Release notes

Learn about signNow’s latest updates and releases

November 2020

Connect more cloud storages to your account Coming soon

Connect multiple cloud storages to your account at once without the need to disconnect others already connected.

Get documents with a signature stamp faster Coming soon

No need to download a document and full Audit Trail to add a signature stamp on it. Select Download instead. You can configure this option in My Account.

Customize Calculated and Date/Time fields Coming soon

Make your documents look neat and professional. Change the following options for calculated and date/time fillable fields:

  • font
  • font size
  • font style
  • font color
  • alignment

Send a document to multiple recipients via API

The new API endpoint is available only for users with an API subscription. API users can send a document to multiple signers by creating embedded signing links for each signer.

Check new limits for API plans

API users can view embedded invite statistics: Invite to Sign, Signing Link, Freeform Invite, Bulk Invite and DocGroup Invite limits from the API Dashboard’s Plan usage tab.

Upload a colored signature

Sign a document using a color image of your handwritten signature. Upload an image from the signNow editor or My Account settings.

Speed up document signing on mobile

Sign documents even faster on the go. Open the document you need to sign in the mobile app (if you have it installed), or on your mobile browser automatically.

Lock the signing date using text tags

Protect your documents from unwanted changes. The ‘Lock signing date’ parameter can be added using simple text tags.
Example: t:t;r:y;o:"CFO";l:"Date";lsd:n;v:"059b068ef8ee5cc27e09ba79af58f9e805b7c2b3";

Access signNow from ADP

Log in to your signNow account directly from the ADP Marketplace without having to register in signNow.

Collect signatures using Kiosk mode on iPhone (iOS)

Use the Kiosk mode for in-person signing across all iOS devices.

Delete accounts faster ( iOS)

Delete your account using the mobile app without having to visit the signNow website.

Test your apps in the updated demo environment (API)

The evaluation servers have been updated to accommodate the production environment. Developers can now test their apps in the signNow demo environment using all the production environment's features.

October 2020

Seamlessly collect data and payments on the go Coming soon

Delight your recipients with a new mobile web signing experience. Make it easy to complete and submit your documents in minutes.

Save documents pending your signature as drafts

Start completing a document you receive by email (via Invite to Sign and Merged Document Groups invites) and finish it later. This document will appear with the Draft status in your signNow dashboard.

Let your signers choose their language

Once a signer opens your document, they can easily select a language for the signing session in the Welcome pop-up dropdown.

Check the verification status of users

Go to the Admin Console and instantly check whether users have verified their emails.

Protect your documents with two-factor authentication (Asia)

Take advantage of additional security measures. Authenticate your signers via a phone call or SMS. Two-factor authentication is now available for the following 12 countries in the APAC region:

  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Macao
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar

September 2020

Start using signNow on iOS in minutes

Take advantage of the account onboarding that shows you how to edit, manage, and upload documents and reusable templates. Discover all the functionality of the sidebar menu.

Send documents for signing with the new interface (iOS)

Invite others to sign your documents even faster. Seamlessly move from one step to another, easily differentiate signing roles, and enter accurate emails.

Customize your stamp while signing documents

Upload your company's stamp and easily resize it – no need to contact a document's owner.

Manage documents faster with the new folder layout

Organize and manage documents with ease using the new folder's design. All functionality and pop-ups are adapted to the new, more user-friendly interface.

August 2020

Approve documents and Document Groups on time (iOS)

Get an instant notification once you receive a request to sign a Document Group. signNow will also remind you about pending signature invites.

Use more country codes for two-factor authentication

Authenticate your signers via phone call or SMS around the globe. Phone codes for Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, and The Philippines are now available.

Protect your account with two-factor authentication

Go to your account settings to enable two-factor authentication for logging in. Once activated, you’ll have to enter a code from the authentication email each time you log in from a new device or IP address. Review the history of your logins in your account settings.

Change the location of a signature stamp on any document

Now you can choose where to place the signature stamp: to the left, right, top, or bottom of a signature. Contact our support team for custom stamps.

