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[Applause] [Music] good afternoon everyone this is kyle thomas here at csbs we are about to get started with the connecticut release of the state examination tutorial well we've got uh an exciting agenda for you today we want to welcome you to the call also remind everyone that we are recording today's call because we'd like to make these available after the fact and we think they're good uh good content if you have to miss a portion of it or if you need to share it with some examiners who may be new to the system a little later on so in about a week we'll get the we'll get an email out to you with a recording and uh you'll be able to find it as well on the about scs site where you have the release notes so we're going to jump in here in a minute uh just a couple other housekeeping items we have all the lines muted because we have about 150 people participating today which is great um but because i can get a little unwieldy with questions we want to encourage you to use the chat feature if you have any questions and we'll be moderating that monitoring that uh throughout throughout the presentation and we'll do our best to get to questions as we get to them uh through the agenda so if we're touching on scheduling and you have a scheduling question we'll try to go ahead and answer that right away so let's get started first things first like we always do what's included in the connecticut release well uh this is a single sprint worth of work so we have a few uh we have a smaller number of enhancements but still a really good and i think a lot of valuable enhancements uh this this release comes quick on the heels of the new hampshire release that you'll all remember it was just just a few weeks ago so this one includes about 28 new enhancements features most of which were from end user feedback we got a lot of feedback on the company side and a lot of feedback on the agency side and then that translates into 11 agency facing changes four for companies and then 13 enhancements that really benefit all the users in the system you'll see on the right hand side of the screen our website there that's where you can go to just it's kind of a jumping off point for all anything and everything related to ses it's got the release notes on it has links out to a map showing which agencies are using different aspects of the system and then it also takes you out to the knowledge portal and other other resources for you so today we are going to talk about a few of the i would say cornerstone changes in this release one of which uh i'll be covering here in a second is accepting and leveraging another agency's supervisory activity we'll also talk about some bulk download changes that we've made the ability to add additional information to your standard information requests that was a user a high priority user feedback item i think brings a lot of nice flexibility to the system and then uh how are handling and what we're going to be using depository institution data for some notification changes and then ultimately some company company user verification as they uh get into the system and associate themselves with with the system let's get started the first feature i want to talk about is accepting and leveraging examinations of other agencies and i have to give a little bit of backstory here we as you know are talking at csbs all about network supervision and working with uh working with other state regulators to join exams reduce the number of exams wherever possible so joining with your fellow exam or joining with your fellow states is one way to do it another way to do it is by taking the work that they have already done and building off of that and using it to speed up your supervisory process so we've got two features in the system that work to that goal the first is accepting an examination of another agency and i have to draw a bright distinction between these two because it's important to understand the conceptual difference between accepting and leveraging uh if the words don't uh convey that just off the bat so accepting another agency's supervisory activity is really the outright acceptance of that agency's exam for your purposes so let's say you're scheduled or you're due to examine company abc and you're in the system and you see that someone has just some other agency has just examined company abc and they've closed that exam and uh you think you know what i know the regulators in that state i work with them all the time they're really good and it's likely that what they reviewed is good enough for my purposes and i might be able to just accept their report fully and wholeheartedly for my own purposes that's the acceptance workflow that we've built we'll demo this here in a minute i will i will say this may not be a common practice yet but we're hoping to increase this as a common practice as we go forward and we certainly want to build this in the system now contrast that with leverage the leveraging functionality this is probably a more common practice it's all it's contemplated in our accreditation standards if your mortgage bank or soon-to-be money transmitter accredited it allows you to use another agency's exam or investigation record as a starting point for your own exam or investigation so think of it this way if if they've covered 90 of what you were going to cover and you just need to do an additional 10 percent maybe request a few loans or review a few transactions the leverage workflow allows you to do that the leverage workflow is essentially a new scope type in ses which really allows you to do just that you can say for the for this examination of company abc i'm going to call it the leverage scope type you point to the exam of the other agency that you're leveraging you can then you know review and access that information carry out your own supervisory duties whatever those mean to you and then drive on so that's kind of the two concepts in a nutshell and i'd like to break