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hey everyone this is being with registered nurse RN column and in this video I'm going to talk about bank tellers and give you a little bit of an informational overview the job duties the education requirements the likes and the dislikes and some detailed salary information so you can know exactly how much money bank tellers make on average now I've been doing a whole series on other healthcare salaries and we had a special video request for this one so I'm doing it on bank tellers so first of all what does a bank teller do well these individuals process financial transactions at banks and if you've ever made a deposit or withdraw chances are you did it with a bank teller now some of the duties that these individuals will do on a daily basis include cashing checks and depositing money counting the cash drawer at the beginning or end of a shift assisting customers with account inquiries like balance inquiries or trying to find out where transactions came from and that sort of thing that will prepare specialized financial products like savings bonds sometimes certificates of deposit or maybe even a cashier's check and things like that they will make foreign currency exchanges and they will order cheques and bank cards for customers so those are some of the most common duties of a bank teller okay so what are some of the education requirements if you want to become a bank teller well the good news is not very much you can usually do it with a high school diploma or GED equivalent I have seen some certificate programs available but in most cases you just have to have a high school diploma and the bank will actually provide on-the-job training and you will go in and you will train under a head tailor or work with more experienced tellers until they feel that you are ready to work on your own ok now let's talk about some of the likes in the dislikes of this profession one like is that people like the hours that usually you're going to work like an 8 to 4 or a 9 to 5 and you will have weekends or holidays off and a lot of people like the hours of the banking system another thing is you get great experience let's say you want to move your way up to work as a head tailor or maybe you want to work as a loan officer or even a bank manager well a great way to get your foot in the door is to begin working as a bank teller another thing is that a lot of people like working with people in this profession so if you're if you're a people person then you will probably like dealing with customers all day and things like that what are some of the dislikes well one thing is that you can deal with occasional rude customers people can be very sensitive about money and if something is going wrong with their checking account or something like that can be stressful another thing is some people feel like they're underpaid another thing is that it can be stressful if your cash register comes up short or something like that and then finally there's always that risk that you may have to deal with a bank robber and there was an infamous bank robber by the name of Willie Sutton who would rob banks he had a whole career of robbing banks and they did finally catch him and one day someone asked him why do you rob banks he said well that's where the money is which i think is kind of funny ok now let's talk about some job information according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is where I'm getting all this information about to talk to you about as of 2014 there were five hundred and twenty thousand five hundred jobs of bank tellers in the United States ninety-one percent worked in the depository credit intermediation industry and those are usually commercial banks now the Bureau of Labor Statistics did project an actual decline of eight percent in jobs between year 2014 to 2024 so over the next decade they do think that jobs are going to dwindle a little bit and that's mostly due to the emerging trend of online banking and things like that now let's talk about salary statistics how much money does a bank teller earn on average well in the United States the average hourly wage was twelve dollars and eighty one cents the average salary twenty six thousand six hundred fifty dollars per year and those are just averages across the whole United States some people make more some people less we'll talk a little bit about those statistics right now first of all what were the industries with the highest employment levels well depository credit intermediation came in at number one twenty six thousand two hundred seventy dollars was the average their activities related to credit intermediation was a second industry with the highest employment level twenty-five thousand four hundred fifty dollars was the average salary there and the non-depository credit intermediation number three twenty five thousand five hundred and ninety dollars what about the top paying industries state governments came in number one forty two thousand four hundred and seventy dollars Offices of position came to number two thirty four thousand six hundred dollars and then monetary authorities at central banks came in at number three thirty four thousand three hundred and fifty dollars what about the top paying states well Alaska came in to number one thirty thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars was the average their District of Columbia came in at number two thirty thousand four hundred and ten dollars was the average there and then Connecticut number three thirty thousand three hundred and forty dollars was the average what about the lowest paying States West Virginia came in at number one twenty two thousand eighty dollars was the average Missouri number two twenty-three thousand two hundred and twenty dollars and then Oklahoma number three twenty-three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars and if you want to look up the salary statistics for all 50 states I'll put a link down in the description of this YouTube video and you can go to an article on our website and I have all statistics for all 50 states so that's a little bit about bank tellers thank you so much for watching and please consider subscribing to our youtube channel

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You should submit your amended return for the tax year for which you filed your original return. If you filed a separate return for this tax year then your amendments are not included in the return for that year.For the most recent tax year, see the IRS publication for the current tax year, Form 1040-ES.I have more than one Form 1040 Schedule C; can I file one form as long as it includes every line? No. If two or more Form 1040 Schedule Cs are filed with a Form 1040, Schedule A, the entire Schedule C may not be filed.Do I have to pay anything at the time I file Form 1045? Yes. Form 1045 is due at the time of filing and you have to give your self-assessment tax. If you are an individual filing Form 1040, the self-assessment tax is due on the first day of the following tax year.Can I get credit for any overpayment? If you make an overpayment on Form 1040, Schedule A, you may be able to take a credit of $ for each overpayment. In addition, you can claim the $1, credit from Form 1040, Schedule A, Form 1045, or other evidence, depending upon the nature of the overpayment and other circumstances. This does not apply to overpayments for tax years 2009, 2010, or 2011.Do I have to pay the self-assessment tax? You do not have to have paid the self-assessment tax.How much of my gross income is reported on my return and how do I report and pay the tax? On line 1 of your return, enter the total amount of all income and deductions that you reported on your return. Y...

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