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Industry sign banking iowa work order mobile

well everyone and welcome to today's session entitled automating fields service through work orders in mobile my name is Richard Bakura I'm an account executive for ledgeview partners with me today also have mr. Tom Lamar and one of our senior consultants at ledgeview partners they'll be providing the demonstration in just a few minutes before we begin I have a couple of housekeeping items all the attendees will be put on hold if you do have any questions throughout the presentation please use the question box in the gotomeeting window and also the webinar will be recorded and will be available on our website in the on-demand library so if you didn't miss it or if you know some of your colleagues have missed it you can certainly go up there and and have them watch it so we really appreciate you attending today I'd like to thank everyone for attending today's webinar as some of you know that we're on our earlier one we've we gave you a general overview of field service and today we're going to dive deeper into the field service work orders and mobility capabilities personally I've been providing field service solutions for a number of years now and I've never seen a laser focused delivery of new technologies that's helping companies transform the way that they service their company their customers and manage your field service operations but besides that it's also providing competitive advantages and new revenue streams and this is just the beginning I think it's going to technology is just going to keep increasing quickly as we all know the agenda today is pretty short and simple quick introduction for those who don't know who ledgeview partners is a couple of Industry Insights that I think might be of interest to you a little teaser question on some technology and look at the future and then the majority of time we're just going to dive right into the Microsoft solution it's a little bit about ledgeview partners as a CRM consulting company we've aligned ourselves with the two market leaders Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics crm today we'll be showing the Microsoft solution our goal is to help customers better align the areas of their business that directly impacts the customer experience this generally impacts the sales marketing customer services and then the operation departments which is kind of new to this area our team of consultants are full-time employees they have many years of CRM experience across many industry verticals we bring a lot of expertise to every project that we do we advise our customers and the best practices for a successful project no matter what platform that they choose to sum it all up our culture with our customers and relationships we have the one statistic that just pops out is we have a ninety-eight percent customer retention and I think that says a lot about our projects about our team and about our company as a whole so why all the focus on service management a service or a service-based economy now this transformation actually kind of started in the 1960s but really culminated into 1990s if you're still manufactured today manufacturing companies are finding that to continue with their customers and keeping them loyal that they have to provide better service to them so that's why the service departments are becoming more and more important so on this slide as you can see this was a poll of manufacturing companies and I think that basically the service departments are pretty vital to the survival of manufacturing companies as well as just strictly service companies as a whole service departments are no longer is seen as dis cost centers they're our revenue generators technology is the only way to really stay competitive and stay in business so these three points were just pulled out of a survey of peers and maybe some of your competition as well a little bit of fun I have a question what is this picture everybody is familiar with the Pokemon go application and game in this picture what do they have in common they both use augmented reality and so odd mented reality is one of those technologies that are coming into play with in service companies today I was at a microsoft retail store just the other day and they're going to start demonstrating the hololens it's not in production yet it's supposed to be coming out sometime next year so just a sneak peek at some technologies that are going to be used in the future and we'll be adding on to the functionality within within CRM so a lot of people including me thinks CRM is the new ERP and I believe that's because it's centered around the customer not accounting principles this picture depicts how course erm functionality of managing sales marketing has grown to include customer service project service and the topic today field service I think the value of this model is that the business apps all interact intuitively with each other because they're all built in that same platform within CRM what it does is it reduces costly integration strategies that we're all familiar with so with that said let's see how it all works and again I'd like to introduce my colleague Tom Lemer and is a senior consultant at ledgeview partners and he also provides pre-sales support for our sales team Tom go ahead and take it away thank you Richard alright so as Richard mentioned I'm in be showing you field service within Dynamics CRM 2016 today this is serum 2016 online this is the spring release which is the most latest release available just to note that the fall release is coming out very shortly we just had a preview session on it just last week and what I can tell you is is that they are making improvements and enhancements to field service and the service module and crm in general and a lot of them are end-user improvements we can't get into too much information just yet we're still kind of in the beta testing of that but it's something that you'll be seeing coming out in the next month or two just kind of some of the information but what I can tell you is that they are really focusing on the end user experience for