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Industry sign banking nebraska moving checklist online

thank you again for joining us today and welcome to the edge discovery workshop with pro credit kosovo we're very grateful to be partnering with the bank and with centali and sgs for this kickoff of the real green real estate finance program in the country my name is urusmir music and i will serve as your host for today's workshop i am the global business development lead for ifc's edge program and apologies again i have tested my system but something is wrong with my video so you will see our other panelists but unfortunately i will be a shadow background for you i hope that's okay i will soon be joined by fatos hassani representing the pro credit bank and eleni from our edge certifying partner cintali in consortium with sgs as well a few logistics notes about the webinar the webinar is being recorded materials will be shared in a few hours once the system generates the recording during the webinar please use the q a feature to ask questions you can submit questions at any point during the webinar as we are leaving plenty of time at the end for answers at the end of the presentation before we turn to questions we'll ask you to fill out our feedback survey which helps us improve our delivery our agenda today includes several main sections fatos will explain the reasons that pro credit is launching the green real estate program in kosovo he will explain the types of projects pro credit can finance and the incentive that the bank is launching i will then introduce our edge program and will in particular show you how to use the edge software for self-assessment against green criteria eleni will explain the technical assistance options provided she will also talk about other benefits working with edge such as marketing in the end we will have a lot of time for q a with that i will turn it over to fatos i'll make him a presenter to explain the green real estate program for pro credit in kosovo but just go ahead you can turn on your video as well and unmute yourself and you can share the screen hello everyone uh i'm very happy to be here today with uh rasmir and eleni to present the green uh program that we have partnered up to present to you for the developers as well as construction companies who are engaged in purchasing and developing green buildings let me share my screen okay i hope you can see it so what is this green real straight program in kosovo that we are launching um i'm not sure it's come through yet photos let's see i don't see it on my end just so you know let me just try again and i can show it for my end as a backup yeah that would be good okay let me do that sorry about technical difficulties there you go okay thank you so um we as pro credit uh we thought that in this time of climate crisis it is essential to respond to climate crisis and what better way to respond to climate crisis as to tackling the issue from the building and construction sector since we know that climate crisis is a fact which is caused by our human activity we as well know that the building and construction sector contributes to almost 40 percent of the green house gas emissions of buildings alone contribute almost to 20 of the global greenhouse gas emissions that's why we think that the best way to tackle the issue of the climate crisis is through the green buildings so why are we doing this can you just go to the next slide okay so our aim is to stimulate the market of green buildings in kosovo we have realized that there is a lack of standard of uh evaluating the green buildings in kosovo we as pro credit we do have a platform on assessing and evaluating the energy efficiency of the green buildings in kosovo and we do have a green finance program for financing the green buildings but this is not enough we thought that it is not enough for us to claim that our clients have green buildings and are financing uh energy efficiency buildings we thought that this should be able to be done by our clients as well as by other parties in kosovo so that's why we are launching this program together with ifc and centali so to enable and facilitate the certification of energy efficient buildings from our clients through edge another reason is that we want to tackle this issue in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions uh caused by the construction and building sector to mitigate the impact we must try to keep warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above the pre-industrial levels which is what was agreed in the paris agreement this means we need net zero emissions by 2050 which means halving current emissions by 2030. also there is a push from the upcoming legislation the european union's commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050 means that all new buildings will need to be built under zero carbon standards and there will be a major retrofit effort to tackle the existing building block the eu announced the renovation wave in october 2020 which is focused on improving the energy efficiency profile of buildings in the eu as part of its strategy this is also a part of our group's procredit group's global commitment to sustainability we have committed that we want to become carbon neutral in the midterm from our own activities also we have committed to increase the green loan share in total portfolio to 20 right now our green loan share to total portfolio as of november 2020 is 16.5 50 of our green loan portfolio is uh two green buildings so what is this green building initiative and who are eligible clients the clients that we want to address and we are looking for are the homeowners and real estate developers who invest in different projects projects who which have the highest let's say energy expense in terms of electricity and energy so they would have the biggest opportunity to reduce their energy demand and as well as their costs in terms of utility bills these projects can be apartment buildings warehouses business premises hospitals restaurants etc the green building package includes a free technical support with an edge expert a discount on the certification and audit fees to undergo green building certification and as well a discounted interest rate of up to 0.5 percent on loans other clients who are eligible or also our existing clients who have been financed by us before and are not seeking a finance right now it doesn't mean that we would discount the interest rate retroactively but they would be eligible for the free technical support but an edge expert and a discount on certification now an audit please undergo green building certification for the first two incentives eleni will talk later in more details but for the last one i want to show what does it mean in terms of savings through the green program in terms of savings in um in terms of savings and uh investing in uh building or from the home buyer mortgage finance perspective so in the left side you can see that for a typical loan size of 750 000 euros and a duration of five years the green program benefit over a long period would be 10 424 euros in savings only by the reduction of the interest rates and on the right side you can see from the perspective of the home buyer mortgage finance that for a typical loan size