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so you're moving to portland oregon you've seen a lot of my videos and our videos and i got something new in my face i'll address the elephant in the room hey just to prove that there is sunshine in the northwest i actually had mohs surgery but a basal cell anyways there was some cancer on there they dug me a swimming pool on my face and removed it luckily um everything went fine so i don't want you to see my face the whole time but i'm gonna be talking directly to you if you're moving to portland oregon to vancouver washington this market's insane we just got our inventory report released 1.1 months of inventory it's the lowest in the history of this area so i mean everybody can move and relocate wherever they want to so partnering yourself with somebody who knows the relocation process is going to be the most important thing you do so heather listy she is the absolute lead of our team the real agent now group right here in portland oregon she's handling all the relocations she's a specialist she got invited to the top real estate podcast because of her skills in relocation so she's going to be going over the five things you absolutely must know about relocating to portland oregon to vancouver washington so i'm gonna kick it over to her but before i say that we literally get phone calls emails every single day multiple every day and we absolutely love it so if you're thinking about moving anywhere in portland oregon vancouver washington make sure you give us a call shoot us a text send us an email days nights weekends we got your back when moving to portland oregon and vancouver gonna see our quick little team intro real quick and then we're gonna jump right into listy and i'm telling you it's longer break it into pieces if you have to whatever get through this process because if you're moving here this is the information that will arm you with the most information to get an offer accepted to make sure you find that home and we're getting after it right now [Music] but we're going to hit five of the most important things when you're structuring a relocation and this is really important everyone um and this wasn't even on our show notes or our agenda but i would just want to say if you're not working with someone that specializes in in this process moving from across the country you're really putting your experience at risk and a very common tell is people get a new job and they are pushed into a box of like the employer servicing where it's like hey use this agent use this service and really listy we never hear success stories from that opportunity seems like a win but like tell us a little bit about that real quick because that comes up a lot it does yeah so a lot of people will be relocating um their employer hooks them up with a real estate agent that might not be familiar with their state our state getting across country all the moving parts um so yeah i think finding somebody here local is your your best thing to do i mean they'll work with your real estate agent they'll work with your relocation company to help you and we'll let's go here we go here we go number one we're going into number one guys the biggest point that we put together listy we're gonna talk about your employment for relocating the job situation boom go with it number one number one so employment so many people are you um working remote from home so you can now work anywhere in the us fantastic big 20 20 point relocation that is huge lots of people relocating because now they are going to be working remote more are they or now all the time so they have this opportunity to live wherever they want so that's that's awesome that's i love it if you're that's scenario one so we're getting a ton of people who are getting newly approved remote work yep and you've seen companies put it out there for employers indefinitely you know approved a remote remote working where they want to live now because they can work from anywhere which is fantastic um number two is people um are looking for a new type of employment they are changing jobs they're having to get a new job they're having to get a new job they want to relocate to the area and they want to get a new job this can you know cause some hiccups and getting loans and you need to be really aware of okay is this a brand new job is this a new career like if you're changing careers and you're going into a completely new type of employment that you don't have a history and that can affect your loan we'll get that dropping down i love that people don't realize that they're like oh i got a job oh but i haven't done that job for the last five years this is something completely new and that affects you guys yeah and you know we cover that in some of our other episodes and putting a little bit of color to that so approved remote work that's there's a couple different scenarios here number one you have indefinite approval to work remotely some people don't a lot of people think just because it's temporary that they can go live anywhere right now and that income still qualifies not necessarily so the verification of employment process right casey is going to be they want that verification of indefinite remote approval so that's scenario number one and then scenario number two delisti's point is they're needing to find a new job and there's a lot of little things there that you need to consult with your lender regarding this the storyboard and the timeline so that we can make at least as accurate as an advisement of what needs to be done because to your two-year history note you might or might not need that it depends is it um do you have schooling or a degree for that certification uh industry specific this year has brought forth a lot of underwriting considerations for employment based on the stability of the the industry right you know c's candy shop doesn't show a bright future right now in the mall comparatively to you know a hospital ct scanner two in my apologies upfront for anyone that is a seized candy advocate or employee i wasn't trying to make like that but just we love rc's candy though great closing gifts guys great closing gifts easter you know stuff but reta i mean let's be honest guys some retail stuff out there compared to medical you know or hospital you know i mean that's just where it's at right now the retail struggling hospital stuff where it's at with our well and casey too we were we had this situation with a joint client is the self-employment because is that becomes even more complicated a lot of people make that assumption oh i've been doing this job so i get all of my self they might hit that two-year self-employed taxes all that stuff but this the service is very important because it might need to demonstrate some consistency and revenue in the new uh location my example is um online tutoring met a gentleman as an online math tutor right yeah you can move from denver to portland because 100 of his uh revenue on his self-employed taxes were all internet-based business yeah but you can't be a a dog walker right in florida and come to the west coast and assume that you're going to have the same dog walking business that is not going to work right that physical location discrepancy there is going to hang you up right i mean you actually have to have a location it's your business is coming from the surrounding area that you're living in right that's completely different for sure if you're online no physical presence needed and i'm not ruling out and of course i gotta throw in the compliance riffraff here everyone is you know subject to approval program specific the lender you're using the loan program yes a lot of different variables but i just wanted to emphasize the point that you need to get with your lender and talk about that that that strategy there and it's easy to make