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How do i industry sign banking california ppt safe

[Music] hello from California it's warm and sunny out here and because of stay-at-home order you are actually watching me from my home office so I hope you are keeping safe as well wherever you are in the world could be better to meet you in person under different circumstances but thank you for watching this and I hope we will get to interact with you after you watch this presentation I am community development manager for one epi at Intel which means I animal developer ecosystem in the industry to adopt and work with one epi and it's related technology before I took up with this role I was an NFA developer evangelist and I am currently a co-chair of I Triple H automation platform roadmap for beyond 5g technology roadmap so enough about me now let's meet my co-presenter he could not do this recording today since he is a native Portuguese speaker so I am speaking on his behalf he is a researcher founder of oil technology an inventor of Sirte face technology he is ambassador open SUSE Linux in Latin America open source software contributor including maintainer slip realsense in open SUSE Linux and last but not the least enter software innovator now let's dive into making banking secured by our biometrics application built using one API and DP C++ based on sickle sleep C++ now time for notices and disclaimer certifies technology was designed to be used in banking system to combat fraud and protect honest people by using technology to differentiate between a living person and a recorded video it finds faces in database with 20 million of user in less than five second and is used in brazilian security it is 100 percent in cloud so that's why it come it is compatible with any device connected to the Internet which means it could be any low-cost cell phone device it has a very low false acceptance rate to reiterate it is a liveliness detection algorithm so that a photo or a video for example if it was obtained from Facebook will not pass the algorithm so that means it will protect life or then trick users now I wish I could show you a demo of this technology but I am not sure how to record my screamed because this video is not embedding on the slideshow here and I'm using Microsoft recording technology so I really apologize for this but there is a YouTube recording of the demo and I will be including this in the slideshow as a link so you can watch this demo so what what is demonstrated in the demo is that if a video is inserted by via a smartphone device or something the algorithm will detect that it is a recorded video versus a live camera feed would pass if it matches with the live video feed of a person so this is how the banking system could use this liveliness detect detection algorithm to detect whether the person who's trying to access the banking system is alive or dead it is like like I said before it is a cloud service it works in cloud and then it is 100% and compatible with any device connected to the Internet the biometric cluster searches millions of users in three second with scalability and high responsiveness it is compatible with Windows Linux Mac Android iPhone and Kaos it uses computer vision in cloud computing to combat false data with photos or videos it is compatible with high cost and low cost mobile phones alike since all it needs is a web browser so that it can connect to the biometrics cluster it protects honest people from identity fraud when it tries to detect a face and this face is linked with multiple databases from our database which is centralized database of millions of users the system triggers an alert in real time that this is a possible identity theft because the algorithm matched a single face with multiple records available in the centralized database it is a mathematically robust algorithm so it works even in dark and with low-quality photos it can process facial biometrics taken from all cellphones irrespective of the resolution it uses a host of propriety proprietary and open algorithm and all this is possible using computer vision techniques convolutional neural network and rapid decoding using one BPL or one video processing library which we will go into a little bit more into detail now one may be L is part of one API so before we go further into one maybe L let me tell you a little bit about one API when API is an industry initiative based on standards open specification it includes a unified programming language and library that deliver full native poor performance across a range of hardware including CPU gpus FPGAs and AI accelerators it is used to optimize middleware and framework that sit on top of it including AAA frameworks such as tensor flow optimized user and industry applications can sit on top of it which leverage this common middleware and framework based on open specification and/or standard for cross vendor compatibility interest product is a reference implementation until one epi toolkit this includes advanced porting analysis and debugger tool that spans the software stack you can debug and profile code across all level of abstraction more than 30 companies not support the one API concept many of these companies are also participating in enters beta release and are providing feedback for its tools that I mentioned before one API is an alternative to single vendor solution its specification includes direct programming with an open unified language called data parallel C++ or DP C++ it is a API based programming with a set of performance libraries for expressing parallelism and delivering native hilar high-level language performance for all supported platforms most one API libraries are open sourced to encourage collaboration and help build new features and extensions it also includes low-level interface to hardware called one API level 0 together these components allows companies to build their own implementation of one API if you want to learn more you are welcome to go to one API dot-com and we encourage you to give us feedback now what is data parallel C++ it is a high-level language designed for data parallel programming productivity it is based on C++ language for brought compatibility it provides full native high-level language performance on par with standard C++ it simplifies cold migration from proprietary languages with a programming model familiar to GPU software developers its starting point is signal which is being developed under the industry consortium Khronos group Hindle is addressing gaps in the language through extensions that ultimately will be driven into the standard it includes source code to compatibility tool to assist with migration of CUDA code to deep in C++ it leverages well-proven LLVM compiler technology as well as enters history of compiler leadership there will still be a need to tune it for each table texture internal reference implementation of one API is a set of two gates it includes data parallel C++ or DP C++ which I described in the earliest slide it includes an implementation of CUDA or TP C++ compatibility - which will help no terribles from CUDA to DP C++ for API based programming this toolkit includes a range of performance libraries which span several workload domains