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Industry sign banking minnesota claim online

Hey guys, it's Abby, today I'm going to showyou how to access your online banking so that you can set up alerts, find previous statements,and access any deposits or withdraws all from the comfort of your own computer. So here's your home page, once you log intoyour online banking, this is what it will look like, there's your account with youraccount number, and you can see all of your info here, if you go over to the right whereit says recent, you can click on that and scroll down and see all of your recent deposits,withdrawals, and transfers; and the ones that are highlighted in blue, you can click on,as you can see here; and you can find all of the info that you need. If you go up to accounts, up on the top right,this will bring you to list all of your accounts, it'll show your balance, and again all ofthe recent transactions, and this will also show you a little key where it shows whichtransactions are posted, which ones are pending, and which ones are scheduled for the futurebased on the icon. So if you go up to that button where it saysdocuments, and click on it, this is where you can see previous statements. So we're gonna go over to that second drop-downmenu, and scroll down to where it says checking statements PDF, and then you're going to putin the date ranges that you want, so you can choose however many statement periods thatyou want, and then you can click submit, and it will take you to this page where it willshow all the documents that are available. If you just click into that, it will showyou a PDF version of your statement. If you go back to the home page, this is goingto bring us to the alerts section, and if you're not set up for alerts, I would highlysuggest it, so you can click that button, and then here's where you would choose whereyou want to get your alerts received, so you can choose to do it through email, you canchoose to do it through text message, whatever you're comfortable with, so this is whereyou would put in that information. Once you put in that information, you're goingto click the bottom button that says next, which will take you to a page that says alertsenrollment, and this is where you can choose what alerts you want sent to you. So if you click on one of those drop-downmenus, they all have buttons you can click, and if you click one of them, they will comeup with a little page that looks like this, and you can check the box where you want thatalert sent to. And once you click it, it will tell you whenit's saved, by that green check mark right there, um, and depending what it is, it willask you different things, so for this one, you can put in the amount that you want tobe alerted by if your account goes over. And then you click the secure checkbox, orit could be a text message, or whatever you choose, and then it will save that for you. And that's it! And this will just take you back to your homepage. Thank you so much for watching!

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