Manage stamps in the signNow editor on iOS/Android

Validate your documents on your mobile device by adding personalized stamps to them. Create and manage stamps in your account settings.

July 2020

Request the signature type you need Coming soon

Preset the type of signature/initials you need to receive from a signer in the signature/initial field settings.

Send reminders for all signature invites at once

Sort all documents with a pending status in the Archive folder or subfolders, and send reminders to all signers at once.

Autofill signatures and initials

Let your signers complete documents faster. Once they fill out one signature or initials fields, all such fields will be completed throughout the document.

Edit documents faster on the go (iOS and Android)

Save time adding fields to your document with the upgraded editor. Tap on a field to duplicate it along with any settings you’ve configured.

Initiate easy signing processes

Set up an iFrame for signing documents on your website using the improved embedded signing Flow. Get a unique role-based URL to embed in the iFrame on your website with the following endpoint: v2/documents/ID/embedded-invites

Add e-signatures to Microsoft Teams

Integrate signNow's advanced e-signing capabilities with Microsoft Teams to increase the productivity of your team, speed up signature cycles, and delight clients and customers.

Track embedded invite calls in your API dashboard

Track embedded invite call activity using the following endpoints:
  • v2/paid-request-monthly-totals
  • v2/paid-request-logs

Organize documents in groups faster:

  • Use the improved logic of setting up documents in a group and editing them
  • View group creation progress with the intuitive progress bar
  • Rename a document group before sending it for signing

June 2020

Set a default expiration date for all documents/templates

Choose a default expiration date for all documents and templates in your account. Contact support to enable this setting.

Password protection on document download

Secure your signed document by randomly generating a password for downloading it. Users can download a signed document via the notification email.

Create templates in a few clicks

Increase your productivity by turning sent and signed documents into reusable templates.

Sign all documents in a group (iOS/Android)

Open and sign all documents in a group at once — no need to close or switch between signed documents.

Resend invites in bulk

Tired of waiting for signatures? Sort all documents with a pending status and resend all invites at once.

Upload documents faster

Go to any subfolder and click Upload Document. Your document will be uploaded directly to that subfolder — no need to manually move it.

Collect attachments in a single document

Make it easy for recipients to attach all the information you need by adding up to 20 attachment fields in one document. Attach files up to 20 MB in size.

Easily change your email

signNow desktop users can now modify their email address in My Account settings. All data from their old email will remain on their user account.

May 2020

Edit/delete the Edit & Sign fields in templates

Easily configure static Edit & Sign fields in a template by moving, editing or deleting them before sending a template to your recipients.

Search documents faster by Document Group ID

Quickly find all documents in a Document Group by entering its ID in the search bar. Document Group IDs can be retrieved by clicking on the Document Group.

Select documents with ease

Get a full view of which documents you’d like to add in a Document Group or merge them into a single file with the handy selection tab. Here you can also unselect single documents or select all at once.

Receive a certificate of completion alongside the document's audit trail

The following summary was added to the Document History:

  • Document Name
  • Document Created
  • Document Pages
  • Document ID
  • Document Sent
  • Document Status
  • Sender
  • Signers
  • CC’d users

Quickly set up your Document Groups

Set up Document Groups without assigning signer roles. Add documents to a Document Group and edit them later.

Preset default date format via the new setting in My Account settings

Go to My Account settings and choose a date format for your account.

Create Template by simply uploading a file in the Templates’ folder

Go to the Templates folder and click on the Upload Templates button. The file you've uploaded will become a template right away.

April 2020

Upload a document and instantly send it for signing

Upload a document, navigate to the upload pop-up and choose to either open the document, delete it or send a document invite.

Monitor the status of Document Groups right in the Document Groups folder

Check whether a Document Group is pending signatures, has been signed or declined, and the decline reason if relevant.

Edit Document Groups faster using the new Edit & Re-invite option

Choose a pending or declined Document Group and click Edit & Re-invite. You can then delete a Document Group, as well as edit, delete or add documents.

Track the status of documents on the Android app

Stay informed if any document needs your signature — all signature requests are highlighted in your account. Get a push notification once your document has been signed or when somebody has sent you a signature request.