assumptions as a client you think it's all right right you think that you just started that uber driving job and it's all good it's just it's just stuff that you honestly need to have that conversation with your real estate agent and your lender because honestly we're the experts in it we'll be able to actually give you the proper advice allow you to make that right decision well and i like to see people have that conversation before they relocate because you'd be surprised how many people i have show up here and you know they've sold their house you know down in california and they're here and they're looking for jobs and they want to buy a house right now and they don't have the job or they're living in an airbnb and they're kind of they're kind of stuck i want you to have the conversation about employment with your real estate agent and your lender before you make the move 100 before you make the money where you make the move number one to roll out that to kind of conclude that first point if you do have a job because this is very common and a lot more positive so say you get an offer hey i got an offer at this new new job you're going to want that employment offer an official one that's got a couple different main things the company header um a date a start date and details to the compensation structure and ideally it's base not performance because it's really important guys to have that offer letter and discuss with your lender to make sure that you're working on a structure of income that's qualifying absolutely and that kind of gets the ball rolling and have it be as detailed as you possibly can on that letter you know the more information we have the better if it's just like hey you're just going to get paid kind of whatever you get paid based off of however hard you work yeah that's kind of hard for us to determine what the pay is but if it's like hey this person's a 35 000 salary and that's what that's what the pay is great we know the exact number so if you can get that detailed have those conversations you were setting yourself up for success so let's go to number two that was good guys yeah good chiming there the rhythms the rhythm's nice the pace is nice today all right i like it and and producer josh doing a great job today oh he's doing great and we got canoe yeah kanoa is killing it too he's running around with his photography yeah a professional photographer going on no like the real netflix is next you keep talking about negligence i'm just waiting for people to be like yeah netflix is happening did you have a netflix like marathon recently i just want to get us on netflix that's my goal let's do it pushing for season two all right interesting rolling in you know i think we got a better chance of like peacock like something that's like kind of an off app maybe i mean maybe they haven't watched me and eddie yet that's true that's true so go to number two guys number two where will you stay when you arrive this is a big one because everyone wants to talk about hey am i and this is why you know listy's going to bring in some great insight here on this because run with that let's see what are people asking you what are the scenarios you're seeing because it's all over the place hey we might come and rent we might absolutely so people you know they might show up here and they they might need a rent um whether they're going to do it long term or short term most of the time they want to do it short term because they want to invest their money into a home and i get that but then they're going to have to find somewhere to land um do you want to get into a short-term rental that's expensive i mean you've got first month last month's rent you've got security deposits cleaning deposits we are finding airbnbs is a hot ticket right now especially with the pandemic i mean think about all these airbnbs that have lost so much revenue i mean there's no travel people aren't traveling right now they're not coming and vacationing so these airbnbs have lost revenue so it's opened them up to do a little bit of a longer term so you can get an airbnb like a month to three months i have a client that you know rented it for six months um and they were able to six months yeah six months which is great but here's what's great about it people don't realize is the longer you've stayed on airbnb you can start negotiating those rates with the owner yeah buddy so you can save some money it's right here this is what i love so i am recommending my clients to look into airbnbs save some money save some time you know i mean what would you guys think or what what have you guys seen a normal time someone's would spend in this let's call it in between you know situation well i well if they're moving here they're looking for a place to land to then start looking at homes to buy they've departed their residence wherever they came from they're here ideally you know they want to be 30 to 45 days you know they want to be in and out quick um i would say on average it's about two months um i would say 60 to 90 days is what i'm average you know seeing most of my clients in an airbnb okay so then you probably want to prepare yourself as a yeah relocating buyer that you know you possibly could be spending anywhere you know from 30 to 60 to maybe 90 days and in this airbnb or in between you know situations and that depends like yeah if you are coming here and you haven't started looking for homes right that's what your average is going to be but yeah if you've already got it set up right we're in the process maybe that's only a week or two or something got it got it okay that's good nuggets right there it's a big mistake it's a big nugget it's something that wasn't around last year because it's a supply and demand on temp housing but i'd like to hit home more on the financing side with that guys like if you're thinking about coming here and having that transition you want to get to know the areas or whatnot it's important because if you get into an apartment there's a lot of fees right now with the uncertainty of the economy landlords are layering tons of move-in fees to high-end deposits no short-term they want to lock that for a really long minimum of a year they're forcing those yeah so it's just a great way to save money and a lot of people we see you know do the math and they think they're going to stay somewhere and then they come running back and they're like it's gonna cost us three or four grand more to do it this way because just because all your stuff is now here or in your new place and you just got to move it you know cross city it's still moving it still costs money so you're moving twice totally so a lot of people are trying to limit that and time or like storage units or pods and utilize what listi is advising here with the the deals yeah work with them just ask them you negotiate those rates it's fantastic i know that how cool is that right you negotiate that down just gotta ask the questions you gotta go to them hey i'm looking to stay here for three months yeah let's make a little deal you know make a deal i see your lawn out there needs a little trim i'll get out there i'll smell that thing for you right now exactly now this is great god that's good information and i mean i did have some clients that came from washington dc and they were in their airbnb for just over two months and they actually had they had a garage that was had a ton of room they let them actually store their stuff in the garage wow so it worked out really well for them that was huge now is that going to happen at every air bp no that's not going to happen but we lucked out with this one i mean it was fantastic that they had a place to to store their things until they could close on their home yeah that's awesome yeah so that that hits number number two right so we're gonna go uh number three and this