to buy a house or an apartment of 150 000 years for a duration of the eight years the green program benefit over a loan period would be 500 3500 euros savings and for more details on the certification and as i will hand it over to resmer thank you thank you so much fatous you can turn off your video and again i apologize for my video not being on some sort of technical difficulty um and it's very very exciting to hear about this incentive from pro credit bank which they are launching globally there's some work going in ecuador now in kosovo and other countries as well and you can see that we'll show you through the edge program that the benefits can be for both of developers on your loans as well as to differentiate yourself and sell a much better property to your clients if there are home buyers now that we've heard from pro credit bank let's talk about the way that you can reach the green criteria and that's through the edge green buildings program before we start i'll just quickly introduce ifc ifc is a member of the world bank group which is focused on solutions for private sector development part of our mission is to create markets that support climate business ifc created the green building market transformation program for a comprehensive approach to sustainable buildings this is a four-part strategy that includes us working with banks both through investment and advice investing directly into the building sector advising governments on rebuilding codes and incentives so if you're government listening we would love to work with you and the edge certification program ifc has done six and a half billion us dollars in investments into green buildings space and we have certified 16 million million meters square of space to our edge program let's take a step back and define exactly what we mean by a green building ifc created edge in part to answer the need for a common definition of a green building that connects investors developers buyers and regulators and the international green building definitions agree that a building must be certified green as verified by an independent third party it needs to have 20 better performance than the local baseline and has to be able to quantifiably show those impacts the good news is that if the building meets the above criteria 100 of new finance or even refinance can be counted as green this is interesting to you because edge is aligned with other international green finance criteria including investor oriented associations in capital markets the eu taxonomy as well as those platforms that disclose climate action such as cdp and crest what this means is that working with edge you will not only satisfy green criteria by pro credit bank we will also be able to work with other financial institutions whether developing banks such as world bank or other commercial banks in the region one of the main barriers to building green is the perception of high costs of green measures but we see from many of our clients that reaching twenty percent efficiency can cost very little lower than one percent of incremental cost and sometimes zero the free technical assistance will help you find the lowest cost option to achieve the green standard and the incentive from pro credit should well offset any incremental cost you may experience you can see that we have many case studies from around the world that achieved just that so now you may ask how will you recognize a building is green how will your clients know how this building was designed and how will end buyers whether homeowners or commercial tenants recognize the value of a green building one of the main solutions that we are proposing is edge which stands for excellence in design for greater efficiency edge consists of three components first the free software so again the software itself is free helps you choose the most cost effective ways to build green second edge is an achievable green building standard with a 20 resource efficiency criteria that complies with international green building standards and third edges a certification system to verify and reward green building projects to a green label the edge software is the first of its kind in the world we will do a demo we want to show you here that the complexity of the application is hidden beneath the user interface making it easy for you to cut back on the resource intensity of your building design edges edge certification is possible for both new and existing buildings today we will focus a bit more on the residential sector for new buildings but edge is available across different typologies multiple projects can be certified with a portfolio approach to transform a company's business model and to maximize profits here is where edge is a bit different from other certification standards we focus only on three categories of resource efficiency with an achievable minimum threshold to reach the edge standard a project must get to 20 savings in energy use 20 savings in water use and 20 percent less embodied energy in the construction materials as compared to a local baseline but edge has already calculated what the local baseline looks like for those buildings coming online for different sub-sectors and even different economic strata within uh the sub-sector so low-income housing is going to be different than high-income housing housing will be different than hotels and in hotels a one-star hotel will be different than a four-star resort if your project meets or exceeds the standard it can be certified for a modest fee and each certificate lists the percentage savings and the measures utilized to achieve those green savings when it comes to residential projects each unit receives its own green certificate you can see here it says unit 1 under here and this can then be used for green mortgages you as developers will be a key piece in the green mortgage market i'll now proceed to a live demonstration of the edge software but i want you to know that our edge youtube channel has many other resources for you there is a five minute edge demo available as well as training on how to reach certain measures as well as how to register your project and apply for certification the recording of this webinar will also be available from our youtube channel i'll switch over to showing this on the website the edge software is available from this area has much more information as well it has reasons for example the developers can work with edge with lots of case studies of projects around the world one of the case studies that we'll show on the marketing is for homes where one of our clients capital house in vietnam sold their homes about 20 faster than average after certifying with edge and you can see many many other case studies that we are showing here there's a lot of technical advice down here so our methodology protocols and others is available here and the marketing toolkit is here and then maybe most importantly every single project that gets certified receives a case study these case studies can be used as a proof of concept if you need to learn what others have done around the world or once your project gets certified we will use the case study for additional marketing and you can see for example if i'm talking about homes we have many many case studies of homes projects certified around the