Disable field parsing for fillable PDFs

Use the signNow editor to manage native fields in a PDF and determine whether or not to show them. Native fields in a PDF are not added by default.

Send multiple documents for signing using Merged Document Groups

Send a Document Group for signing as a single merged document. Signers can view separate documents on the toolbar during the signing session and skip to the pages they need. Moreover, signers can decline to sign all documents in a group at once.

Get the signNow starter guides for Android in your account

Learn how to sign, edit and send documents for signing on-the-go with signNow branded guides.

Track the status of events via the new Webhooks tab (API)

Checking your API events is easier! The new Webhooks tab displays a grid with the current user’s successful events subscriptions (ES) created using Webhooks 2.0. It contains the following columns:
  • App
  • Event
  • Entity ID
  • Callback URL
  • Date (date and time when the ES was created in timestamp format)

Save time by creating templates directly from the Templates folder on the iOS app

Tap on the Create option and choose the document you would like to turn into a template without leaving the Templates folder.

Sort documents in custom folders on the iOS app

Create custom folders for your documents and templates right in the signNow app using the Create >> Create folder option.

Get started sooner with the signNow API (API)

Access the step-by-step onboarding guides in the API Dashboard. Get your questions instantly resolved via the list of guides provided directly in your evaluation account:
  • API Reference
  • SDKs
  • Video Guides
  • Out-of-the-box signNow Apps
  • More code examples

Instantly switch from Sandbox to production (API)

Easily hop in the production environment from the signNow evaluation servers.

Import conditional fields

Streamline your workflow by importing fields from existing documents or templates, even if they contain conditional logic.

March 2020

Speed up your signup processes

Simplify the verification process once you’ve registered your account. Access the signNow mobile application right after clicking the verification link in your email inbox.

Upload a document and instantly send it for signing

Upload a document, navigate to the upload pop-up and choose to either open the document, delete it or send a document invite.

Save unlimited signatures and initials

Create, store and customize an unlimited number of signatures and initials. Set whichever one you need as default and instantly add it when signing documents.

Manage templates using preset dates for expiration and reminders

Save time sending templates for signing with the expiration and reminder dates set by default. Choose Advanced Options when creating a signature invite and check Save this Signer’s Settings as default for the template option.

Delight recipients with an intuitive signing experience

Customize the signing guidance for your recipients. Guide them through all fillable fields or only those which you require. Contact our support team to enable the Guide Me logic by default.

Sign in with Apple

Sign in to your signNow account faster and more securely using your Apple ID.

Track a document’s status on the go (iOS)

Get informed the moment a document needs your signature – all signature requests are highlighted in your account. Get a push notification once your document has been signed.

Find the signNow starting guides for iOS in your account

Learn how to sign a document, edit and send it for signing with our branded guides.

Meet .NET/C# SDK release for the signNow API

Enjoy the following improvements:

  • all field types added
  • retrieve field content
  • role-based invite
  • free form invite
  • retrieve invite status

Learn more here

Enjoy the new look of the signNow Android app

Archive documents with the new Archive interface. Manage teams effectively in the redesigned Teams menu. Organize documents faster with a brand new Document group. Get instant access to document creation, folders and account settings using the new sidebar.

Save time managing documents with the Multiple select feature

Select multiple documents in your signNow account to move, delete or download. You can delete or move as many documents as you need, and download up to 5 documents at a time.

Explore the signNow API in the updated demo environment

Get unlimited access to the signNow testing environment to try out the signNow API. Your account won’t have an expiration date, document management limits or functionality limitations.

Contact support in the signNow editor

Сontact our support team via the chat pop-up while editing a document or signing it.

February 2020

Run your business processes efficiently with the airSlate Business Cloud

Get instant access to PDFfiller, SignNow and airSlate in a single bundle for automating your e-signature workflows.

Move documents to custom folders faster

Instantly create a custom folder when moving a document with the More >> Move option.

Enhance login security with a captcha

Multiple attempts to login with the wrong user/password or Google sign-in will prompt the standard Google captcha to appear on the login page.