that benefit from acceleration these library functions custom coded for each target architecture so no developer tuning is required when developers migrate code between supported detectors and finally analysis and debug tools include enhanced versions of beaten profiler and advisor performance tip know that support for AI accelerators such as inter n MP is coming in the future release so right now we are at the beta release and this will come as part of our next release and the golden release is expected to come during the later part of this year now let us talk about the libraries which are part of the one area these performance libraries span several workflow domains that benefit from acceleration they are custom coded for each hardware architecture so no developer tuning is required when developers migrate these libraries from one architecture to another this library includes math kernal library for matrix FFTs and other math operations thread building blocks and VP C++ library for parallel algorithm and data structures analytics library for classic machine learning and statistical functions deep neural networks are DNA and machine learning communication libraries for optimizing deep learning frameworks such as tensor flow video processing library for optimized video codecs and processing functions this is the library that we will be talking about in this talk today and last but not the least rendering libraries for visualization which has been used in production of many commercially successful movies produced by okay now certifies uses heterogeneous computing architecture using CPUs and GPUs from servers to notebooks and this is why it is using one vpl which is part of one API toolkit so that it it's support of heterogeneous architecture become easier it uses computer vision techniques with open CV open Nino and deep learning technologies based on inter features as thread building block IPP and MPL and high performance computing now into one API vpl allows development of real-time transporting decoding and encoding and high-speed direct access to advanced enter CPU and GPU instructions if you want to try one bbl please log on to one API dot intercom to get the Intel implementation of one vpl and you can request deaf cloud access where one vpl library is pre-installed for you and you can get the toolkit and there are some sample codes available to you in today's presentation we will be talking about some of these functions simple and codes and political spectrum so let's move on in this example you can see how to use the API for video encoder and decoder for real-time processing so this is the place where the decoder is being called in the C++ library with Lib VBA and this is where after the decoder we need to convert the frame to work with OpenCV and process deep learning tasks so this is how this where open CV is being called to do the deep learning task this is how to compile and build the project so here are some command and syntaxes for you this will be part of the slide deck and so you can refer to this now alessandro takes linux seriously and researches his works with biometrics and computer vision since 1998 with this experience he used open SUSE Linux in the solution with one be one epi live vpl and open CV here beta version open Mina he compiled the opencv library with IPP MK l and t BB for multi nibbler programming as well and optimized for SSE 4.2 ax v2 and other resources for better performance and Inter processes he use computer vision calculations and deep learning models in this solution on the device an image or video in h.264 is sent for solution so any device can generate information frame or video h.264 for the cloud service to process with little or no overhead on an Intel processor so now we look at a simple decode example with the following command this project is with lib v PL was based on the simple decode example so you give you a minute to look at the commands in this slide we will see how to compile the example creating files and compilation commands create folder C make and make now let's look at the main features used with one big one API VBL creating creation of h.264 decoder using GPU default possible mode access to frame date in memory in read-only mode diecut and decode frame from string so now that we have looked a little bit deep into the code sorry with this short presentation format we cannot go little bit more into the detail but Alessandro's contact is available in this PPT and you can go to our own forum and we'll be happy to answer any questions in summary 30 phase technology was designed to be used in banking system to combat fraud and protect honest people by using technology to differentiate between a living person and a recorded video certify 7420 spoofing uses one API and one VBA for fast equal video one vpl every enables and allows the development of real-time transporting decoding and encoding high-speed direct access to advanced Intel CPU and GPU instructions one ap1 EPR unifies and simplifies programming across CPUs and accelerators delivery developer products on multiple architectures and vendors if you are interested in working on one API or with Intel's implementation of one epi we would like to welcome you to innovative program this is our way of recognizing your work in the community log on to damaged or intercom go to members program and apply for a membership I'll show you the screen shot a little bit later once you are part of this member program you're part of our exclusive team of top-tier experts who like to innovate and share your work we will once you're in the program we would ask you to come under MEA once you are under NDA we can give you access to we're in technology which is not there yet in the market so that you can stay ahead of the market we love to support your experimentation prototypes testing and research we love to show the stopping spotlight on our innovators through shared projects by our developer mesh technical articles code samples media articles even demos etc on inter developer zone and last but not the least we love to showcase our innovators in major conferences and public events like we are doing today with alessandro here so I submitted this joint abstract with Alessandro and really thankful for I will call to give us this opportunity to talk so here is a lesser gross project on damage when you get this slide deck there is the link to this project and it has the video demonstration that I was talking about earlier so click on this link and at the bottom of the page you will find the video demonstration of this product here is the screen shot of where you will need to go to apply to become an inter software innovator so I hope to see you and yes last but not the least until has actually committed 50 million to go with 19 research and about 10 million is dedicated to innovation fund this website link is linked here we would love to see proposals on you on how you would love to showcase covalent so thank you so much for being with us here is goodbye from Alessandro and Sujata this light has my email and my twitter handle so would love to hear from you wherever you are in the world stay safe stay healthy and talk to you later bye

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