I worked at Deutsche for about two months and then after the two months there spent at Deutsche I moved over to Goldman moved back to Goldman but this time on a full-time basis so in today's video I'm going to be talking about the regimen covering every single aspect of that as you may that got me into Goldman Sachs on a full-time basis some of you might be feeling here they call me bus could be relevant work experience any work experience here but it's not in any way related to finance or Investment Banking they care I will be using personal examples of mine in this video to tell you he even if you do not have any relevant work experience you can still make whatever work experience that you have seem more relevant than it actually is using some smart strategies so regardless of whether you're still in college or you already have some years of full-time work experience under your belt you will find this video extremely useful and whatever I'm talking about in this video has been explained comprehensively leaving absolutely no stone unturned in my ebook as well I'm pretty sure a lot of you have checked it out already some of you purchase the e-book as well if you haven't yet checked it out you can see the link above you'll see that the responses the feedback from some of the initial buyers has been overwhelmingly positive subset volume applause I put yoga is it important to have a good resume let me point out that most the people who are applying for these are comparative investment banking roles ultra-competitive is the the phrase that I should use a lot of them already have a solid background in terms of the academic achievements the academic credentials as well as you know stuff that they're done on the college campuses in terms of extra critical activities as well as co-curricular activities so you're competing with some of the best in the business now it's not enough for you to just have these strong academic credentials as well as extracurricular credentials only because as I said so many others have it is well right it's how you present these leadership skills of yours these extracurricular achievements these academic achievements of yours own a single piece of paper that will actually help you stand out amongst the thousands of other applicants who are applying to these big companies who have equally impressive credentials as you do so before we jump into the individual sections of the resume normal one by one tacky carrying it let me just provide a couple of broad and general pointers or to you guys the subsequently the resume should be one page in length they go if you're a software developer if you're a coder maybe you can have two pages which is Java experience near because I was in the code I was in the software developer but I believe Kiko is software developers no page copy resume cut only because they've had so many projects that they've actually worked on so please verify that from some other source but if you're not applying for a software developer position but if you're applying for the front of his position then please make sure that your resume is limited to one page you could have two pages if you want to but it just shows that you're including trivial pieces of information as opposed to focusing on just the vital few pieces of information because Steve Jobs kabhi resume a key page kata so if he had a one-page resume I think you were to have a one-page resume as well unless you've done something remarkable groundbreaking something that changed the [ __ ] world and if that were the case he probably would not have been applying to goldman sachs to mock my calm carry out there secondly use as many numbers as possible in your resume ax because it adds so much [ __ ] credibility to your resume it shows that you what he or she is talking about specifics as opposed to just being a bit vague and beating around the bush and just being nebulous numbers kisseth you can actually talk about the results in terms of you know the revenue increase in terms of the cost reduction that your efforts brought about in the company and you can use numbers for other purposes also I'll actually talk about how you can actually fabricate a few numbers this is meant to be off the record so akamaru but listen on until the very end of the video because I'll be talking about the later thirdly your resume should be devoid of typos and have consistent formatting all across the board the worst thing that can happen is you have a strong set of extra critical activities you have strong academic credentials but because of certain typos because of you having overlooked certain errors in terms of formatting on your resume the person who's actually reading through the resumes like you know what this guy doesn't take his or her attention to detail very seriously so [ __ ] it let me just throw his or her resume in the rejection pile of my resume thus Beast these shall DS bar accessible enough time now to get into the individual sections of the resume education section with sub C important choose a GPA right you should have a high GPA ideally above a 3.5 or 3.6 out of a 4.0 I had a pretty high GPA as you can see 3.86 graduated with highest honors I was in the smartest kid in college but I had a very strong work ethic and that's typically what a high GPA demonstrates a signifies it shows that you have a strong work ethic and bankers will rather hire someone who's a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn as opposed to hiring someone who's a genius but is a lazy genius so make sure you keep your GPA high if you started off with the somewhat low GPA in college then definitely work hard during the remaining semesters that you have left in college such that you can actually increase your grade point average as you take on more classes as more and more semesters go by the other thing that I ought to mention is that if you're a non finance major but if you take in a few finance classes in college these could be free electives extra classes that you've taken or if you've completed any relevant certified online courses or training related to finance so this could be anything on financial modeling financial valuation anything on financial security so anything anything that falls within the realm of Finance then you could perhaps include a line or two under the education section of your resume listing out the courses or the classes that you've taken so that was pretty much it for the education section now coming to the professional experience section of the resume so this is the section where you talk about any and work experience or irrelevant work he spins that you've had that you want