this release and so they're doing a lot of nice enhancements that's going to provide a lot of value to the end users and field service as richard has mentioned is one of the core pieces that serum is really you know building on and growing within their their whole platform and so there are some nice features and functionality that is coming out in the fall release as Richard mention is that this is our second series in the whole service the service module within CRM today we're going to be showing you the core functionality of field service so right now I have active worked order screen up but i want to show you what's all available in field service and so we are going to be really focusing on the core pieces that are there that you can see on the left hand side here of work orders schedule boards resource bookings we'll also talk you know around customer assets and accounts and contacts and and things like that but we're really going to be focusing on what is a work order what can you do inside of a work order how does a dispatcher how does a dispatcher utilize this tool what are some of the you know what are some of the capabilities that the dispatcher has and then more importantly we're going to go into and see what a field agents experiences in the field so that is really what we're going to be focusing on today again we only have 45 minutes we can't get into everything that's in field service as you notice there's a lot of other stuff that you can do in field service but please look for a future webinar that we're going to be doing that's going to be showing you the additional features and functionality as an agreement invoicing where housing inventory purchase orders are amazed and additional functionality and if it's after that that fall release we can show you some of the additional functionality that the fall release is providing to so this is a multiple part webinar just because of how how in depth and how many features and functionalities there are within the field service application here so with that being said i'm walking i'm jumping right into work orders and i know last time we we talked about cases and cases is kind of a central area within the service module but you know a case is it is an incident or a complaint or maybe a request something that that they have and from a case you can actually convert a case right into a work order so i know we went through that on during the last demo so i'm not going to go into that so we're just going to focus directly on the work orders right now so here are my list of work orders and again those of you that maybe not familiar with dynamics crm i'll just quickly give you an overview of how the navigation works so across the top is the navigation area there's different modules within Dynamics CRM as we mentioned today we are focusing specifically on field service and that's why I just showed you before but then as you get into the different modules then you have these different views of your of your data so we are looking at active work orders right now so this is just the view of all of our work orders that are currently that are in active status that are within our CRM environment so if you look at the system says you can tell there's different types of you know different statuses the system the the work orders are in so we have scheduled in progress unscheduled you know there's also some statuses here for send to invoicing where we can get into accounting and things like that like i mentioned we're going to cover that at a future webinar but really today we're just looking at how you can get it from unscheduled to schedule to impress and we'll show you that that whole the whole process to go from gain a work order all the way to the field agent working on it so with that I am going to open up a work order right here just to show you what the work order has inside of it we're not going to be able to go into the in depth pieces of this there's a lot of features there's a lot of configuration there's a lot of setup there's a lot of design there's a lot of analysis that goes into this like Richard mentioned is that the technology is now here to do a lot of really neat stuff but with that being said there's still a lot of setup and there's a lot of configuration that needs to be done in a lot of discussions on how you want to set up your field one environment and how it makes sense you know to set up for how your organization wants to utilize it but I'm missing to cover some of the basics within the work order and then we'll jump into how a dispatcher takes these work orders and then starts scheduling them and then that's really going to be kind of the meat of this demo is really showing you how easy it is to use how easy it is to schedule and how easy it is from a4a field agent to be able to utilize everything that's being done within the CRM application so with that I opened up a work order again on the top here you can see a business process flow if there's different ways that you want to how to manage a work order again you can use this business process flow to go through different stages and steps that you need to do it's something that some some organizations utilize others don't but if you have a formal process that you want someone to follow when they're managing and creating a work order the business process flow is a great tool that can be turned on with inside the work orders in general the the work orders is made up of you know the information a gorse use your service account billing account you have your different statuses here but then you can just have some different information around the work order I'm going to focus over here on the right hand side there's things here called incidents incidents within a work order is actually think of it as a template so I can have different templates and based on my different templates that will really tell me what am i doing you know who should I be scheduling what type of skill set should my people have and all that can be set up within these different incidents so this one is an inspection because this isn't an expect what this did now is that it automatically configured some related some