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Sign in Kentucky Rental Application for Banking

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Email signature employment verification letter for apartment rental

[Music] all right now we're gonna kind of look at what to verify to so you don't get the fraud where people are moving in your house that aren't the actual people you always make sure there's so security matches obviously you're gonna look at their criminal activity possession this guy let's see Hank mess was in possession of cocaine felony prosecution Day 2006 so you know that's cool now alright I love this ID by the way so the other thing to verify always always verify a photo ID and this is not Hank mess this is Thor Odinson dude I love that ID absolutely awesome Hank mess shows up with that how did you get a copy my driver's license sorry Chad okay so past eviction history this under the judgment stuff that's an automatic denial so if you notice on a scoring sheet on the Left we have automatic denial section for disqualifiers example eviction collections from a landlord utility collections in our system those are automatic denials if they have anything like this on the record so a landlord tenant suit at all it's an automatic denial and we've also found there's a large correlation between utility collections and not great tenants so you want to make sure and you know you might want to set your own automatic denials in different states so like for felonies different states don't allow you to discriminate against criminal history so it's important to know your state laws on that and that was a recent change that came across in the last couple years that made it so you can't just check felons off the list anymore now you have to word some things differently and that those type of regulations are what pushing what it's pushing people that outsourcing their screening like with Western reporting or one of these other programs because you're there's just so many loopholes that a landlord can get in trouble with now the if either you're using someone else system and outsourcing it or you develop your system of your own that keeps up on the current laws that's actually one of the reasons we're doing this video is to update our own scoring criteria so let's hop on here Tyson to the next one some of their shortcuts for some of the things verify like a lot of people say we need to verify your income and they'll go through this process of calling the employer now if they work for a large employer a lot of times I've heard of employers call making you pay for that effo or giving you the runaround or not releasing it here's a great way to get around it now sure the tenants could Forge this but it won't you'll see if you're checking all this stuff they'd have a hard time forging all of this stuff but we just make them submit a pay stub or a bank statement now if they give you any story at all when you say I'm just bringing a pay stub with turn on us pay stub with your application or you know send us a copy of your pay stub if they give you any story at all about a pay stub say okay let me see your bank statements for the last three months or whatever you want to do and if they still give you a story walk away just walk away any of this stuff if all of a sudden well well my sister stole my ID and lottery law yeah I'm out I'm out you know what I mean we don't if you don't have and and and just consider zoom out a little and consider how great of a tenant are they gonna be if they can't show you a you know just a consistent looking income source on a bank statement or an employment record cuz even the ones that are on like a housing or a government program or we even had tenants that are on trust funds they have bank statements that show we had I remember we had a tenant that had no job no real income sources to for once a year he got a trust fund payment and all we did was say alright show us the bank statements for last three years and so he did with that deposit and we saw and then all of us were like okay I'm in the wrong family because that guy gets a ton of money just given to him every year I mean money on it we just put the burden is theirs like we don't go calling around and digging into this we say president bring us this email me this however you ever you accept the application make them include this info and if they're like well I don't want to show my bank statement of people owe law in my pay stub that's private information like okay right I don't want to rent to you I don't know what tell you if you use this scoring sheet right okay so you have them doing an application it comes through you prot you go over across these fields over you can screen tenants in about five minutes easy and be pretty dead-on

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