is a pretty big one the communication between title agents lender the whole works everyone working for you on the departing residence yes and the new residents so this is specific for people that are selling a home and buying a new one right yeah communication is huge um you need to make sure you put like if i'm helping you here with a home in portland i need to talk with your agent in california i i mean i'm going to want to talk with them before we've even made an offer so that's when the communication starts i want to know what's going on keep it going but also the lender of the buyer of your f your home i'd like to be in communication where are we at is there any setbacks like is everything on time because if that is not running smoothly down wherever you're coming from it's going to affect us up here so you really have to have that open communication between all parties that you're working with um there's a there's a lot to that cart because if you're selling a home obviously you're going to eventually move out you're dependent on that equity for the purchase of the new one the time frames are extremely important um so you're going to want to get with your wonder uh you know lender that understands that you know like we have to communicate with those people in the other state so there's two teams and you've got to be proactive and if you're not understanding like getting all those documents from the sale and the urgency of a final settlement statement which is required for the purchase of the new one and the wire and all of the stuff there's so many steps it's one of the biggest things that that i see on relocation that makes the process a lot harder so for sure and i can only imagine i mean you know communication is imperative especially for closing real estate deals here locally i mean just locally you're going to have buyer's agent listing agent clients lender title officer appraiser home inspector i mean i can start racking these fingers off and those are all people and you can't hear us listeners but that's five ten fingers i had holding up um you can't see us can you hear that that was ten fingers it's ten fingers if you can hear it but that just means a lot of people are involved in that transaction there's a lot of hands going in and now put it you know where you're going cross country so we're dealing with new york or and stuff like that so what they're you know listing out here driving home to you guys is very important because communication all the way around can make or break your real estate deal hands down there's a lot of moving parts and things are done differently in different states it's real estate and like another good point yeah because you'll get some states that are attorney states absolutely yeah attorney states they do things differently and their attorneys are on their own timeline and does that mean and for anyone that might not know that guys is that uh they only deal with attorneys they're not dealing with title and escrow or they're dealing with both right yeah yeah you're represented by your own attorney and you're not dealing with escrow a third neutral party got it you have somebody working directly for you another hand involved but i think it's interesting i'm surprised at how many transactions that i'm working with where i have another title company i'm working with on their departing residence and just trying to get the two escrow companies to communicate and talk to each other and i'm a matchmaker that everybody is communicating so not only am i talking to them but you have to make sure title companies are blocking it you just there's a lot of moving parts so talking with your lender talking with your realtor because yeah like you're explaining you could have your title could be set up to two separate things you could have a title company and you have a separate escrow officer you can have those setups too so yeah yeah communication guys i think it literally is one of the most if not the most important thing during a real estate transaction and i would be i i'm shocked at the number of realtors that i'm working with out of state that have people relocating and i feel sad because they're a little uneducated on helping their sellers move and how many times i've had to step in to kind of help um in several different situations if something has happened on the transaction on the other side and trying to come up with solutions yeah if you're if you're out there and thinking about moving i highly and you're talking to an agent ask about their most recent relocation if they're staying there and then ask for specific details you know like totally i mean how many transactions have you done how many relocation transactions have you done would be a very important question i mean you want to important you want to almost and tell me if i'm wrong listy but don't you want to almost interview maybe your real estate agent to make sure people too yep absolutely like i would love to have a conversation with you but i want you to have a conversation with another realtor too you have to make sure it's the right fit it's the right you know match for you knowledge personality absolutely absolutely i just you know as much as we want to say every transaction is just you know unicorns and rainbows there's a lot there's a lot of hiccups and so i just want to make sure that you have the right agent representing you on both sides of the transaction yeah i work with a lot of channel partners so if you don't have an agent in your state you know please let me know because i'm happy to to you know connect you with somebody in another state that we work with and that piece of it works really well well you've got both your buyer agent in the new town and the selling agent on the same page on the same team they have the same set of experiences specific to the relocation it's it's awesome you've got you've got starters on the floor to put the sports analogy okay so uh you've got starters on the floor that's a good one i was gonna go with the analogy that uh you know relocation is kind of like a road course you know that you race on because you've got different types of turns left turns right turns hairpin turns and some of your manila real estate transactions is like just a nascar super speedway where we're just straight with a 45 left turn constantly is the better pin an actual driving term air pin turn yeah isn't it like a 180 i think maybe 180 i don't know not a race car driver that's all right just a podcaster and mortgage advisor first and foremost jesus veteran veteran there we go we love you yeah no i was just curious i hadn't heard that one i wanted to use it more often tight okay so this is probably going to get to closer to the bone of the stake here number four being how to structure a competitive offer in your market because this is a big one um and on my notes i've hit the unfortunate reality that hgtv is not accurate like i should have put that typed that in because listy run with that a little bit wow yeah [Music] look i feel really bad you get people that'll call and you know they're calling from out of state and they're like hey you know i want to live in oregon and i want to be on a half an acre to an acre overlooking the river on a bluff and i want my house to be 2 500 square feet jacuzzi tube jacuzzi tub that's a thing a jacuzzi tub soak all the way in yeah one level four acres yeah and my budget's 350. walking distance from a local coffee shop yeah so you one you need to know your market and what you you know you want that acreage or you know what you got to know you're off you got to know your market and that when you go in and hit the tv thing really really quick the tv thing is not you're not going to get that for 350 000 people that's what i'm saying hgtv is not accurate so i've got a quick a quick story so quick quick story we're