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Industry sign banking indiana ppt online

thank you us and hello everyone this is barry wood the assessment division director for the department of local government finance i'm going to give a brief overview and after i'm done i'll turn it over to kevin koppel who's with ilab and he'll go through and give the actual demonstration sorry about that i'm having problems with my video screen again okay sorry about this we're having there we go a little bit of technical difficulties so okay so what is poppin well poppin stands for the personal property online portal for the state of indiana and as you can see it's a 24 7 new system for taxpayers and author authorized agents to be able to file their personal property return online especially during this covid situation being able to file online is going to be hopefully very beneficial and as you can see taxpayers will also be able to uh have the ability to upload additional personal property forms as wes indicated a minute ago we've partnered with dexsoft to develop the new system there are seven forms that you can see that the standard forms for personal property that are going to be initially available the buick version we've received suggestions for other forms um that will hopefully be will be able to incorporate later down the road um and as i mentioned taxpayers preparers will have the ability to attach other personal property forms that are needed with their submission so who's going to use pop in well obviously taxpayers authorized agents which normally would be say a cpa county assessors and their staff township assessors and their staff in the dlgf staff our goal and and plan is to roll this out next month um it's going to be a sort of a two-tiered um rollout and we're hoping to launch it in in the early part of next month if you have not submitted your email address to jenny banks who's our communications director you can see her email address please do so and the reason for this is much like what we do with other communication communications to various groups we want to make sure that assessors and their staff have access to all the training materials and any updates that would come from the department so please contact jenny if you have not signed up to receive email notification from our department taxpayers and authorized agents will have the ability to access training beginning in early 2021 and there will be a variety of self-support self-service support documents that will be available to assist both taxpayers and authorized agents one big thing that we're going to ask or requests for all the assessing officials and their staff is to go online and create an account through access indiana and we'll show you here in a second but we're asking that everybody um has their own using their own email address that they register and register for an account this can be done through access indiana and we're asking that assessors and their staff to do this before january 1st 2021 and then once your access indiana account is created you'll receive a direct link provided and this will include password resets the dlgf along with xsoft will be providing support to assessors and their staff in addition assessors will be able to submit help tickets sort of like what we've done through our gateway system for a single support contact with the department there will be a variety of support documents for taxpayers and authorized agents those will be released next month as you can see it will include a faq frequently asked questions and a single support contact there is my contact information so if you have any questions please direct them directly to me either by phone or email and as i indicated a minute ago please contact jenny banks if you've not received any or if you've not signed up yet to receive emails for this just a couple of housekeeping things before we jump into the demonstration please make sure your phone or your computer is muted also if you have any questions that come up please use the chat function and we'll go from there so without further ado i will turn it over to kevin koppel so kevin it's all yours thank you barry i appreciate it okay i'll go ahead and share my screen thank you so much for the time today i would like to share with you the pop and site the pop insight does work for many different roles so we're going to explore some of those different roles today just starting off this is our landing page it indicates to users what forms are currently available if i click on the register button that'll take me to access indiana as as barry alluded to and then i can register for the site so in this case i'm going to register a new user so i'm going to be redirected to access indiana while in access indiana i can either log in as an existing user or i can sign up so from here i'm going to go ahead and sign up with a new email address once i do that it's going to email me a verification code once i receive that verification code i can enter that and get started once i enter the verification code it's going to have me enter a password enter my information and a phone number associated with the account you do have the option of providing two-step authentications if you need to recover your account since this is just a test account i'll go ahead and move forward once i've registered with access indiana it will reroute me to the pop-in site from the pop-in side i have a few different options here i can register as a taxpayer register as an agent register as a county official or register as a member of the dlgf in this instance i'm going to select that i am a indiana resident and click register and doing that allows me to now access the site and in this site i can see i have i can begin a new filing i can review my existing filings if this was not a new account and i can also manage agents in this instance i want to manage and add an agent who can work on my behalf i'm going