related entities to this if I go up here and as you know if I click on this drop-down next to the actual work order number it gives me the the related information around this work order so what this what this did is that since I picked the incident of MRI inspection it actually went through here and set up my products my services and my service tasks and let's dive into what each one of those are so let's look at the products so these for doing an MRI inspection these are the products that we need to have that the field tech needs to have on hand in order to do that inspection properly so again if you have trucks or if you have you know different equipment that people should have you can put your different products in here or different items that they should be having and then this this will really let them know what they need to have before they go and do the actual work order so you can set these you know these products up and again this is all templated so I do not need to go in there each time I set up a work order and do this so hopefully there's some work orders and some processes that you do over and over again and that's where the incident templates really come into play so we can do the products we can say what are they actually doing when they go there so here is you know the actual services that are being done and so they're saying do the MRI sanitation that's a one hour process and again you can set more information around this but just generally it is just a service what they're doing then we can also do surf tasks so you know what the actual services and there's information around there but you can give them a checklist and what they should be doing you know during their call there so you know let's make sure that we're measuring the usage be you know looking at making sure that we're giving them an estimate on any issues or any maintenance that needs to be done you know again if you have any special that you want them to be promoting you know again just making sure that they understand or remember to talk about that and of course you know collecting the customer signature these are just like checklist items that you can provide the field agent and again it can be specific to the different types of tasks that you're doing or specific incidents that you have template it out otherwise of course you can just create your own if you have a specific let's say it's a unique service call that you need to do you can just create and add all this stuff directly into your work order manually it just depends on you know how how much you can redo through the incidence otherwise you can manually create these also so I'm going to go back to my work order another thing that I can do here is that again I can tell what my bookings are so through here this means that this has been scheduled and I can go into here and see who it's been scheduled for so let me open up this booking and now i can see that Brady Hannon was the one that has been booked on this and I can see some you know estimated arrival time so this is just some information now again we talked about that we're going to be going to dispatchers this is just what the dish pastures will actually filling in but they do not need to use this format so what I want to do now is I want to I want to switch over to I'm going to go back to I'm going to go back to my field service area and so we were focusing on work orders right now what I want to do now is go back and focus on how a dispatcher would utilize this let's go to our schedule board this is a really nice feature within that they built within the field service area that gives you a nice visual and a very interactive way to schedule to schedule your your work orders within you know within the appropriate times to the appropriate resource so let's just take a look at at what we see here so within this schedule board now of course you see the actual day today you can see work orders that are already being scheduled you can see different resources along the side and where their resource llocation is so you know Joseph is is a little booked right now but you know Ephraim and some others can king get some you know can get some things scheduled for them so you are able to see the resource percentage based on what's scheduled for them another thing is that it's very colorful so through here I can tell what the different statuses are of the different work orders so green means that they have been completed this pine nut gray don't explain my different colors but dark blue here it means that they're in progress these the kind of lighter faded blue here means that they're scheduled but they haven't been acted upon at all yet if we keep scrolling down orange means that they're on break right now so there's all different types of statuses and what I can do on that status and how I can tell or how i can set the status that if I actually right click on these notices this change status so these are all the different statuses that we have currently configured and there's a actually sub statuses underneath here so if I want to say that you know there's different things about maybe in progress I can have different sub statuses underneath the main statuses right now I just have kind of the core status is configured here but I can do sub statuses underneath here and based on all this the color changes so I as a dispatcher can change the status but more importantly i will show you how the status can be changed through the mobile device within a Horta bold of portable device and then from there it automatically will update my schedule board so how do I get this how do I get this schedule board so there's multiple different ways to manage your schedule board here so notice down here is that I have a view called unscheduled work orders so I can configure a view to give me all my son scheduled work orders and it can be very simple so i can scroll down here and look at some my resources and you know keep scrolling here and you know most my resources are pretty booked i'm going to minimize these and go down to some other resources I see Spencer's a little Spencer's a little low right now Spencer doesn't have anything