Add signatures electronically via SignNow API

With SignNow’s interactive tools you can easily integrate the functionality of editing and e-signing into any business operation you need.

Add and collect e-signatures directly in a PDF

Make the signing process flexible, convenient and mobile. With the SignNow API you can add signatures to PDFs electronically, using your desktop computer or mobile device.

Using SignNow’s API tools means you’ll never have to leave the app or CRM platform you use on a daily basis.

E-signing PDFs can be done in three convenient ways:

  • Simply draw it on the screen of your mobile device using your finger
  • Type your name, then choose the font you like
  • Upload a photo of your handwritten signature from a stored file

SignNow is 100% compliant with international e-signature legislation. All e-signatures obtained via the SignNow API are not only legally binding and court-admissible but are also fully compliant with the regulations of ESIGN/UETA and HIPAA.

Using the audit trail, you can easily track the entire process of e-signing, step by step. If needed, you can send email reminders to your signers.

Streamline Your Workflow with the SignNow API