Protect your account with security validation

Get a verification code when someone is trying to login from an unknown IP address on the web or device via the app. Enter the code from the security-validation form on the login screen.

Save multiple signatures and initials for faster signing

Create up to 3 signatures (drawn, typed or uploaded) and initials (drawn or typed) in the SignNow editor. Select a default signature/initials and clear those you no longer need in the signature/initials pop-up.

Enjoy the new look of the SignNow iOS app

Archive documents with the new Archive interface. Manage teams effectively in the redesigned Teams menu. Organize documents faster with a brand new Document group. Get instant access to document creation, folders and account settings using the new sidebar.

Easily manage your API plan

Check your signature invite spendings using the Plan Usage tab in the API Dashboard. Here you can also view signature invite details as well as generate and download your plan’s status reports.

Manage your subscription from My Account

Check your subscription name, status and upgrade your plan directly from the Profile >> Subscription tab in My Account.

Set up redirect links for signing processes

Contact support to configure the redirect links that signers will be guided to once they sign a document, decline to sign, or withdraw their consent on the electronic consent message.

Delight your signers with brand new emails

Your signers are now receiving all new signature invite emails!

Manage signatures and initials from My Account

Save time adding, deleting and setting signatures and initials as default in My Account.

January 2020

Send documents for signing in a click

Use the Invite to sign button to send a document right from the editor after adding fields and roles.

Manage signatures and initials from My Account

Save time adding, deleting and setting signatures and initials as default right in My Account.

Save multiple signatures and initials for faster signing

Create and store several versions of your signature and initials. Instantly add the one you need while signing.

Get documents signed even faster by setting signature and initial types

Define how you would like recipients to sign your document: by typing, drawing or uploading their signature.

December 2019

Ensure the protection of your data and privacy with CCPA

SignNow’s terms and policies have been updated to be in compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act

Remove custom folders from your SignNow account

Organize your documents and templates into new custom folders and subfolders and easily delete them when necessary.

Enjoy new SignNow integration with PDFfiller (iOS)

SignNow users can now edit PDFs with advanced editing tools. Find the form you need in PDFfiller’s library of over 25 million forms, and instantly send PDFfiller documents for signing.

Stay in the loop on your document workflows (iOS and Android)

Get fast updates in your SignNow account with new push notifications. You’ll be notified for various events such as: a document invite received for signing, a document invite cancelled by a recipient, an invitation to a team, and so on.

Manage your documents and templates using the new folder design (iOS and Android)

Add, delete and send documents and templates from brand new folders.

Improve your workflow with new document options (iOS and Android)

Duplicate and rename documents to save your time and increase productivity.

Introducing the API dashboard

The API dashboard is a full-featured environment for receiving legally binding e-signatures via the SignNow API. The dashboard allows you to create and manage apps using API keys for your integrations and reviewing API logs for troubleshooting.

Collect signatures along with payments using CardConnect integration

With CardConnect, you can easily request and collect payments from your document signers using payment fields (Text or Calculated fields with a payment option).

Get started fast with SignNow Starter Tutorials

Interactive Starter Tutorials are available in the SignNow app! Try out the most useful SignNow features right in your account before sending your documents to signers.

November 2019

Invite signers for your document faster (iOS and Android)

The new Invite Signers screen allows you to create and customize signature invites in a snap.

Hide the ‘Decline to Sign’ feature for your organization

Improve your workflow by hiding the ‘Decline to Sign’ feature from document signers. You can apply this setting to your entire organization.

Connect to USLegal with your SignNow account

Use the USLegal integration to get access to State Specific Legal Forms for consumers and small businesses.

Use API logs to fix your issues with the SignNow API

API logs with detailed error messages will help you quickly debug and troubleshoot the SignNow API. Send the ID of API logs to our solution engineers to get quick assistance.

Define a signing date for your document

Enable the “Lock signing date” setting in a Date field to ensure an effective date for a completed document.

Create new folders and subfolders in your SignNow account

Organize your documents and templates into new folders. Create folders and subfolders and rename them within your Documents and Templates folders.

