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How do i industry sign banking minnesota presentation free

my Bobby how you doing today hey Dad I don't good good hey you know thank you for meeting with me digitally like this I know it's a little odd it's a little different for us too there's something that's new to us with everything that's going on but we thought it was safer for the families as well as our families as well do that make sense yes okay great well are you very familiar with the will Kipp program no not really okay the will Kipp program is a three-part program so the first part of the program is designed to organize everything before a funeral the second part of the program is that actual will kit that's designed to protect everything after a funeral and make sure it's organized now the third part of that program is a state license Union backed final expense plan now that's designed to bridge the gap between the two but you do have to qualify for that okay Bobby ok so what we're gonna do I'm gonna go through all of that go through the optional benefit that may be available to you and then they just ask that you ask any questions you have because they only want me you know dropping in once like this does that make sense yes all right right now have you ever heard of American income before no whatever okay so this is something that's a little bit new to us as well we've been around for over 60 years working with unions associations you know groups like teachers firefighters police officers associations like you know the and that's VFW groups like that and now just recently especially with all the uncertainty that's going on right now they've opened up some of those same benefits that were exclusive to our members to the general public when they request them just as you did so at the end I'm gonna ask you for a review just so that way they know I was able to talk to you and I went through all of it with you is that fair yep all right great so the first thing the Wilkin Association has we do is just play you a quick video that explains a little bit more about our relationship with them can you see that all right Bobby yeah I guess yep okay perfect welcome to American income life insurance company your association all right does that make sense yeah back here all right Bobby so the first thing [Music] they have me go over with you is going to be the family information guide now what that family information guide is is that's the piece of the product that's set up so everything's organized before something happens or before the funeral because we all know a will isn't actually read till after the funeral right right so let me walk you through exactly how that works see that all right yep perfect so this is the family information guide again this is all set up so that way you know everything is laid out it's really the road mapped where all your important paperwork is now a couple key points on here this is people to be notified so this isn't just necessarily the people who are I can't see you like the web so you can't see what it's not playing it's actually just showing the whole excel thing or the whole press it's not actually playing the president got the slide okay give me one second yeah this is better okay laughs yep okay so again this is the family information guide so the way that this is going to work is is it's gonna organize everything for you before something happens since the will isn't read till after something happens now this piece is saying the persons to be notified and what they what they want to know there is not just necessarily people who are in town that will know right away when something happens but if you got any family members or children who are maybe out of state or you're not in touch with all the time then those are the people you really want to reach out to or have on here so somebody can reach out to them and let them know something happened also make sure that you have the location of your will so that way the family can find it so that's all taken care of after the funeral the next thing they have here is your estate information now if you notice this is asking about the life insurance policies you have in place they want to make sure that those are all listed because of how much life insurance goes unclaimed every year and they don't want you to run into that same issue also any of your group coverage or term coverage make sure you put that pencil so you can remove it and the family is not relying or looking for something that's no longer in force now this piece is your financial institution information it's important to put any accounts or bank accounts you have on there so that way the family knows to go take care of them in most probate states like the minute state of Minnesota what's going to happen is after three years the state can actually seize anything in an account that hasn't been active for three years now that's not even the bank that's the state and you know I know we pay enough in taxes we don't always want to give them more right all right so this piece is for the funeral service request now Bobby have you ever had to plan a funeral no fortunately okay well obviously it's a tough time for the family right one of the major problems is funeral directors want all or the bulk of the money up front and the other problem is everything happens really fast if something happens to you on Wednesday everything's got to be planned by Saturday so do you know do you want to do like a cremation or earth burial or anything like that I'm thinking maybe earth burial earth burial yeah so that's where you want to list this for the family you know anything you got planned if you wanted at a church funeral home clothing you want to wear jewelry you want with you things like that does that make sense yeah all right so the next thing we're gonna go over is the actual will kit that you'll receive now the way this will kit works is you're going to get two booklets one is gonna be the actual documents that's the one you see on the screen here that's green and then you're gonna get a workbook that's blue now those are going to mirror each other but this will kit right here you'll you'll be able to fill it out like I say you'll have that workbook for the rough draft now the workbooks gonna have some stuff in here with definition so you know exactly how to fill it out as well as some examples now the first thing they have highlighted there that's the disposition of property so that's anything you want to go to a specific person now this doesn't have to be high value items this can also just be high sentimental value items so you'll just list them there exactly who they're going to go to so that way after something happens after the funeral that property can be distributed correct that makes sense yeah perfect so the next thing now this is a little bit different it's talking about the digital assets now that's something that's fairly new and what they're talking about they're talking about your emails your Facebook accounts online banking things like that that are gonna have to get taken care of right away so there's actually a schedule a will go over later where you can list