uh we had hgtv caribbean life yeah you did going one weekend while we're getting stuff done by the island or not this is a good it's like okay we're looking at uh three to four hundred thousand dollar homes they go through the whole episode and then they sit down you know they're doing the corny little like island drink with the huge pineapple size [Music] the husband's got the tommy bahama that's one size too big rocking it like casey with three buttons unbuttoned oh yeah yeah chest hair flapping out and the agent's like well you know all prime improper so um what do you guys think wow we're going with big blue oh that's great what do you think it's offered at 400 and like we think we're gonna come in at 191 and you just see the agent like well that's a starting point yeah and then like it's just one of those things where it's like guys that's not happening yeah the lowball the it's supplying demand it's not personal and we make fun of it but yeah and i'm a huge fan huge fan of hdtv over here guys i mean my wife watches it constantly but you just have to know markets you got to understand right like when we're showing taxes and stuff like that that's completely different market than oregon or pacific northwest absolutely you understand that tv show showing the truth of it isn't sexy and entertaining so it's gonna be kind of wait that's that's tv that's not real i had to pay i had to pay sales price that's the end of the episode like people aren't pressing next after that conclusion i might press next if it just bombed but i'm in real estate and i find that interesting so so i just think i put it back the importance of understanding the market what what are houses going for so give us some examples of what what's going on in this market that you're planning you know well right now our inventory is low um so it is a seller's market and they are getting top dollar and we've got multiple buyers meaning multiple bids over asking so we've got to be competitive and we've got to be creative um when making our offers and it's it's been huge it's been really big yeah it's been big um again this is where your agent comes in and you got to make sure your agent is in there discovering what the sellers need what's going to make your offer stronger um obviously you know a lot of people you know let's say your escrow closes in 30 days you know are the is the seller going to want to move out on the day that they close and move right into their home they probably need a couple extra days so finding out if the seller is moving in right away do they need a couple extra days of rent back you know totally being competitive offer offer some free rent back for a week or two i mean that can add a ton to your offer it's something super simple it really is that that's just an example of one thing to add to your offer to make a competitive competitive in this multiple yeah i think what you're saying is like you do a really good job at the discovery process from the seller's point of view i think a lot of buyers look at it from their point of view which is very natural right like me what can what can i get and and as your agent i am there to help you but if you want this house in this type of market here that we're in right now we need to figure out what does the seller need so we can make you more competitive to make your offer accepted yeah yeah the rentback thing is is really big right now because guys something that's different with 2020k and i know you're not talking about this all the time totally so many more offers are contingent now which means they can't buy until they sell but there's a lot of fear to go on the market until there's uh a defined home or a new place so if you're non-contingent that plays into a huge factor and if you can give the people that you're buying a house from that rent pack that little wiggle room super appealing that gives them time and going up to some of our other points we're taking advantage of a short-term airbnb and timing everything accordingly there's a lot more logistics to it than one might think right casey yeah absolutely and especially there's just stuff moving around guys and i mean you know when when you're working with people that have your back or at least looking to try to you know help you get this offer accepted i mean we're looking beyond rather just putting it on paper and putting it on the table right because you know i have we have it marked here i'm sure you might have rolled into it but it's like how would a seller know yours is different than anybody's you know you just said listy right we have a bunch of offers going on these bunch of offers so it's like what what's separating you know addy and listy's client on paper rather you know from these other 10 and so you know i think it's something that you know from your competitive offer standpoint how would you guys approach that or what's a better absolutely what's the strategy for you guys there communicating back to what we've already talked about is communicating you've got to start communicating with that seller agent you know finding out what works for them but also not only me but addie as a lender you know one i will say really fast when working with a lender make sure you're working with the local lender people it speaks volumes to an offer and i know addie you in fact on many deals that you and i have worked on you call the selling agent directly and have a conversation on the buyer's behalf and you don't find that happening with other lenders and you'll do it on the weekend yeah what lender do you find working on a saturday night at 8pm when i've submitted an offer is picking up the phone and calling the agent and having a conversation on behalf of the buyers and you know where they stand you know financially and how strong that this loan is that's huge um you're not going to get that from a lender that you found online that's you know on the other side of the country and they're you know working east coast hours that's a really good point a huge difference and just put it out there because you know our audience is all across the united states so the the big takeaway that i can't say you know i can say what casey and i would do to calling in advance introducing and testing but if you're going to do anything use to listy's point use that local vendor because it's just to give a little bit of framework like with how busy it is with lower interest rates refinances a hot interest rate market low inventory across the nation supply and demand right historic volumes let's put that historic volumes out there just a hammer down we need a short little three second clip i want to get that people need to understand that historic volumes this isn't one transaction happen in a month these are thousands of transactions happening a day this is big so if you're using somebody say you're buying a house on the east coast and you're going to use a wonder in the midwest where do you think they're going to put their attention to probably the midwest area deals prior to the ones that they have zero consequence if it doesn't you know have good communication or close on time you don't see me i'm in another state you know what is that what did i always uh say in the navy uh out of sight out of mind that's what you said in the name oh yeah if they didn't see you how they're gonna put you to work out of sight out of mind guys but seriously it's like if you're sitting back in a in another state though i mean really though addie makes a great point are you focusing on your transactions in that state right over you know the the deals you have in outside states most likely or obviously we're not going to speak for people on that but let's let's use some common sense and think about it so it probably would be good maybe someone local local but i also there i mean i know here in oregon supporting