scheduled so I'm just going to go through here and I'm going to say ok 004 yep I know about bellows college I know stuff about bellows I'm gonna know that you know it's a dispatcher I know that Spencer can handle that so I'm just going to click drag and drop and i'ma say that this is going to start at 10am so just by me dragging and dropping from the unscheduled it automatically schedules this and now again Spencer can get notified behind the scenes he can get a he can get a ping he can get a text he can get an email he can get all the above and just letting them know that a new work order has been scheduled for him today I can also as you notice I can hover over these work orders and you can configure what fields get set up so if I want to see more information on here I can also configure how these work orders look and what information is on these work orders within the schedule boards so this is all configurable like I mentioned before lots of configuration lots of flexibility just have to make sure that we that we're hearing to what you need to see and do you know within the field service module so that's where a lot of the prep work a lot of the design model analysis comes into play but let's say sometimes I don't know you know who these different people are and sometimes I just need to go and it just based on I would like to see and kind of give me some suggestions on who's available so I can also go through here and I'm going to look at my map view no wanted me to say is that the demo data in here is on both of both of the coast it's either in the Seattle Washington area or it's in the Washington DC area so we're going to focus more on the Seattle area today during our demo so I'm missing a scroll and actually I'm going to expand this chart a little bit more so we can get a little bit more real estate on here but as you notice here you can see a grouping of all these different pins and different colors and I don't want to give away too much again because i can't i can't relay too much information but i'm going to say that this experience right here is one of the areas that they are enhancing with the fall release so there's gonna be some little bit more flexibility and functionality in this visual in this area coming with a fall release but with that i can hover over the different areas i can see if their resource if they're a scheduled work order and you know i can see we're different people are but I know these kind of grayish ones are unscheduled work orders so from here I can just take a look at this and now I'm like okay I want to use my scheduling assistant this is just one area where I can use my scheduling assistant I just did it through here because I want to show you this map view so it just gives you another capabilities to kind of see where people are where my schedule work orders are where my unschedule work holders are but through this i can use the schedule assistant i can also use the schedule assistant outside of this dispatcher board I can do it right from my work order or other areas within CRM so this can be called through multiple different areas in serum but what this does that let me click on the scheduling assistant and what it looks for is that it knows about different things so I can do different characteristics i can do different territories i can pick what type of resources I need one thing I didn't mention is that you know most of the resources that you saw on there were all people resources so it's all it's you know it's either my internal people maybe contractors I use however I want to configure that within my serum I can configure those resources I can also do SI equipment let's say of a specific truck or maybe I have a specific latter e or equipment that I need to rent or that i need to you know not everyone in my field agents has that equipment so i need to you know schedule it for certain types of jobs i can have equipment as one of my resources on here so there's this lots of different ways to pick and choose what you want you know this one has they need building access you know I pretty much want them in my Washington Territory I don't want them driving too much i want them within a 20-mile radius right now so you know if they are two hours away i don't want to schedule them because i want something you know quickly that i can that i can get them so let me do this and I'll this search my resources so what this is going to do is look to see you know who fits the skillset who fits my different criteria that I have set through here and if there's other certain skills that are needed i can add that into here but notice I have two people that are available today and I have a couple people that are available tomorrow or few more people available tomorrow I would like to do something today so right from here i am able to go through here and i am able to you know schedule this schedule this right from here maybe i need to adjust the time a little bit but i can schedule it right from my schedule board and it gives me that flexibility to make sure that i'm up finding the people with the appropriate skills with appropriate you know location and then i also am hopefully i am meeting my customers needs by the timing of it so that is you know that is really the core areas around the scheduling assistant here it gives you that capability to you know dynamically create who's got the skill sets and then find that the one thing i do want to tell you is that this is still a manual process meaning that i need to go and actually hit the scheduling assistant before it goes and calculates who should be filled in a bill you know on my available resources i also want to show you this component this is kind of nice too is that it does map it out and it shows you where the different people are located where the job is so the job is here and where my different people are so it does give me know now a little bit better you know idea of where the locations are and who I need to be you know who's a good fit you know from a mapping view but like I mentioned this is a manual they are in the process of releasing an auto routing scheduler again that uses many algorithms kind of behind the