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Sign in Mississippi Arbitration Agreement for Banking

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what do you do if your employer comes to you after you've been injured and says look sign this agreement they sometimes called an arbitration agreement go ahead and sign this agreement we'll go ahead and pay you more than we otherwise might and if we end up having to have a dispute we'll go to this great private system to get it resolved quickly and easily when you're signing any kind of document especially one that gives up rights like this you really need to have a lawyer look at it and let me tell you why there's a reason why some employers too many are trying to push workers who've been injured and their families into this arbitration system it's a system where the judges are often just lawyers selected off a list used again and again by the same companies it's secret there's no way that you can ever complain about what happens in that system absent almost extreme circumstances that the courts never ever really look at too seriously unfortunately you're giving up the right to have a jury decide your case you're giving up the right to have a jury measure the impacts and you're turning it over for what unfortunately too many folks find after they've signed this arbitration agreement is way less than they're giving up talk to us about it before you sign you

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