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Rock RMS

Rock RMS and SignNow e-signature have partnered to make you a ministry superhero with a balance of simplicity and power.


E-Signature Simplicity

Easily send permission slips, fundraising forms and any other documents for signature.

View Status Instantly

View the status of SignNow documents you send for signature from your dashboard.

Advanced Features

Set an expiration date, or password protect the documents you send for signature.

Try SignNow E-Signature With a Sample Document

Sign and Date a Document

Sign the document by uploading a signature, drawing your signature with a mouse or typing your name and select a realistic “signature” font. Click on the date field and watch it auto-fill.

Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Checkboxes and radio buttons are an efficient and convenient way to request information. SignNow supports both of these options, making it super easy for your signers to fill out your documents.

Upload a File Attachment

If you ever need to request a file from your signers, SignNow makes it super easy to do so. Signers simply click on the attachment field and select the file from their computer.

Enforce Data Validation

Data validation means that you limit the type of information that can be entered into a field. For example, when your document requires email addresses, dates, zip codes, phone numbers etc.

Add Prefilled Text

As the inviter you can add prefilled text to fields. For example, you can add a person’s contact info to make it easier for the signer. They can easily edit the information if they need to.

Signing Links & Smart Fields

Using Smart Fields you can create a link to add information to a document. Here we add Jane Smith and CEO using https://signnow.com/s/1Rn0zip?name=Jane Smith&title=CEO.

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