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Help me with industry sign banking hawaii promissory note template

good morning this is angelica senior service specialist here at arlington texas how can i help you today hi um the reason i'm calling today is i've been to several local chase bank branches and i've been referred to several mortgage brokers and even a more um mortgage specialist you know and um i'm trying to get a house and i told them that i would be paying by promissory note and they keep telling me that they don't understand what a promissory note is and and the law says that a promissory note is a promise to pay a specified amount on a within a definite time frame you know and once i sign it that becomes legal tender according to ucc codes and the negotiable instruments so i'm trying to figure out where would i deposit this promissory note and because because once i deposit it you know they deposited on their books and they're they can credit my account according to law well i i think that before they even do that or you do anything they will need to determine if uh what type of a mortgage account you might have does that make sense you said what type of mortgage account do i have no i mean you're saying you're trying to purchase the house correct so have you already gone through like the first steps and obtaining like the pre-authorization and all that what is the what is the pre-authorization i mean confirm your credit history let you know what type of account or how much money you're eligible for etc no you don't understand i'm saying that according to modern money mechanics in ucc when i sign this promissory note it becomes legal tender accepted for that the value the cash value you know so when i'm looking at houses on zillow online and they have specified house values so if i want to get that house you know i could write a promissory note for the value of the house you know and deposit it with chase bank and they can credit my account for that money so i could pay off the house and food well i mean i see what you're saying don't get me wrong i mean i definitely understand what you're saying the only thing is that before that even happens they need to first pre-qualify you even if you're having to sign a promissory note because you're basically advising everyone that you're promising to pay for whatever amount that that's been given to you which i understand but before that even comes into hand they need to confirm for you first of the type of they have to run a credit history they need to determine where you're actually eligible in reference to a mortgage okay i don't have good credit but i have the ability to pay the house in full because the promissory note because the promissory note when it is signed it becomes legal tender of equal value of of cash value i could i understand that sure but without his mortgage i understand what you're saying but with regardless with mortgage that things things work differently so you have to go to a pre-authorization phase where they determine where you stand and determine how much you're actually it they can actually assist you with assistance are you saying that based on my credit that um you're on your credit history and that's what anybody that applies for a mortgage loan okay so i apply for it and then it says that i don't have good credit and what is that going to what does that mean what is it what are they doing today it'll let you know where you stand and determine how much money a uh institute can actually lend you in reference to purchasing a house but the you don't understand is that the bank is not lending the bank is not lending the money i'm creating the money with my signature you know do you understand that i understand what you're saying but a promissory note is just basically a form a document stating that you're going to pay that person whatever amount that it comes out to be due at that time i get what you're saying don't get me wrong but in reference to a mortgage that works differently okay and they have other rules and regulations and unfortunately i'm not even the one that's supposed to be even disputing this information with you and i'm sorry uh but that's information that you would have to speak up with your loan officer okay what if it's just what if it's just a promissory note just for a specified amount it doesn't specify that it's for a home what if i just want to right now then you would have to go out with different uh different institutes not chase because chase doesn't do personal loans um but a person is a fictitious entity it's a corporation and chase is a corporation well that's right but they only they only working with certain type of loans and first of all it's not one of them and i'm sorry okay so even if so when i apply how do how do i apply for the mortgage you can stick to a mortgage officer in reference to starting your information uh i'm sure that you like you said you already looked at houses where i'm sure you have a realtor working with you to determine if that's the best house for you or that you actually like it okay so regardless of the fact that my credit is bad they're gonna tell me a specified value or are they gonna tell me that they can't do it they're gonna tell you exactly what's going on in reference to what type of credit history you have and what they can do to try to assist you to try to go into a house so basically enough of that information i have no fees on what they can or can't do after that but they will give you information on how to fix it if they need if you really wanted to get into a house yeah ma'am do you understand that by law that once this is um signed you they they have to accept it they have to credit my account a promissory number mr burch when it comes to a mortgage blown okay so if you need further information for that i i mean unfortunately you can speak to a loan officer you're even your realtor i'm assuming could give you more information in reference to that if it's specifically for a house okay but what if it's not specifically for a house what if i just want to deposit some money into my account well and i'm sorry if chase is not honoring then there's nothing i can honestly do about it you said chase is not honoring it if you're not honored because it sounds like you're stating that nobody's going to give you an accurate information on it correct i'm stating the law that says that corporations have to abide by corporations have to abide by uniform commercial code right it's in reference to any type of a legal