Configure an embedded
signing session: Name completed documents based on submitted data

Set up automatic naming for completed documents based on selected field values.

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  • Powerful & secure

Set up dynamic document naming via the API

Establish a naming formula to be applied upon document completion. Let’s say your document contains fillable fields for a date and a recipient's full name. Simply create a general name for the document, e.g., “Contract”, and configure the API to display the values of the full name and date fields in a completed document’s name. Once your recipient submits the document, its name will appear as in the example: “Contract John Smith 2023/01/21”.

  • signNow provides developers with complete SDKs for every popular language, allowing them to integrate eSignatures without writing a single line of code.
  • With signNow’s detailed documentation, integrating electronic signatures with your app is a breeze.
  • signNow goes beyond eSignatures. Use it to create fillable forms, request payments, and manage your documents securely using simple API calls.

Reap the benefits of automated document naming

Efficiency and organization

Eliminate the need to manually rename every completed document to save time and effort. Ensure a consistent naming experience, making it easier to locate specific documents in the future.

Customization and flexibility

Tailor the document naming process to your unique needs. Whether you want to include a recipient's name, signing date, or any other relevant information, you are free to decide what exactly a document name should reflect.

Improved tracking

Take a quick overview of who completed a document and when, without having to open each document individually. This is particularly useful for businesses that handle large volumes of contracts and other documents.

Explore common use cases for automated document naming

Real estate transactions

Implement the signNow API into your software to enable real estate agents to organize multiple sales contracts, lease agreements, and other property-related documents, facilitating more efficient document management.

Human resources management

Easily track submissions using specific employee data. Make it easy for HR professionals to manage employment contracts, benefits forms, performance reviews, and other HR documentation within the software they use every day.

Legal services

Help law firms automate the naming of legal documents such as client agreements, court filings, and case notes. Simplify the location and organization of documents based on more specific data contained in customer documents.

signNow regularly wins awards for ease of use and setup

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Tech Data uses signNow to improve our internal and external customer service while increasing our speed to revenue.
Bob Dutkowsky CEO
Bob Dutkowsky | CEO

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The detailed API tutorial will guide you through the entire integration process and provide clear coding examples.

Video guides

Watch our video guides for instructions on how to easily build custom integrations.

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Enterprise-grade security and compliance

signNow is committed to protecting your sensitive information by complying with global industry-specific security standards.

GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance
Regulates the use and holding of personal data belonging to EU residents.
SOC 2 Type II Certified
SOC 2 Type II Certified
Guarantees the security of your data & the privacy of your clients.
PCI DSS certification
PCI DSS certification
Safeguards credit/debit card data for every monetary transaction a customer makes.
21 CFR Part 11
21 CFR Part 11
FDA-backed standards for electronic documentation and electronic signatures.
HIPAA compliance
HIPAA compliance
Protects the private health information of your patients.
CCPA compliance
CCPA compliance
Enhances the protection of personal data and the privacy of California residents.

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Start building your eSignature integration with a quick video guide

Watch the video tutorial to kick-start your project.

Trusted eSignature solution — what our customers are saying

Explore how the signNow eSignature platform helps businesses succeed. Hear from real users and what they like most about electronic signing.

The BEST Decision We Made
Laura Hardin

What do you like best?

We were previously using an all-paper hiring and on-boarding method. We switched all those documents over to Sign Now, and our whole process is so much easier and smoother. We have 7 terminals in 3 states so being all-paper was cumbersome and, frankly, silly. We've removed so much of the burden from our terminal managers so they can do what they do: manage the business.

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Excellent platform, is useful and intuitive.
Renato Cirelli

What do you like best?

It is innovative to send documents to customers and obtain your signatures and to notify customers when documents are signed and the process is simple for them to do so. SignNow is a configurable digital signature tool.

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Easy to use, increases productivity
Erin Jones

What do you like best?

I love that I can complete signatures and documents from the phone app in addition to using my desktop. As a busy administrator, this speeds up productivity . I find the interface very easy and clear, a big win for our office. We have improved engagement with our families , and increased dramatically the amount of crucial signatures needed for our program. I have not heard any complaints that the interface is difficult or confusing, instead have heard feedback that it is easy to use. Most importantly is the ability to sign on mobile phone, this has been a game changer for us.

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Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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  • Free to test and easy to deploy
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