to highlight that you want to expand upon these could be internships that you've done while in college these could be any full-time work stints that you've had after having graduated college now if I actually scan through my professional experience section on this resume of mine I probably would have added more numbers in hindsight Abby they caught the Kobe numbers Nia only see like a six hundred plus under Deutsche Bank securities which is the third experience that's listed out in the section so I definitely would have added more numbers now I had briefly alluded to the fact that you can actually fabricate numbers but look it's a it's a slightly risky strategy so if you're fabricating numbers what I would say is make it seem plausible snd aladin shakey this number makes absolutely no [ __ ] sense it should be an outrageous [ __ ] number and the other thing that I would says have a defense ready as well so in the event that someone asks you okay how did you arrive at this number make sure that you can actually walk the other person through how you arrived at the number even if it's just like a back-of-the-envelope calculation I don't quite have Cisco listed under professional experience or on this as you may but in an older version of my resume this was I think when I was still in college my third year or my second year I had Cisco as well and in my Cisco experience car description I still remember it some add something like I worked in a project that helped save the company nine hundred and sixty two thousand dollars in that quarter essica saw some freakish [ __ ] number but I know that I had done some sort of back of the envelope calculation to arrive at that number now the actual number may have been completely different from the nine 62k that I had listed on that resume but I did know keep someone does ask me key on above how did you arrive at this 962 k number I had some sort of back of the envelope calculation in my mind to be able to explain it to that person's there one thing that I see in a lot of resumes is that a lot of people use phrases such as responsible for when describing the work experiences responsible for or worked on or assigned this task now look don't tell me what you are [ __ ] responsible for doing tell me what you actually taylean how do I know if you actually did what you assigned to do how do I know if you actually did what you were responsible for doing so don't use phrases such as responsible for worked on assigned instead use words and phrases such as build accomplished delivered developed I have used starter words such as create compiled and analyzed built consolidated performed ranked developed developed created right so you can clearly see that shows that have done all of this right as opposed to telling the other person this is what I was responsible for doing but not quite telling the other person if I actually did what I was responsible for doing or not right the next point that I want to touch upon is that you can actually make certain work experiences that you've had in the past meet internships or full-time experiences that aren't quite related to investment banking or finance seem a lot more relevant than they might actually be and a couple of ways in which you can actually go about doing this number one when you are writing the descriptions of your work experiences right try to tailor those descriptions in accordance with what the roles and responsibilities of an investment banker are so what I mean by this is what you should be doing is you should read up the roles and responsibilities of an investment banker right you know some of the tasks that you had carried out in some previous work experience of yours right now what you could do is try finding connections between the two even if they're very vague connections stress on those points that have some similarities as opposed to stressing on the points are of absolutely no similarity right simple ways in which you can actually make them seem somewhat correlated number one if you worked on PowerPoint in some internship of yours right then mention that stress on that because investment bankers spend a lot of time specially first-year bankers pretty much spend all [ __ ] day in PowerPoint right number two if you've done any sort of modeling or data analysis or financial analysis in Excel in some previous work experience of yours then definitely mention that stress on that because bankers also do a lot of financial modeling right now the data analysis and the financial analysis in the financial modeling that you needed some previous work experience right may not be similar or may not be exactly the same the financial modeling that you'll be doing in Wesen banking right but at the same time right it's still data analysis it's still financial modeling it's still something you did in Excel this is going up with the similarities here right it's not completely or vastly different then the other thing is if you had any sort of client interaction in some previous role of yours then mention that of course in an investment banking role it's a relationship business right you're talking to clients your liaison with clients you might not be doing that during a first year second year but slowly but surely as you become a most senior banker you start leasing you start interacting with clients a lot more so if you had any sort of FaceTime or interaction with clients in a previous work experience of yours definitely highlight that even though those clients might not be the same clients as you encounter in investment banking they might not be the CEOs and the CFOs and the CX source of Fortune 500 companies right still mention the fact that you are to face time and interactions with clients because as I said you know it will make it seem a lot more relevant to Investment Banking then it actually might be so PowerPoint financial or data modeling in Excel then face time with clients brilliant ways for you to make your work experiences seem a lot more relevant and related I'll give you a simple example of how I had used a very clever bit of wordplay to make a particular experience of mine that's on my resume seem a lot more relevant than it actually was now if you take a look at how describe myself and the title that I have listed under the PwC work experience I call myself a banking and capital markets intern and in brackets I have financial services now I'm an official title during that internship was at technology intern it was not banking and capital markets intern but I was a technology intern was assigned to the financial services industry so technically speaking I wasn't quite wrong in calling