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Industry sign banking california bill of lading mobile

all right today's video is going to be on how to fill out a build lady a straight bill lading uh this is just i'm not doing any hazmat or anything like that so i'm not going to get into the hazmat materials or any kind of classes as far as that goes uh this is just a straight bill lading for freight or cars or whatever you're wanting to do today's scenario is going to be on a tractor and a pallet so i've got a scenario put up here on the backboard uh we'll go through it i'll move you in closer so you can see what we're doing and we'll get to it okay so you get on the load board and you're looking at the load board and you find a load that you're interested in you decide to give the broker a call the broker's name is broker bob broker bob tells you that he has a tractor at five thousand pounds and one pallet a feeder chain at fifteen hundred pounds going from columbus ohio to cincinnati ohio at five hundred bucks at that point that's the only information that you're going to get out of broker bob until you make an agreement and decide that you're going to take the load once you decide that broker bob is going to send you a a bill or not a bill of lading he's going to send you a rate con at that point the rate con is going to have the actual pickup address along with the name of where you're picking it up at and the actual drop-off location along with the name of where you're dropping it off at in this point it is 100 park drive in columbus ohio and the shipper name is johnny tractor johnny tractor evidently sold this stuff to gregory's winery which is down at 200 river drive in cincinnati ohio at this point all that information will be on the rate con along with a load number from broker bob all this is going to play a big part in doing your straight bill lady you get up to johnny tractor up in columbus ohio and you get loaded and you ask johnny tractor for a bill of lading johnny tractor doesn't know anything that you're talking about because he's just private individual that sold this stuff on the internet and uh gregory's winery he's just bought it just starting his little winery and decided he needed uh some feeder chain and a tractor so at this point you should have billow lating straight bill ladings in your truck uh you will have to fill out one of these billow latings at that point so this is what a bill lading looks like this is uh one of the one of the bill ladings it's got all the information that you're going to need to fill out to be able to haul this load it comes with three copies carbon copies there's number two and there's number three and they are marked all of them should be marked one two and three so the top being the original you always keep the top copy okay one will go to the shipper which is johnny tractor and the other one will go to gregory's winery at the drop-off and it doesn't matter which one you give them whether you give johnny tractor number three copy or number two copy it doesn't matter just always keep the original so i have already filled one out so we're not spending time uh watching me write i've already filled one out so i'll put it up here on the board now and we'll go through it okay so this is the one that i've already filled out i'm using my carrier uh i am car delivery so that's why i wrote car delivery here at carrier all right my carrier's number this is an important number that'll go on your logbook or your electronic log for what you're hauling uh this number here the 108 302 is the same number that i got from broker bob on his paperwork okay that's the load number through broker bob so i put it here the second part at date and from okay we're at johnny's tractor picking up uh the supplies to be hauled down to cincinnati it's 12 2 20 and i'm picking up in columbus ohio okay now this next part which is to and from we are going to gregory's winery which is 200 river drive cincinnati ohio 4533 we just picked up from johnny's tractor 100 park drive columbus ohio 43222 okay you're gonna see this three times uh as far as the pickup location and you also gonna see your carrier number or your carrier name three times on this okay the next line here which is delivering carry carrier which is me c-a-r delivery my vehicle number is one and i'm pulling a trailer so it's t-2 for the trailer that's my unit numbers okay now number of type of packages number and type of packages sorry first line we have one tractor at five thousand pounds okay second line we have one pallet a feeder chain fifteen hundred pounds okay this part here you won't see until at the end now down here at the bottom here's the third here's the third johnny tractor that you're gonna see see you got it one here one here and number three is down here shipper is johnny tractor make sure johnny signs the bill lading make sure it's dated 12 to 20. over here carrier car delivery that's me i sign it 12 2 20. and by the way that's not my actual signature so don't worry about it now once you get uh all loaded up get this filled out you're going to take this okay remember this is carbon copies i always take number three which is the back one i rip it off and i hand that to johnny tractor because johnny tractor needs to have this uh just because okay what he does with it is his deal all right so now i have just two left i've got the original and the first carbon copy and that's what i have left okay so you go do your run you get down to uh cincinnati and you meet up with uh an employee at gregory's winery and uh just so happens jr comes out or gregory whatever they call him he comes out and he's so excited he's looking over the equipment and he just loves it make sure you get this signed by the receiver before you even unload uh the contents on the trailer that they're getting that way you know you're gonna get paid this has to be signed by them especially for a factoring company to factor it this will need to be signed for so there's no place on here for that to be done so what i always do is i just find a place here in the notes or up here in the items the packages part and i write in received by all right jr decides where gregory decides to sign it ivy league okay whatever doesn't matter he signs it it's done it's a good deal it's taken care of at that point once it's signed take that copy number two pull copy number two off and give that to ivy league or gregory's winery or whoever's there signing it that way they have a copy of it you always keep the original copy no matter what so as far as this bill lading goes uh this bill lading has been signed by the shipper and the receiver and everything is good to go here to be able to send off to your factoring company along with the rate con from broker bob that way you can get paid for this now if this was cod and you are going to get paid for it uh you know when you get there cash on delivery cod you would write the amount in there which is five hundred dollars okay if there's any other anything else here say you you know went through tolls and didn't know it or they were supposed to pay for tolls or whatever you would put that in add everything up and you'd put total charges right here which is you know there was none of that so it's still five hundred dollars and you make sure that you get paid your five hundred dollars once that's paid you can write paid check number or cash whatever and that's done that is a good bill lading for being able to do the job now you do not put cod numbers in here whatsoever unless you're getting paid cash on delivery if you are factoring this don't put anything here so hope uh hope this helps you guys on uh filling out a bill of lading uh i really haven't seen anything on youtube as far as how to do it but this is how i've done it for six and a half years and haven't had any issues been pulled over plenty of times and i tell you what you if you do get pulled over and you don't have a bill of lading or if you have a bunch of missed uh spelled stuff here on the bill of lading or missing things you will be red tagged right away you have to have the pickup location three times on here which is johnny tractor johnny tractor johnny tractor you have to have your company on here which is car delivery car delivery car delivery has to be on there three times so they just want to make sure that everything is posted clearly nothing's misspelled ready to go hope this helped and until next time guys thanks for watching we'll catch you on the next one

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