scenes that you can figure that is so that is an actual ad on product that they are currently testing right now if they had it with their old product now that they have upgraded the field service module they've been needing to tweak that a little bit it's in beta testing and some select customers have been testing that for them we we feel that by the end of this year that should be available a general release and so with that being said is that that's an add-on component that now you can use an auto scheduler to wrote to wrote your you know your field techs or to schedule your field text maybe it just depends on your volume and how many you need to schedule and you know just just looks at all that information and all the algorithms so what you're seeing here is a manual process they do have an automated process coming shortly all right so that is the scheduling assistant and again going back to getting bored right here there are capabilities to create different views so I can go into here to create a new view of this so you know sometimes people ask is that maybe if I'm West Coast or East Coast or if I have different ones that i want to see different time periods you are able to create different views and different filters on these views and through there's just all through the tabs so just like you can with in Dynamics CRM a dispatcher can personalize this you know this board for themselves and then have multiple different tabs or multiple different views to allow them to you know most efficiently see what's being done there or to you know just look at you know different areas or different resources specifically by by the filters that they choose all right the last thing here is that I didn't bring up this so this is a details area so again if I'm looking at this it just shows me again some more information around that work order so if I want to see the core details or if I double click on it it actually brings up the work order so that is how you know that is that is the functionality around how a dispatcher would you know take an unscheduled work order put it in put it on the board get it scheduled and then behind the scenes that would go out and alert you know the field agent so with that being said now let's go and look at what the field agents experiences so within the product there is a mobile application and this is available on all the core mobile devices so iPads and iPhones Androids and and Windows machines of course so with that alright let me go here and just got to set this up so while we're waiting for this unfortunately I got to reset this piece is there any has been any questions on the on the schedule board that anyone has asked yet richer don't know if you can monitor that or Andy yeah um there's one question here I can read it to you actually our field service texts are sent out to customer sites for days or weeks at a time rather than ours so can the schedule board scale to show a week or a month at a time instead of just one day yes it can yes it can so again this is more on you know the hourly ones but it can go days it can go weeks and if you notice on here so this is a good example so Brady is going out here and this this one right here is actually scheduled for if you notice nine days and so Brady has is going to be scheduled for nine days but throughout their you can also schedule stuff inside of that so maybe Brady is out there you know at a certain location but during that time he can take little side trips to other areas or two other you know to other jobs or other work orders or maybe there's just work orders at this plant or this facility and there's you know you have to make sure that they're out there for nine days but then within that you can do like little sub orders or work orders underneath those and schedule them you know during that time so yes it is it is available for more than just you know the hours that you're seeing here the hours are really because it makes it look nice but it does allow you to do it more than you know just an hour at a time and then you can also configure how your boards look I only showed one day at a time but there are settings here that you can set that you can say you know how many days what am I looking at how much do I want to set up you know what is my time zone all those things a number of days I want to be displaying here so I can show all that within my board and configure it from a dispatcher stamp all right here we go so what so within all the major stores like I mentioned there is a there is an app out there I'm missing is this app is different than if you know what the what they call the mocha app on within Dynamics CRM so the dynamic CRM application that you can use to manage let's say your opportunities and accounting contacts and things like that is actually built on an infrastructure that Microsoft built this field service one is actually built on the tool called Rasco resco is a is a third-party application that adds even more configuration capabilities then the default Microsoft application has and so that is why field service is using the rest go app so it's actually a whole separate download it comes with your subscription and so as long as you as long as your reps have that have a basic CRM license and then the field service license that is what's needed to be able to utilize and configure this web application or story this this mobile application so it is going to look a little bit different from the from the mocha client but the the biggest thing is is that you have a lot more flexibility on how you can configure this and what you can configure and what they can show you and there's actually a whole configuration wizard and whole configuration application that you can utilize that again goes into the whole part of implementing your environment where now you can really customize and configure the mobile aspect or the mobile experience for your field agents all right what's that being said let's just take a look at some of the high-level pieces that are available in here you can have your dashboards you can have dashboards in here you can have interactive maps you can go into here and like if I click on accounts