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so hi my name is Kristen Lowe we're going to dive right in and get started with the beginning forms that you need to start your divorce process so on my website which is Kristen Lola comm we have quick links and on the far right side we're going to go to commonly used forms so just a hint all of the family law forms start with FL FL standing for family law and we are going to start at the very beginning with what's called a petition or request for a divorce and we're going to click right on the link which is petition fl100 now this is a brand new updated form for 2015 and we are going to start right now and at the top this is going to be identical for every single form or I should say almost every single form that you fill out so get used to this the first thing you're going to put up at top is your name and you're going to use your full legal name no nicknames you don't have to use a middle name but you do want to use a full name so in this case we're going to keep it simple we're goi


  • I need to register my vehicle in California after I moved here. What is the process and documents required?

    Here are the 5 steps:Fill out an Application for Title or RegistrationEnsure all registered owners sign the formProvide proof of vehicle insuranceProvide smog or emission certificate (if applicable)Pay the feesI got this from YoGov’s blog post that says all this and gives the form links: Here's how to quickly register a vehicle in California - YoGov*I recommend checking out that post, because you can also make your DMV appointment right from that site and they’ll send you the registration checklist to you via email.

  • Who do you talk to about removing old dui from your driving record in California after the 7 years is over?

    Actually, I believe it’s 10 years now (How long is a DUI on your record in California?). Regardless, the charges “time out” at the appropriate time and should no longer appear on your DMV printout.If, after 10 years, the charges are still appearing on your DMV printout, you need to fill out a DL207 form (which is available online) and submit certified court abstracts and/or court documentation so the DMV can update your records accordingly.Driver License Record Correction Request DL207Good luck.

  • What is something you need to rant about?

    THE COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE AND INEFFICIENCY OF OUR MUNICIPAL BODIES IN THE U.S.This morning I received a text message from my mother and it was a picture of a jury summons letter sent to me, in my name. The envelope had HUGE BOLD RED LETTERS on the front that said “Notice of Failure to Respond to Your Jury Summons”. Inside the letter was a list of penalties, fines, and even a threat of jail time for not responding to the jury summons.For those of you who are foreign to the U.S. court system, every U.S. Citizen is required to perform jury duty if summoned after they turn 18. Some people never get called for jury duty (my mother and brother have never once received summons), and some people get letters to do it every two years (me). Which is an entirely different rant altogether. If you don’t respond to the jury duty summons or fail to attend on the day they asked of you, you can face large penalties/fines or face imprisonment. It’s pathetically drastic and excessive. But whatever, civic duty, fuck yeah!ANYWAY, this morning I get this text message and I immediately chuckle because the jury summons is for Los Angeles County and I live and have lived in Portland, OR for over 3 years and also haven’t lived in my mother’s house for over 5 years. I figured, this would be a simple fix, that I would call the Los Angeles County Courts hotline and let them know I’ve moved and they need to update their records per the DMV.The conversation goes like this:*ring, ring* Dial one for english… punch in your jury code…punch in your jury code again…list of options that don’t apply to you…mash the fucking zero button until a representative gets on the line….Operator: Los Angeles County Juror Services, how can I help you?Me: Hi, my mother just notified me that she received a letter in the mail that I have failed to report for jury duty.Operator: So why haven’t you responded?Me: I am, right now, this is the first I hear of it and I think you have your records wrong, I have not lived in Los Angeles County nor California for over three years.Operator: Have you updated your records with the DMV?Me: Yes, I am a permanent Oregon resident and have been for 3 years. I have an Oregon Driver’s license and I am registered to vote in Oregon.Operator: Well, that’s not what our records show.Me: Where do you get your data?Operator: From the California DMV.Me: When was the last time you have updated your data? Because even in the California DMV I have moved from my mother’s house and yet she’s still getting letters from you.Operator: We don’t need to update our data. You need to update us.Me: Huh? I need to call the juror service hotline and let them know I no longer live in California? Why don’t you just update your data with the DMV?Operator: It is your responsibility to update the DMV.Me (as calmly as I could muster): I have updated the DMV, I have an Oregon Driver’s License, you haven’t updated your records.Operator (now having big attitude): You’re the one who hasn’t notified the DMV because our records show that in California you still live at your mother’s address and you’re telling me that you now live in Oregon but we never received proof of that.Me: You’re not understanding me, when I re-register to vote and change my permanent address, it is up to you to update your own records and communicate with the California DMV that has received notice from the Oregon DMV that I no longer live in California. I’ve done my due diligence, your system is inefficient, you’re wasting paper and my time.Operator (now yelling at me): Well, if you want us to update our records you’re going to have to fill out a form and provide proof of Oregon residence via ID and a utility bill.Me: No, I’m not going to do that. You can call the Oregon DMV yourself and verify that I have changed my address years ago and sort this out. I don’t have time for this.Operator: So you want to be in contempt of court for not showing up to your jury duty??You get the gist of this 30 minute phone call. It went around in circles. I would like to say that this woman was just bad at her job or didn’t know the system, but unfortunately, THIS IS THE SYSTEM. The municipal governments throw millions of dollars into a hole that is labeled “bureaucracy” and the red tape is so fucking thick you need a pair of scissors with a 50 carat diamond blade to cut through it. This woman is one of hundreds of interactions I have had living in the U.S. and trying to do my due diligence. Paperwork gets lost, going online is still apparently a nonexistent unicorn for municipal governements, phone operators are rude, everything costs you an arm and a leg. It takes months and sometimes years for you to have an arraignment on a simple traffic violation. I can almost guarantee you that even when I do provide proof of Oregon residence, my mother will still get a jury summons for me at some point in the future.It’s inefficient, it’s a waste of my precious time, it’s expensive, it’s wrong for tax payers to continue to pay for these “services” and it’s quite frankly insulting. There has to be a better way to get things done.

