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Vegas rental application form

Hey guys, Stephen White here. Today we're going to be talking about the informationthat you need to collect from your tenant applicants.So what information is important for a landlord to collect from an applicant on the actual rental application? Well, beforewe dive into that I think its important to point out and make sure you are using thecorrect application. Certain states have specific rules about rental applications. A good examplewould be New York state where you can't ask for a person's date of birth. In Californiait is preferred that you use the California realtor's association application. Of courseyou can find applications on in our free resources. But be sure you'remaking good use of the correct application that you're using applicable to your state. As far asthe information you're collecting, obviously you want to start with the most importantstuff - name, date of birth, social security number and their address. Just to make a pointabout the social security number, we're definitely living in a day and age where people don'tfeel as comfortable giving their social security number. Sometimes that's okay and sometimesit's not. If you're running a background check on the person chances are you're going towant that social security number. If it's something they're not comfortable giving toyou there are ways around it. I would definitely recommend if you do end up selecting thattenant at least in the lease process you do gather their social security number. It'san important thing to have for any landlord. In terms of the information you have on theapplication such as their employment information, residence, previous residence. Again, criticalinformation in terms of the screening process, you want to make sure that the applicationis filled out in its entirety. Some of the most successful landlords I've worked withhave definitely instituted a no blank space policy. Meaning if the applicant hands itback to you missing a bunch of stuff, kindly hand it back and say "I'll accept this whenit's been completed in full." Lastly, personal references, something we get asked about alot, I would not call personal references when it comes to the screening process. Ofcourse you know any friends that you speak to are to say they're great people and aregoing to give them a glowing review. Personal references are more important sort of afterthe fact or in a worst case scenario. Why, because people obviously list their relatives,next of kin, mothers, fathers, and if they skip town and abandon your property and leaveyou owing the balance without any forwarding address. Well those are people you usuallywant to call to try and get some information on where this person is. So personal references,more important after the fact not necessarily in the screening process. But still very important,critical to get that information on the application. Successful landlords institute that no blankspace policy so be sure to make sure those applications are filled out in their entirety.Be sure to check out our website, you can click the link to get to our free resources.And also on we've got a list of states and their rules and so be sure ifyou're living in a state that you're not quite sure what the rules are, check out the websiteand make sure you're doing everything in compliance with landlording. And of course subscribe to our our channel.

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