that stuff but you'll also have to nominate not only a personal representative to carry out your will but a digital executor as well who can take care of those accounts now right above that you'll see that there's a percentage and what that's asking is anything you didn't specifically send to somebody else on the previous page just break that up into a percentage so if there's you know how many kids did you say you had how many kids yeah how many kids how many children I have a to two so you know if you were gonna split it between the children you just want to make sure it's fifty percent each so it equals a hundred percent that makes I yeah okay perfect so obviously Peck Guardian or I mean nomination Guardian now I mean you're a senior so you're not too worried about you don't have any dependents right now correct right yep man I see you again old you getting tired over there now there's also a nomination of Pat Guardian as well now this is the signature page this is obviously very important from the legality standpoint so you're gonna want to make sure it gets signed and witnessed by two people now it doesn't have to be notarized but it's a really good idea because if it's not notarized and anybody contest the will for any reason then the witnesses will be subpoena but if you get a notarized you don't have to worry about all that so I would suggest just take it down to the bank I'll get it notarized okay okay so the second half of your will is going to be the actual living well now this is important if you're incapacitated and can't make decisions for yourself so what you're going to do here is you're just going to list your information and then give you know directives of exactly what you want done in the event that you were to be you know in the hospital not able to make decision yourself it'll also give you the chance to nominate surrogates who can make that decision for you and you'll list you know the primary and then a couple alternates as well does that make how the living will works yes now Bobby the most important thing for the living will is making sure that your doctor has a copy so they can mark it on the medical records so if some happens you go to the hospital they know it exists okay okay all right so what they're actually allowing members to do right now or anybody who requested these kids to do is they're allowing you to sponsor family friends coworkers really anybody you know who could benefit from the same programs and they do recommend with the will kits you nominate anybody over the age of 18 who's gonna be a beneficiary on your will so they understand how the will kit works as well now let me ask you Bobby you said you had the two children right yep so who his name is rod and Rodney Rodney yeah all right perfect and then who's Rodney's younger sibling their bonny bonny and then did you have any any friends anybody down at the VFW or anybody else you know who would you like to sponsor next um I don't know anybody else just two kids just the two kids no brothers or sisters no they're all power that don't stuff taking care of okay well now remember if they're going to be a beneficiary on your will though we want to make sure they understand how it works Oh yeah no they're not uh it's my kids that would take care of everything okay sounds good all right Bobby so what was uh what was Rodney's last name and as Ronny have a significant other yes what's their name Jennifer hello Jennifer low yeah almost Lopez almost she's the true JLo not hurt nickname so most alright and what was Rodney's number six one two five nine five nine five one three two - perfect alright and what what town is he living in he lives in Minneapolis all right now what does he do for work is is there a better time to get a hold of him he's an electrician so he's working during a days mostly all right perfect cuz I am gonna want you to call him first okay so he knows that uh that maybe trying to get a hold of him okay now how about Bonnie was Bonnie's last name Harbour and Bonnie have a significant other yeah was there named Harry Harry Herman yeah alright and what is a bombing small number uh six five one nine three two one and what Anna Sheehan she isn't fifty and what about Bonnie what does she do for work what's the best time we get a hold of her she's a nurse that she works oh she works two more than overnight shifts okay Wow she's uh she's a brave soul working that is she at the ER where's she at a clinic ah she does the ER yeah Wow that's insane all right well Bobby if you would please uh you know give Bonnie as well as Rodney a call and just let them know that I'm gonna be reaching out to them and getting ahold of them you know 90% of my job I really enjoy the temperature I don't it's calling somebody who's not expecting it so again if you could just reach out to them and let them know that I'm I'm gonna be giving them a call is that fair yeah thank you so the next thing that they have for you are are the optional benefits which is that state license Union back final expense plan so what what they're gonna have me do is just go through a quick survey with you to make sure that you can qualify so the reason they set this benefit up for the members is because 31 days after you leave a job or retire those work benefits go away I'm sure you've experienced that at least once right all right so as we go through it if it's something that fits a need for you you understand why all the members are doing it why the families are enrolling in this they ask that you go ahead and try to qualify while we're talking to each other now if as we go through it you say yeah those are really great benefits but they don't fit a need for you and your family right now they ask that you not try to qualify in fairness to the other the other families who are waiting now either way yes or no they do ask that that decisions made today but realistically it's a no-brainer you'll know right away whether or not it's something that fits a need for you all right Bobby that's it is that fair yes okay great so again what they did is they set up this this called a needs a nap you know it's 20/20 pretty much everybody has some sort of life insurance but not everybody exactly knows how it works or how much they need so they sent up this final expense plan to make sure that that was that piece was taken care of for families now Bobby have you uh have you put anything together as far as permanent protection no I haven't okay and then are you using like a like a credit union or break a mortar bank like a Wells Fargo I'm I am with yes oh okay well see I'm good guessing now you do have to qualify for these benefits Bobby because it's not your wallet it is your health and I just want to see here now have using tobacco in the last 12 months no any heart attack stroke cancer have you been hospitalized in the last two years nope any kidney issues no heart lung liver bone marrow transplant nope are you still working or you retired yeah I'm still working okay so you're not disabled for any back knee joint injuries or anything like that in past six months nope you got all your your legs and feet no amputations one two three four perfect so now have you had any issues like