world there are no projects yet certified in kosovo because this is really the launch of our program the edge app is available here but i've already opened it up and i've started a project for kosovo in the country i'm looking at homes and i'm looking at an upper middle class housing in pristina i will actually start on the water side because it's a little bit simpler to show you how edge calculates information i'm gonna do this i think edge is a little bit better when it's skinnier there we go so you can see that the edge app produces a base case and this base case is specific to high income housing or upper middle income housing in kosovo in pristina if this were being done in other parts of the world let's say ghana or mongolia this breakdown will look very different and it will of course look very different for commercial building hospital school and others edge is color coded so that each of these interventions corresponds to a particular area and so i can start attacking things that make the most sense and i want to show you here how the two parts of edge are intertwined so even though you must reach 20 in each of these categories you cannot get 40 in water and ten percent of energy and you know average it out you can see that there is a boost between water and energy which means that i have i'm heating up less water for my showers and that means that my apartment is now using less energy and when i go to the energy side this is the area that i've already saved not surprisingly hot water in an apartment building is a large energy usage and i have already solved my hot water problem just by pumping less water i will continue with others and they are very sensible measures low flow faucets dual flush for water closets and you can see that with few measures that shold not cost them that much and it might be something that you're already planning to internalize in your system to comply with other standards that you can reach 25 percent energy saving and even almost over 10 percent on the energy side i can then look into other measures that make sense for me but before we do that notice that edge is calculating my incremental cost so here this is in dollars it's only 24 dollars per unit there is a utility cost reduction that's related to that and a very attractive payback in years so these are the pieces that again you can sell to your customers because we know that energy costs are rising and so these utility cost reductions are only going to become more important for them in the current version of edge lighting is considered a green measure and so for now projects can actually reach efficiency through lighting in future this will actually go away as leds become more prevalent and then i can look for other things for example i could look for heat pump for hot water high efficiency boiler and other things but you can see that even with a few things that i've done i have reached almost 48 energy saving my incremental cost is potentially very high so potentially you know i don't need to do this i can find a different way to get to my efficiency maybe i'll i'll switch it to hot uh boiler and then i will monitor here incremental cost and payback and saving for every single one of those measures there we go i'm at 17 percent let's see 19. i need one more okay i will do this more expensive one if i don't know what these measures mean i can click on every one of them this gives me a description of the process you can see this is a short description and then i can click on more info to find out the full user guide so the user guide will open to that particular measure it will show the approach and the summary we'll get here potential technologies and strategies and there should be always a compliance guidance when i'm ready to certify i will click on here and i will upload my documents directly in the edge software so the edge will prompt me exactly what it is that i need to upload you can see here roof construction details calculations of u-value manufacturers data sheet so all of that information is described directly in the edge software and this particular interface will change with you as a project goes from a design construction to post construction you will get direct prompts and you'll be able to leave your comments for the client as well the materials section is a little bit different so where energy and water were optional you can click and unclick on the materials as we're constructing our building we know that we need floors roof walls and others and that's why this is a um a pull-down menu of choices and again lots of choices are available i'm gonna probably tackle my my floor and group construction and that typically can get me to 20 because i think this is a high-rise building um so lots of lots of opportunity for savings there and you can see now that with the three uh interventions i have reached uh my edge standard across energy water and materials i can now save this and i can actually share this project with a pro credit or with other members of my team or i can download a snapshot of of edge in a pdf format and that again can start my conversation either with simtally in terms of their technical assistance or it can be sent to pro credit as part of your initial compliance on what the building is looking to achieve and again remember that the the pdf will highlight the measures that you have chosen and in the end it's going to give you the compliance checklist so that there's no surprises you will know in advance whether your building is compliant with the edge standard you will know what the gap may be to get to that compliance and you will know exactly what documents you will need to keep in order to you know demonstrate this information in the end so there's absolutely no surprises i will stop here and i will turn it over to eleni she will walk you more through the edge certification process which she will also give you more information on the technical assistance options and then we'll finish a little bit more on the marketing availability through edge and then we will have lots of time in the end for q a thanks so much bruce mere and good afternoon from my side as well it is a pleasure to be here and talk to you all about edge and this new program with pro credit we're very excited to support it and to launch it and get more green buildings out there in kosovo so as roosevelt mentioned edge is really the key within this whole program and it's really the way in which you can really access the green building market and hopefully as you've seen with the edge app it's so easy and and streamlined to start understanding the impact of your building using the edge application and that's that's really the goal and that's really what ifc was was looking for when they put the software together to really hide that complexity behind the scenes and allow you to really understand your building understand how it compares to your local baseline and really give you what a road map of how to improve that building and how to make it more resource efficient because that's really what those options are on the software it's pretty much everything you could be implementing within your buildings to make it resource efficient and of course you don't have to do everything but it's a great way to really understand the associated