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How do i industry sign banking alaska pdf easy

[Music] good morning happy peoples hope your day is going awesome it is good to talk to you know here welcome we're a family here in North Pole Alaska and we just try to share in life our experience right now the experience is it is way warmer than it has been we're sitting around what 22 below zero right now which I guess is still pretty cold but compared to the 40 and 50 below we're having this feels like a heatwave so kids might go outside I think it's warm enough for them to go outside and there's no gear for a little bit we don't normally have them outside when it's colder than like 20 below but I think it'll work just a little bit more and they just cooped up in the house an you airy February is real the mental game here in Alaska is real like this is the time right you know just being brutally honest this is the time we're like we really want to leave and like we've I can contemplate like why do we live here I don't know and then we forget all that come spring because Springs and the summer's here like probably some of the best in the world they try to hold on to the Hat right now but anyway hope you guys are doing great just wanted to say hi in good morning I need to get back to work but just I don't even know what we're doing today oh I don't we're doing today hey I'll bring you guys to a to a apartment in unit the caught on fire business we specialize in HVAC controls but our business kind of is expanded it a little bit into some general contracting work there's a rental unit that caught on fire I'll go bring you to that see we need to do about fixing it wire wise and get on with our day so let's do it [Music] fire has come through holy moly look at all the walls are just black alright walking around the unit and it is looking pretty charred I mean there's just plastic that's melted here plastic I mean just the wires are just melted we are heading out let it adjust we are heading out here onto the snow because it's actually I mean it's so cold it's 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papers let's do it hello good Burt sorry I usually try to get here a little bit early to uh turn lights on all right just send you back I think I'm just gonna go home let's go home see how everyone else is doing are they doing good let's check [Music] Tamar's getting closer yesterday s come against the nation no we're at our normal here I come my child [Music] [Music] me [Music] all righty - so as of teloth title this video I thought it would be kind of fun to show you how I apply for the Permanent Fund dividend to show you at least the website where you go what you do maybe some of the questions if we can go through this together so let's do that okay so you will go to WWE DFS Alaska gov as you can see up here and that basically takes you to the Permanent Fund dividend division let's go ahead and refresh this just so you can see how many Alaskans have already applied for the dividend so basically to start off you need to have a my Alaska account so that makes it super easy to go in there and have a my Alaska account if you're it's your first time just go ahead and set one of those up because they have like little questions and whatnot how do I file an application online and it kind of talks you through if you want to have it be like a direct deposit you can they also have different places you can donate some of your PFD if that is something that you'd want to do are the eligibility requirements for the dividend program as you can read here to be eligible for the PFD you must have been Alaska resident for the entire calendar year and then this kind of discusses some of the residency establishing a residency of what you might have to have to show that you have proved that you you've moved and whatnot like that and you've been here for a year so this is something like my mom is gonna have to do because she has been here for a year here and um talks about like if your child is adopted just as long as the the Alaskan resident is a sponsor so the sponsors action in Alaskan resident is the child eligible for a dividend if the sponsors not know the child is not able to if they're underage unless the sponsor is the aliens and aliens guaranteed refugee yes he or she received conditional or permanent status so refugee status before January 1st of the qualifying year and is otherwise eligible on can you be out of Alaska you can actually go you know like some people have you know long absences from here right a bit of information filing period right now is January 1st through March 31st and this is something that you want to jump on just because you just don't want to forget because you would miss out if you don't file on time there's one application per person individuals including adults and children so for us I have to file five different applications see my Alaska basically gives you the option to sign in my PFD I apply online let's see if this will take me to where I need to go your current year adult application must be filed before the children can so I would just click on mine you understand that you're in that this information on that application is a crime unser falsification Anse or falsification is a Class C felony so if you lie on your PFD it is a Class C felony which is definitely not good so ask for personal information the date of birth your social security fill that are you married your phone number it does say I understand that 24 percent of this dividend will be withheld if the social security number or taxpayer identification number provided does not match our IRS records so again another important thing then you enter your spouse's information which includes like their name their date of birth their social security your mailing address so you enter that in your physical address where you actually reside contact method if you'd like to be contacted I chose email are you physically present in Alaska today and it gives you the option of yes this application is being filed no application just be a filed firm so I am during the 2019 period where you've gone from Alaska more than 90 day and no I was not are you a US citizen yes I am are you or have you ever been an active member of the US Armed Forces no I have not