away from the powerpoint presentation now and demo this in the system so this this demo will take a little bit we're going to be jumping user roles and we're going to be covering both of these two functions so bear with me if we if we get a little uh get a little wild with the user role jumping around i'll do my best to keep orienting you as i can so i'm signed into the system now as a staff director from the state of washington and imagine if you will that i have to do an examination of a large company let's just call it quicken so if i have to examine this company um i need to find that company's record and initiate an exam on them so this is one path and i'm demoing the acceptance workflow right now so we're going to pull up the company search there's a couple different ways to go about it search by name and you pull up that company's record now i mentioned there's a couple different ways to go about this um one way is through the scheduling workflow and i'll get to that in a minute but i'm kind of showing the basic maybe more direct route to the acceptance functionality so with the acceptance flow you first have to find the exam that you are going to accept for the purposes of your own for your agency so remember i'm signed in today as washington state so i know i have to examine quicken well i need to find an exam that i can accept and again you may not know in your head uh that another agency has done an exam of a company i'm kind of showing you here a way you can go search for that i think in practice you're more likely to run into this in the scheduling flow which i'll show when we get there but i wanted you to see how this works mechanically outside of the scheduling flow because that adds maybe another layer of uh another layer of of complexity when it comes to a demo is just another thing to kind of mentally keep track of so as i was setting this up today i found an exam that another agency has done on quicken that is perfect for me to take a look at so i'm gonna pull up number 541. so exam number 541 was conducted by my neighbor to the south oregon and it's enclosed status which means i can this exam is completely run its course i can go ahead and possibly request or excuse me possibly accept this for my own purposes now in order to accept another agency's exam record you have to have access to it because this is an oregon record i don't have automatic access to it so i'm going through the process now of showing you how to request access to these and i'm going to submit a request now over to the agency in oregon so now the agency in oregon gets a notification to approve my request so now i need to sign out sign in as oregon and approve that request normally you would not be in the real world i think jumping around and doing all these different uh role changes but essentially what i'm doing here is i've just logged in as oregon staff director i'm reviewing washington's request they are making a request to to give the staff director in washington and the examiner in washington access to this supervisory activity and so i i can accept it or reject it again we've covered this functionality in previous demos so i'm kind of breezing through this quickly what that just did is it just granted the washington department access to that examination record so now i'm going to sign back in as the washington staff director and hopefully you're hanging with me here back in now as the washington staff director i'm going to go and find that exam exam number 541 and we see here pulls up because i now have access to it and i can now open that record so now this is the examiner examination record from the state of oregon you'll see that i've got access to all the information on all these tabs i can also view the report of exam so in the report of exam tab i could download and preview the final report of exam you are limited to downloading and previewing other documents in the system so loan requests information request documents cannot be previewed by you but the report obviously since that's the thing you're probably going to need to be reviewing as part of your acceptance exam is in fact included in your authority so back on the summary tab to initiate the acceptance of another agency's exam you have to assign an acceptance eic so in scs we treat the acceptance workflow as kind of a small exam if you will um it's it's its own supervisory activity essentially it's its own um it's its own flow and so we what we heard from our stakeholders was that even in the situation where you're accepting another agency's exam outright you have to still assign someone to review that other agency's work you have to assign someone to complete maybe some forms or paperwork in your agency and we just decided to use the term eic for that it was a known term and so we're assigning an examiner in charge for that purpose so i'm going to go ahead and assign myself you could also assign any other users who have access to the supervisory activity you saw there was another name in there examiner one i'm going to go ahead and assign myself as the staff director and then click begin acceptance so now we have uh uh begun the acceptance piece for um the supervisory activity uh there's a big button right in the middle of the screen that says begin acceptance i decide i'd assign myself as the as the examiner in charge for this and so by pulling up that same exam record so this is the oregon exam record 541 of quicken uh this is the record that you know i had requested access from oregon on uh you click begin acceptance and you are opened or you're brought to a very simple form that allows your agency to document whatever you need to do um as it relates to the acceptance of this other agency's report and and this is this is it this is the entire workspace for your acceptance exam if you will and so you're able to provide any kind of acceptance notes here if you want to provide some written notes but i think most important is this upload documents file so what i want to