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hey fam if sugar miss diva trucker and I'm country today with a video about I am going to walk you through the steps on how you can do it yourself as far as forming your LLC okay in trucking a lot of you are doing it lease purchase a lot of you are starting to own your own business and it's very important I don't care if you at KLM I don't care where you're at if you are doing a lease purchase if you are getting a 1099 you want to start your business off properly okay you don't want to not set it up correctly okay so before you go to a company that is doing these or is doing owner up or anything like that any trucking company you want to have everything in place when you go to when you go to orientation so what I'm going to do for you today is I have a lot of emails and a lot of questions about how do I set where do I start camera how do I set up my LLC how what do I have to do do I have to go to the LegalZoom do I have to pay someone to do it what is it that I have to do so today I am going to break down those steps for you so you can form your LLC yourself you do not have to pay anybody any extra money to form your LLC okay I just set up and another LLC and I'm going to show you exactly how I did it alright now as you all know I got a couple of different businesses okay now are these businesses are all of them going to be profitable or all of them going to be successful or all of them going to make money okay that is still yet to be determined I hope so but whenever you open a business you're taking a risk okay and with that risk you may make my and you may not make money okay so now this is what I'm doing this is how I set up my businesses and how I run my business you know somebody else may do it a different way okay but the way I've been taught is that whatever business that you open you have a separate LLC for each business okay you do not want to have all your ducks in the same basket okay you want to have separate you want to have separate entities okay because if they go after one they can only get that the money from that business if you have everything grouped together then they can take everything okay so this is what I have I have YouTube okay I do social media I do YouTube videos I've been doing it for the last four years it creates me a income a monthly check okay I do it to make a profit to make money off of it okay now my YouTube business is not a LLC my YouTube business is a sole proprietor okay so right now it's connected to me personally YouTube takes a percentage of the money that I make I get a 1099 at the end of the year and I'm able to take deductions from that such as my business expenses which are my internet phone service things like that from promoting my YouTube video okay I am in the business of YouTube of making money okay so whenever you open a business it's about making money if you are not in the business of making money you're not in business you have a hobby and a hobby is treated different than a business okay so if you're doing something that you just you don't care if you make money or not it's not a business it's a hobby or something that you'd like to do okay YouTube is a business for me okay that's the first business I had the second business I have LLC is the work at home business okay that's a separate LLC okay to have that to have the work at home I have to have it under a separate LLC okay so that business runs in itself okay so any money that I make any deductions will just go on that business when I found okay now third business I have it's my own independent recruiting business okay that business has an LLC okay that's separate from all the other two businesses okay now it is yet to tell since I just started the business if I will make a profit or not okay so I want to set it up correctly this is what I get paid to have drivers okay that come in to my business and I find them placement to work okay so I have an income from that so that's my third business all right so we went we got to youtube we got to work at home we got the recruiting business and today I'm going to show you my last business that I'm trying to do which has been a goal of mine for the last couple years of me getting in trucking is my legitimate being an agent and working for someone else I am going to be the broker okay so I am setting up my logistics company alright so the name of my logistics company is called Brock Logistics LLC all right so you see how we got four different companies under four different umbrellas name four different things okay it's to protect you all right now what are you going what is the first step that you're going to do to set up your LLC the first thing that you're going to do is you're going to go on the you got to think of a name what do you want your name of your company to be I was going to name it miss diva miss diva transportation miss diva transport miss diva whatever I was gonna try to implement miss diva in there somewhere but I thought about it and if I look at all the logistic companies I'm making it a little bit too personal okay I want to be general I want to stand out okay I don't want them to look at miss diva logistics as some kind of you know get or whatever kind of business okay I want to be looked at as the same standard as any other logistics company so that's why I went with my last name which is Brock Brock Logistics LLC the simple plain and lets me in the door okay so first step think of your company name uh uh whatever it is that you want that company to be since I'm opening up a brokerage firm I want it to be Brock logistics okay so i'ma go to you go to the Secretary of State in your state all right so I'm a pause this video for a minute and i'ma walk you through it step by step so hang in there with me all right I'll be right back okay fam I'm on my tablet and I'm gonna walk you through setting up your LLC I hope everyone is able to see this I may pause it for a minute just to make sure that I don't have any personal information that I'm giving away but I want to walk you through this step by step okay so the first thing I'm gonna do is open my browser okay let's see let's go to the home homepage okay now this is the a website so you're gonna go to the Secretary of State if you live in Florida Ohio Pennsylvania whatever the case may be you're gonna go to the Secretary of State I live in Mississippi so I'm going to to go to the Secretary of State in Mississippi okay so now what you're going to do is you see where it