to display a second screen this screen is for an agent and you see the dashboard looks a little bit different for an agent the only option they have is to manage and view their clients so i'm going to take the agent code i'm going to log in and manage my clients as a taxpayer when i add that agent i can verify that that's the right agent i was intending to add and now i have started a relationship with an agent and now they can work on my behalf i'm going to switch from the taxpayer back over to the agent now and i'm going to accept that relationship so i do have the option of declining as an agent or accepting i want to accept that relationship and whenever i accept that and confirm it i now have the ability to select this person to work on their behalf so and as an agent i'm going to select this taxpayer and now i see the additional menus of i can view that taxpayer's filings where i can begin a new filing i'm going to go ahead and start a new filing we wanted to provide users with the ability to either choose forms manually if they are very familiar with the process and then we also wanted to give them a guided version we're going to start by showing the manual version the first item we do is select a county that we're filing for we have the option of selecting different forms we have the 102 103 long and 103 short as our base forms and then 104 is always going to be attached since that's required and then we do have the option of adding a 106 and a 103o and n if necessary so i'm going to go ahead and advance and if i didn't choose any forms i can go back and say oh i made it i accidentally didn't add the right form so i can click change forms that'll let me go back and select the correct forms and if i'm not quite certain which forms i need to use i can always delete this filing and restart the process so we're going to delete this one and start over using the guiding forms so now i can click on choose forms using the guided questions and now it's going to ask me some individual questions related to my filing that will help me select the right forms so the first one is going to be am i a farmer manufacturer i'm going to select i'm a manufacturer i'm going to select that i have one of the following items which is going to switch it from a 103 short to a 103 long i'm going to indicate i do not currently have leases it's going to ask me if my acquisition costs are less than 40 000. i'm going to answer no and then i have the option of do i have any adjustments to federal tax basis by answering yes to this it will add a form 106. so over here on the side i can see which forms i've selected then whenever i press next it takes me into that beginning form where i can start filling out that information and i'm going to pull up the chat window and just put it over here on the side just so i don't make sure i don't miss anyone's questions okay so i can now indicate if i was under 40 000 i could switch and indicate that i do have that exception and then it would require my total acquisition cost in this case i'm not under 40 000 so the first thing i'll do is enter my federal id number if this is an individual who doesn't have a federal id number they can also use the last four of their social i'm going to enter the name of the business enter the address of the property indicate what my nature of business is and as you see over here on the side as i click in different fields we do have text that helps explain to the individual what those fields are for i can enter my naics code if i'm not familiar with what that code is i can also use this link to look it up it will redirect us to a separate page to where i can find that information whenever i get down to the county if i've selected the wrong county i can change that to the correct county based off the county i've selected though it'll narrow the list to just the townships that are available within that county once i select a township it will narrow down the taxing districts to just the taxing districts that are available within that township if i'm not familiar with the townships or the taxing districts i can use the links provided to be able to get to those and discover which items apply to my filing i have an alternative a mailing address i can indicate the name that those should be mailed to indicate the address and if i have a retail merchant certificate number i can enter that number once i click next that'll save that content and move on to the next section as you see on the right hand side in the legend it's going to highlight and bold the section that i'm in at any point if i need to go back i can click on the legend or i can click on the back arrow in the bottom left we're going to indicate our federal tax income year indicate the name we filed under the next section is for accounting records and where those reside i'll provide that address we have section for the form of business you have the ability to specify if you have other locations in indiana if i indicate yes i'm going to be asked to provide the address for the location that has the highest sum of acquisition costs i have the ability to indicate whether i have leases as of january 1st or and then i have the ability to indicate if i have hold possess or control any special tools as well as the ability to indicate whether i own possess or control any returnable containers once i've completed all the information and moved to the next section i do see in section three this isn't one of the areas that the information will be provided from other areas as you see in this top section it's going to provide the information from section five in the next section under deduction for era if i've used a 103 long i have the ability to report that on 104 and once that information is provided it'll fill in the forms for the user if i have support documents that i need such as barry indicated earlier i can click on the link for personal property forms and it does direct me to the site to