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How To Sign PDF for Procurement

Welcome to the California Department of Education's,or CDE's, Procurement Guidance Video Series, Part 1: Introduction to Procurement. My name is Andrea Carrillo and I am a programanalyst in the Resource Management Unit at the CDE. Procurement in child nutrition programs, orCNP, was brought to the forefront in December 2013 when the federal government releasedTitle 2, Code of Federal Regulations (2 CFR), Part 200, also known as the Uniform GrantGuidance or the Super Circular. The purpose of 2 CFR, Part 200 is to streamlineand simplify the administration of federal grants by consolidating eight older regulatorysections into one document. The USDA is requiring that state agenciesprovide greater oversight of CNP operators' procurement practices and ensure that CNPoperators receive guidance, training, technical assistance, and resources. The training objectives of this video arefor viewers to: • Learn the importance of procurement principles;• Identify the four allowable procurement methods; and,• Understand the federal requirement that all school food authorities (SFA) have twoprocurement documents: • Written procurement procedures• Written code of conduct. So what exactly is procurement? Procurement in SNPs is a process of acquiringgoods or services needed by the SFA through competitive practices while following allapplicable federal, state, and local regulations. The process involves drafting specificationsbased on the SFA's needs, soliciting (or asking) for bids or proposals from vendors, evaluatingthe bids or proposals, awarding the contract, and finally managing the contract. SFAs should always keep in mind the followingfour fundamental procurement principles. 1. Adhere to the Buy American Provision2. Understand and comply with federal, state, and local requirements3. Ensure full and open competition, and 4. Award to responsive and responsible vendors. The first principle is adhering to the BuyAmerican provision. The National School Lunch Act requires SFAsto purchase to the maximum extent possible domestic commodity or product that is producedin the U.S. and a food product that is processed in the U.S. using substantial agriculturalcommodities that are produced in the U.S. The Buy American Provision is one of the procurementstandards SFAs must comply with when purchasing commercial food products served in schoolmeals programs, including foods that are sold to students as a la carte food items. Please refer to Part 7 in the ProcurementGuidance Video Series and our CDE Procurement in Child Nutrition Programs Web page for moreinformation about the Buy American Provision. The next principle of procurement is to ensurecompliance with federal, state, and local requirements. Each level of government can make regulationsand policies about the use of school meal funds, the procurement process, and contractingrequirements. Always remember that state and local rulesmay be more restrictive than federal policies and SFAs must always follow the most restrictiverules. This slide includes a partial list of federaland state procurement regulations and laws. 2 CFR and 7 CFR are the primary federal governingregulations for SNPs. In addition, there are California state...


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