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How to create eSignature and streamline your business transactions with signNow

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Add your legally-binding eSignature
Create an eSignature in your preferred way: type in your name, draw, or upload your signature in clicks from anywhere.
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Share your paperwork securely
Use email requests or Signing Links to invite your partners and clients to eSign your documents and get them approved in minutes.
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Save time with reusable templates
Add fillable fields to your forms and turn them into reusable templates to save time on future document management tasks.
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Work efficiently with teams
Collaborate with your colleagues more effectively by creating teams within signNow and managing your paperwork together.
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Collect payments without delays
Connect your payment system account with signNow and get paid for your service right after the parties sign the contract.
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Set API integrations
Use the API to add signNow to any business app, CRM, or website you work with and use our online signature creator in a single interface.

How to create eSignature with signNow

Watch the video guide on signing any document with a legally-binding online signature. Learn the transparency of our signature generator that is fully compliant with security and industry standards.

signNow signature creator for broader business opportunities

Speed up your contract execution

Create eSignatures online and collect your contracts eSigned by other parties in minutes instead of days. Close your deals faster than ever before with signNow.

Protect your paperwork

Keep your agreements safe with the additional protection layers. Add passwords to your documents and use dual-factor authentication to ensure only authorized parties have access to them.

Use your company branding

Create eSignature invites customized with your company logo. Brand your email templates to make them look more appealing and recognizable.

Accept payments faster

Link your payment system account to the electronic signature creator to collect payments from clients during the contract signing. Accelerate your cash flow with signNow.

Create eSignatures in any app

Save time on signing processes by integrating signNow with any program or website you use. Benefit from quick-click document approval without switching between tools and tabs.
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Why choose to create eSignature in signNow

  • Free trial. Choose the plan you need and try it risk-free.
  • Honest pricing for full-feature plans. signNow offers subscription plans with no overages or hidden fees at renewal.
  • Enterprise-grade security. signNow helps you comply with global security standards while applying online signatures.
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A step-by-step guide on how to create eSignature online

Using eSignatures has many advantages. They are more secure than traditional handwritten ones and enable companies to save time on routine document processing tasks. Choose signNow as your electronic signature creator and optimize your business cycles by closing contracts faster and more efficiently.

Follow the instructions below to generate a custom signature online:

  • 1. Log in to your signNow account. Proceed by using your password credentials or take advantage of the Google/Facebook account quick access options.
  • 2. Sign up and start your 7-day free trial if you’re using our service for the first time. No credit card is required at this stage.
  • 3. Click Upload or Create to import a document that requires eSigning (or a group of them) from your device or the cloud.
  • 4. Click on the file name after it’s uploaded and open it in the built-in editor to proceed with the complete-and-sign options.
  • 5. Scroll down the left sidebar to the Fill Out Myself block to complete your document before approving it.
  • 6. Use Text ✎ , My Initials ✑, My Stamp, Today’s Date 🕓, and My Check ✔ tools to fill out blank fields in the form.
  • 7. Drag and drop the My Signature ✑ field where you need to approve the form. Create it or use the default one.
  • 8. Enter your full name written in a unique style, draw, or upload an image of your handwritten signature and click Sign to apply it.
  • 9. Add Signature Fields and other fillable areas for other parties to complete, if needed.
  • 10. Click Save and Close to finish your form editing. Choose what to do next with your document: download it, email its copy to other parties, create a reusable template, etc.

With signNow, managing and approving agreements online becomes more effective. Not only can you create legally-binding online signatures yourself but also collect them from your partners and clients in minutes, receiving all the supporting paperwork and even payments from them immediately after contract approval. Experience improved workflows today!

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How it works
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Upload your document and open it in the editor
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Fill out your form and create an eSignature
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Download your copy and invite others to eSign it
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What our customers say about our signature generator

Explore the reasons why people choose signNow to create eSignatures. Learn about their experience with the service and how it helped them improve their daily work.

Simple, straightforward, quick and easy for everyone involved!
Administrator icon 5.0

What do you like best?

SignNow is simple and straightforward setting up and sending out our templates. It’s quick and easy for everyone involved.

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SignNow is a wonderful solution for any startup, or business on a budget
Omeed s icon 5.0
Omeed S

What do you like best?

SignNow is extremely cost effective, contains the necessary features, and is easy to use.

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Most affordable and user friendly platform I have used!
Ashli b icon 5.0
Ashli B

What do you like best?

The usability can’t be topped. I have used other platforms for online signatures and this one is just too easy! I love how the app is fully integrated and I can access my forms on the go as well.

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Makes Doing Business Easier
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What do you like best?

We use sign now for our real estate contracts and I can’t begin to tell you how many hours it saves us on every contract. Without SignNow, we would have to chase people down, worry about having them print out, scan, and then remember to send us back their signed documents. SignNow removes all of that headache because everything is done electronically. It’s easy to setup and very user-friendly, so even our least tech savvy clients/partners can use it with ease.

