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SignNow: New and Improved

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Modern Design

We’ve redesigned the SignNow web app to feel more fresh and modern.


Improved Workflows

Get things done with fewer steps using our intuitive new interface.


Powerful New Features

It’s not just prettier and faster — it packs a punch with new features, too!

More Than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Our previous design stood the test of time but it was due for a refresh. We did more than just change the look of SignNow, though. We improved and added features, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Inviting Signers: Easier Than Ever

We’ve updated the invitation process, from the ground up. What used to be spread across multiple screens and steps is now much more concise. After you click on “Invite to Sign” you add signers, signing groups, and CCs in one step. We added a list of recent signers to make it even more convenient. Learn more

Fields: Drag & Drop and Snapping

Drag your fields from our panel onto the document, and when you enable the Snapping option you’ll see a guide that tells you when you’ve properly lined them up. It makes adding fields enjoyable — no more guesstimating! Learn more

Compact View: The Big Picture

Our detailed view remains the default option, but we now offer a Compact View that enables users to see the status of more documents, giving a better overview of the big picture.

Create Carbon Copies

Templates are great for inviting signers without having to re-upload the document, but what if you simply want to make a copy of your template? You may want to add text and/or fields, then invite someone, or use that document to make a NEW template. Now you can! Learn more

Filter Searches: Faster and More Precise

Now when you search in SignNow you have the option to add filters. Search by some or all of the following: the name of the document, the signer and/or inviter’s email address and text added to the document (using SignNow). Learn more

Notifications Tab

With the new notifications tab you’ll see handy reminders, like when you’ve been invited to join a team or when there is a password-protected document that needs your signature.

Keyboard Shortcuts

SignNow now includes a few handy keyboard shortcuts to help you get things done even faster! You can navigate through folder pages in your documents, archive and templates. Quickly toggle the sorting order of your documents between ascending and descending. Show/hide document counts in the sidebar. View notifications. View your user profile.

Dive Into the Archive

Now you can browse Archive folders and sub-folders without navigating to each one separately. Simply drill down by click on the folder from the list under Documents.

Document History Looks a Little Nicer

We’ve refined the look of your document history a little. Nothing major, but a little formatting can go a long way. We’ve also made it more obvious how to download your document with the History attached. Learn more

Improved Roles/Field Setup

When editing a document it is now more obvious which role is active, for the fields you’re adding. We’ve also made it easier to add roles as well as define the email addresses and signing order. Learn more

And don’t forget these features…



Add an extra layer of protection by requiring a password before the document can be signed. Learn more


Easily set expiration dates for your invites, available on a per-signer basis. Learn more



Enable forwarding to let your invited signer re-assign the invitation to someone.



Set a reminder in order to ensure that your invited signers don’t forget to sign! Learn more