local speaks volumes i mean it's just a thing that we do in the pacific northwest you try to support local and that speaks kind of volumes also i think to the community i want to hear before we close out this segment i want to hear your story listy about the individual who wasn't a local lender and didn't have the license yeah that was bad hit me with some stuff he's the biggie he's the biggie that deserves a storytime music jingle story time this yeah story time nice um unpack it i know had a uh buyer from arizona um moving up here actually they were buying a rental up here um which is great and they wanted to use their lender um a buddy a friend a colleague someone they met on the trails hiking body a friend friend wanted to help a friend wanted to help them and didn't tell them that they were not licensed here um in the state of oregon to do loans so instead of not telling keep in mind we're in the middle we are in the middle of a pandemic when this is going on we're still in pandemic but pandemic started you know we're talking government offices are closed currently you know so too long story short the lender didn't want to tell th m so he just decided he was going to apply to become a lender in oregon well the offices are delayed things are closed down you can't just snap your fingers and get your you know lending license in oregon from aaron this guy was trying to get his license transaction closed so no one on his team had though escrow we had already we got we were in contract we had sent prelims this guy this guy waited two and a half weeks before into the transaction before he told anyone and handed it off um yeah and i mean i'm calling daily calling for updates trying to communicate i'm texting i'm blowing his phone up texting emailing calling and i'm getting no answers i'm now setting the buyers like sticking in them on like a dog on them like hey you gotta call your friend he is not answering me this is when it all comes out and he passes it off to somebody else this guy has to start from the beginning so now we are two and a half weeks delayed in this transaction starting from the beginning so we're supposed to close in two weeks and guess what now we're not closing for another you know 30 days you know what blows my mind on that one is like the fact that at least i know on most systems in order to demonstrate loan estimates or pricing quotes you need your license to tie in to obtain that pricing or it won't let you right so i remember this particular situation where they came to me with some like very aggressive interest rates that like well can you match or beat this and it just was like no wait i don't do that we have really good rates this just doesn't seem right to me right yeah and i do this with all my clients like people know i'm not pushy i'm like hey you can use whoever you want i know my service level's good i know my interest rates are very competitive but how was that mortgage advisor even putting together quotes compliantly if they don't have the license in the state yeah yeah there should have been no pricing for that guy uh here's what's even better the loan officer that took over the transaction yeah we were delayed even more because he forgot to lock the rate i forgot to lock it yeah yeah he forgot to lock the raiden all right so we got a story here of a guy that person whoever it was person did something i'm going to call just straight up illegal you cannot you can't do a loan in a state if you're not licensed right so you got a guy out there doing that you got another person out here who's not locking clients rates in or forgetting to do that right that's a major point so and these are the people out there that people you know are choosing right to do their real estate transaction guys please interview who you're working with multiple people and then if you have no idea i'm going to give you a number right now to reach out for free advice and what is this number addie this is 503 vip nine zero three eight and yeah vip is eight four seven so it's five oh three eight four seven nine zero three eight we'll throw it up on the board producer josh give us the people call text yeah guys take that for your advantage because what lissy's telling you guys here is is real this happens to people in real estate and that is it's horrible that breaks our heart because we know the service we put in and we know where we stand against competition obviously we're here they're there but that's not we're not talking about that right now but people that need to have given the right advice so they make the right decision with their purchase is paramount and if you're in this industry and you're fine with doing illegal stuff like that dude i'm not having that get out of here yeah well i don't want casey to start sweating because i don't have any towels yeah we'll keep her cool casey's coming down yeah do a bit deep deep but do the right thing for your clients but yeah you hit us up on that vip line if you need a second opinion even if like you know it's it's a safe island you know it's a safe island it's a safe island it's a safe place it's a safe island man what is that it's a family box what is that the parent the meet the parents this is the safe space all right circle of truth chocolate trust guys i thought you were gonna say tiki bar and i i mean i will i call addy on deals that you're not the lender on and i wish you were and you walked me through some things because i'm like wait a minute like hey this is our scenario it's it's just important hey we've got our people's back but also too like a lot of the stories are great for the podcast like we come up with some videos just there's videos what stories are what they come from the truth or something that's happened something that's real i love the stories i love the fact that you brought those up even though they're not if it's based on a true story that was just oh yeah it could be a made-up story i guess but we told the truth here so but it's like that you know even though it's not the most positive thing like it's real though guys and that is huge information a note what is positive is that they had a real estate agent that knew what myself doing that saved the deal absolutely and even though we closed 30 days late i still got it closed you got it done and it takes people that are committed and specialized and are very good at communicating to be the gorilla glue of situations keep it all together so let's kind of bring into our last point um number five the road map to scheduling your move wait hold on i want to go back oh i want to go back we talked about competitive offers but one thing i just want people to be aware of when making a competitive offer is think about when you're asking for closing costs oh nice this is really important you guys it's one of the most side steps i mean obviously as your realtor i want to save you as much money as i possibly can if i can get you closing costs i'm going to negotiate those we're going to we're going to try everything we can to make it happen because i want you to keep the money in your pocket too you got to go to target and buy some new things for the house to decorate target you want new furniture i get it i'm going to try to get those closing costs in your pocket to stay there nice but in this market sometimes paying your own closing costs not asking for the seller concessions is huge um you want your offer to be as clean as possible that's going in with your down payment paying your own closing costs 30 day closure i just want to be really candid about that because that's huge right now um offers not being accepted i think you you made a good point there too lissy was i mean you're seeing multiple offers right i mean several offers on a transaction well you know mr buyer out there what if the other you know there's five offers the other four