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Instructions on how to create eSignature online

Signing contracts electronically is the best way to close deals faster and speed up the business processes. That’s why it’s essential to use a secure and intuitive signature creator tool in your daily activity. Consider choosing signNow, a cloud-based industry-compliant and trustworthy solution that suits both individuals and SMBs. Thanks to its rich functionality and intuitive interface, anyone can quickly build complex eSignature workflows and get their documents signed in clicks from any place, any time.

Follow these simple instructions on how to create eSignature online.

Step 1. Upload a document

Click on the Upload or Create button on the top. Choose a file in PDF, Word, JPG, PNG, Excel, or PPTX format from your device, or import one from your cloud storage.

Upload a document

Step 2. Adjust the sample with fillable fields

Click on the uploaded file to open it in the built-in editor. Use the left-side panel to add fillable fields to your form. For each type of data, you can pick an appropriate field (ex., Text, Initials, Date/Time field, etc.) and then make it required or optional, validate it, and assign Roles to it with the tools on the right.

Adjust the sample with fillable fields

Step 3. Create an eSignature

Drop the My Signature field from the left-side toolbar to eSign a document yourself. With the Add My Signature button, choose how you want to eSign your form: type your name (and customize how it looks), draw, or upload an image of your handwritten signature. Once created, you can set it as your default one to apply it in the future. Click Sign to apply it.

Create an eSignature

Step 4. Add fields for other parties to eSign

Use the Signature field option from the left-side toolbar and drop it in the document where you need others to place their custom signature. Check the corresponding box on the right to make this field required. Assign Roles to your signer to ensure that each party eSigns the required field. You can also make it conditional, e.g., allow to show it only if your recipient places a tick mark confirming to agree with the terms. Finish editing your sample by clicking on the Save and Close option above.

Add fields for other parties to eSign

Step 5. Request eSignatures from others

Select your file in the Documents folder and request your parties to create eSignatures. You can send them an Invite to Sign via an email or Create Invite Link for them. Your form will have a ‘Signed‘ mark when the document is ready and approved by everyone involved.

Request eSignatures from others
be ready to get more

Get legally-binding signatures now!

  • Best ROI. Our customers achieve an average 7x ROI within the first six months.
  • Scales with your use cases. From SMBs to mid-market, airSlate SignNow delivers results for businesses of all sizes.
  • Intuitive UI and API. Sign and send documents from your apps in minutes.

signNow: more than a signature creator for your business performance

What is an eSignature, and is it crucial for a modern business? As the ESIGN Act defines, an electronic signature is ‘an electronic sound, symbol or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed by a person with the intent to sign the document.’ But not all digitally created symbols can be used for signing documents. To be valid and applicable for contract approval, they must be made only through secure tools that comply with major industry laws and regulations. signNow is ideally suited for that purpose.

eSignatures give lots of benefits to companies. They help significantly reduce the contract life cycle thanks to eliminating the tie-ups caused by paper-based processes like printing, scanning, and delivering paperwork. However, unlike many other market players, when choosing signNow, you get considerably more than just an online signature creator. Along with the usual eSigning option, signNow also provides users with additional signature functionality, including:

  • Rapid eSignature collection. The tool enables users to send document approval requests to partners and clients via secure emails and Signing Links, getting them eSigned back in minutes instead of days.
  • Accelerated payment acceptance. signNow makes it possible for companies to request payments for their services right after the agreement completion, reducing the operational cycle and speeding up cash flow.
  • Effective team collaboration. Work gets done faster and more effectively when teams edit and collaborate on their agreement templates within a single workspace.
  • Customized document branding. The tool enables users to create eSignature invites with the company’s logo and branding style to make them look more professional and recognizable.
  • Integrated eSignature workflows. signNow integrations with third-party solutions help teams run complex eSignature workflows right within the CRM or ERP systems, accounting programs, project and tasks management services, etc.
  • Business Cloud access. Our solution is a part of Business Cloud, comprising a top-notch PDF editor, web library of verified forms, and business process automation platform.

signNow is a winning choice for companies looking for more than a simple electronic signature generator. Learn more about its advanced features and get the most out of its state-of-the-art functionality to improve your business efficiency.

FAQs about electronic signature

Here is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Need help? Contact support

Online signature creator

Electronic signatures are the key to processing and closing agreements efficiently. Learn how to quickly create eSignatures on any device, 24/7, wherever you are.

How to Sign a PDF Online How to Sign a PDF Online

How to create eSignature online

eSigning is an essential part of today’s business, as it accelerates document approval and closing deals. Use signNow, a trustworthy online signature creator with a user-friendly interface. It’s a cloud-based solution, so you can access it on any internet-connected device, anytime.

Follow the step-by-step guide to create eSignature online:

  • 01.Log in to your signNow account or register.
  • 02.Click Upload or Create to import a file for approval and open it in the editor.
  • 03.Drop the My Signature ✑ field where you need to eSign.
  • 04.Click ⊕Add New Signature and select the signing method.
  • 05.Type (T), draw (✎), or upload your signature and confirm it with the Sign button.
  • 06.Use the Save and Close button to finish editing your document.