  • How do I legally purchase a shotgun in Texas?

    Be 18 years old or more.Have no felony convictions, misdemeanor domestic violence convictions or restraining orders. Dont be a drug addict, dont have been involuntarily committed to a psych hospital, dont have a dishonorable discharge from the Military, walk into a gun shop, pick out the one you want, fill out the Federal Background Check Form #4473, wait 15 min or so, hand over the cash, walk out

  • Do I need to change the address on my drivers license every time I move from one rented apartment to another?

    I used a postal box for a number of years because I moved and traveled so often. It was all right until the laws changed and I had to have a home address for my driver’s license. But, for a while it made people look twice at my license if I was using it for identification.

  • I am a new resident of California. Do I need to register my vehicle in DMV California even if it's registered in another state?

    Yes, you doFees must be paid within 20 days of entry or residency to avoid penalties. Any vehicle owned by a California resident must be registered within 20 days of entry into California unless a special permit was obtained. Nonresidents whose vehicles are properly registered to them in their home state or jurisdiction may operate their vehicles in California until they:Accept gainful employment in California.Claim a homeowner's exemption in California.Rent or lease a residence in California.Intend to live or be located here on a permanent basis (for example, acquire a California driver license, acquire other licenses not ordinarily extended to a nonresident, registered to vote).  Enroll in an institution of higher learning as a California resident or enroll their dependents in school (K-12).Check: of a nonresident vehicleA nonresident vehicle was last registered outside the state of California. Anyone who brings a vehicle into California, or purchases a nonresident vehicle while in California, should be aware of the registration requirements.NOTE:California law prohibits California residents or businesses from importing and/or registering a new vehicle with less than 7,500 miles at the time of purchase unless it meets or is exempt from California emission standards. If you acquire a 49-State vehicle (manufactured for all states except California) from another state or country, you may not be able to register your vehicle in California.

  • How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

    Assuming that you are talking about 1099-MISC.  Note that there are other 1099s.check this post - Form 1099 MISC Rules & RegulationsQuick answer - A Form 1099 MISC must be filed for each person to whom payment is made of:$600 or more for services performed for a trade or business by people not treated as employees;Rent or prizes and awards that are not for service ($600 or more) and royalties ($10 or more);any fishing boat proceeds,gross proceeds of $600, or more paid to an attorney during the year, orWithheld any federal income tax under the backup withholding rules regardless of the amount of the payment, etc.

  • Can buy a car below market value and resell it (for a profit)  without registering and paying taxes on it in California?

    Your question essential boils down to "How can I prevent the DMV from finding out I'm the new owner and come after me for the sales tax?"Your identity becomes transparent to them not because of what you do or do not do.It is revealed to them by the seller of the vehicle.  Obviously, the previous owner no longer wants any liability the vehicle may cause after it changes ownership (to you).  This is why, upon selling the vehicles, the buyer is required to fill out and submit to the DMV a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability Form.  Guess whose name appears prominently on the form?If you're flipping cars, it seems logical that the person who buys it from you should pay the sales tax.  Why should you pay it once, then your buyer pays it again.  Isn't that double-dipping?Yes.The problem here is that you're trying to apply logic to sales tax laws.  Sales tax is what is called a "consumption" tax.  Essentially that means everytime a product is consumed (i.e. sold), the state wants a cut.  Greedy, huh?Let's go through a ridiculous example.In California, for example, if I sold you a car for $10K, you would pay a sales tax on it (about $1K). If you took that same car and sold it back to me for $10K, the state would require me to pay $1K in sales tax (on the second transaction). If we kept selling the same car for the same amount back and forth 100 times, the state would eventually wind up with $100K in sales tax for the same $10K car (because it was 'consumed' 100 times). Apply logic to that. :(It was a good (and logical) idea to attempt to maximize your profit on the transaction, but I'm afraid there is just no way out of this one.   You need to pay.

  • How do you replace a lost ID in California?

    You go to the DMV web page, click on "appointments" under "Online Services" and schedule an appointment. When you get there you'll check in at the reception/security desk and will be given the form you need to fill out. When you're called to the window, your identity will be verified by photo, social security, and personal information. You'll have to give a thumb print, and pay the replacement/duplicate fee - currently $27. You'll be issued an interim licence/ID valid for 90 days, and should receive your new licence in the mail within 60 days. Source:

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