Alzheimer's dementia ALS cirrhosis anything like that no I don't okay and you're not currently hospitalized bedridden anything like that you're not using home oxygen no I don't awesome alright and have you had any duis in the past five years awesome and you know no terminal illness you haven't been diagnosed with any cancer or cancer scares nope great so man you're doing awesome it's pretty clean now we talked earlier and and you said you were thinking about doing the earth burial right yeah sure okay great so uh I'm gonna hit this this is gonna think for a second and it's going to come up with the program that's best gonna suit you see here so it's just thinking so have you guys been able to get out much or you you pretty much staying home yeah I mean nuts not much doing the way so to stay at home try and keep everything together yeah alright so it does look like it recommended some of that final expense protection that we talked about earlier so this is going to explain exactly how that program works the thought of dying or losing a loved one is never an easy topic most people prefer to now Bobby does does that make sense that freedom of choice certificate works yeah okay so they set that up for family for a couple reasons obviously when it comes to final expenses they want to make sure that you had immediate payment they also did it to make sure that the mountain the account was protected because if the family goes in there and tells them hey I got $15,000 for a funeral how much do you think that funeral is going to cost fifteen thousand exactly they're gonna try to use every penny they can so I even when they call the number in the funeral director calls the number on the front they're not going to disclose how much is in the account they're going to make sure that that family's protected all the way through now what they do with these programs is they obviously want to make sure that they're affordable for families so they give you a few opions one second here Bobby now what they did is they they want to give you a few options to make sure that the family's protected night now you said you were looking into the earth burial have you put any press any any preparations in place like like you got a plot in place or anything like that no no nothing at all I'm sorry Bobby I couldn't I couldn't hear you there oh no nothing happened oh no no did I get you muted or something can you hear me hello Oh give me one second I think I know what's going on all right now try it hello there we go alright yeah so have you have you put any preparations in place no I haven't no okay so haven't put any plot now are you a veteran by any chance no I'm not alright so what they did to make sure that it was going to be affordable for families is like I say they gave they give you the a few options here and they they call it the gold silver bronze package so it really depends on you and what your family wants to do with that but let me put it together here so I can show you exactly how that works so now is your work like just making you work from home or did they got you in the office at all um mostly from home but I'm a hearing officer in there okay that's not too bad then at least you get to stay busy yeah my workplace doesn't care whether or not I get the coronavirus oh man worker safety is in the first priority I guess not when we better make sure you're taking care of then so I'm going to show you here now do that alright Bobby yeah I can see that alright so what they did is they gave you three choices they called the gold silver and bronze program so it's a fifteen thousand dollar benefit ten thousand dollar benefit or seventy five hundred dollar benefit now realistically average earth burial is probably ranging between these two so it just depends how much safety and you know peace of mind you want that's gonna actually fit in your budget so which option works best for you you know what I'm not sure I think I want to think about this one okay that's not a problem what I'm gonna go ahead and do real quick is I'm going to ask you the knuckle questions because if you remember you do have to qualify for these benefits and I want to make sure that there is an qualification issues before we go too far so let me pull them up for you I'll show them to you all right all right lost there for a second okay can you see the screen can you see the medical questions I know you're frozen there all right how about now is that a little better you're frozen my computer hold on supposin all right there you go is that better yeah there though so let me let me bring that back up for you all right Bobby have you ever been raided or rejected by American income life before no never all right and you said you're not using tobacco correct no any terminal illnesses nope no transplants any bone marrow transplants heart lung liver ALS cirrhosis dementia no now you haven't been any kidney treatment right no okay good no AIDS HIV nope and then we already talked you're not hiding a amputation anywhere are you no okay perfect now in the last two years has proponent sure been hospitalized for heart attack or stroke or been diagnosed or received treatment for cancer other than non-melanoma skin cancer or other malignant tumor or growth you know and then you're not on any oxygen you're not in a nursing home and you're not hospitalized correct nope alright Bobby well I don't see any reason you wouldn't qualify obviously what they recommend is you take care of this you know one while you're young enough and in the pre or the contribution is affordable and two while you're healthy enough and you can qualify for the benefits so really the only question is which option works best for you what are the options again I can't see them okay let me pull it up for you real quick yeah I don't know even with the bronze I don't that I can afford that fifty five dollars a month right now okay well Bobby obviously I understand how you feel other members have felt the same way but what they found is if money is tight now you can only imagine how tight it would be when something happens but what I can do is I can show you what I did for the last member who is in a similar situation and get you into what we call a starter package and you can add on that inflation down the road or the inflation protection down the road does that make sense yeah okay so let me make some adjustments to that bronze package real quick and show you exactly what's available for you [Music] let me bring this back okay come Bobby yep so we can set that up with that $5,000 benefit so that way your family can get a good chunk of those final expenses taken care of if something were to happen and like I say you can add on to that benefit down the road as you know your financial situation freeze up and you'd be at about that eight bucks a week is that more comfortable for you yeah you know what that does to the llama comfortable all right great so what I'm gonna do is we'll finish filling out the app here and get some signatures and then I'm gonna send you an email that I just need a quick response from and and we'll finish up this process okay okay there we go

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