be able to find any supplemental forms that i need that may not be available on the site once i have those forms i can attach those at any point so in this one i'm just going to indicate that i do have a c p form i'm just going to add a generic attachment and now as i advance forward that will be saved and will become part of the filing section 4 will be filled out as we go so there will be a signature section that will fill out section 4. when we get to section 5 there are some nice items within this that helps the user indicate whether they've made a calculation error so for instance i'm going to enter a pool value without entering a total cost of depreciable personal property and as i did that it indicated to me that i have items that do not match up as far as my totals go so once i enter a value at the top it will now balance out and indicate that i'm no longer missing that information one of the other features that we've added are inline attachments so as i'm going i have said i was an industrial waste control facility and i needed to enter a deduction for that right enter an entry for that i could also upload the form 103p same thing for the enterprise technology i could enter a form 103 it and then later at the bottom of the form i can enter any supporting documents that i would like so i'm going to go ahead and show you now if you're representing an oil refinery or a steel mill by clicking yes it does ask for the values from 103 p5 if i indicate no it's going to take the 30 of my pool values as i advance forward from section 5 i get to section 6 and in section 6 as you may recall there was a section where you could add maybe one or two leases on a 102 or on i'm sorry on a 103 long on a 102 you might be able to add six or seven what we've done is try to make that consistent so this is in this area a user can select any type of lease that they have and by selecting those leases it'll automatically determine which form it's going to generate those on so the more leases i add the more information is going to be stored permanently and then year over year i can just pull that information forward and not have to re-enter all that so i can continue adding leases here at the bottom if i indicate i've accidentally added this and didn't need one i can delete that and as i navigate forward i get to the form 104 and within that form 104 this is where i could enter that 103 ctp deduction if i happen to have one from here i'm not going to answer the question on expenditures so we can show you how the rich view section works so i'm going to scroll forward to that in form 106 i'm going to just enter a test indicator for my explanation of adjustment enter a value here and then i get to the attachment section any attachments that i've added as i'm progressing to the forms will display here i can also perform so if i have another item that i need to add that might be pictures or other supporting information i can also do that as well so i do have the option of of selecting the type of form and if the form that i'm looking to add doesn't exist i can indicate that it's other and click next last i'm taken to the signature section and in the signature section i can provide my information as a preparer the date is auto pre-filled of the day that it was signed it does require you to enter a phone number and an email address and this is so that if someone needs to contact and prepare for more information they'll be able to do so it's going to ask for the address of the preparer and as you see on the side as i'm filling out each one of the sections if the section is completed with the information that's required i get a check mark if not there's an indicator signaling me that there might be some information i might be missing in that section the next section we arrive on is the payment section the first year the payment is going to be waived the payments uh schedule has not been determined how we're going how the lgf will be charging for this site going forward but that will be communicated as that becomes available when i get to the review filing section in the top left i can see any items that might be missing information so this indicates that i'm missing something on form 104 i have two options i can use the back arrow to navigate back to that section or i can expand the legend and navigate back to 104 and then 104 now i can indicate that i had no expenditures as i navigate back through the filing i get back t that review page and now it shows that i'm not missing any information from here is the taxpayer i can download the pdf i can view the pdf and i can also download all the attachments into a zip file we'll just demonstrate what a what a example pdf might look like with that document information in them so we've got our form 103 long populated with the information that we provided we have our section 5 including the pool information and then we also have our supplemental forms like our 104 and the 106. again i can download that information if i need to retain a copy for myself and i can also download any of the attachments from here i'm going to advance forward to the submit filing page if i know the personal property id number that's associated with your cama system then i can go ahead and enter that number in case i've been provided that number in the past and i recall what that is if not i'm able to submit without it the submitting the submitted date is going to be captured and then once i submit this filing will be locked so i can no longer make changes so as you see here filing is submitted and no additional changes will be made okay the next thing i want to show you is in the view filings so once i've submitted a filing i can go back and i can look at any filings that i've submitted in the past so even though this one's already been submitted i can reopen that i can view the information i can download the information but as you see i'm not able to make changes to that document okay the