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Sign in Alaska Purchase Order Template for Banking

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Industry sign banking alaska purchase order template simple

this video we're going to discuss how to create a purchase order for inventory receive inventory without a bill or with a bill and then if it's without a bill enter the bill against inventory okay so first things first if you don't see this purchase order filled up here receive inventory all this up here you want to make sure that you're in admin mode go up to edit and preferences go down to items in inventory up to company preferences and check this inventory and purchase orders are active box that's how you turn on inventory in QuickBooks okay alright so the first thing we're going to do is go into the purchase order field so I'm going to hide this little history box for now because I want to see my full screen so I type in which vendor I'm going to be putting this purchase order to or who I'm going to give be giving it to so let's go ahead and say custom or we'll see you daga lighting that's look good enough what is the class for this purchase order it's going to be for remodel work all right what template am I going to use you can have multiple purchase order templates if you want what's the date on the purchase order it's today's date and it'll calculate automatically for you your purchase order number who's the vendor and I want to make sure that this is filled in correctly and where do I want it shipped to you can also have a drop ship to address to ship it to one of your customers if you want to but for now we're just going to have a ship to us alright then you come down here and you choose the different items that you want so if I want to have I'm going to buy some brass hinges I'm going to buy 500 all right you can see here when I click on this button I can tell me how many I have on hand have an air reserve for assemblies and then I can also show details to see if any of them are purchase order or if any are out on sales order for now okay so for now I'm actually going to order 50 and notice also when I click on this it says I can have different I can have 50 and a case which is 1200 of each and 100 dozens so you have the different multiple units of measure there so right now I'm saying 50 cases if I say convert 50 cases to 100 or 1200 each's it's going to go ahead and do that for me and do the calculation notice the amount doesn't change the rate changes in the quantity changes okay if you're buying this for a particular customer you can add that in here but if you're not you can just leave that blank that's just for stock so we're going to go ahead and do hardware and doorknobs all right and say a thousand 400 and we're going to also do some cabinet pulls and we're going to do 50 each's okay and we'll do one more purchase order we'll do some door frames all right so now we have a total total purchase order we can go ahead and print it and send it you know over fax it over to our vendor or we can email it to our vendor through QuickBooks here all right okay so I'm just going to go ahead and say save and close alright so now we're going to go ahead and receive the inventory so you have someone back in shipping area who has access to QuickBooks and they're going to say I'm going to go ahead and receive the inventory without the bill because they just get the boxes I don't get the bills the bills get sent to the front office alright so receive inventory without bill who are you receiving it from they go lighting says you have purchase orders open do you want to receive against a purchase order so yes I do you see all the different purchase orders for that company but I'm going to choose this one because that's what it tells me on the packing slip which purchase order they're shipping us to okay notice that it pulls over all of the items here all the information comes over the class comes over the quantities prices all right so let's say that they only shipped us a thousand of these and that we got only 50 of these and we received all of those okay so we're going to keep track of that the total bills for for four thousand twenty dollars all right the other thing that we need to do is maybe they sent us this and they had a five dollar handling fee for each item or a hundred dollar handling fee for each item so you might want to spread that cost across the individual items so if you wanted to add a hundred dollars as a overhead cost to this you could put in here $3,100 note right now it says cost three dollars as soon as I tab off of this it's going to change the cost to three dollars and ten cents that's the true cost of this item because it includes the handling fee on this item so three dollars and ten cents so if you can spread the cost across you should if you can't spread the cost across and they just give you you know forty five dollars for shipping then you can have a shipping item down here or you can go into the expenses and put it in the proper freight and delivery expense forty five dollars okay you want to make sure and put the right class over there too all right so I'm going to go ahead and say save and close here now what this is going to save is it's saving an item receipt right now this is going to hit accounts payable because we received these items so it's going to hit accounts payable but it's not going to be in there as a bill yet you have to receive the bill so I'm going to say saving clothes in the back office here all right then once we were the accounts payable person is in the front office and they receive the bill so they're going to say I'm going to enter bills against inventory all right which vendor here it pulls up oh you have this item receipt from the sender okay and it pulls all the information forward from for me and it marks it as bill received so that item receipt actually goes away right now and is just turned into a bill the reason that that is a big deal is that if you change this date that means that the items won't be received if I change this date until the 22nd these items will not go into inventory until the 22nd so you want to be really careful with that changing that bill if you want to pay it at a certain date so you want to pay it from 30 days from the 22nd instead of 15th when you're actually receive them then then what you should do is just come down here and change this bill due date to a week later however much later and the reason for that again is because this was received an inventory you don't want your inventory to go negative so you want to make sure to receive the inventory and that the bills dated on the date that the items actually came into stock okay so I'm going to say save and close here now if I go look at my purchase order list I look at my purchase orders and I say open purchase orders that purchase order is still sitting in here as open if I double click it and you can see why you see how many were received and how many are on backorder alright so I'm going to go ahead in and say that I receive some more inventory without a bill in the back so you do it from Daigle yes click on this item here this purchase order here ok notice it only brings across the things that are still open I'm going to go ahead and do the freight and delivery cost here $100 these they shipped overnight make sure and choose remodel under the items just verify everything looks ok and I'm going to say save and close ok again I enter the bills against inventory they go lightening lighting ok pulls the information over for me and I can go ahead and save and close this as a bill so when I go in to pay my bills these will be sitting in my list to be paid alright the other thing to note again is if I go into the vendor Center and look at my purchase orders that purchase order comes off of my open purchase order list because we received all the items so that is how you enter a purchase order for inventory turn it into a bill

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