costs the associated efficiency measures the carbon impact and start to make better decisions using the software now i'm going to go into a little bit more detail on the certification process because this is going to be a key part of the financing as well one of the key reasons to go for certification is really to have this third-party validation that your building really is green and that's important of course to access your financing but also it's important for your stakeholders whether they are your end customer whether they are other investors whether it is other businesses really having that certification as an important element of the broader scheme of things to prove your green credentials and really use it to validate your achievements now as roosevelt mentioned there's two left there's two um certificates within the certification process so edge is designed as a design tool so really using it at the early stage of the process to design a green project you can also however use it for retrofitting an existing building so it's accessible for both new and existing buildings but what happens is there is a preliminary certificate and that is being delivered at certification of the design of the building so once you have the design ready to go you have that all finalized you can submit it and start the preliminary certification process and at that point once you've used the application and as rue smith showed putting in the documentation and really showing that this is how you're going to design the building then the third party comes in and that is centali sgs and they'll audit the design process that all the design documentation and issue this preliminary certificate now once the building has been designed naturally you move into the construction phase so things might change a little bit we know construction often things don't go quite according to plan and so that's why there's the second phase and this is the post-construction certificate and that means after the building has been built then somebody from sgs goes on-site there's a site audit checks that everything is where it's supposed to be that it's as efficient as it had originally been designed and then we move into this post-construction certificate so there's two certificates the preliminary and the final we've mentioned a little bit about this 20 percent for meeting the edge standard there is also an another two levels there's edge advanced and edge zero carbon edge advanced means you're getting 40 percent energy efficiency improvement over the local baseline and at least 20 percent for that water and materials and the edge advanced certificate is the key certificate needed if you want to move into edge zero carbon the edge zero carbon is a zero carbon accreditation and it's looking at the operational energy of the building so to reach the edge zero carbon you have to first reach ed advanced because that means you've got at least 40 energy efficiency on site and then look at going for on-site renewables off-site renewables the procurement of green energy and ultimately offsetting any leftover emissions but a building has to be in operation for at least a year because it is a certification that looks at the operations of a building so the operational impact so you need to have at least a year's worth of data to be able to go for the edge zero carbon accreditation now throughout the whole process centali and sgs are by your side to really help you and i suppose before going any further it's probably prudent to introduce who's and sgs are so centali and sgs are two separate companies that work together for the edge certification and audit services so we are one of ifc's global edge certification providers and we have a presence throughout the world and have been at this for a very long time so have a lot of experience in the green building and auditing sector now our differentiator and our real value for clients is that we offer a one-stop shop approach and so that idea is that you're only working with one entity to cover everything that you're going to need to go through this edge certification process what that looks like in practice is the certifier and the order test that's entirely nsgs as well as a technical consultant are all included in one package and you only have one contract one document that has all the fees you need and you're only really interacting with one entity now we've thrown around this word of edge expert all an edge expert is is a consultant who has been trained on the edge application and the edge process so edge experts are accredited by ifc and they have the background knowledge to really know the details of edge to be able to advise to be able to support to be able to understand what kind of documentation is required for the certification process and really act as that consulting entity and so with the centali sgs offer we're combining all of these three services into one and offering one package to you to really help you make the screen building certification process as easy and as streamlined as possible in the past green buildings certification processes have been complicated very time consuming very expensive very resource heavy um edge really changes that and we really hope that with our model as well really making it as straightforward as possible to really help you make as many green buildings as possible in kosovo we've gotten really good feedback um working around the world so we are absolutely sure that this is going to be a really good experience for you as well so what we've done is we include um consultancy as part of our offer and we think this is really important because we know edge is new you might not be familiar with edge you might not have ever come across it or use the application and so having that support throughout the process will really help you and will really help you maximize this wonderful offering program that pro credit kosovo has put together so when we talk about support we have developed this agreement and this program with pro credit kosovo to offer two levels of support and both of them are at no cost to you as the client so the first phase in this process so if you're interested in a green building project the first step is the application process where you will put in an application to pro credit kosovo to request the loan now in this application phase you would be required to do an edge self-assessment and again as roostmas showed all you have to do is go into the application and put in some information about your building and how it's going to be designed and again that sounds simple and it is quite straightforward but we know it would be a lot easier if you had someone by your side who knows how everything works and can help guide you through it and so our offer is that you're going to get one hour of free support from an edge expert so a trained consultant to help you fill in that edge assessment and that's going to be the first step in the financing process where you're submitting this self-assessment to pro credit amongst any other documentation required for the due diligence process now if we move to the second stage let's assume that either you're getting the financing or if you're one of the group of clients as fat as mentioned where you don't actually need financing but