are you currently absent from living outs are you currently absent from or living outside of Alaska no I'm not have you maintained your physical home or store the majority of your household belongings in Alaska since December 31st yes I have you own a home yep what is the address of your home same as my physical so I will type that in your spouse applying for this year's dividend yes he is this is December 31st 2018 for tax purposes did you or will you indicate full or part-time residency in another state or country since December 31st 2018 have you claimed residency I am not taking any actions listed above since December 31st 2000 I just thing did you take any the following nope so that's talking about you know obtaining a residence hunting fishing or trapping license registering to vote voted in local state election outside of our state these are these are new have you ever been convicted of a felony and have not been unconditionally discharged from incarceration probation and or parole no I have not to ensure you are assigned to the correct voting district please enter your residence address if left-bank the address entered earlier in your PFD application won't be used okay so I can use all that provide an adult Alaskan residents who can verify your Alaskan residency I already have that person it's actually my mother riding an adult resident who can verify and that's going to be my husband to pick like one person that lives with you one person that doesn't if you want if you are determined ineligible to receive a dividend you have chosen voluntary deductions or have garnishment they will take for me to our main funds additionally eligible applications who elect not to receive payment by direct deposit will be paid starting in the second payment run in October due to processing time so you have the option to either put direct deposit or you can have your check actually mailed to you direct deposit is recommended for faster more secure payment so I'm going to do direct payment same as last year yep do you want to obtain the 1099 miscellaneous tax document online with an email reminder that's fine would you like to invest fifty percent of your dividend in a new or existing Alaska five to nine account that's about the college saving plans and you know I'm not I have my own savings plans from my kids pick click and give would you like to contribute a portion of the dividend to charities across the state I do not do this because I select my own would you like to give to alaska's public education no I would not I don't you just to review and edit your answers I'll shove any of this but it asks for like it just goes over all the questions that you essentially answered so I'm just gonna look over it make sure that it's correct and then I will hit submit so let's see and then I viewed my document I'm about to sign my Alaska password done confirmation and then you can basically go and you can file another application easy as that so I did everything online and I am done for the entire year just gonna print that real quick there she is that's it guys that is the PFD application especially just filling it out online super easy now mind you I am already set up with a my Alaska so that will take a little bit of time but it's pretty basic just setting it up each adult you have to set up for a different my Alaska so role my Alaska you must be 18 years old have a valid email address and enter accurate profile information in my Alaska now I can file another application and I can file for anybody so I can file I filed Burt's and I file all the kids so they didn't even have to worry about it so awesomesauce late for filing for a child it is the exact same process they pretty much asked all the same questions kind of see how maybe what a kid one was through the sponsor information the child information so a lot less questions that compared to the adult because essentially the child is following underneath that that sponsors information so basically there was just one two three four five questions essentially submit and just sign with your password read and review document done and that is Audrey so that is all it is super super easy getting set up not a big hassle you can file them all I'm just gonna do all of them just so it's done I don't even have to I don't even have to worry about it so just Garrett in Evelyn's list so yeah I hope this was helpful let me know if you have any questions down below I hope this helps I'm gonna get all my permit my PFD stuff I will tell you we do not know our amount yet this year there's still kind of there's been some arguing and some kind of figuring stuff out with politicians and whatnot in regards to whether they're gonna take some of it which is what they did last year which was not very nice essentially took half of our PFD so last year thousand six hundred and six dollars is how much it was last year if all goes through and they do not take any of it it will probably double that this year and we generally get them in October so everybody in households whether you have two adults whether you have one person living in the home whether you have ten kids and two adults everybody gets a PFD as long as all those questions that I just showed you were answered properly we're accurate you have to make sure you are being very very very honest in what you're doing because otherwise it can be a not a good time for you so I do a really good job of answering your fa Q's things like that so just be be mindful they've got a lot so if you are coming to Alaska and you know you're gonna be here for a while remember you cannot file for this unless you've been here for a full calendar year hope this helps leave me your questions down below anything like this exists where you live let me know if something like this and that I'm not aware of exists where you live or something similar to it so we're gonna call us tonight thank you guys so much for watching zip my baby's still next door it is 10:48 at night right now he's still working in the office business owners you know you only worked half days 12 hours a day be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it don't forget to subscribe and hit that Bell - see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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