encourage each agency to do who might want to use this functionality because i think this has the potential to really save a lot of time is your agency will need to come up with policies procedures and and some practices around when it makes sense to accept and how your agency will document the acceptance of another agency's report and so i've kind of created a mock form here called the washington dfi exam acceptance form and you can imagine i've filled that out and attached that that form would probably collect things like um you know the due diligence review that i've done uh document whether or not the the companies followed up with any findings that the previous agency found that the scope was sufficient for my agency's scope just documenting all the things that are necessary you have the ability also to choose whether you want to notify the company that this has happened and this is a choice because we heard in our feedback sessions that some agencies may want to do this some agencies may not but i think to the extent that you you think the company would appreciate the fact that you're not examining them in a full scope way and just accepting another agency's report you can send this notification but if you also just don't want to do that you can you can choose no uh the last part here this should look pretty familiar you can save your work send you can send this for review so if you were an examiner level you could send this up to a staff director or staff user level and have them review it and certify it if that's appropriate or you can complete the work by clicking the accept button and hitting accept supervisory activity so again i want to stress that it's a very simple workflow you request the access from the other agency once you get that access you assign your eic then the eic completes that simple that simple screen there but really the meat of the review would be whatever documentation or policies you create to guide your examiners through the acceptance review process of another agency's report of exam so i mentioned that's the more that's a very direct route that's when you know the company you're going to accept an exam of you maybe even know the exam from your other agency that you want to accept an exam of that's jumping right into the system to take care of that i think in practice this is more likely to come up in the scheduling workflow so i want to take a few seconds and show that now and this is a good segue into the other piece of this functionality which is not only the leveraging function excuse me not only the accepting function that i just showed you but also the leveraging function which is much more of a of a workflow and much more of a feeling of an exam than the acceptance because remember acceptance is outright taking the other agency's uh report and using it for your own and then leveraging is possibly doing a lot of additional work building off of the previous agency okay so i'm back on my home screen i'm going to show you how to kind of access those options from the scheduling wizard so this should look familiar because i think this was a workshop we did together last month you start the exam scheduling and we're going to go ahead and choose mortgage origination for today's demonstration and pull up all the mortgage companies licensed in the state of washington so i've i've cheated a little bit i've set some of the stuff up ahead of time i'm going to just to keep things kind of quick and sane here go through two examples of how to accept or leverage from the scheduling module so you see uh from this from the company selection page i just picked two companies let's just imagine that i needed to examine lend smart mortgage and first second mortgage company out of new jersey so i've selected those two go to the next step confirm that those are the only two i want to work with in this session and then the next step is really this make decisions piece this is where accept and leverage have come into the uh come into the screen so the first company is lens smart mortgage and you'll see there's a past supervisory activity on londsmart mortgage california dbo exam number 10 11 was conducted just about a month and a half ago just about a month ago so this this this screen which i know we've talked about before is is esigned to show you other information that you can use for your purposes in scheduling and working with this company so we show you the active exams that you see there are none the upcoming exams because these are two categories of exams that maybe you want to partner with another agency on and we can finally now use this past supervisory activities to accept or leverage so in order to accept you know the exam has to be closed and that this one is same with leverage so with this one with lensmart i'm going to choose the leverage option and you plug in the supervisor activity id that was 1011 i'm over california's are good examiners so we're going to go ahead and say good fit to build off of this one and then you go to the next company again i hope you remember this from the scheduling workshop right now you're not actually putting these decisions on the on the calendar all you're doing is you're just saying how you want to handle each of these companies in your scheduling queue first second mortgage company of new jersey there are no past supervisory activities so i cannot accept any uh i cannot accept any supervisory activities of this company but i could use uh use this upcoming one conducted by new jersey and join it if i wanted to but if i wanted to accept the way this would work is you would just click accept plug in the supervisory activity id there and then you'd have uh on your on your to-do list to go through that acceptance workflow that i just showed you in the previous in the previous few steps uh on how to go about accepting that exam for your own but we're now focusing on len first so i'm just going to plug in a fictitious start date for this one and we'll kind of ignore this