don't have closing costs you're the only one that has closing costs probably you know might hinder on the competitive advantage but like let's see saying as i crash the mic again the importance of having a real estate agent that knows that will go to battle figure that out you know pick that seller's brain and kind of figure out okay this is our play guys and we got it that's what you need on your side yeah well and i think too there's a lot of way to structure a loan and it comes up to having a wonder who who cares and it's gonna go the extra mile right right i intentionally take on last business so i can give more attention especially to first-time homebuyers who don't understand the process but everyone knows my story from past episodes it is important though to have a wonder who's going to calculate those closing costs for you so you understand and also give you a couple different ideas because one example is like well i don't have closing costs right so that's a whole totally different dynamic and strategy that needs to be discussed between the agent and the lender but there's a lot of ways you need to know for every house because the closing costs are going to change they're going to change to the insurance to the property tax assessment what time of year what county what state yes sir there's going to be a lot of different factors so before you put in you need to know as close to possible what what it generally is going to be so you can create an offer that is competitive because there's a lot of times people are like dead set on doing x amount down but we might be able to go a little bit less utilize some structuring and have essentially the same amount monthly payment and funds to execute paying your own closing absolutely right so yep that communication is really important um lastly on that point i want to debunk a myth a lot of people are confused especially first-time home buyers they think that you can finance your closing costs meaning they think that you can just negotiate an accepted offer paying your own closing costs come to addi net as a lender and be like great can i take out another loan for the closing costs it sounds funny a lot of people think that but they don't know what financing their closing cost really is so the only way that you can finance your closing costs in to the mortgage is when you have interest party credits so either seller credits or seller concessions or you have credits from your lender so there are caps and limitations to how much you can have as a credit but essentially in a hot market you are say closing costs are 10 grand you're gonna offer 10 grand over and ask those sellers to pay 10 000 back so it's a wash essentially what i really wanted to know is because a lot of people think that you can just put it on your credit card exactly well and first time home buyers also a lot of questions is they think their down payment includes closing costs they don't realize those closing costs are additional on top so i just want to point that out down payment closing costs cash to close yeah it's so it's confusing um yeah so for sure we i mean a lot of people want to have their closing costs paid for and you find them in and financing them and is you know at let's say they're 10 000 you give the seller 10 000 extra dollars on your offer so basically you're financing it in by giving it to them you know giving them 10 000 but then they're going to give you a credit back for that 10 000. so yeah and also manage your expectations on the search level too because say you're you're you're pre-approved for 3.75 yep right you need 10 grand in closing costs it's a hot market everything's going over hold back secretariat the horse and look at 350 because you're going to need 10 grand over on the average plus another 10 plus a buffer a buffer you know what i'm saying case yeah and i think i think you you need to understand the market right in the area you're buying because when it's hot like it is here in pacific northwest and we got multiple offers if you're coming in with just the minimum guys most likely other people there's other offers on if there's multiple offers that might have you know more money down or you know a little bit more skin in the game you guys have to realize that your offer isn't the only offer most likely so however we can structure it however we can you know make it work for you we're going to go to bat but we're in a market where it's it's competitive and there's other offers it is competitive here's another thought really just kind of throw out to you guys is when we have multiple bid offers and you're going above asking already and you're going to offer them even more on top of it because you want to finance in those closing tasks where are the comps at what happens when appraisals come great you can run into an appraisal issue that if your house doesn't appraise out let's say you offer 400 and only you know because you off you asked for those closing costs so that 10 000 credits there and let's say it comes in at 380. you're 20 000 below you know so we have an issue there so the first thing that's probably going to happen is those sellers are going to come back and be like we're not going to pay your closing costs because you need to come down you know you you over bid and that's real what lucy's saying too because i i've seen it on a couple of our transactions it wasn't necessarily closing cut just multiple offers right so it ended up going higher you know people you know people really wanted the house they went five higher than the next person the next person went five higher than that person right um i can't remember the numbers but let's just say it was 30 grand higher or something like that yeah but right though is there comparable sales to match that price now that we've agreed upon because uh unfortunately a couple of situations there were ones close not that high and so appraisal value came in lower than what the purchase price was because that's just what the cops were so yeah great point so i've had people that i know are going to be working in their closing costs they're gonna you know offer hire to have those and we've started looking at some price points that are a little less so i know we have some room to move smart but also i know where the comps are at and i know that we're going to you know appraise out i'm i'm not going to put you guys in that situation but just be aware of that yeah that's very smart that's a smart plan you know a house is 400 you can you can ask offer as much as you want but if it doesn't appraise out you got issues so just be aware you can buy the 400 000 house for 500 000 all day long but it probably is going to value at 400 000 because that's what it is right yeah and just kind of sliding to home on that one reference our appraisal episode from season one it was a coveted remote with craig black yeah that was a that's a great episode guys i mean we had a licensed appraiser on the show went into all the meat and potatoes it was good yeah he said he's uh he said he's gonna come back for season two so in studio um that's gonna be good that's gonna be good are we good are we transitioning we pulled a little e break in and you turned to that other eternal as they say in mexico um but no that was solid solid solid so let's go to five we're gonna conclude with the road map to scheduling your move this is really big so talk listy talk from the first call like video conference to virtual tours give me like experiencing buying a house with listing so the first thing i always do with all of my buyers um i do a zoom call so before even the pandemic hit um our team real agents now the youtube agents we do zoom calls with our buyers one we want to get to know you and that's the best way to do it is face-to-face and if you're out of state i wanna get to know you i really wanna