myself if financial services intern or a banking and capital markets intern banking in capital markets being the sub industry within the financial services industry that I was assigned to so you see how clever bit of wordplay not calling myself a technology consultant right which would make my work experience not seem as relevant relatively speaking but instead calling myself a banking and capital markets intern and having that keyphrase or financial services are in parentheses or in brackets definitely makes my work experience seem a lot more relevant than it actually was so you can also use some smart wordplay some smart strategies in the way you phrase these are descriptions these titles to your advantage another thing that you should definitely consider doing is using certain words in the descriptions of your professional experiences that bankers [ __ ] love that bankers [ __ ] G's too and some of these words include leveraged IRR modeled returns deals the many others but think of words that you come across in banking parlance words that bankers love to use words that you come across fairly frequently within the domain of investment banking right only incorporate them if you can do so in a smooth manner you don't necessarily have to force the issue so leveraged IRR modeled returns deals when you're talking about deals right certain deals that you may have worked on in a previous work experience of yours these may not necessarily have to be the big-ticket deals that investment bankers typically work on right but even if it's like a very small deal then you worked on it still a deal nonetheless and when a banker sees that word deal right he may not necessarily question oh you know what was the value what was the size of that deal he'll see that oh you know what he o she has some deal making experience now moving on to the next section which is the leadership and projects now before I actually get into the meat of the section let me just mention to you that I was using this resume when I had just graduated from college so I got into goldman sachs or full time six months after having graduated from college which is why their leadership and projects that we see on this resume are still related to my time in college but I'm guessing if it's been quite some time since you've graduated college you will probably not have any college related extra curricular and co-curricular activities on your resume you probably already know this but I think it's worth reiterating that banks love [ __ ] hiring old rounders they just absolutely love them so you know someone who's like very good academically and someone who's pretty involved on campus as well in strong leadership positions so it's imperative that you actually involved in campus and involved not just as a member because membership fees okay we've heard it I write anyone can be like okay let me just pay the membership dues and I can become a member in the organization but you should actually be gunning for leadership roles within that organization in my opinion one or two very very strong leadership positions or leadership roles drums five or six ordinary roles in different organizations so think about the one or two organizations that you're very passionate about that you're very interested in while you're in college join those organizations and then try rising through the ranks try gunning for the top most positions president vice president treasurer board level positions within those organizations and mehat sorry look they college me board sorry shootie at a college may do both today you know i'm involved they send this and this and this and this and this and this but at the same time they were simply involved as members in kitchen involvement he was at a very superficial level they were not involved as leaders within those organizations because you cannot possibly hold leadership positions in five or six different organizations then you aren't quite doing your job as a leader in all of those organizations in the best manner possible you're just half passing your rules definitely join the finance society of your campus or so the finance society of my campus was called the Georgia Tech student foundation investments committee it was the largest student-run philanthropic endowment fund in the nation in the United States at that time the value is 1.2 million I think currently the value is close to 1.5 million but anyway that's besides the point I had joined as an analyst during my first semester in the committee I [ __ ] killed it during my first semester did really well got promoted to head of one of the sector's so I got promoted a header for the energy and the utility sector during my second semester in the committee and then during my final semester in the committee which is my third semester in the committee I got promoted to one of the co heads of the committee or the senior financial director of the committee and the investments committee or the Finance Society of my college campus did absolutely wonders for me because of a couple of different reasons number one it's solidified my practical understanding of the world of finance because we were actually dealing with real securities we were actually investing in real securities we had an actual portfolio value 1.2 million this wasn't just [ __ ] fake money this was actual money the other thing is I found lots of mentors come friends within that committee especially when I was coming in as a junior person during my first semester during my second semester in the committee there were lots of fourth years right there who were in that committee who were already in executive level positions some of whom had already secured full-time roles for themselves at some of the best investment banks all across the world they became my mentors within the committee right I developed a strong relationship with them right I treated them as mentors come friends and they guided me a lot plus because of how rapidly I rose through the ranks from analyst to sector head to head of the committee all in the space of three semesters it made for the grid tell me about yourself story as well and so when I would relate my my progression in the IC to recruiters they would find my journey very impressive so had it not been for the IC I probably would not have landed any of the roles that are subsequently data lined up the other thing that you'll notice or in the leadership and the project section of my resume is that I've used lots of numbers of pretty much used at least one number if not multiple numbers in every single bullet that you see listed and the student foundation investments committee as well