like I mentioned you can do accounts in contacts in the in the Microsoft app you can also have accounts and contacts that are specifically related to the service accounts that they're going after so now you can assign accounts to different reps or maybe show them only the accounts they you know they have work orders for this will then just give them a nice way to be able to look at the information that they need to and then more specifically the contacts that are that are there so these are just you know again the context that they may need to be working with the information emailing you know phone calls all that functionality they can do right from here but what's more critical is looking at what they're doing with their day so I am signed in right now as an admin so it shows me everything so I'm just going to filter and show you what what Wilson it is going to be doing today so let me let this load to get Wilson's information here so these are you know what what the the different work orders that are there now notice these can be configured a lot better to show more information on here but by just clicking on any of these items just by highlighting it now it goes back and start showing you all the work order information and as you as I mentioned before is that I showed you on the schedule board that you can change the different statuses right through here is where the the actual agent can go into here and change the different statuses so right now you know what Wilson is working on this one so he's going to change this this status right now and he's going to change it to that he's in progress and then you know now it's going to start doing start calculating how long he's been working on it and in different things like that but this just gives them overvie of what the actual work order is but now I can keep going into and gain more and more information let's say Wilson needs to know how to get there so I can do my map and of course if you if your device has the GPS on it they can do you know you can click on it to navigate you know kind of turn-by-turn instructions how to get there from where they're at if I did that right now it would give me turn-by-turn instructions how to get from Wisconsin to Washington so it does take a little bit of time but that's just because of again the demo data has mostly be Washington the Seattle area but now I can go into here and jump into and start looking at you know what is what is the specific information i'm doing an inspection it's a regulatory inspection no I can set some different items here but I can just see the different information about my work order and about my scheduled I can look at some other information you you know right from here by if I need to say that hey there's a follow up that needs to be done I can click on this and now this will you know whatever notes I put into here will automatically now trigger a follow-up you know either on the dispatcher side or if you have a different way that you need to follow up again this can just trigger a note that hey we need to follow up on this account and you can just put your notes in here now again with this being a mobile device I can use my voice to text capability so I don't have to type in everything so here the notes I need you to follow up on for this work order thanks and again now very easily it allows me to you know put my notes into here very quickly I can look at other information to hear now notice I have my different my service task my products my services through here so if i want to go through here and i want to see you know what do i what should I be doing through here now I have on here what are my different items i'm seeing you know i need to measure the energy usage you know giving them the free estimate I need to talk to him about the summer promotion if there's more information to this I can click on any of these to provide that so again everything that I have configured within my serum is all available through the actual mobile app so more importantly is that I want to go through here and I have some notes that I need to start taking on here and one of the things that we get a we get a question on a lot of times is that hey I want to look I want my my agents to go into and let's say they're doing a service on a machine and we need to take before and after pictures because we just want to make sure that the customer and we are ensuring that we know what looked like before and we know what looked like after so if anything ever if anything ever happens after that that they know that you know here's a picture when what we look like we left it so it's not something that you know our warranty or maybe our services did so right from my mobile device i am able to pick on on this i'll let it do that you can just see my so we'll do a nice little picture here will say use that photo and if i want to put you know notes on here if I want to put additional information on here i can do that but right from my you know right from my device I can take a picture of my nice messy desk here so I'll just I'll just save that back but that that really gives you know the rep or the agent I should say a lot of information you know at their fingertips they know how to utilize you know they know what they need to be doing they can plan their day they can see what's on their schedule they can get alerts they can get text alerts when stuff gets scheduled to them so everything can be done from an agent standpoint from their mobile device they should never have to log in to serum unless you want them to do some logging they should never have to access the CRM application everything can be done through this mobile device and then you know with that again the signature this signature piece of this so now at the end you know we said that we wanted to collect the signature so right from here I can just go through here and have them sign it so they know that the you know that the work order has been completed and I can save that that signature right onto this work order now so that is the experience that you're going to that that you see so we started off you know looking at how you set up and configure a work