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Sign in Kansas Lease Agreement Template for Banking

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Form company lease

a commercial lease agreement is a contract to rent an office or industrial space between a landlord and a tenant commercial leases are generally longer than residential leases a lease term is typically established between three and five years and is common for the tenant to have options to renew the contract types of commercial lease agreements a commercial lease agreement may or may not allocate expenses for the occupancy and operation of the premises generally a landlord expects some portion of these costs to be paid for by the tenant there are two main types of commercial lease agreements a gross lease in a gross lease expenses are included in the tenants base rent payment consequently the tenant pays no additional rent beyond the base rent a net lease is where the tenant pays the monthly amount written in their lease along with the real estate taxes insurance and maintenance of the property essential terms in a commercial lease agreement leases vary based on state and local laws customs however in almost every state a commercial lease agreement should include the parties to lease transaction description of the leased premises permitted use of the premises prohibited use of the premises lease term security deposit amount base rent additional rent or operating expenses landlord and tenant duties repair and maintenance obligations indemnification obligations limit on landlord and tenants liability early termination rights insurance obligations holdover penalties and surrendered obligations landlord and tenant remedies and whether the lease may be assigned or sub leased to another tenant this list is not conclusive the parties may need to add more provisions and clauses depending on the property type or business rent in most commercial leases contain a base rent provision that is calculated on a dollar amount per square foot on the premises and is payable on a monthly basis why should I consider leasing a commercial office instead of buying it businesses do this because it's often cheaper for them to rent it than it is for them to buy the property commercial lease agreements allow companies to negotiate terms and responsibilities with the landlord and it offers them a way out if they need to relocate or close shop it makes sense for businesses to rent especially for chain commercial outlets and retail centers Americans with Disability Act 42 u.s. code 1 to 183 also known as the ADA a required that any commercial tenants which offer public accommodations such as a restaurant retail store etc or have at least 15 employees adhere to all handicapped access rules this rule is only grandfathered to properties that have not been built or have had renovation since 1992 hazardous waste 42 u.s. code 6 901 forces the tenant to sign in writing that they will adhere to any federal state or local laws in regards to the disposal of hazardous wastes [Music]

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