you're still interested in going for the green building certification then we move into the second element of support and that is the support for the edge certification process so during the process and i'll i can go back to the slide with the workflow but as you're putting together the documentation going through the preliminary certificate and the final certificate we are also offering you eight hours of consultancy support at no cost to you to help you through this process and i'll show you a breakdown of what that looks like but this is really again a trained consultant within edge that can help you through the process can provide advice really give you the information you need with an edge to make it as smooth and as streamlined as possible so that will include having them represent you within the interacting with the auditor and the certifier doing a kick-off meeting doing technical training to help you really understand how to best put information within the edge application supporting on the documentation doing some spot checking and really supporting for any questions and answers that come during the certification process from the auditor and the certifier because there might be a documentation that you submit that maybe the auditor or the certifier has questions on or needs clarifications so you have somebody there by your side really helping you guiding you and providing you the support you need to make it a smooth process as possible and if i just flip back into the certification flow just as a quick reminder so the support that you're getting once you go into the edge certification process is amongst this entire workflow so you're getting support right in the beginning to do that kickoff meeting to help get you familiar with edge the edge expert helps to support you in registering the project on the edge application they're helping you submit the design documentations they're spot checking the documentation they're helping answer any questions that might come up during the site visit and really helping guide you right from the beginning on the left side all the way through to the right side so really you have that support um to help you through the process a flip back to the other bit you're probably wondering what the fees are associated with certification and auditing now as mentioned this support package this consultancy is included at no cost and you are getting the one hour of free edge expert support at the point of application for financing to undergo certification and auditing we follow two pricing models the first pricing model is what we call our standard projects and standard projects have to be defined as you're seeing on the left hand side of your screen as if it's a residential project it has to be a building with up to three typologies so up to three types of designs of apartments and up to 150 units if it's a commercial building then a standard project is a commercial building with one use type so for example an office a warehouse a hospital a school when you start getting into mixed-use developments so for example a building that has retail and an office then we're moving into non-standard projects and this is also true for residential projects that have more typologies or more units for non-standard projects we issue pricing based on information that we collect from the client now don't worry it's not taking the pricing and multiplying it by the difference so if you ave three commercial buildings it won't be the 10 700 times sales much more appropriately but it's simply us understanding the building understanding how it would be presented with an edge and really coming up with the best price possible to match the work so it doesn't matter from our side too much how big the projects are but really how complex they are as well so if your project if you're thinking of a project and it fits on the right hand side of the screen and the non-standard projects we would get some information from you to help guide us on the pricing and then we would provide a bespoke quote for you now to really help you because we know that this is fairly new in kosovo and certification you might be wondering the benefits of certification we are offering a discount on the audit fees to help further support you in this journey towards green buildings so all pro credit clients can access a 10 discount on audit fees regardless of the project whether it's standard or non-standard and any clients that are interested in a remote auditing support where essentially they're providing a representative from the company to be able to walk around in the building and be guided by an auditor remotely then you can actually access a 20 discount on audit fees and this is a timeless offer so whether you do this tomorrow or in six months this offer will still apply to you however if you are excited and ready to get going on a green building project for the first three projects that get certification with um this program we're offering free registration so that's an additional 300 off for the first few projects so if this sounds interesting to you if you have an idea if you want to start looking at this then we definitely advise you to move quickly to be able to get that additional incentive for the registration now i've mentioned this a little bit but certification really goes beyond this pro credit financing program so of course this is a very all-encompassing program with the financial incentive and of course the free consultancy and the discount on the auditing but ultimately certification of the green building goes far beyond that and rusev mentioned this but i'd like to highlight just a few examples of why certification makes sense for you and really what the benefits are so first of all we heard a little bit about this but there is a speed of sales that comes when you have a certified building so developers and companies that own and are selling or sometimes even leasing green buildings can do it at a much faster rate so for example um there's a developer in colombia that was able to sell their property in a record of 45 days and then we also have seen examples in mexico where we've actually halved the time that it takes to be able to sell a project because of the green building certification so really looking at the speed of sales becomes a really competitive and interesting benefit there's also savings to be found and savings across different ways so of course using the edge software tool you're finding savings by making the building more resource efficient so if it's using that energy and it's losing less water then you're finding savings but there's also savings in terms of the cost of sales so if you're able to sell your properties more quickly you're also able to reduce the cost of those sales so for the example that russia mentioned where we're seeing a 20 um sale rate that's faster than normal that means a decrease of the cost of sales by three percent and of course with all these savings you can re-channel the savings and use them for a different purpose so for example in ghana we saw a hospital using the savings so the savings they were able to find from having a more energy and water efficient building and using it to then actually pay for the cost of construction so being able to identify savings and then channel them