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Sign in Missouri Job Offer for Banking

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Industry sign banking missouri job offer computer

Whatever the rate of actual unemployment,the pace and fluidity of today's economy virtually guarantees that there will always be largenumbers of people looking for work, and large numbers of employers seeking qualifiedhelp. While the jobless are concentrated most heavilyin urban industrial sectors, rural areas where employers are scattered over vast distancesare also effected. Once when America was less complex and thetypical industry was confined to a small town or mill village placing a worker in the rightjob was a relatively simple matter. But, today it's a different story. Finding the right person for the right joband vice versa can be a difficult task. Still the technology for rapid efficient jobmatching exists here and now. You might even say it's ready and waiting. This is Kansas City, Missouri located in theheart of America's Midwest, and at the center of a labor market of 1.5 million people. This building which opened in 1967 housesthe Kansas City office of the Missouri State Employment Service. It is also a prototype of one of the mostup to date computer job matching systems in the country. A system that daily uses the many capacitiesof the computer to further the capabilities of the staff in making placements. Naturally, all of this didn't happen overnight. It took planning, training and patience toget it all together. More importantly, it took a little willingnesson the part of the staff and the administration of the Employment Service to discard outdatedconcepts and methods. A new tool was at hand, one that would helpthem service the public in a much more efficient manor. The tool was a carefully though out computerizedjob matching system which utilized an existing job bank maintained by the service. But, the computer system wasn't a simple tool. There was much to be learned before it couldbe used for maximum benefit. Hands that had once combed through seeminglyendless files had to be trained in the workings of a computer terminal keyboard. A device by which information is given toand gotten from the computer. Also, a new vocabulary had to be learned so staffers could communicate with the computer. this vocabulary was actually a standardizedlanguage that let the computer digest relevant information and feedback results in termsthat would be understood by the user. Most importantly, it was necessary to rethinkthe total operation and workflow at the employment center. So that the computer's advantages would bestcompliment the efforts of interviewers and order takers. Increased productivity in a computer assistedenvironment was the goal. When someone looking for work enters thisplacement office, their first stop is usually at this desk where a receptionist checks tosee if that individual is registered with the employment service. The device which resembles a television setis a cathode ray tube (CRT) which electrically displays information being received or deliveredby the computer. By keying in the job seeker's social security number and pressing the enterkey the operator has asked the computer to search it's memory and determine if the applicantis registered with the employment service. Within seconds the computer responds- LynnMichael is not registered with the service. Filling out an application is the next step. When the first portion is of the applicationhas been completed the applicant will see an interviewer to finish the questionnairein depth. Prior to this she may avail herself of thejob information service. This operation is a result of mating the computerwit the job bank. The computer updates the job bank on a dailybasis and microfiche copies of the job bank listings are then produced specifically forthe job information service. When the job seeker sits down with an interviewerfor the first time this whole process of matching the right person to the right job enters oneof its most critical phases for it is at this point that the applicant's job experienceand qualifications are described, translated into certain word descriptors for entry intothe computer this descriptor vocabulary can profile a highly educated and experience workeras well as the high school drop out with little or no work experience. I am here to interview you today in termsof job possibilities. What were you looking for? I would rather stay in the sportswear departmentin a sales aspect I had experience in it since graduation and I'd rather stay with it. Sales? In what? Sportswear, specifically or what did you havein mind? Not only sportswear it would be in sportinggoods too. They combined them in the sport that I workedwith last. It is much more interesting because you cansee the clothes they wear plus the equipment they use at one place. Were you essentially a clerk in this positionor did you did you have more responsibility than that? I started out as a clerk but later on as Igot...The interviewer's job is to pick out and enter the optimum data items so that thecomputer will make the best use of it's search strategy program. In any computerized matching system the ultimaterelevance of match results is closely geared to the accuracy and completeness of the informationentered. Much like a manual system without reliabledata the best of computerized systems will fall short of expectations. The completed application so far has beengiven to a data entry clerk who keys all the information into the computer. When the data on the application has beenentered into the system a placement interviewer can begin a search to see if there are anyreferral possibilities in the computer's updated job order file. It's worth it to have a closer look to seejust how this is done. The format on the screen is a function selectionnicknamed "a menu" by staffers who use it regularly. The