company going forward continue to confirm and so there are the two decisions i said where we're going to leverage another exam which is on the lens smart and then i decided to go ahead and schedule a single state exam for first second mortgage so we can go ahead and proceed with these decisions and we now have the ability to leverage this exam so with a leveraged exam the way you the way you need to go about this is again first you need to go ahead and request access so when you need to kind of follow that same flow that we had done before and make the request from the owning state agency uh from that point um you'll be granted that that uh acceptance and then i'm gonna i'm not gonna go through that entire workflow again because it's a lot of jumping roles and i think it's a little time consuming but once you're granted access you then have the ability to kick off a supervisory activity on that company leveraging the examination that you now have access to in this case from california so to do that we're going to go and open up an exam just to kind of show you uh the way that would work in in practice imagine california had granted me access to that ex that supervisory record 10-0 or 1011. order to start my leveraged exam of this company you initiate the supervisory activity and this should look very familiar this is the exact same way you would be initiating a full scope or limited scope exam because leveraged exams are just a different scope type so you fill out these basic details and then you have this new scope type called leveraged and in leveraged you put in the essay id of the examination that you have access to that you've requested access to and you go to the next section and i did this on purpose because i wanted to show there are a number of validations that that appear here when you're trying to leverage another agency's exam the first is as you can read here you have to have access to that so i showed you i had not requested access from california yet so therefore i cannot leverage exam number 1011. i have to go make that request to california first the other validations are things like uh the it has to be an active uh essay id meaning it has to be an active or it has to be an actual exam in the system the examination must be closed also the examination could not have reached its expiration date on the on the uh category b document retention meaning the long-term document retention which is six years so it has to be within that six year time frame but if you meet those criteria that you have access to that from the home agency and that all those other criteria are met you can then proceed in a very normal examination fashion leveraging the supervisory activity and proceeding you would then assign the eic and just like the accepted it's up to your agency to decide how deep to dig on these leveraged exams you can send information requests after this point it opens up into a normal exam scenario the only difference is you do have some flexibility around not sending information requests not sending loan requests you can hop from those different uh workflow segments more freely than you can in say a full scope or whatever exam that's otherwise that's the only difference between a leveraged exam and a full-blown full limited scope supervisory activity so i know that's quite a bit of demo activity maybe a little more than we bargained for i'm gonna jump back to my powerpoint slide and cover uh one more quick uh piece of my uh functionality that i wanted to demo today and then i'll go ahead and open it up for questions on either this or uh what i'm about to discuss so the the other shifting gears entirely now uh i wanted to want to talk about a new feature that we've added to the system to give you more flexibility around what types of documents if you are using this feature you're downloading back out of the system so the problem we heard from from regulators was that you really like the ability to bulk download the documents out of an exam but you don't really like the fact that it's an all or nothing deal so the solution we came up with is that you now have the ability to choose different segments of documents or different categories of documents at the end of an exam or whenever you decide to do the bulk download so the categories you can choose are information request loan requests you can still download all documents or you can download everything except the information requests and the loan requests so those are the four categories and just to show you where this is at i'm going to back out of this and cancel and just remind you all how to go about the bulk download process so pull open an exam that you may want to bulk download for the bulk download option is under related actions so this is an exam record that was completed back in february under related actions there are several options in this case i'm going to choose the bulk download and you've got those four options again it's pretty self-explanatory you can download the ir documents the loan request documents all the documents on this exam accept irs and loan requests or the full document set and again the way this works is you're sent uh you're sent an email notification when your download is ready and a link to go ahead and download that so those are the two features i wanted to uh demo today i'm going to go ahead and check the chat and see what kind of questions we're getting all right so we got some questions about the accreditation standards i think that might be a good follow-up question for me to to work with you just over email on that the acceptance of exams is really separate from leveraging exams so if you're leveraging the question was if we accept an exam do we have to do transaction testing and what is the csbs accreditation standard is transaction testing required i believe transaction testing is required if you're doing uh if you're leveraging the work of another agency so in your leveraging workflow you would need to do some loan review uh some