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How to industry sign banking illinois document now

[Music] hello everyone welcome back to my channel Aaron and Sam and where I am will be sharing my experiences with you as an Illinois notary let's get started so are you ready to be a notary you have your commission now you know that you are legally set to start performing natori acts but do you know when not to perform these acts I want to share with you some things you may not know initially starting off as a notary especially if you're not a loan signing agent one of the things to look for on an Illinois driver's license something that you may not have ever seen before it's called limited term and let me just read this to you this comes from a driver's license a limited term is given to an applicant who was not a United States citizen or permanent resident other than a conditional permanent resident or an individual who has an approved application for asylum in the United States or on refugee status so in layman's terms if you see that it will signify that it is issued to a person who is a foreign national with temporary lawful status so this means that they're either license or ID card will expire sooner than the normal ID card because it's only temporary I'm going to link a picture of what this looks like next we're going to talk about apostiles so an apostille is something they are documents that need to be notarized that will be used outside of the United States I remember one time in the getting a call asking if I provide a paw style services no I do not provide those services and according to the Illinois Secretary of State we as notaries do not provide that service the Secretary of State directly only provides apostiles in fact if you go on cyber drive illinois which i will link it in the description box below it will give you all the information you need to know on apostille services you don't know what these what anyone could do with what you've notarized and they're going overseas and doing god-knows-what with so the application for apostiles do have to be submitted to the Secretary of State they cannot be given to you and you cannot notarize you do not know if that person has been denied by the Secretary of State yet they're coming to you wanting you to notarize a document that you should not be notarizing legally so please read on this again this is cyber Drive Illinois comm and I will link in the description box a link I'll put the link in the description box below so let's talk a little bit about the heart of a notary owned a read to you something Webster defines empathy as the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference that is the capacity to place yourself and one's or another person's position we are not in the construction industry or the entertainment industry or the music industry or the food industry we're in an industry that people don't normally want they need the last thing that you want to hear is that you need a note of a notary to complete something that you are so close at getting done on I want to read to you this your platform is the combined resources you have at your disposal that others need we are in the legal slash professional business we are giving legal we are providing legal services of course not you know in terms of lawyer this or that but these are services that people need legally and I want to give you a little bit of what empathy how that ties in here a true scenario so it's a Saturday it's a Saturday I had a nice nice productive Saturday I was winding down and I sit on the couch and the moment I sit on the couch I get a call so my god though I want to pick up do I not so I pick up the call and I hear this voice and she's like hello and I said hi this is Erin and she said yeah I just wanted to know if you are if I could have a notary come to where I am because I need a notary and it's important the moment I heard her voice I knew that it was important so I knew at that moment I could say okay I'm done for the day or I could really hone in on what I signed up to do what I'm commissioned to do and service and so that's what I did I knew I knew it was important so I met up with her only took like 15 minutes to get there and come to find out it had to do with her being able to see her daughter and I would not have known that if I just ignored the call or even answered the call but ignored the service that she needed so I think a lot of the times as being a notary we need to keep that in mind having a heart and understanding what platform we're working from and this is not something that people want it's it's a need so I'm hoping that you will really come to an understanding that you may there may be a time where you will have to sacrifice your own time to service others it's because that's what you essentially that's what you are commissioned for and and so I hope this helps the next thing we're going to talk about is what do you want to offer what do you want to offer and write it down when you write it down when you do offer it make sure you offer it for everyone if you are going to notarize a marriage document or something pertaining to marriage and you schedule an appointment but then when you get there you have a change of heart well it's too late now it's too late and if you change your mind then that person can come after your Commission and say that you discriminated against them if knowing that the documents were clear the date the price the time everything was set but then when you get there you see the atmosphere or perhaps the person or who knows you stick to what you signed up for or your commission can be in trouble so that's what I'm talking about before even going into being a notary I I thought to myself I thought what do I want to offer what to I don't want to offer because I know once I sign up to offer something I'm going to carry it out and I'm not going to be a non respecter of persons by handing this person a service and this person not the same service that is a non respecter of persons not only that you can get hit for discrimination so it's good to know it's good to jot down what you want to provide as a notary and then hone in on it all for everyone so I hope this helps you with being a notary I hope this helps and I'm excited for you to grow as a notary if you have any questions about becoming a notary or just how to get your foot in the door or any questions like that please a comment down below and thank you for joining me Aaron and demand don't forget a notary presentment part 2 is on my website please sign up and become part of the group not only will I be giving you notary presentment part 2 & 3 to come but I'll also be going over refinance package with you so right now I already have a conventional refinance packet uploaded in my training along with notary presentment part 2 and then I will also be uploading VA and FHA and it's good to see what a VA refi packet looks like in terms of the conventional and the FHA which are a little bit alike so thank you so much for joining me I hope this helps again I'm excited to grow our brands together and I'll see you next time on Erin and demand [Music]

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

How to sign pdf on window?

- by nateSubmission information:Posted:Category: AllTheme: AllSpecies: Unspecified / AnyGender: AnyFavorites: 0Comments: 0Views: 1191Image Specifications:Resolution: 765x904Keywords:furry little girl dog little girl

How to sign pdf personal information exchange file?

A. Please check "File type" and choose from "All files (*.PDF)" or "Text documents (*.docx)."Q15: How many copies of my signature is necessary to obtain my signature release? A. All signatures are considered equal. If you are willing to sign multiple copies of your signature for each individual document, please request a signature release in the form of a signature card, then attach a copy of your signature to each document. When signing, please use the name on your birth certificate. If you are a minor, you may also sign using the name of a parent or guardian.Q16: What if I do not have a birth certificate? A. We cannot provide copies of a birth certificate. We are unable to send a copy of a birth certificate to you so that you may file for an original or certified copies of your birth certificate. You will need to submit a Request for Duplicate Birth Certificates Form.Q17: Can I use a different name to identify myself on file with the clerk? A. Yes. If you are changing your name and you have an attorney or notary who will serve the document, you may request a change in the name on file with the clerk. The clerk should have the document or an affidavit prepared stating exactly why the name should change. You may then present this signed letter to the clerk. It is your responsibility to have this signed by an attorney/notary. You may have to provide proof of legal name or a valid court order if you have a name change court record.Q18: I am registering my spouse...

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