next item we want to show is on the assessment side so i'm going to bring up the area in which i did the filing for which would be vigo county in vigo county there are township assessors and there is a county assessor both and so one of the nice features that we've been able to do is segregate those filings so in this case i have a filing for sorry i got auto logged out i have a submission that i just presented that's not in harrison county where there's a where there is a township assessor so i'm able to view the filings that are just associated with vigo county that are not in the townships from here i'm able to select the taxpayer that i want to review the filing for and now i can view the filings for that taxpayer or if someone happens to contact me directly i can also look at the view or the look up the tax payer i can see a list of taxpayers that have provided filings within my county and i can select that individual taxpayer so from here i'm going to view the selected tax payer that i have i can see the filing that they submitted and then i can open that filing once i've opened that filing i have a few different options as an assessor i can click the back arrow to go through each one of the sections individually i can expand the legend and click on any section to review the information i can review the filing or i can download and print it off if i need to i can download the attachments or i can click on the attachment section to review any of those items that might be present once i've navigated my way back through the filing in advance past the review section i have a notes area in which i can add attachments and notes that may be relevant to this file link so in this one i'm going to indicate that i rejected it because there isn't some missing information once i do that and refresh it's going to show who i was who the who the person was who left the note and the date and time in which the note was left again these are items that we're still working on cleaning up the formatting of so it should look better upon go live so once i've added my notes i can advance forward as the assessor i will be required to provide the ppid number if there is not one available and then at that time i can either set the status to pending i can reject the filing or i can accept it in this case i'm going to go ahead and reject this filing once i reject that filing if i go back to the submission queue to look at what i have left to work i now have zero filings left to to work on so i've already approved declined or updated all the filings that i currently have the next thing we want to do is switch over to the township assessor that's in that vigo area and looking at the township assessor as you saw just a second ago i had in my submission queue and no entries now if i click on view entries i'll see one specific to harrison township so it allows both parties to work simultaneously without having to review work that's not in their area so from here i can select the taxpayer i can view the filings for that taxpayer as you see they have multiple two have already been accepted and still have another one to submit i'm going to confirm this again i can go back and review via the legend i can click on view filing where i can download the information once i've reviewed that filing and feel comfortable with that situation i can set the status depending if i need to come back to it later and in my submission queue i still see it with the status of pending so i know that someone's working on that the other option i have is to view that filing and to change it to accepted so once it's been accepted the filing is now locked and no additional changes can be made so now that we've made those changes and we've rejected one of the filings we're going to go back to the taxpayer view and as the taxpayer i can now go look up my filings and see that i have a rejected filing whenever a filing is rejected you'll want to reach out to the individual communicate the issues that are going on with that filing so they can make the right corrections they will also receive an email showing that they have received a rejected filing and the status is changed that they're filing so once they re-enter that filing they can go back and change potential information so let's say that there was not a good explanation 106. they can go back and add additional info and if that justifies what you were looking for they can go ahead and submit that information now that i have the information changed and since it was rejected the taxpayer doesn't does not have the indicator that they cannot submit the information so now that it's been rejected i can make changes so i'm going to submit this back to the assessor and then now it's locked for changes by the taxpayer so i'm going to switch back over to the assessor look at my submission queue and now i can see that that item is now back for me to approve again once we have the filings in place our next item is going to be working on amended filings so going forward even if someone has submitted a filing after the due date they'll be able to or after they've been accepted they can go ahead and file an amended filing through the same type of process it'll carry the information over from the original filing to the new one and as long as they haven't reached the one year from the submission date they can still produce that amended filing one of the other features that we'll be offering going forward is going to be the ability to carry over information from year to year so maybe those companies who have a lot of leases or a lot of information once they enter the information for the first time they'll have the option of carrying forward that information for that one single property from year to year to year while i'm in here i also want to show you frequently asked questions so for each of the roles there'll be specific information that that pertains to that role and frequently asked questions and then