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What is an eSignature?

eSignature or electronic signature refers to data logically associated with other data and is used to sign or legally recognize your consent or approval on a digital document. Simply put, it's your signature in electronic form. A few specifics are required to protect a signer and recognize the eSignature as legally binding and the signed document as valid. For example, a signer must show clear intent to eSign a record, consent to do business electronically, and receive signed copies. In most eSignature services, each action is automatically enabled as part of the signing process. And professional solutions like airSlate SignNow offer users an extra layer of protection to their agreements by turning on additional signer authentication (for example, security questions, social media profiles, photos, etc.)

How can I create an electronic signature?

Creating an electronic signature varies depending on the eSigning service and its capabilities. The most common ways to generate an eSignature are typing, drawing, and uploading. These are all available in airSlate SignNow, so you can utilize the method that suits you best.

To type an eSignature, simply type your name and select the handwritten style in airSlate SignNow. Or, if you want to draw an eSignature, use a touchpad, mouse, or touchscreen to create it. Finally, you can upload or import an image with your autograph from your device and adjust it in airSlate SignNow.

With our professional service, you can create an electronic signature in a few simple steps:
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Upload a file.
  3. Select the My Signature tool.
  4. Create an eSignature in your preferred way.
  5. Save a document.
  6. Export it.
This way, you'll get a valid document you can legally use in official institutions and courts.

How do I do an electronic signature online?

Many services offer electronic signatures online. However, most of them only allow you to create a “doodle” instead of a legally-binding eSignature. If you want to sign records according to the US and EU laws to stay protected from fraud or unfair partners, consider using airSlate SignNow. airSlate SignNow has multiple security features and meets compliance regulations that enable you to eSign documents securely. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface allows you to create electronic signatures online with ease. Follow the instructions below to get started:
  1. Create an account or log in to an existing one.
  2. Upload a file to the system.
  3. Open a document.
  4. Use the My Signature tool to eSign it.
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. Select More > Download or More > Email a Copy.
You can also set up an integration with a cloud storage service so that all the signed records will be automatically stored in the cloud.

Electronic signature vs. physical signature: which one is better?

An electronic signature is commonly used and accepted in many business practices, but some still prefer wet-ink document signing. However, top eSignature solutions can offer you a similar or even higher level of security. Just be sure to choose the platform that complies with ESIGN, UETA, and GDPR.

While comparing electronic signature vs. physical signature, let's look at two essential aspects: time and cost.

Time. How do you usually sign physical documents? Typically, you will create and print a hard copy to sign it manually. Then, if you need to get a signature from your partner or customer, you send it by mail or travel to their office. On the other hand, when you eSign records, you can insert an eSignature in just a few clicks and send it for signing – all without leaving your home or office.

Cost. Paying for services may seem expensive, but consider how much you currently spend on paper, ink, postal services, and employee resources. Going digital and using eSignatures is more economical and saves you money in the long run.

Physical signatures may work well for people who only need to sign one document per week. However, if you want to streamline your document management, using eSignatures saves time spent on paperwork so that you can focus on more strategic tasks.

Can I automate electronic signature workflows?

Yes, it's possible with professional solutions like airSlate SignNow and airSlate. airSlate SignNow enables users to set signing roles and orders to automatically route signing requests according to predefined rules to simplify their everyday workflows. However, if you want comprehensive workflow automation and integrations with the most popular CRM systems, cloud services, web forms, and documents in multiple formats, check out airSlate. This solution requires no coding and makes automation accessible for anyone with a web browser and an internet connection.

Does electronic signature mean digital efficiency?

Electronic signature replaces the need to send and sign documents manually. To speed up document lifecycles and boost team efficiency, digitize your signature workflows and make collecting signatures a breeze. airSlate SignNow makes it easy to send, sign, and store digital documents – saving you time, money, and hassle.

There is no need to print, sign, scan, and send paper copies to recipients. With airSlate SignNow eSignature solution, you can get started in just four simple steps:
  1. Upload a file.
  2. Insert fillable fields for other parties.
  3. Sign the document using the specialized tool.
  4. Save the record and export it to your device or send it for signing.
With airSlate SignNow, you'll get your documents signed in a matter of minutes – electronic signature means digital efficiency. Sign up for a free trial and get started today!
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