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Sign in Alaska Profit And Loss Statement for Banking

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Industry sign banking alaska profit and loss statement online

welcome to this quickbooks 2019 tutorial for beginners on how to customize your profit and loss statement my name is matt Holmquist with the quickbooks university and i want to show you first of all how to pull up your profit and loss but then how to customize it okay and you can use some of these steps to really customize any of the reports that you pull up in quickbooks alright so what i'm gonna do i'm on the home screen here if we go up to reports and you can go to company and financial all right and you'll see here you've got some options we're gonna look at the profit & Loss standard okay so this is a report that you're getting you know you should pull up frequently to see how your business is doing okay so you'll see here that it defaults to the dates this month to date okay and in this sample file it's December 1st through December 15th show columns total only and sort by default okay so you have a couple of options here plus you can change it from report basis accrual or cash okay all right so it pulls up this profit and loss and you'll see here that you know it's got all the income items cost of goods sold and then your expenses and it shows the profit or the net income okay alright so you do have a couple of options here so you can click this drop down and you can choose a different date range okay so if you say this fiscal year to date okay it's gonna pull up January through December 15th or you can go in and change the dates to whatever date you want okay you can also show the totes show the columns okay by time periods okay day week to week month quarter year you can do it by customer you can do it by class okay there's a number of ways that you can do this okay so the the primary way though to do a little bit more customization so these are just kind of some quick customizations of how you want to see it okay but up here you're gonna see some other options okay so really this one we're going to focus on here customize report okay so within this my report it pulls up this other box and you'll see that it's got all the options that it has on that toolbar there so within here you can change the date okay so let's say that we want to see this fiscal year okay and it's going to put the dates in there you can change it accrual or cash display columns by total and then you've got some other options here adds sub columns for a previous period a previous year so let's say that we wanted to do the previous year and we wanted to see the dollar amount of the change you could do year-to-date and you can also do these percentages I'll show you these here in just a minute okay you've got filters where you can actually filter your information by let's say that it's a certain account right now it defaults to all income and expense accounts but if you wanted to do multiple accounts you can choose which accounts you want to see so if you just wanted to see construction income okay I'm going to show you what this will look like okay so let's say we just want to see construction income if I click OK you're gonna see now all we see is construction income for our this year and last year so our construction income has gone up three hundred and twenty one thousand dollars okay now if you want to clear this you can go back in over here go to filters and you'll see this multiple accounts you just remove selected filter and it'll go back to all accounts okay there's a number of ways that you can filter this information and you know so you can play around and really customize to how you want to see the information all right the next one over here is a header and footer so you can change the information you know if you want it to say something other than profit and loss or the subtitle day prepared you can take off some of these items just by checking or unchecking you don't need a page number you can add an extra footer line okay so you can you can a number of items here to customize the layout and a look the alignment okay you can say centered I want it just centered in the report and fonts and numbers okay so you can change the font for the company name for example if you want to change it to let's pull up an example here let's say that it's we really want it to look like Arial rounded mt bold oblique and we want it to be 18 okay and you can underline it as well and you can change the color to a different color say okay yes change all related fonts click OK and you'll see that now it does this with all of the items on here okay and when I said change all related fonts you could click no and it would not change these okay so let's go back to this go to fonts and numbers okay we're gonna say company name we can click revert and it'll just go back to how it was show negative numbers you can show them in parentheses you can show them and bright red and you can show all the numbers without cents or divided by a thousand don't show zero amounts click OK and you'll see here now it's got the red amounts here all right now a couple of other ways that you can collapse this or I'm sorry that you can customize this is you can click collapse and it's going to collapse all the sub accounts into the main accounts and if at any time you want to see those you can click these arrows for specific areas of your profit and loss so right now it's can collapse in everything if we click expand you can also choose to collapse certain items so if you want to collapse all of income it's just going to show a total okay alright so one other item I want to show you if we go back to customize report all right you can display columns by let's say by a month now we're not going to show the previous year because this will be a tremendously big report let's say by month okay so now we see the profit and loss by month for all of 2023 and if we collapse this you're going to see a little bit more condensed version which is a little bit easier to read okay or we can go to customize report and view by class okay so if we click OK we're gonna see it by the classes we have setup so new construction remodel overhead and then they have some unclassified transactions in here so this is how you can start to see okay when you use class tracking and QuickBooks how are different divisions how are different areas of the business doing okay and this will allow you to make decisions to see okay which areas are profitable which areas are not profitable alright let me show you one other option here okay so let's go back to change this to total only and percent of income okay so let's say we click OK and now we'll see that okay well our gross profit was 64% all right so this is a quick and easy way to say ok payroll expense was 24% of our income gross profit was 64% our net profit margin is 31% ok so again this is a quick and easy way you can customize this to start to look at your information in your reports to help you make decisions in your business now if at any time you want you you come up with this customization this is how you want to see this information you can go up to memorize and you can memorize this report that way anytime you want to come back to it you don't have to redo all your customizations you're gonna save it as a certain name and you can save it in a group ok but this way you don't have to wreak ustym eyes your information for the report that you want to pull up every single time and again all of these options are available for pretty much any report now there are some different customizations for different types of reports depending on what you're pulling up but in general you can customize and filter and do anything that you want to with this information so that you can pull up the report you want to see ok any questions on this feel free to leave a comment below and also head over the quickbooks university really talked a lot about really how to use quickbooks from start to finish but also a lot of business advice and and how to look at your information and help with your business becoming a member answer all your personal quickbooks questions and help you out head over there now QB university arg

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