into something else there's also a change in market demand so clients are becoming more aware of sustainability and are asking for green credentials and really asking for companies to prove that they're doing something that's green and that's really where the certification comes in because without it you could be seen as screen washing which is essentially marketing something that isn't true for sustainability whereas having the edge certificate which is backed by the world bank brand really gives credibility to those claims and that can lead to higher tenant capacity um so you can really see that customers actually choose to rent from green buildings as we saw in ghana and you can also see that homeowners are choosing to purchase sustainable homes so particularly for the residential space homeowners looking for energy efficient and resource efficient buildings and choosing places where they know that there is a verified efficiency savings and finally brand value edge is backed by the world bank ifc and that gives incredible validation of achievements and can really support stakeholders throughout the entire value chain so whether it's gaining market recognition and using it for marketing purposes whether it's going for rewards or using it to to really become leaders in the market there's really a lot to be gained from having the edge certification and really i think you can see from from this variety of examples around the world it is happening around the world there are quantifiable benefits of going for certification and it really does go beyond accessing a financial incentive and really rather bringing value to the business as a whole now a little bit more on the marketing side um ruth mentioned that all projects can be featured on the ifc website with case studies which is a really good marketing tool and ifc is really really good at supporting and pushing out the information about these certified projects and of course centauli sgs are also ready and very willing to help support on the marketing and there's so many different things you can do with an edge certificate you can see on your screen right now ifc's put together a variety of different resources and templates and ideas of how you can best maximize the benefit of having this edge certification from issuing a press release and using press release templates to creating videos of your project all the way through to the case study applying for award ceremonies etc so really there's a lot you can do and a lot of value to be gained from the marketing side and particularly for kosovo because it is quite a new market it's even a double opportunity for you because you can really be leaders in the country as you're taking this on and really pushing this forward so it's a lot of resources on the edge website and ifc centali and sgs are all ready to back you to help promote the project as soon as the certification comes through so definitely something to keep in mind um as another reason why um edge certification makes a lot of sense so hopefully you're now excited ready to go and you're ready to register multiple projects and multiple buildings around kosovo and access and financing to get them built in terms of next steps how to actually go about doing this the first step would be expressing your interest to your pro credit representative let them know that you're interested in this program ask them any questions of course we'll also have now about half an hour for questions so we can answer anything now but if anything comes up later do feel free to reach out directly to pro credit representatives and then from there pro credit will work with us at centali sgs to pair you with a consultant and help you take the first step which will be doing this edge self-assessment looking at the edge software and putting some basic information about your building um into the application and and being able to move forward with this process so the next steps are right at your fingertips um but i think for now we'll wrap it up here and open the floor to questions we have lots of time so feel free to ask absolutely anything and everything about green buildings edge the financing the process i think i speak for roosevelt that we are ready um and willing to answer anything that we can i'll pass it back to rusmia to uh navigate the next section thank you so much eleni so feel free to use the q a feature to ask your questions i posted some things into the chat so the chat is also fine q a just sort of lets us see the questions um as they come in order and we can revisit anything from the actual incentive to the um the edge software to marketing benefits we're happy to answer any of your questions so don't be shy there it is chef kid has a question so it just might take a second to write down yeah please go ahead and just type them in into the the chat feature because uh only the panelists are able to speak and again i apologize for lack of my video let's see i know it is coming so hopefully you know as a recap hopefully we showed you that the savings are there for you as a developer and as a way to actually differentiate yourself in the market we showed you that working with this program allows you to access finance not only from pro credit or for all of the other commercial banks as well as development banks we showed you that um edge is connected to um the uh you know european standards and others and so there's a lot of a lot of different areas to do that okay the questions are coming in i have to open it maybe something worth uh mentioning actually there we have had the first project registered in uh kosovo already actually so christina mall is currently registered and going for certification within kosovo so this is happening already within the market and it's very exciting time so we definitely are looking forward to seeing more and more green buildings throughout kosovo using edge excellent give me one second i have lost my q a panel on this note i just want to inform that we as well will register our own head office in edge starting from this new year so we are excited to do so leading by example which is exactly themselves are very important exactly and pro credit is certifying its other offices as well uh across europe as well so that's great okay um there are a couple of questions coming out so one of them is how are the savings accounted on the operational phase so if you are talking about the um the edge savings and i can show the screen so there's there are operational savings for you as a developer or for um or for the ultimate buyer and there's obviously savings to their savings that are that are happening on the level of the um the loan itself one second i need to make myself back into presenter so the the savings are what we would um consider a predicted savings but uh edge will connect information and share it in the um in the system so when it comes to the net zero uh information we'll ask you for some more inputs and then we will calculate the savings so the main thing with net zero and we're doing this back in january what you have to do is match your consumption with your savings now with your your consumption with the procurement of renewable energy or credits so the utility cost reductions and these incremental costs that should stay with the building itself