find you so that's important we start building that relationship i i just want to learn about you what you're looking for i mean why you want to move to the pacific northwest what neighborhood vibe are you looking for what are you looking for in a house bedrooms bathroom square footage just you know everything um i want to hear about your job i want to hear why you're living you know why you're leaving arizona or florida or new york or what why are you coming here like i just wanted hurricanes give us the story right exactly uh so you guys are kind of having like a really nice face to face virtually face to face uh in-depth initial consultation absolutely yeah it's and it's good um i try to get a lot of people out here to visit let's do some neighborhood tours check out you know the all the different quadrants um here in the portland area but also up in the vancouver area we've lost and that's big guys when you're going to another place utilize someone that's really and that's what i love with your approach you know born and raised you understand the areas and that's people most commonly want to know about that that's why they watch your youtube videos they watch jesse jackson you jessica looking and showing all these different places so they can get real insight and match their lifestyle the neighborhood we're super candid i mean we're real people and i'm gonna tell you how it is um you know so we like to go out and watch our videos because we we have some great videos addie's on some of the videos as well you have a saying though you talk more people out of buying i do i do because i'm so i am honest and and super candid um what i never thought i would do was sell homes virt ally and yeah what's that like yeah so handing somebody keys to see their house in person for the very first time when i'm handing them keys after it's closed is actually happening i've closed several this way um you never saw the client virtually yeah virtually do you have like a selfie stick yes so you know we start with our zoom call and then you know some people were planning on coming out and looking for homes and then the pandemic hit and they couldn't come out you know it just it couldn't and they weren't expecting to buy virtually some are just like hey yeah i'm totally open to it let's do it i'm not gonna make it out there um so those calls i spent a lot of time talking about areas neighborhood vibes dialing in getting a feel what what do you do outside of work like you know do you want to walk to the park with your dog do you want to go down you know to your local you know coffee shop yes schools is huge schools is huge so um once i've dialed them in um i start sending them homes they send me homes i'm very honest like if they send me a home that's in an area you don't want to be in i'm going to be like yeah no that's a little there's some riff raff over there we're not going to we're not going to go over there yeah because these people don't know the locations right you don't know the location so i'm super honest um but we will go check out homes i facetime them um i will i have literally got down because they'll people are funny with the questions they have does the carpet smell i will get on my hands and knees and smell the carpet for you i do it i know it sounds so random but they're like you got to you have to because they're not there to experience but i am going to show the you everything about the good the bad the ugly i'm going to point out that's why i talk people out of homes more and because i'm so honest and i'm doing it virtually i have to be honest and candid that makes the difference that's what yes uh yeah you're caring about your clients yeah yeah i mean that's that's the truth right i mean but i showed them their neighbors i hold my phone i'll show you in the neighbor's yard here's what you're looking at here's what's looking in your window she's all looking through garbage i have to just notice the window or the neighbor that's just hiding behind the curtains staring at you totally right yeah yeah for sure i'll bring my kiddo with me sometimes on these tours and and then he'll hold the phone out the window and we drive around the neighborhoods and show them virtually just so they get a feeling or we'll walk down like if they're looking for you know the urban lifestyle where they want to walk down to the coffee shop or go have a drink i'll show them where that's at so um yeah anyways and guys you know we're talking relocation here so if you're if you're relocating from one state to another state buying property is what listi and we're diving into if you're just jumping in and listening to us but think about that you're in a different state you can't see the neighborhoods you can't smell the air walk it and she's doing everything possibly to give you that experience virtually that's today's world guys that's huge it is it is huge obviously i would love for you to come here yeah you're home but it does happen virtually and i am now that the pandemic is just something we're living with more people are taking the time to come up here and i'm trying to get them into their neighborhoods and show them the neighborhoods and even if they're you know not buying for six months or to a year at least i'm starting to pinpoint the areas that they like and don't like which is fantastic and then if they end up buying virtually i have a better idea they've been here and i can be like okay remember what part that huge park we were at over in northeast you know portland this is where that house is located i can you know make those connections connections with them which is is fantastic um but as far as the road map i really need flexibility i mean that's really important um you know let's say we find a house you you get into contract you know we're communicating obviously almost on a daily basis you know back and forth on what's going on but once you get here let's say we are scheduled to close in 30 days so um let's say we're closing 30 days from today don't have your moving truck planned to be at your house in 30 days from today like i just need some flexibility i just want to be honest with that road map like but they always got it planned that day lucy they do everybody oh my closing date is on you know october oh yeah you got the u-haul coming comcast pge the fence is being built the roof is being patched new gutters painters yeah on the day we're trying to fund and record and do everything and there's so many variables to this year like anything could happen you never know like we've had fires evacuations title company hold ups bank wire issues employers come down and say hey sorry your job is gone right or you can't get ahold of hr because they're working remote and they're too busy sipping on sato st michelle and watching the bachelorette yeah they are so that's i mean i feel bad bringing this up is a huge point but the road map it's the very end that's really important to talk about because hiccups do happen and obviously we want to close in 30 days and hopefully we'll be closing on that 30 day but even then a lot of people be like my moving truck is showing up at 10 am well probably not going to be funded and recorded i can almost guarantee you you're not going to be funded and recorded by 10 a.m you're looking at closing closing days if everything's going well you you typically get keys at the very end of business everyone yeah the people don't uh remember even though they're typically told and explained yeah don't remember that you don't really have accessibility to end of business and there's certain times where unfortunately title and county might miss that mark it doesn't happen a lot but we had it happen last week where the title company just couldn't get it done couldn't get it they either they they had their excuses but they said county was slow or the wire