order we showed you how a dispatcher can schedule that work order and then once it's scheduled we did show you how field agent can go and look at their their work orders see what they need to do and then actually log and say back you know pictures signatures notes updates all that can be done right from the mobile device and like I mentioned it's available for the major tablets and also for the phones the only experience difference with the phone as and instead of scrolling over you would scroll down just because of the real estate limitations on phones but you know nowadays the phones are gain biggest tablets anyway so maybe there's not as much limitation but anyways you do have the both the capabilities between tablets and phones so those were the main areas that we wanted to show you oh let me do this so we were on work order 39 so I do want to switch this back go back here and we were working with Wilson on here so let me go and open up work order 39 you you you this actually didn't bring me up sorry that didn't bring up the work order let me switch back here and go back over to the work orders I mean go to work order 39 and now through here I'm able to look at my notes and anything else that that are there so again anything that is set up through my mobile device will be sent back to my CRM application so that right now concludes my part of the demo so I will turn it back to Richard to address any we have a few minutes to address any questions that may have come up during the time thank you Tom we appreciate it great job as always there was actually a couple of questions that maybe since we've got a couple minutes we can just kind of answer here we will be following up with all the answers to the questions via email but since we've got a minute here so the one question was uncompleted calls will it show you duration time amount of days hours a call was open for and I think two screens ago you actually showed where it did have the duration there but maybe you can answer that yes it does it does manage that and let me just show you and I can show you this a little bit better so let me go back to the the schedule board here and this first person right here so Edgar wants a sorry you from right here this was a two hour two and a half hour scheduled one he was really quick and he completed it it didn't notice how it changed it to only be the duration actually only went in there for like 20 20 some minutes because it got 23 minutes was the duration so notice it has a start in the intent minute does calculate what that duration is so yes it does keep track of that and you can do those durations down to like a service task level as you can see I'm starting the service task I'm ending it and now you can measure what the duration is ok thank you last question and then we'll wrap it up do you see an overlap between service calendar and schedule board will service calendar eventually go away that's a great question I think that everybody's hope that the service calendar with in Dynamics CRM se is not very robust this schedule board it's something that was specifically built for field service but behind the scenes it does use some of the resources and things like that that that the schedule board within dynamics or this within the dynamic CRM platform had so it's kind of using some of those same entities so the hope is is that at the end that this is going to replace it but currently this is only available through the field service application but again there's hope that this will replace what Dynamics CRM had for that service calendar awesome thank you well with that said we'd like to close off this session we thank everybody for joining us I said the recording will be put up on our website shortly questions will be sent out with answers via email if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to send them to me on the dress that was listed or you can send it to through our website as well and we look forward to another announcement for webinar sometime in the next month or so and hope you can join us for that thank you again everybody and hope you have a wonderful day

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How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? ""So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? "When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

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This video from our friends over at the Institute for Justice provides you with all the info you need to learn how to download your own legal documents.

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Reply from: dreimdreim@ (Dan Reimer)Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2000 14:43:17 EDTHi,Yes, I have the pdf form which you can fill out with a credit card, I have a copy of it here. It asks about your age, height, weight, height in centimeters, weight in kilograms, date of birth, address, phone number, email address and the last four digits of your credit card number. It also has instructions to "add" your signature so that the form will be printed on paper, and send it off to your local post office.I'm not an attorney, but I do have some friends who have a lawyer, they can give an interpretation/referal for what information needs to be entered on there. I'll pass it on. Best, Dan ReimerFrom: "Daniel" [Email him] Sent: Monday, 4 July, 2006 8:26 AM To: dreimdreim@ Subject: RE: form to fill out to have my birth certificate updated Dear Dan,Thank you so much and I really do appreciate your help. I was wondering about what information you might be able to see on there. Is the last four digits of the credit card number or something like that. I am trying to get my name and age verified by a court to get a divorce or an extension on the divorce to get my credit card number updated or something like that. But I am not too familiar with the details. My name is Danielle, but it has been changed. I was trying to ask a question about some information with my application and my name is spelled DEREK not DAVID. Can you please let me know what is on there? Thanks a thousand,DanielleFro...

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