dash is called a cursor and serves asa sort of an electronic locator. The terminal operator moves it by pressingcertain keys in this instance she positions it opposite the job matching inquiry line. When the enter key is pressed on flashes theformat for a search inquiry. What appears on screen is actually a paperlessform and the interviewer commands the computer to fill in the blanks by entering the applicant'ssocial security number. When all of the data is displayed, the interviewercommands the computer to begin its search. Jobs for which the applicant qualifies aredisplayed on the screen via a job order index with the jobs listed in order of ranking. The interviewer can call for a descriptionof any job she wishes. This gives her all the information necessaryto refer the applicant to the job. Back when the computer was searching it'sjob order file, the interviewer had she wished could of called for a print out of the verysame information displayed on the screen. This then in somewhat simplified form is theway a computerized system is used to help the employment service find jobs for people. Had Lynn Michael gone to one of the branchoffices of the State Employment Service the same results would of been obtained becausethese outlying offices are linked to the same data bank with the same equipment that isfound in the downtown office. In fact, the Kansas City Missouri office islinked by computer with the employment service offices in Kansas City, Kansas across the MissouriRiver. This link up is dictated by the proximityof the two municipalities which share a common job market and labor pool. Computer assisted placement isn't restrictedto the sole function of finding jobs for applicants. it's a double edge tool that is also doinga better more efficient job for employers too. Hi. This is Bill McGregor at Craigwin's Aviation. Good morning, Mr. McGregor can we help you? Well I run a small flying service overhearat the airport and one of my instructors just gave me notice the he's going to be leavingin a couple of weeks. I see. And, what would your flight instructor positionbe doing? Now the man I'm looking for would also haveto handle a charter flight once in a while in addition to instruction. So he must have a multiple engine land andsea FI instrument rating and I would like him to have an absolute minimum of 1,000hours. Taking a job order from an employer is justas critical a step as interviewing an applicant for once again the accuracy and thoroughnessof the information going into the computer that will directly effect the quality of anyresulting job matches. That is all the information we'll need, Mr.McGregor. We'll run your job requirements against ourcomputer applicant file tonight and hope to have some qualified people for you to talkto in the morning. Thank you for talking. That would be great! I appreciate your help with this. Goodbye! Job orders taken during the day are keyed intothe job bank for processing overnight. This is called batch matching. Inquiries made to the computer are groupedor batched. Supplied with the information from Mr. McGregor'sjob order, the computer searches it''s memory for any applicants on file having qualificationsmatching those outlined by the manager of the flying service. When the computer has completed it's searchit prints out the job description and the list of any qualified applicants for thatparticular job. This print out is delivered in the early morninghours to the placement office. At a time when most residents of this cityare just sitting down to breakfast, some employment service staffers are at the office reviewingprintouts and contacting those applicants that have been matched by the computer's availablejobs. The computer has found an applicant with theright combination of military and civilian flying experience to meet the requirementsfor the flight instructor job. By 7:30 AM he is reached at home by an interviewerwho has reviewed his qualifications and selected him from the list of eligible candidates. Although the technology exists for real timeor instantaneous employer oriented matching too. The Kansas City Employment Service has foundthe overnight batch matching of employers orders and effective system. The National Manpower Administration has determinedthat there is no one matching system that would be cost effective on a nation wide oreven state wide basis. What works for one labor market might be inappropriatefor another. The way to make computer matching both efficientand cost effective is to tailor the program to meet the specific needs of the particularstate or area and this can be done. As noted earlier implementation of a computerizedjob matching system is not an overnight process. Intensive personnel training at sessions suchas this must be undertaken. a decision must be made as to what type ofsystem that best serves a state's needs and a site for initial implementation must beselected. But, it should be stressed that informationand guidance based on experience is available for making these key decisions. In Albany, New York the National ManpowerAdministration has established The Center State Employment Security Manpower Systems. The Center includes experienced employmentservice professionals and systems analysts who along with regional and national officestaff are available to help states develop the most effective total system. Making a success of computer job matchinginvolves far more than merely automating a manual system. What it takes is complete rethinking of thetotal employment service operation so that interviewers can make the best use of thecomputer in effecting placement and placements are what it's all about. That's where these people come in. They are ready and waiting to help you implementyour system. The system is ready and waiting to be putto use and most importantly the nation is ready and waiting.

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