as well as an help will be content that's specific to that individual role as you see i have a document that's related to the county user and i can also search by using control f as you see over here on the side it'll indicate all the areas where i might have that information present within that document one of the other options you have is to manage your profile so in the top right hand corner we have this icon if i click on that icon it shows me my information for this assessor and one of the items that you will be receiving is a daily email that shows all of the filings that happened in your township or in your specific county for that day if you find that that's not helpful information you can always uncheck that save that and then you'll no longer receive those updates going forward once all the filings have been completed we'll go back to the dashboard and we have an area called view reports this is still an area that we're working on developing and then we'll be coming probably in the february time frame but once the information has been entered into the pop-in system i'll be able to go to reports and create a csv export and pull that information out and it'll be able to be uploaded into the camera system so hopefully it'll reduce the workload quite a bit from having to retype all that information and just be able to load it directly into that kms system barrier are there any other items that you'd like to see covered today i think you've covered it we did have a question that came up in the chat boxes said will it save your information if you have to go from section to section meaning back and forth between sections absolutely so as i advance forward through those filings it will be saving that information each time i advance forward or backwards okay great question okay thank you cassie for that question um if you have here's more questions a lot of accountants have software that generates these forms will their software be able to upload to this program kevin you want to go ahead and address that that's a wonderful question one of the things that we wanted to do was make sure that we had the website set up and stable but the phase two of that plan is to look at other software that those agents are using and build interfaces that allow their information to be transferred directly into the system so they don't have to uh log in and type out each each segment of information so it's definitely on the horizon that's something that we'd like to build out to use wes's analogy the cadillac version okay just a reminder a couple of things one is this webinar will be eligible for one hour of continuing education credit jenny banks will be sending out of sending out a follow-up email that will contain the form for the continuing education credit along with a survey so please take the survey as i mentioned at the i think i mentioned we are recording this so the video the webinar will be posted on our website shortly as soon as possible in the follow-up email from jenny she will include a link to the access indiana website and just again a strong recommendation suggestion please register by december 31st and also if you have not signed up to receive emails from jenny please do so one other thing between january and may we will be getting a marketing campaign and that's the reason why we had requested from the assessors emails of all their taxpayers on file so that we can reach out to those taxpayers to let them know make them aware of the filing system all the questions um that were asked in this session as well as those from this morning session we'll be putting together a document and it will not be included in jenny's follow-up email but we will be sending out a later email with the questions and answers for that um and as kevin alluded to and wes alluded to um as far as suggestions um you know for different forms say like the era forms or um form 113 pp some of those forms those are things that we'll be looking at um and taking into into consideration for future years so um so another question is in the cadillac version will these filings filings integrate with x-soft the whole intent of this system was so that um the filings will integrate into the cama software for you know not only for ex-off but guts and other software providers so um that's the whole intent was that um the assessing officials would not have to re data enter the information that it would go straight into their camera yeah and kevin had alluded to this briefly in his um in his presentation and there was a question from this morning session in regard to the fees so the first year's fees are waived there's no cost to do this we are exploring um what cost or fees should we charge you know for future filing so if you have any suggestions recommendations um certainly we'd love to have your thoughts on what you think the these structure should be but nothing has been decided yet it's all um to be determined kevin did you have anything else from the demonstration side of things yeah there's just one more item i'd like to share so in our building of the product there are different web browsers that users may try to use some of those are no longer supported and may create problems if you try to use those so this is just an example of what internet explorer may look like so if someone is using a browser that's not supported we do provide a message at the very start of the page indicating that this browser is not supported so you may may get questions on that and so just wanted to indicate for some browsers we may not have those supported this time we will continue to work in the future to support as many browsers as possible though thank you barry thank you kevin and um unless anybody has anything else thank you very much for participating in today's webinar and um i hope everybody has a good rest of the day in a and a safe and healthy holiday season thank you you

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