uh in-state transaction testing or what have you however on the acceptance workflow that is an outright acceptance of another agency's examination work and there is no transaction testing contemplated there is no separate loan review contemplated in that part of the workflow but um thank you for that question there's more to the story there with accreditation and we are going to work with the accreditation team to make sure these new paradigms are accounted for um but uh i think i'll take an action item to get back uh get back with you offline on that question the exam date is that the close date or the start date uh that's a that's a question in the system um we've got both uh the system the the system uh captures both and i think the way uh we present the exam date on the system is the date the information requests are sent to the company at least i believe that's the the official start date for for the exam record in our system um but we try wherever possible to label whatever date we're using is exactly what's happening so the closed date the start date we try to try to instead spell out exactly what's happening the next question was will the bulk download feature be applicable for active exams that already have documents in the ses system yes a good question uh the bulk download i showed you the bulk download on a closed exam but you can actually go ahead and download you can actually use the bulk download feature on any exam you're participant on before it's closed so during the exam at any time you can go ahead and bulk download those again that's accessible through the related actions piece so i'm going to keep things moving here uh if any other questions please uh feel free to to put them in the chat we'll keep monitoring that i'm going to hand it off to lindsay schmidt to talk about uh a next enhancement on the list lindsay yeah thanks kyle good afternoon everyone i have just two enhancements to talk to you all about today the first one is around standard information requests so a lot of you enjoy the standard information requests in terms of the language and the functionality but we've heard that sometimes there's a need for you all to communicate something additional to the company about that standard information request and right now you don't have the ability to edit any of the language in a standard information request and so the solution that we've come up with is allowing you to add additional information so you'll see in the screenshot to the left there there's an additional information box that you can type in to add additional commentary for the company about this particular standard um the it's important for us to keep the language the same and so we thought that it would be good to give you that additional text box that would get sent to the company to give them further instruction about how to complete that standard information request for you so that one's pretty straightforward this is that screenshot is exactly what it would look like in the system you can add that additional information at the time that you're creating the information request and adding that standard information request you can also um if you need to update you know if the company has already responded you're looking at their information request response and you want to add additional information you have the option to type that into the company as well um next slide the the next topic and then i'll certainly break for questions if there are any on any of the two topics that i'm presenting is around depository data in ses and so as most of you are aware we have non-depository information coming over from nmls on a nightly basis and so there was a need on the complaint side which is there are users on the complaint side of ses now that they needed the ability to create and process complaints on depository institutions so those of you that are familiar with nmls there's a non-depository side of mls and then there's a depository side of the system that belongs to the cfpb and that requires all federal institutions and credit unions to be registered and all of their mlos to be registered as well and so we worked with the cfpb to get their approval to bring over that depository data into ses for purposes of being the complaints users being able to create complaints on them um we did and i'll show the best way to show this really is is to do a demo but there is a new company type column in the search field that will you'll be able to easily distinguish using these icons here whether the entity is a depository or a non-depository and then as i've mentioned this functionality is only available for complaints users right now at some point down the road it will likely open it up to allow examiners to be able to create exams on depositories but for right now and for this release only complaints users can can create complaints on these depository entities so i will ask kyle at this point to transfer the ball to me so that i can share my screen okay and you should be able to see my screen now hopefully looks good okay and so i know a lot of you are examiners and maybe some of you have not seen the complaint side of the system i know we have some complaints users um on the webinar as well but this is welcome to the complaint side of ses this is the home page i first want to just search for a depository institution to see to show you what that institution record looks like so i'm going to search for navy federal and this is the this is the navy federal that i'm looking for you'll see here this is the different icons that i was mentioning that there's you know this is a depository there's nice hover text on here that will allow you to easily distinguish between whether the entity is on the depository side or non-depository if i click into this record for navy federal just like non-depositories have their own company record in ses these depositories will have their own record as well and so all of this information that you see on this screen is coming over