didn't come in or whatever really people are human and make mistakes and the flexibility piece that misty's hitting home let's just alleviate stress and give that bumper yeah so that's like huge the important about the roadmap is just being flexible and understanding some things can happen and just when you get you know to wherever you're relocating plan on a hotel or an airbnb my favorite thing airbnb um just for a couple days just to make sure you know what hey if i don't close on this day and i'm coming up from california on this day i'm arriving the day we're supposed to close just plan on having a spot like a hotel or an airbnb for a night or two or three and having your moving truck come you know a couple days later just to make sure there's no hiccups because there's nothing worse and i've had this happen there's nothing worse than your house didn't close today there you know the wire wasn't received or your employer did not call back and you know verify that employment that you're still employed yeah you know so the industry's changing the industry is changing and so just you know things happen but these moving trucks show up and guess what they're they're not going to wait they're just going to unload it in the driveway like literally i had that happen they they just started and it was at a it was at a town home so there was no there was no garage there was carport and they literally started unloading because they had nowhere to go and i couldn't get early occupancy they were like the seller was not going to have it and i'm like no no no talking to the people unloading the moving truck and making like finding a place for it to go um and you know it's extra costs it costs you more money when you can't unload when you're telling these people that they're going to unpack their moving truck for you on closing day and then they can't do it and it's on the first of the months right yeah it's going to cost you more money so really yeah think about that save yourself some money because if they show up to unpack you and you can't let them unpack for 48 hours you're going to be charged for another two days while they hold your stuff and then have you come back so just be flexible it's get this is a great episode i feel good that we've experienced the most highly anticipated episode of season one for sure because this is this is such a great great great breakdown for people not only if you're coming cross-country but locally like think about what you can do to make this process easier and i think we can slide into a close here and summarize what do you think yeah i think so i mean just a good episode for people to understand the complexity of it it's so complex people don't mean to make mistakes or do something without consulting but that's a human nature you think it's fine and you make it you make a decision or choice and you're running with it but guys please we stress the importance don't make any decisions first talk to somebody that you know is you know licensed local knows the transaction just ask them how many transactions they've done on the specific that transaction you're doing relocation va whatever it is just tell me how many transactions you've done that'll help you guys a lot for buyers yeah i'm feeling this out you hear that i like it i think it's slowly listening up to drop some bombs [Music] you

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How do you make a document that has an electronic signature?

How do you make this information that was not in a digital format a computer-readable document for the user? " "So the question is not only how can you get to an individual from an individual, but how can you get to an individual with a group of individuals. How do you get from one location and say let's go to this location and say let's go to that location. How do you get from, you know, some of the more traditional forms of information that you are used to seeing in a document or other forms. The ability to do that in a digital medium has been a huge challenge. I think we've done it, but there's some work that we have to do on the security side of that. And of course, there's the question of how do you protect it from being read by people that you're not intending to be able to actually read it? " When asked to describe what he means by a "user-centric" approach to security, Bensley responds that "you're still in a situation where you are still talking about a lot of the security that is done by individuals, but we've done a very good job of making it a user-centric process. You're not going to be able to create a document or something on your own that you can give to an individual. You can't just open and copy over and then give it to somebody else. You still have to do the work of the document being created in the first place and the work of the document being delivered in a secure manner."

How to sign pdf electronically?

(A: You need to be a registered user of Adobe Acrobat in order to create pdf forms on my account. Please sign in here and click the sign in link. You need to be a registered user of Adobe Acrobat in order to create pdf forms on my account.) A: Thank you. Q: Do you have any other questions regarding the application process? A: Yes Q: Thank you so much for your time! It has been great working with you. You have done a wonderful job! I have sent a pdf copy of my application to the State Department with the following information attached: Name: Name on the passport: Birth date: Age at time of application (if age is over 21): Citizenship: Address in the USA: Phone number (for US embassy): Email address(es): (For USA embassy address, the email must contain a direct link to this website.) A: Thank you for your letter of request for this application form. It seems to me that I should now submit the form electronically as per our instructions. Q: How is this form different from the form you have sent to me a few months ago? (A: See below. ) Q: What is new? (A: The above form is now submitted online as part of the application. You will also have to print the form and then cut it out. The above form is now submitted online as part of the application. You will also have to print the form and then cut it out. Q: Thank you so much for doing this for me! A: This is an exceptional case. Your application is extremely compelling. I am happy to answer any questions you have. This emai...

How to sign a pdf document on mac?

What is your favorite thing about your home? What is your favorite hobby? How did you get in touch with your husband or wife? Where do you like to eat and when? Do your family's favorite activities include: Music? Food? Sports? Books? What is the worst thing that has happened to you or your family? What was your best memory as a child? When it comes to children, what is your favorite memory? What is your family's favorite memory? Have you ever seen or heard of a "super hero" who did something that was so extraordinary that it inspired/inspired another? What is something you are proud of? Do you have any hobbies that are special to your family? What do you hope to accomplish someday? What is something that you would like to do for the rest of your life that you have little time for at the present time, what do you plan to do? What would you like people to know about you? Have you ever been to a movie? What would you like your children to know about you? What do you like about being in school? Do you like working out? Where would you like to live? What do you do to relax? Is it true you once had a pet, an animal, or a pet parrot? Why were you not able to have kids? In your lifetime, have you ever been married or engaged? Have you ever lived alone? What is your favorite television show? Do you have kids? Have you ever been in a car accident? Who will you miss the most? Do you have plans for the future? Have you eve...