as under racetrack petroleum senior design project so you see how pleasing to the eye it looks so when you see lots of numbers it seems as if you know what yes this person means business this person is being specific is not being vague is not being nebulous now moving on to the additional information section of my resume as you can see on my resume I have technical training slash skills listed and I also have a line where I list out my my interests are not not too much to talk about in this section but the one thing that I will mention especially when it comes to talking about the skills and the strengths that you have a lot of people have seen mentioned stuff like I'm a team player I have leadership skills of communication skills a Microsoft Office Excel PowerPoint look you could list them right there's no harm in listing them but it's something that every [ __ ] Tom Dick Harry average Joe lists out every single person so by listening vague skills and strengths like leadership communication Microsoft Office Excel PowerPoint team player it doesn't make you stand out in any way the sub he'd out there so even if you actually have them right no reader will actually take it seriously now if you take a look at the technical training in the skills that I have listed right I have Python MATLAB or sequel VBA GMP Minitab Bloomberg terminal these are more unique there's a more nuanced right not everyone has these skills right so they don't sound as commonplace as communication skills leadership skills Microsoft Office your bhavati Vega just sub Logan ventured out there and that's what most definitely not the least let me talk about the interest section or under additional information now I know it appears at the very bottom of the resumes couple of unique use key importance both coming in fact according to me I feel the intersection is actually one of the more important sections of the resume even if it doesn't appear that way now one of the reasons I mentioned that is because the intersection is the space that you can use to actually showcase to the other person to showcase to the interviewer or the recruiter all right or the banker that we speaking with that you are a multi-faceted person that you aren't just a nerd someone who's just buried in books on investment banking in books on finance but you have a good personality you have other sides to your personality as well you have interests outside of Finance interests outside of Investment Banking and that you're a multi-faceted person think about this way right chuckwei to go interview karai when a recruiter sitting down right in the interview room and interviewing you he or she is trying to assess if he or she will be able to spend 14 to 16 hours with you on a daily basis because that's pretty much what banking life is right you're stuck in the office you're working 80 90 100 hour weeks right and if the person think that you want this guy's a smart person right I know that you know this guy's going to be able to build the best of financial models he or she gets his or her finance right but at the same time is key personality or a Cheney Authority deli a $30 doesn't come across is the most interesting person I honestly will not really enjoy spending 14 hour days 15 hour days 60 nowadays with this person and so I'll pass on this person you know I'll look at the next candidate so that's what's very important for you to come across as a multi-dimensional person as a multi-faceted person so definitely utilize this intersection that you have read could be one line could be two lines to showcase some of your primary interest because who knows you know you might just come across a banker who has a similar interest and maybe the the majority of the interview is spent talking about that common interest that you have which is exactly which is exactly what happened to me so I'll give you a quick story so I was interviewing with UBS and this was a phone interview that I had with a UBS banker and it turned out that the UBS banker was a big Manchester United fan as well and I have Manchester United listed on my resume and it was a 3035 minute phone call that a head and trust me about 20 minutes out of the 30 or 35 minutes that we spend speaking over the phone was spent talking about Manchester United or it could contain either I did not feel like a [ __ ] interview and so he understood that you know what this guy seems like a cool person he's got an interesting personality he's got very rare interest as opposed to just being like a a one track or a uni-dimensional sort of person and needless to say I did make it through to the next round of interviews with ups so it's very important for you to highlight you know what are some of the other things that you like doing when you're not spending time studying when you're not spending time learning about Finance so I have Manchester United Golf read it macroeconomics pro bono consulting but you could list anything could be reading books could be podcasts could be Fitness list of anything so that's all I had just a minute video Kushiro worth Makaha this video will entail a deep dive into every single section of the resume that got me into Goldman Sachs so hopefully a date deliver on my promise hopefully you enjoyed this video hopefully you took a lot away from it that's exactly what my goal was other applicable questions are related to the resume that I talked about related to your as you may relate it to Investment Banking in general finance in general or any personal question that you may have then please post that question of yours in the comment section I take a look at every single question that comes my way individually and I reply to each of them individually and I heart them and I like them and I give them a thumbs up the place of any questions are post career also let me remind you please do check out my ebook if you haven't done so look through the sales page we party a just so that you can understand what the e-book entails I talked about my resume in detail I talked about general tips and best practices and tricks are to embellish your resume in detail but save each other detail my opening ebook may provide kurta along with detailed information on a lot many other topics so please check out my ebook link description my hair this is the discount link so please grab your discounted copy before the discount period ends so thank you so much for having watch this video I look forward to all your comments your likes your shares and I look forward to are you checking out the e-book as well until next time stay safe have a good night Cheers

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