from the nmls system so the legal name of navy federal their address in vienna their rssd id who their primary federal regulator is of course their animal sid so all of this is is populated and coming from the mls system even though um examiners and those on the supervisor activity side do not have the ability to create exams on these entities you can still view these entities so even though i'm in the company search on the complaint side if an examiner were to go into the company search on the supervisor activity side you could still search for navy federal and view their record you would still have access to view all depository records you just wouldn't be able to take any action on them at this time so i'm going to go through here and go over to the complaint side and just show you how you can create a complaint on this on navy federal for example so i'm going to click enter new complaint i'm going to click company here and put in their nmls id i hope i remembered that correctly and i did and so when you put in their mls id this is an example of just the summary information that's represented on that screen that we were just at you'll also see here on there's another indication that this is a depository and then down at the bottom here which hopefully you might not be able to see if my picture's there but you'll have the ability to enter complaint and then this opens up the complaint intake form which if you're a complaints user that are that's currently using um ses you're very familiar with this intake form we did not make any changes to the intake form based on the depositories being added into the system so you'll see this is the information that's being pulled over from nmls you'll also see here you have access to the full complaint details um you have of course the business type um selection of you can choose commercial bank and then your business activities instead of the long list that you're used to there's just two to choose from or in this instance credit union is is probably most appropriate you have the ability to pick between loans and operations and then you would just go on your way here of entering in your description all of the rest of this stays the same for you all and then down at the bottom here you can choose to to create that complaint the one thing to point out is that you do still need to go through the onboarding process for the very first user at navy federal for example if you if i go back to the company search real quick for navy federal you probably notice that onboarding buttn the one thing to point out here and this is more specifically for complaints users that are on the call um you you're probably used to seeing coming to this page for the company record and seeing some nmls contact information um we were not able to pull the contact information from nmls that we were not um we weren't granted the permission to pull that over into scs from the cfpb and so to uh you'll likely need to reach out to navy federal for example or your your depository institution to get an idea of who they want their very first user to be and then you would just go through the process of initiating onboarding for for that company so once you create that complaint as i mentioned the the process stays exactly the same you have you can create your information request you can send it to that person that you onboarded that company user can log in and respond to the complaint so the the exact the workflow is exactly the same between the depository and the non-depository so i think with that i think there probably are some chat questions in there i'll open it up if there are any questions on the being able to add additional information on a standard information request and then any of these any questions on the depository institutions lindsay one of the i was kind of keeping up with the chat one of the questions that we got relates to um state regulators ability to view and see the complaints that are entered by other regulators both on the for depository and non-depository institutions alike can you speak to what one regulator can see from another regulator's complaints sure um so to see complaint information you need to be a part of the complaints group um so if you are and that's something that your account admin at your agency can add you into that complaints group it's essentially it's a permission and that would give you access to view complaint information if you do not if you're not in the complaints group if you navigate to a depository record you will not see this complaints tab here but if you are added into the complaints group you'd be able to click into this tab and then see if there are any complaints here hopefully that answers the question it does thank you i think all the other questions in the chat have been answered um i think we're i think we're up to date on the questions coming in in the chat okay great i will turn it back over to you all right thank you all right so we're gonna go jump back into the powerpoint presentation cover a few more functions in the system i think much of the rest of this is going to be guided through a powerpoint presentation so lindsey just talked about the depository institutions i'm going to turn it over to alejandro krasnow to speak to a couple of the other features that we've got in store for you in this release ellie thank you so much kyle good afternoon everyone to start with this a couple of enhancements that i'm going to go through uh this first one the optional notification prior to the connecticut release a company would get notified when an agency closed and locked the essay so we heard from agencies that you would like to make this company notification optional and have the ability to decide whether the company receives a notification because in some instances you might not want to notify the company so now with the connecticut release you do have that option of notifying a company when when you're closing unlocking the psa so here on the screen you can see a um