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Industry sign banking missouri job offer myself

well jobs jobs who's got the job actually who's trained well enough to get the job who's got the training who's got the skills or whatever so that that's what government programs do you know every state is set up you know to give you training give you skills to help you through the process so you get a a good job or you'll get a better job or whatever and people go to google and look for indeed and all these other commercial people are going to charge it these people won't charge at all now look at skill up at connecticut this is a new program and skill up is a word used a lot in the what's called workforce development that's the name of the government office locally workforce development that's what you want to find and that's what the career one-stop center is part of because they want to train workforces uh to be you know smart and get higher paying jobs and make companies better and earn money and and stuff like that then you paid more taxes that's it so here's a program in 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i have to purchase a car for twenty thousand dollars they give you that's it so if you remember uh uh ask us tell me what state you're in in the discussion i'll send you this um for all the programs for your stay if you're not a member go to and put in find my career one stop [Laughter] and contact them and go and talk to them don't just look at the website and see what they have that's good but you got to talk belly to belly and when you go to these people you don't go in and say hey i want to know uh i want a grant don't say that you say you want money you sound like a gimme somebody just wants to take money and go away or something uh it's sort of picking out use this expression earlier today certainly somebody picking you up for a date and say hey let's go to my house yeah he said no let's go to dinner first and see what you're all about so that's right just tell me hey you need a better job that's what you need you don't need a grant yet you don't know see none of these things i'm 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