so even when after the building gets certified this particular utility cost reduction um is something that we expect after the post-construction period edge does have information from projects that have been certified that show for example in south africa that the utility savings resulted in one month of the rental fee for free during the course of the year south africa has very quickly rising utility costs we have worked with a firm that has a rental portfolio and there the savings resulted in one month of rent for free because they have smart meters that show that if the building is getting uh net zero that's probably a little bit easier with um with commercial buildings than with residential what they will do is you will do an off-site renewable energy procurement we have to show that there are some some things that you're saving on site you have to get to 40 on site and then the rest you will be purchasing through either renewable energy procurement or carbon offsets we will do a workshop on this in january and we can explain more information at that point then let's see get had a lot of interesting questions which is um how long is the uh the process of application approval take until it's ready to start the actual project so this is maybe a little bit more to um to fatos around how long is the process of approval to starting the project well uh if your question is about approval uh for finance from for credit then it is not longer than the usual process so usually we have we do have a loan process application until approval depends on the size of the business and as well on the size of the loan but from five up to 10 days uh since the application so it won't take longer than two weeks of uh working time to get an approval for the edge let's for the ads let's say application and as well on the loan but then the price yeah and i think the project does need to commit in their loan to to certification um that may take a little bit longer and it really depends on the quality of the materials so that's why working with a technical expert which you get for free through um through a lenny's offer is really important so again we see that edge projects can be certified very very quickly if the right person knows what they're doing and they're able to to collect the materials correctly any anything else on that eleni on the speed of the actual certification yes i was going to say i mean we're talking about you know a couple of months you could go through the entire process um it's all about having the right documentation and being able you know at the end of the day the entire edge certification process is just about proving that you have designed and built the building as you said you have so really having the right documentation to just validate everything that you're doing um and if you're able to do that and as roosevelt said it really does help to have um this technical support to just make sure that everything is is as um top top quality as possible and then it really is a quick process um from our side and so that's really quite a unique feature for edge there's definitely other other green building standards that you could take years um to go through the process but um from from the actual edge process it's pretty straightforward and pretty streamlined um so it's really up to up to you um as a developer as a client um having information and then also of course construction timelines and how long it takes to construct something and i think it's important i meant you kept mentioning that with edge you will know if you're compliant with the the software because the the standard is very quantifiable it is not about just the you know collecting the documents but through the self-assessment process and working with the uh edge expert you will know in advance whether you're passing the technical standard now it may take a few rounds to to prove that and collect the right materials but it should not come as a surprise because remember at the end of the edge checklist at the end of the edge pdf there is a checklist that shows you all of the different pieces that you have to collect and if you are struggling to meet the standard again the age application has all the ideas that you need about what you could do in your building to make it more resource efficient so all of those options on the left hand side are literally your shopping checklist of efficiency measures that you could implement um to help you improve the impact of your building so it helps you in multiple ways and really guides you through the process great lots of other great questions so one of them is does the project have to be built in a certain location or area so pro credits offer is valid for kosovo um the entire country in the edge software you will see that pristina is the only city that we currently have however you can select pristina and then select your exact location down the bottom i'll show you exactly what that looks like so pardon me again i'm going to share my screen so when i go into the location i can see kosovo is here there's uh but downhere one of the areas that we didn't show you is all of the different key assumptions for the base case so the beauty of edge is you know when i was modeling this building i only did the kind of the base case scenario what a typical building looks like maybe with a 60 meter square apartment you will be able to put in your own information here and model the building that's specific to you you can start broad say we're thinking about 10 floors we're thinking about this and then kind of narrow that down to the exact specifications you have in the end part of the building key assumptions for the base case is that you can override the latitude here and i don't think that there's many uh differences in the temperature um uh in kosovo but you can do that here as well um and then if you know i talked about if there is a cost of electricity or other fuels that expected to rise you can do additional kind of very quick modeling to show what that utility saving will be for your uh for your ultimate client as well so all of that is on the design tab of edge so the entire country is valid you can select pristina and then here select the exact latitude let's see there were a lot of other great questions one of them was around um if there is a re-certification period and if there's any cost so if you remember and again this will be a recording what we shared with you a lenny was showing um a very important word in the certification process which is that it's a asset certification so edge the final certificate is considered an asset certification it does not need to be renewed if you want to have your building uh be certified with edges uh the net zero standard then you do need to recertify but that read certification only has to be done every few years and it's much cheaper so while the cost of the um the edge certification is about second again i can share my screen the cost of their certification is about ten thousand dollars give or take the cost of the recertification for net zero has typically been around 500 so the preliminary edge certificate is your first step this will be important for your mortgage buyers and others and and to get the loan through uh to pro credit the final edge certificate or if it's an edge