the message that you will get when you're when you're when you're closing the essay a notification will pop up in scs that will ask you whether you want to notify the company and at that point you can decide whether you want to do so or not and if you go to the next slide um kyle if you decide to notify the company the this is the notification that the company will get which essentially states that the uh the company will will be notified that the closure of the supervisory activity does not limit an agency's ability to to pursue a different supervisory activity for example an investigation and that in fact a an agency can't start a separate supervisor activity on the company the close unlock notification feature has not changed but we now have uh given the agencies the option to either notify the company or not notify the company when they decide to close unlock the essay all right moving on to the next enhancement prior to the release when an industry representative was enrolled in the system in more than one company then that user uh when once it got to scs had to accept the association with all the companies or reject association with all the companies in other words they could not choose whether to say accept association with one company and possibly reject association with another company but now with the connecticut release we have changed this and when a user enters a system for the first time they can choose to accept the association with one company and for example reject the association with the other company say my name is amy packles and i work in the industry and i receive a couple of requests to enroll in ses the request would have come from uh one agency the request could have come from multiple agencies i don't know all i know is that i got a request to to enroll in ses the backend i'm gonna get the notifications i'm gonna go through all the steps needed to be able to access the system and once i'm in the system and i accept the terms of use then i am going to land on this page where the system is going to ask me look you've got you have a request to enroll in the system and from and associate yourself with these companies and at this point uh as a as a user i can determine and decide whether i'm going to accept the association with say for example credit union one or reject association with that institution and same with uh true north federal credit union whether i i'm going to accept that association or reject that association so if i if i reject association with with one company then that again stops the process and the agency will be notified that that hasn't changed that's the same and um if i accept association with with um another company then i will be part of that that company and um be able to get access to scs and then follow the next steps in the to finalize the enrollment process one additional enhancement that we made to these um titles if you could go up to back two slides is that as an agency you now have the ability to track the history of a company's users users acceptance or rejection of association with um any given company so in this case um if you pull up my record under a particular company amy pacos and you pull up my record you can see now uh that there's a uh a red circle and a an um and a green icon those icons mean that either i accepted uh or reject the association the red um circle means that i reject the association with that company and i can in fact mean that i did accept association with that company so that's uh that that's the enhancement that we made there i'm not sure if anyone has any questions i'm not seeing any right now kyle so i'm going to um turn it over to you okay thanks ellie like we do with every one of these tutorials we'd like to just give a quick shout out to some honorable mention enhancements that we've got in this release so be on the lookout for these um i'll try to kind of describe each one of these but we don't have time to go through and demo each of these today but i think you'll i think you'll run into them as you cruise through the system we added a new filter by one or more business types on the supervisory activities tab so uh in production we're getting to in the you know in ses the the version that's out live and that you're using we have over 240 exams i think as at this point and now we have the ability on that supervisory activities tab to filter them by different business types again one or more the next honorable mention is in addition to the eic the report response can now be marked complete by the staff user and the staff director so this was a big deal enhancement and i i wish we would have had time to demo this today but i think i can describe it the problem statement was that often in some states once the report has been once the report of exam has been written and and submitted up to the office the eic has to go on and start working on other reports and doesn't have to uh doesn't have time to worry about that report getting sent off to the company and then those responses coming back in from the company if that company say provides a response for that report so if you criticize something in that report and they want to fire a response back by that time the eic is long gone and maybe on several exams down the road by then well now staff users and staff director role individuals can review those responses to the report and mark them complete the other thing is a new notification goes to the eic when the primary reviewer sends back the report this came because we had instances where the eic sent up the report the reviewer didn't like what they saw sent it back to the eic and the eic didn't know that because we didn't have a notification triggered at that point so i bring that up here because we fixed it and also to tell you notifications are very easy for us to change in the system so if there's not a notification coming somewhere please let us know that and we are we will we will work on it and get it built there's another important missing