says form a business or file business documents okay so what you want to do is you want to form a business all right so now when you go to form a business it's going to have these tabs new filing and complete pending payment pending pending approval returned completed or your orders okay so now this is where you will file your annual report if you have a corporation or LLC you're going to file it here now status of nonprofit if you're filing for that what we're going to do is we're going to form a Mississippi LLC okay so you have to you can register your out-of-state LLC or you can form a Mississippi LLC all right so you click on that it says please wait all right so now you get this information right here and it says what type of business do you want to have nonprofit LLC partnership these are your types of business okay so what I want to have is a LLC company that's what you want to have for trucking I want to have an LLC company okay so you're going to put your business name and everything right here okay so let's just stay on topic typing in Brock logistics okay and I am going to put my email address in there for my contact that's the business email okay now when do I want this LLC to be in effect all right I want it to be in effect effective tomorrow or today so I picked a date now it says search for NAICS code this is to classify your business it's going to take you to a website so you can tell it's the NAICS which has your business codes okay what kind of business are you running okay so what I'm running is I have a logistics I want to run a logistics company okay so I'm a put logistics hit submit all right it's going to come up and it's going to give me a NAICS code so my code for logistics is five four one six one four this is going to be the logistics in consulting logistics and anything like that I can do okay now another code that I want to use is how about broker okay I want to be a broker so you could use up to three codes okay it's going to give you a list of codes that you should use if you are a broker so I'm not a printing broker insurance deposit broker bond I'm not doing any of that so let's see Business Brokers is set for real estate security I am gonna use this one great trick Oh let me go back Freight you see it free transportation arrangement that's what I want to do custom brokers okay so I'm gonna use code four eight eight five one zero and it tells you all about the broker it tells you agents shipping custom brokers freight forwarding shipping agents this is all under my code okay four eight eight five one zero now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back what was it four eight eight what was it again for a oh I forgot four eight five one zero four eight eight five one zero okay four eight eight five one zero all right so I'm gonna close that out and I'm go back here and I'm a pull for eight eight five one zero as my code alright I could use three codes okay that I might fall under so that's my cold so when I click off of that it's going to come up and say freight transportation arrangement alright what is the register agent this is the person that represents your company okay so if it's you alright you want to put individual you want to put your first name there let me click on that first name last name you're gonna put your address in there okay you're gonna put your zip code in now okay all right then you gonna come here you're gonna put your email address in there okay now once you put that information in there it's going to ask you to click the sign okay at least one authorized signature is required okay and you can add additional people okay for your business but you click right here to sign it and I'm going to say I'm either going to be the manager the member of the organization the person who organized it whatever you want it to be okay let's just put I am the manager I manage the business okay individual right and then you're gonna put your first name last name your address okay dan you gonna put your city and you're gonna put your state now be careful how you spell things cuz the way you spell it it's going to come up that way okay so you hit update did I forget something look see alright so now I'm back here I signed it okay so now you're going to hit next Internet's just a little bit slow I do apologize for that oh it went out okay you're gonna put your a person in here who's authorized to sign things authorized to do things for the business you're gonna add them in here you have to have a person on file for the LLC okay then you're gonna hit next I just put something in there so now you're gonna hit next right okay the next screen you're going to get is going to be the filings current state current continues mourners a foul still be paid online but it still needs to be reviewed by whatever whatever signature must be reviewed to determine if the organizing entity is in good standing the reason why it's saying that is because I put it under organization okay so they're going to have to check the organization but if I change it to individual it that wouldn't be there okay so if it's just an individual person that won't be there but if you put a name of an organization then they got a review the organization okay but that doesn't stop you from filing all right so the next screen that you're going to get is in Mississippi the to form LLC it's $50 okay y'all do not need to be paying people a lot of money to form your LLC if you want to pay people that's fine pay me but you can do this yourself okay if you're married you can do a partnership okay well y'all split 50/50 and you will put both people's name on the LLC if you are you know in business together a partnership you can put both people's name on that LLC okay okay this is the next screen that you're going to get to upload any documents that you want to have okay also when you're picking your name it has to be available you can't have the same name as somebody else in the state of Mississippi okay so now we're going to hit the next I don't have any documents that I need to upload so that's here that that's it hit next okay now you're going to get the screen that says payment required okay so you're going to if you're not ready to pay you could save it and pay it later if you need to send it for somebody to review so for instance if I'm setting up an LLC for you and I want to make sure that it's right I will email everything to you to review it so you will say it's okay before I pay for it okay because once I pay for it if I need to make