After you complete your paperwork, you can send it for approval to other parties and get it back eSigned in minutes. Merge your documents, transform them into reusable templates, manage them with your teams, and even collect payments. Get more benefits with signNow!

How to Sign a PDF Using Google Chrome How to Sign a PDF Using Google Chrome

How to create eSignature in Google Chrome

If Google Chrome is your default browser, working with papers gets easier. signNow has a particular extension that enables you to instantly access the tool and electronically sign documents without switching between the tabs. The process is quick and requires only a few steps to complete.

Here’s how you can use an electronic signature creator in your browser:

  • 01.Open Chrome Web Store, then find and install the signNow extension.
  • 02.Right-click on the link to your form and choose Open in signNow.
  • 03.Log in to your account to proceed with document editing.
  • 04.Use the Text ✎, Initials ✑, Today’s date 🕓, and My Check ✔ fields to fill out the sample.
  • 05.Click My Signature ✑ ➞ ⊕Add New Signature ➞ choose the preferred signing method.
  • 06.Click Save and Close to complete the form editing.

Embedding signNow’s functionality into your browser settings is a fast and efficient way to approve documents without switching between tabs and windows. It helps you save hours of business time needed for creating and collecting signatures online. Explore these and other benefits of signNow.

How to Sign a PDF in Gmail How to Sign a PDF in Gmail How to Sign a PDF in Gmail

How to create eSignature in Gmail

Having a bunch of emails with documents for approval can take hours to download and sign unless you use a specialized tool. Take advantage of the signNow add-on for Gmail to quickly create and collect eSignatures in several simple clicks just from your inbox.

Here’s how you can quickly sign your documents with a custom signature right in your inbox:

  • 01. Click on the + icon on the right to open the Google Workspace Marketplace.
  • 02. Install the signNow for Gmail add-on and grant access to your account.
  • 03. Open an email with an attached form for approval and click S in the right sidebar.
  • 04. Log in to your signNow account and click Upload ➞ Open Document.
  • 05. Place the My Signature ✑ field where you need to eSign.
  • 06. Type your name, draw, or upload your signature and click Save and Close to complete the form editing.

Implementing the signNow add-on into your Gmail account can save you a lot of time and effort. Close your contracts in a blink of an eye and collect electronically signed paperwork without leaving your inbox. Explore other features that our tool provides you with and benefit from improved eSignature workflows.

How to Sign a PDF on a Mobile Device How to Sign a PDF on a Mobile Device How to Sign a PDF on a Mobile Device

How to create eSignature in a mobile browser

With signNow, you can complete and eSign forms and agreements on your smartphone from anywhere, even without having an application installed on your device. Open the tool in a mobile browser any time there’s a document waiting for approval and create an eSignature at short notice, in a few simple steps.

Here’s how to use your signature creator online in a mobile browser:

  • 01. Open your mobile browser and navigate to the signNow web page.
  • 02. Log in to your account or register it if you use the tool for the first time.
  • 03. Import a file for approval with the Upload or Create option.
  • 04. Open the document and tap on the My Signature ✑ option in the left sidebar.
  • 05. Click ⊕Add New Signature or use the default one to eSign the sample.
  • 06. Fill out other fields with tools from the left sidebar and tap Save and Close in the end.

With our tool, things become easier even when you’re on the go. Easily complete and sign your paperwork electronically, turn it into reusable templates, and much more. Take advantage of all the advanced features that signNow provides.

How to Sign a PDF on Android How to Sign a PDF on Android

How to create eSignature on Android

Managing and signing documents online becomes easy and quick when you use a mobile application for Android from signNow. It enables you to complete tasks more effectively and approve forms while on the go any time you need.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a custom signature on your smartphone:

  • 01. Install the signNow app from the Google Play store.
  • 02. Tap the + button and import a file from the gallery or the cloud.
  • 03. Tap Open in Editor to fill out your sample.
  • 04. Hit the Signature option and place it where you need to eSign.
  • 05. Finish editing with the icon.
  • 06. Select whether to download the copy, email it to others, or invite them to eSign it.

signNow’s mobile app works even offline, so you can create an eSignature and prepare your agreements for approval at any time. Once you’re online again, sync your account to update the changes and send all signing requests. Do more paperwork online with your smartphone in less time wherever you are.

How to Sign a PDF on iPhone How to Sign a PDF on iPhone

How to create eSignature on iOS

If you often complete tasks while on the go, having a secure eSigning solution at hand is essential. Install signNow application for iOS and eSign your documents from just about anywhere.

Use the guidelines below to create a handwritten signature on your iOS device:

  • 01. Navigate to the App Store and install the signNow app on your device.
  • 02. Upload a document for signing with the + icon.
  • 03. Tap on the file to open it in the editor.
  • 04. Tap Myself ➞ Signature and place it in the form where needed.
  • 05. Choose whether to type or draw your custom signature.
  • 06. Complete your form editing by tapping Done.

If you need other people to eSign your paperwork, choose the MySelf and Others option, add Signature Fields, and assign Roles for each agreement party. Feel the benefits of advanced eSignature solutions for your iPhone and iPad. Try signNow!

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