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Signed cleaning work order

in our next exercise we're going to be discussing the work order closing routine within x3 the work order close it's the process in the system where the production manager basically is formally declaring that no further production activity is going to be taking place against this particular work order okay so no further raw material consumptions no further time Tracking's no other subcontracting activity nor any other finished good declarations are going to be made against the job in addition to that this work order close routine basically it's the mechanism that communicates to the cost accounting department that the job is now ready to be costed so what we'll see here when we get into x3 is that when we're running this work order close function you're going to be presented with a list of all firm work orders that are currently in the system so basically the exercise is on this screen to go through once again ensure all raw materials been consumed all of your labor and machine time have been tracked and your finished goods have been declared okay then once you do those three checks is at that point in time that you can go ahead and close out the job and we'll see here that this function in x3 is located in the manufacturing menu production tracking in @wo close okay in terms of the overall manufacturing process flow in x3 as per our prior manufacturing videos in the series you can see that the work order closure team falls in between the conclusion of the production tracking and the in it's a precursor to the cost accounting team doing the work order finalization okay so let's go ahead now into x3 and take a look at how we can close out a work order so here we are within x3 we're at the work order close function and what I did when I came into the function I came in here and I specified my manufacturing site and once I specified the site it went ahead and presented me with a list of work orders that are at that site okay you can see in here that these orders they have a completed it has a completed status here in typical things that I look to review here is number one does my actual quantity that I made on the job does it equal to my planned quantity so in this case I can see that they're one in the same and I don't have any remaining to be produced I can see down here also that the goods that I manufacture to have a quality control status of that over here on the products tab this is where your finished good declarations are at so in this case I can see that I have a line status of completed here so that's what I'm looking for if up this line status here red in progress that would let me know that this work order isn't potentially isn't ready to be closed out yet because some goods are still being manufactured okay over here on the components tab here's a register of all the raw materials that went into the job and once again here I'm looking for the line status to all read completed so this one looks to be pretty good then finally over here on the operations tab this is where is kind of a reflection of all my machine time and labor time that I dedicated to the job in once again everything here a closed status okay so from those three angles everything looks to be square so when I'm ready to close out the job I can come over here and click on the close button I get a little prompt here it's kind of a confirmation message of sorts I'll say yes to that okay now this pop-up message here in another video we're going to be talking about the concept of the whip finalization typically that's a separate responsibility from the work order close so in this case I'm just going to advise you to click no when you get this popup message for the production cost calculation okay so now we can see at this point the work order status now reads closed okay so that's one way of closing out of work order now let's go in and I'm going to show you another method of closing out work orders so here under your manufacturing menu we're going to come down under production tracking then into the mass closing completions function so in here at this parameter screen I'm going to go ahead and specify my production site over here in the work order closed field I'm going to set that to closed here because I only want to act upon work orders that are set to be closed in here in the starting and ending date or start/end range fields you can filter on work order number you can filter on product production date project number in order number I'm just going to run this one wide open to pull in all the work orders in here in the filter section I'm going to click on this option here for the completed work orders only so don't any bring in any jobs for which the status the tracking status on the work order is not set to completed then I have certain blocks that I can set in here also don't include the work order in the work bench if you have at least one raw material that hasn't been consumed yet don't bring in the work order if at least one operation hasn't been tracked or if in this case if your completed quantity is less than your plan quantity or if least one of the product hasn't been produced so usually when I run this these are the settings that I like to utilize down here in the allocations section you could if you check this box here when you do the closure of the work order it will serve to go back and perform your production tracking typically I try to stay away from that because you know that's not going to be exact in accordance with what actually happened out on the floor in addition to that this production cost price I like to leave that one unchecked because I don't want to finalize these work orders I want to leave that to the cost accountants okay so we have all our parameters set now we're going to come and click on the ok button already so here's your work bench okay so we got three jobs in here that are ready to be closed out one thing that you'll note in here up here on the closing date you can go ahead and change this closing date sometimes I see that done in cases where if you want the work order B to be closed in the prior accounting period say maybe you're on the first work day of the new month you can go ahead and back date the closing date to the last day of the prior month then when you finalize the work order all your variances will be booked on that day okay so in here working with the work bench here I have an include all then an exclude all option here so if there's certain work orders that I wanted to exclude from the closing process I can come in here and check and uncheck them accordingly if I want to tunnel down and analyze anything on the work order through my action button I can click that then come down to work order then in here I can click on my full entry transaction then this will take me over to the work order now here on the header tab I can come in here and see that my live status here all reads completed over all my components tab so all our component statuses are set to completed over here on the operations tab I can see the line status here is closed and so I should be good to go I'm going to go ahead and close page there then back on the mask closing workbench here I'm going to come over and click on the close button and that should in part serve to close out these three jobs and it gives me a little log file here indicating as much okay so like I mentioned these jobs are closed now and in our next lesson when we talk about the work order finalization we'll take a look at how now these closed work orders can be reviewed by the cost accounting department to check for errors and to ensure that you know our cost incurred or in line with standards then we can bring everything full circle with the finalization of the work order so thank you for tuning in please remember to Like and subscribe and as always if there's any questions feel free to inbox me thanks a lot

Frequently asked questions

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How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How do i add an electronic signature to a pdf?

I'm not sure if this is how to do it for my setup, but if that's what your using you can probably find a tutorial for this on the net.EDIT:I'm trying to use a .pdf and have the pdf open and have an image open but I can't read the image. What is the way to use the file extension to indicate it's an image? I'm not sure if this is how to do it for my setup, but if that's what your using you can probably find a tutorial for this on the :I'm trying to use a .pdf and have the pdf open and have an image open but I can't read the image. What is the way to use the file extension to indicate it's an image? Post Extras:Quote:TheDukeofDunk said:Post Extras:I'm pretty sure that this should work for the file type of your choice, I think I'll try out something small. I can't read it, I'm a mac user so can't make use of the native pdf readers. Is there a tool for the mac os that should let me do that kind of thing? Thanks!Edited by TheDukeofDunk (01/12/12 08:41 AM)Post Extras:Quote:TheDukeofDunk said:Post Extras:Oh, I found this link. There are some things I haven't been able to figure out (I have downloaded the program myself but didn't have any success), but I will take what I can from this. Here's the link I'm sure that it will work!I just have not found a way to do it, but I found that there was a forum thread about something similar that worked for me. I don't have that software, so I'm not sure I'm even qualified to offer anything...

How do you know if your passport has an electronic signature?

This is a question that is asked all the time and can be very confusing for many. Here are three easy and inexpensive methods that will provide you with a positive result.1. If You're Really Curious About ItThis is the best question you can ask about your passport. If it has a barcode, this means that the document can be scanned electronically and read on your device, which is much more secure than an old-fashioned paper form.2. If You've Already Given It a TryIf you've already used a passport that has a barcode, but the machine has given you a different one, then you'll want to try using that to get into the country.3. If You're Just Looking For A Different Kind Of InformationYou might also want to ask an immigration officer about other information on a passport. The official will most likely be happy to help you.For some more questions and answers about passport barcode and signature technology, click here.

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