advanced is an asset certification does not need to be renewed and then the zero carbon is the operational certificate that needs to be renewed every two years if you're procuring energy uh off-site or every four years if you have an on-site uh pd system but if you stop at this it's fine does not need to be renewed so i hope that clarified on that let's see we talked about krishnamal savings um i think one of the questions that maybe we can repeat again how long is the auditing process from application to certification so lenny if you want to talk a little bit about the remote audit process um and anything else that happens um from both the uh the paper audit as well as the on-site audit absolutely so if we think about how you would go through the process once you get your loan approval or if you're going straight for certification regardless of the financing you would start with a kick-off meeting with your free consultant who would just train you on using the edge application and give you the information that you need and then you would go through a process of building out the self-assessment and building out the documentation now that is going to depend on how available your documentation is um and just the how much time is being spent um to be able to build that out for my uh partners favorite story is if you have all the information you can build it out the self-assessment in 20 minutes and he's proven it having built an assessment based on um information he finds online uh before meetings 20 minutes before so you can build the self-assessment quite quickly if you know your building now the documentation of course will take a little bit longer i don't assume you have a magical folder with all the documentation you need on your website on your desktop ready to go um but it is quite a straightforward process and actually within the application there's information that pops up in the various spots that gives you guidance on what documentation is needed and of course you'll have the consultant as well so let's assume that bit is done you've done all the documentation and you're now submitting it for audit from the point that it's submitted takes two to three weeks for it to be reviewed by the auditor and then that process you might get some questions if it needs to get sent back then it starts again so it kind of depends the timing of the timing depends on the quality of the documentation but in the best case scenario where you've provided everything and it's absolutely perfect within two or three weeks it would have been reviewed and go for certification and again two to three weeks there done so you'd be looking at potentially within six weeks having gone through the preliminary audit and preliminary certification and holding a certification in your hand for that preliminary stage same is true within the site audit and final certification so once the project is built and you're ready for site audit we get that site ordered scheduled and again it's a two to three week process where the site what it's happening and again there's more documentation check and an assessment that's then being submitted for final certification and again two to three weeks um for that review process now obviously covert has uh made site audits quite challenging this year um but the good news is that um our partner for auditing which is sgs one of the largest global auditing firms had been actually rolling out remote site auditing over the last couple years simply because it makes more sense and it gives you as the client a little bit more flexibility in terms of when things can be scheduled so for uh clients that are interested in remote site auditing and again if you do go for this option you get a 20 discount on the audit fees um what happens is essentially you are providing a representative that can walk around the building and will give you access to an application and you'll be listening to an auditor through a headset and the auditor will guide you to what you need to specifically look at you have to measure some taps with some water take a few pictures and use the information within the application and of course paired along with the auditor that is virtually with you um to to guide you through this process so there's there's different options alternatively if you're not interested in the remote audit a auditor can travel and be on site and do that process themselves again just walking around taking photographs taking measurements and just checking that everything that's been reported is actually built according to what was stated so it's a quite a straightforward process again it all depends on how ready the documentation is if there's questions if there's back and forth and clarifications required but in in the ideal scenario two to three weeks for audit two to three weeks certification um within each phase great thank you eleni i don't see other questions so i'll do a few more logistics but um questions you're obviously welcome to share share them so i want to end by showing you other resources that we have and just kind of clarify all of the other pieces so you will see this this link in your in your documentation in the uh presentation that we'll send you uh are the uh the edge youtube and you can see that you know we do promote some videos and they get seen by you know 250 000 people so we want you to be the first projects that are being certified in kosovo that there's some pay promotion behind ifc so that you're getting um some really interesting value out of that this is on the market exile on the technical side the extra information around the edge app is here so before you go into your meeting with the the consultant with the edge expert you can brush up on your knowledge by watching some of our training videos which are available here and then as i mentioned the webinar that we're going to do that we're doing today will be uploaded here in this section on the edge webinars the rest of the information is here under the project studies with lots of other info and other events that we're doing around edge that's for now we want to remind you that the webinar was being recorded and the materials will be shared hopefully you'll be able to fill out our survey at the end of the process the webex will ask you to open up a new uh website please know it's not spam or or any kind of phishing it is a legitimate survey monkey survey and does help us change our delivery as needed and and have a better way of knowing what it is that we want in the future before we end we do want to acknowledge ifc's donor partners who have made edge and ifc's work in green building possible they are the reason that the edge software is free today to you because these governments and institutions have generously promoted our green buildings work for both technical side awareness raising and promotional activities i'll leave the webinar running just a little bit if there's any other questions but we want to thank you for joining us today we appreciate your interest in edge and we hope you will join us in transforming the construction markets in kosovo and becoming a really important model for the rest of the world i'll stop the recording now but we'll leave the webinar open for any other questions

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