notification that's not included in this release that's coming up in the next release and that relates to the subsequent transmissions of information requests uh to a company so we've gotten some other we've gotten some other feedback on notifications and i just want to let you know that uh we we prioritize those quickly and can get them changed in in the next release almost always and then the last thing is uh in this release you're going to see an indicator on the agency's tab of the system if they're actively using scs or not so you can very quickly see if you hit that tab you can quickly see which agencies among your peers are using the system and which agencies are not that's driven on whether or not there's an active uh i think whether or not there's an account administrator for that agency in the system so that's the honorable mentions uh we're pretty happy with this release excited for it to go live this weekend uh as with every release the the system will will shut down and be unavailable during the update period so uh if hopefully you weren't planning to work saturday or sunday but the system will likely be unavailable during the update periods on saturday and sunday and then monday morning when you log in you'll see the new connecticut release so that's everything we have for you today let me do a quick scan of the chat questions and see what other questions you all may have now is a good time uh by the way to ping us if you have any questions and we'd be happy to answer or go over anything again well i will just close by saying if you have feedback on the system uh the email address and i can put this in the chat is ses feedback that's all regulators are able to submit ideas thoughts comments about the system uh if you like like i said earlier if you are seeing a notification that's missing or if you're getting notifications where you don't think they're necessary send it to ses feedback the way we take that in is we we bring it to the team we review it then we take it off into our ses steering committee and we evaluate a change to the system if the change is approved you'll see it hopefully in the next release obviously some changes are harder to make than others but we do take your serious uh we do take your feedback very seriously and we want to make sure you're seeing this system evolve in the direction that you need it to go uh the last thing i'll say before i let you go today is that we've got some more uh uh we've got a few more ideas for future ses workshops we've had some on the library we've had some on scheduling we want to keep that going with other functions in the system that may need a big a bit of a deeper dive and so we've got a few more planned uh we'll be getting some notices out on those relatively soon but if you have ideas on features of the system that you want more information on a better explanation of what the system functionality does or or how to use something let us know that and we can either connect you with our our learning and development team or we can maybe consider that for a deep dive workshop in the future we really appreciate i don't see any other questions on on the chat so i really want to uh say thank you for participating today uh we take the survey feedback very seriously so let us know how today's webinar went and look for that recording on the website as well as an email notification sometime next week thanks again stay safe out there and i look forward to seeing you on the next one

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How to eSign a PDF file with an iOS device

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How do i add an electronic signature to a word document?

When a client enters information (such as a password) into the online form on , the information is encrypted so the client cannot see it. An authorized representative for the client, called a "Doe Representative," must enter the information into the "Signature" field to complete the signature.

How to sign pdf on laptop?

How can i create a pdf on my laptop? How to download pdf on computer? I can't find a pdf on my computer.I can't download pdf in my computer.I want to create pdf on my computer.How to create pdf on computer? How to download pdf on computer? How to create pdf on computer? How to create pdf on laptop? How to make a PDF in windows? How to make a pdf files in windows? I want to create pdf in windows? I can't create pdf files in windows!I am a user who can't make the pdf files.

How to electronic signature on droid email?

There are a lot of things that can occur between electronic signature and email.A lot of electronic signatures in email will be done through webmail, which is not very secure and not much secure means of electronic signatureElectronic signature is also different than electronic signature when sending filesThere are a lot of things that can occur between electronic signature and email, and that you can't predict when it will occur. So if you receive electronic signature, it is good that it is very secure and only if it is secure, you should send that electronic signature and you should send it as e-mail.We can use this e-mail method, so we can send this e-mail from our own web-based email-client and there is nothing that a hacker could intercept that is not in the e-mail-system.In general, we can use this as a safe method of electronic signature because this way, even if a hacker intercept our electronic signature, it's still safe because we use HTTPS and also it is a very secure method of electronic signature.If you want to use the web-based e-mail client, use the secure client.How to find the correct email clientThe most reliable way of email clients is to find the best e-mail client, which is the easiest to use and also the more comfortable because it will be used more often.You can look for e-mail clients that you can use for e-mailing, you can download the software for it, and install it on your computer. It is important, that after you install the sof...