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Templates save you time by making it easy to setup and reuse a document. After you’ve setup your document and saved it as a template, you can create copies of that template, which you can send to signers for their signature. Learn more.

Creating a team

You can create SignNow teams for individual departments within your organization, like HR, Legal, and Sales. You can also create separate SignNow teams that include members from multiple departments. Learn more.

Audit trail

If you ever need to legally enforce your document (or if you’re just interested in seeing the history of a document you’ve uploaded to SignNow), you can quickly and easily check all document changes and signing events by downloading the full audit trail for each of your documents. Learn more.

Signing and getting signatures

After you have edited and saved a document, you are now able to send the document to someone for completion. Click onto the ‘Invite to Sign’ button and you will be able to personalize the signing invitation for your recipient. Learn more.

Signing order

The signing order is the order in which the document must be signed. For example, you have a purchase order that must be signed by three people, the IT manager, the operations manager, and the CFO. Learn more.

iPhone, iPad, Android

You can use SignNow on the go with our iOS and Android applications. SignNow has been the top ranked eSignature app in the Apple App store for 3 years! You can find the apps here: iPhone, iPad and Android.

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SignNow for Salesforce

Easily create, review, track and send documents for e-signature without leaving Salesforce. Learn more.

Private Cloud and on-premises

The SignNow on-premises and private cloud solutions enable companies to leverage the power and usability of the SignNow e-signature platform, while meeting robust security requirements. Learn more.


Custom branding allows you to use your company’s logo in place of the SignNow logo. When your team signs into their SignNow dashboard, or customers get a SignNow document from you, they’ll see your company’s logo instead of ours. Learn more.

Bulk Send

Bulk inviting means you create a single template then upload a list of people you’d like to invite. In order to make use of the Bulk Invite feature, you must be inviting from a template. Learn more.

Signing Links

Signing links allow you to create a link to a template that you can distribute to others. Each person who visits the signing link will sign their own fresh copy of the document. Learn more.

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode can only be used with templates. If you started your free trial at signnow.com, download the SignNow app on an iPad, login with the same account, and start Kiosk mode with a template. Learn more.


With the SignNow REST API you can upload documents, invite signers, track document status, use templates, and more, from any third-party application. Learn more.

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Invite people to sign your documents and they'll receive an email with a link to sign. Prior to sending you can set the signing order, add fields, or edit the email message.


Open your documents on any device to add your text and signatures. You can upload or draw a great looking signature that "looks like ink." Import/export between web and mobile apps.


Have a master document from which you create copies. Create unlimited templates, use fields in them and take advantage of Premium features like Signing Link and Bulk Send.

Teams and Shared Templates

Create teams to share templates and to enable admins to view team members' documents. Teams give your organization greater control of tracking and managing what people are signing.

Audit Log and History

SignNow provides an audit log showing the entire history of a document. This includes uploading, adding elements, viewing, signing and who took each of these actions.

iPhone, iPad, Android

You can use SignNow anywhere you go online, or sign while on the go with our iOS and Android applications. You can find the apps here: iPhone, iPad and Android.


You can file completed documents in the Archive folder. You are able to create folders inside your archive to organize those completed documents however it makes sense for you.


Upload your commonly used forms into SignNow. Forget about printing, scanning and faxing. All of your forms in SignNow means faster/easier signing, better security and safe document storage.

Magic Fields

Just upload a document and open it in the edit view. Then select "Magic Fields" in the top bar. This will auto detect the location of signature fields and text fields, and place them on the document.

Extremely Secure

SignNow encrypts all data in transit and at rest so you can rest assured.

Downloadable History

In addition to viewing a document's history directly within the app, SignNow's Download With History feature enables you to download the document as a PDF, with the History appended.

"Looks Like Ink" Signatures

Our eSignatures "look like ink," so your documents are accepted everywhere. Millions of organizations (including local, state, and federal governments worldwide) accept our eSignatures.


Send and track documents without leaving Salesforce. Pull data into documents from Salesforce, or populate your CRM with document data after signature. Learn more or view on AppExchange.

Private Cloud and Hardware Appliance

Completely control your data by running your own local instance of SignNow. Keep your data in-country, in-network, or open up ports to enable hybrid use cases. Learn more.

Company Branding

Add your logo to the signing experience, to reinforce your brand with clients. This includes adding your logo to the top of the signing page and in invitation emails.

Bulk Send

Need to invite many signers to sign a copy of the same document? Using Bulk Send, upload a CSV list of signers and each person will receive an invitation to sign a unique document. Learn more.

Signing Link

Need visitors to your website to sign a waiver or other document? Put up a Signing Link and anyone who clicks it will be able to sign the document immediately. Learn more.

Kiosk Mode

Get many different people to quickly sign individual documents. For example, gather information and signatures in a doctor's waiting room or at a public event. Learn more.

API Access

Using our easy restful API and SDKs users have integrated SignNow into SAAS applications, their company portals, and on-premises software with ease. Do more and control your data. Learn more.

Microsoft Office Integrations

Create the ultimate productivity partnership. With our SignNow integration you can easily send invitations Learn more.

Active Directory/LDAP/SSO

If you'd like more oversight with employees using SignNow, you can integrate with your company's LDAP or Single Sign On service to provision users and control access.

Signer Authentication

Easily add two-factor authentication to any document sent for signature. Set an individual password for some or all of your invited signers, then provide that password directly or via SMS.

Smart Fields

Generate customized documents on the fly and integrate eSigning into your workflows without using the API.

CSV Export

For documents generated from a template, you can download a CSV file that contains all of the information collected via fields.

Microsoft Sharepoint Integration

With SignNow for SharePoint, you can easily speed up and optimize workflows by sending documents directly from SharePoint into your SignNow account.

SMTP Integration

With the virtual appliance you can send all signing invitations using your SMTP servers, enabling you to adhere to your email compliance and retention policies.

Google Apps Integration

The SignNow integration with Google Apps empowers admins to provision users and control access to SignNow. Easily enable this feature from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Phone/Email Support

Sometimes you have questions and need support. When you go Premium you'll get help from SignNow Support via email or phone.


SignNow can protect your clients' confidentiality and security by supporting a variety of regulatory environments, including HIPAA.

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