any changes it's going to be another fee to make changes okay so if I'm doing an LLC from for someone I will send it to own to make sure the address the person that they want in charge is the right person the email everything is correct before I submit it okay if everything is okay then you're gonna hit submit electronically you can file for your LLC online okay okay now you're going to get the pay now okay so it's going to tell you that definite submit you to the the pay screen where you can make your payment all right so this is where you come to make your payment okay so you should get you should get your description your ll see the fifty dollar amount you see that fifty dollar amount you're gonna select your payment type you're going to select your information okay you're gonna put all that in there once you get finished with the payment info you are going to hit submit okay now once you hit submit you're going to get an email and I'm going to show you what the email looks like all right okay when you set up your login information because you do have to set up a username and a password ok so the first email that you're going to get is going to be your username and password so you could go in there and register now this password is temporarily okay I already changed the password so don't even worry about it this is temporary you get a temporary password you put that in and then you change it to whatever you want it to be all right now the next email you're going to get is okay so that's the that's the login information okay so that's how you log in alright now once you submit your $50 okay once you submit your $50 your LLC is in effect okay you have a business ID number you will have your tracking number that you paid for your LLC now you can see that I added a LLC which is block logistics LLC okay I should have made that C capital the filing for your above entity has been approved okay so this is my filing okay I can click on that okay y'all so I got my approval right away okay I just set up a I just set up a new LLC within five minutes okay fifty dollars this is what you need to go to this is what you need to go to when you go to orientation when you're doing a lease whatever the case may be you need to have your LLC in effect okay now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna come out of here and I'm a goal over let's see this over my chrome now if you want to check that your LLC is an effect all you do is you go up to the secretary of state of your state okay and then you do a business search okay so I put in Brock logistics okay and I did a search so if I do a search on Brock logistics it's going to come up saying Brock Logistics LLC it's going to give you my business ID number it's going to tell you that I have a limited liability company it's going to tell you that it's in good standing and it's going to tell you that it was created on the 15th of January okay let me see I don't want to make sure I don't put any um I'm also in detail you see what it does Brock Logistics LLC business name good stand in Mississippi everything like that okay so you print out that letter you print out of you print that out hold on let me come back with job okay so now you see how you set up your LLC once you get your approval and that your LLC is up and running we're gonna work on the next step okay so the next step is to identify your business with the IRS by setting up a tax ID number okay again this is no charge okay you could do it online and you can file it online and it will give you your tax ID number right away okay so I taught you how to set up your LLC you pay the cost you have an LLC okay the next video when I get some time to walk you through how to set up your tax ID number online with the IRS for free so that's step two okay so you got your LLC you got your tax ID number your third thing is to do is you're going to apply for your Duns and Bradstreet number okay which is also free and I will walk you through that fourth thing you're gonna do is you're going to take all these documentation that you have and you need to go and open up a business account business a checking account okay so we're something that you could get a card or whatever you're gonna get a business account okay for your money to go into your business now anything that I make from the recruiting service goes into a separate account I keep it separate okay because I don't want to co-mingle the funds I don't want to have you know different businesses money going into different places okay so you want to establish it separately you want to keep the money separately you want to keep the accounting of it separately okay you want to do your filing forms separately okay so yeah so that's my final business so that's the for the brought logistics now what I have to do now once I get everything set up is I have to take this information and submit it my broker authority okay once I paid the money for the broker Authority it stays on file for 21 days okay after that goes active it will automatically go go active after 21 days now once that goes active I have to pay the insurance the bond the bond is $75,000 okay I can do that one or two ways I could do a BMC what is it ninety for which I pay 10% which is $7,500 for it or I can do a trust okay I could do the bond the bond is $7,500 down okay and the trust a trust is both armors that that the trust is somebody fronts the money for me and I paid them a be quarterly okay so I would have to pay them $3,500 a year okay that is my my my cost okay and it goes on my your credit check it goes on your credit and they will give you an amount okay - 3,500 for the year so in order for my logistics business to be in place I have to have my $75,000 bond so I have to pay a down payment of that which is going to be about eight hundred and sixty dollars okay so once I pay for my authority once I pay for my bond I am in business okay and then I have to get some more insurance insurance for cargo all kinds of stuff so it's a process I'm gonna walk y'all through just the basics of setting up your trucking business for those that are leasing and buying a truck alright I hope this video helped if you have any questions please inbox me I will not personally walk you through it I've done it online you know that it takes time people charge for that so hey I'm showing you you could do it yourself okay um other than that y'all peace of joy and happiness y'all have a wonderful blessed day back

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