contract mr virtue that you might have on hand and it has to be suitable to what chase is offering out in reference to a product so it all depends on what you're wanting to do with it it's going to make a difference okay so you do have to apply for any specific loan that you might want joy it's based off of your credit history okay so if i have bad credit the only thing you're going to do is raise the interest right and probably charge me more right i can't i can't assure you that sure i don't know where you stand with your credit history so i can't say yes or no to that i'm sorry can you connect me to someone that deals with the mortgages sure bear with me one moment is this person a supervisor i'm sorry is the person that you're connecting to me too is that a supervisor or a specialist well i can ask for a supervisor in the morning division if it's okay with you yes but i need to bring them over okay thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] uh [Music] oh [Music] [Music] oh uh [Music] [Music] crazy [Music] crazy [Music] uh okay um um oh um oh [Music] oh okay [Music] [Music] um um you um okay i'm sure you're with you okay i'm just trying to get a reach to the right department they can try to give you more information and reference okay okay thank you [Music] [Applause] foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] hello hello yeah i'm on the phone with uh chase corporate on the other line i was calling you earlier because i was trying to get some information on getting a house and um i'm currently on the phone with um corporate right now and um i told him that i was trying to deposit a promissory note and uh seemed like seems like a lot of people were having issues with it yeah because um according to the law promissory notes are considered legal tender and negotiable instruments and the only thing and once i signed it it becomes legal tender so you know if i if i was to come into chase bank and deposit it all you have to do is write it on your books and charge my account it's uh yeah pretty much a check is a promise to pay it's a negotiable instrument under ucc [Music] definitions okay thank you i'm on the phone with him i'll call you back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] it's not alone do not understand [Music] uh [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] um yeah thank you so much for basically waiting on the line with us i do have one of my colleagues wait hello before you remove yourself from like hello before you move remove yourself from the line i wanted to ask you one more question okay you're saying that um you can't provide me with personal loans but if i signed the promissory note i created the money so the only thing you're doing is charging it to my account so there's no loan do you understand i see what you're saying mr merch but it's still it's still going to go back to the same thing it's still going to be considered some type of a loan if that's what you're needing to get and chase doesn't do this she's only provides at this time cards auto loans business you said auto loans you said auto loans credit card so are are you saying that i could write a promissory note for a car no i'm not saying that i'm just letting you know why wouldn't you be able to accept my promissory note if you're required by law to accept them well because i don't have a lot of faith on it at the type of contract that you might be signing at that time so unfortunately i'm not the person that give you the best answer in reference to what you're asking but in reference to the mortgage once you originally started the conversation i've got brian on the line that can give you further information and reference today all right thank you thank you thank you sure thanks for having us brian a national mortgage banker will chase my nnlsid is 407.064. we are on a recorded monitored line and understand you're interested in potentially originating a new mortgage is that correct yes but the lady on the phone was telling me that you guys are gonna try to limit my um access because of my credit but i'm telling her that i'm paying i'm i'm getting the amount in full with the promissory note with my signature she that's what she's trying to say i'm i'm trying to get the house in full like she she doesn't understand what i'm trying to say i'm trying to write a promissory note for the value of the house whatever the value is you know i just it you know the promissory note doesn't even have to specify that it's for a house i'm just saying that i'm going to pay jp morgan chase back this specified amount on a scheduled payment plan you know within a definite time frame and once i sign it it becomes huh i understand that's not provided you said you don't provide that type of law that's correct no are you isn't this bank a member of the fdic or the federal reserve we are an fcic bank that's correct accounts but isn't aren't banks around uh using modern money mechanics of the federal reserve i i'm not sure what i'm not sure what you need but i can let you know just as the previous rep share with you the types of lending we provide are credit cards loans that use an automobile's collateral loans that use a uh residence or real estate as collateral and so credit cards auto loans and maybe even some business loans capacities we do not pull out okay so if i if i mail a promissory note corporate and ask them to credit my account with the specified money wouldn't you have to accept that wouldn't wouldn't jp morgan chase which is a corporation have to accept that by ucc code since it's a negotiable instrument i'm not representing our legal departments i can't speak about the requirements for us to do that i don't believe we'd be obligated to do that but i'm certainly not an expert i can only share with you the types of lending we do provide and what you describe is not a type of product that we offer can you can you connect me to someone who has a legal understanding of the ucc code that is associated with jpmorgan chase uh yeah i can i can definitely uh attempt to do that but with me just a moment here i'll play channel thanks so much for your patience thank you [Music] so so so so hello oh you have selected a new valid option for help to the home equity application in process press one for loan servicing including below and payment assurance press free to apply for a new home equity line of credit press five customer support specialist your calls may be monitored will be coordinated for quality purposes

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