Add your saved signature and initials in one tap (iOS)

Sign documents faster using your saved signature and initials.

Send documents for signing right from editing mode (iOS and Android)

Try the new and improved experience when sending documents for signing. Open a document, add fillable fields and tap Done. Choose Invite Signers, and instantly customize your invitation.

Add documents in a few taps using the new uploader (iOS and Android)

Manage your documents faster and in a more intuitive way using the new document menu.

Introducing the new Thank you page

Unregistered users who have signed a document can now instantly download it or go to the Sign up page.

Start using SignNow right after email verification

Save time accessing your new SignNow account. Sign up for SignNow and verify by email to start using your account right away, no need to log in.

Connect your Dropbox account to SignNow

House your documents in your favorite cloud storage. Export signed documents from SignNow to your Dropbox account.

Meet the updated design for Teams

Enjoy the new easy-going and straightforward user interface for Teams.

October 2019

Manage deleted documents in the Trash bin (iOS and Android)

Restore or permanently delete documents in the Trash folder.

Sign your document in one tap (iOS and Android)

Enable the Save signature setting and instantly fill out Signature and Initials fields.

Set the precise location of your fillable fields

Place fillable fields exactly where you need them by setting field coordinates while creating your signing invite.

Connect your SignNow account with third-party applications

Choose your favorite service from a list of 50+ integrations directly from your SignNow account.

Communicate with SignNow support in real time

Try our brand new chat support directly in SignNow to get instant answers to your questions.

Sign your document in one click

Set your default signature and instantly sign a document in a single click.

Format text to your preferences

Use text formatting for text fields to modify your text. The document owner can set fonts, alignment, font styles, sizing, and color.

Use character limits to restrict text field size

Restrict text field size by setting line and character limits. The document owner can also set the ‘Characters in cells’ option to divide the field into cells. In this case, a recipient enters text which is automatically fit the cells.

Redirect a signer to any website or link after signing

Set an external URL while creating your signing invite to redirect your signer to a specific website, payment form, survey, agreement, etc. after your document has been signed.

Make it easy for recipients to fill out text fields automatically (Android)

Create Text fields with the same label so that recipients can fill out all related fields with a single tap.

Collect signatures faster using pre-filled values (Android)

Add pre-filled values to Dropdown fields, Radio button groups, and Checkbox fields to make the signing process smooth and fast.

Manage your documents faster (iOS)

Check out stability and speed improvements along with lightning fast document synchronization.

September 2019

Protect your documents with two-factor authentication

Send documents to recipients across the world (15 countries added) and ensure that only authorized signers have access to sign it.

Custom email notification preferences

Manage email notification settings in My Account so that you and your recipients receive only important notifications.

Restore your deleted documents from the trash bin

Use the trash bin to manage your deleted documents: restore or delete them permanently.

Connect your DocuShare account to SignNow

Export signed documents from SignNow to your DocuShare account.

Adjust field sizes quickly using the new resize arrows (iOS)

Just tap on a field, select Adjust Size, and modify on the fly.

August 2019

Allow signers to navigate through fields with ease

Make it easy for your signers to choose which fields to fill during an e-signing session: all fields or required fields only.

Sign up for SignNow with the new user interface

Enjoy the new look of the Sign up and Login pages.

Get your documents signed faster with signing links (iOS and Android)

Create signing links for your documents and share them via messengers and other apps.

Quickly create a new document by merging the existing ones (iOS)

Merge several documents into one. All content including fillable fields and roles will be moved from the previous documents into the new one.

Download your documents faster

Get full control over your documents by selecting multiple documents and downloading them to your device.

Try all SignNow API features in your free sandbox account

Test the SignNow API before integrating it with your website or app. Create your Sandbox account, get API keys, and run generated code examples in less than 10 minutes.

July 2019

Log in to the SignNow app even faster with the updated user interface (iOS and Android)

Enjoy the new look of the Sign up and Login pages. SignNow onboarding helps new users understand the app better.

Set up your initials and signatures faster with the new account interface (iOS and Android)

Enjoy your new account interface where you can easily change personal details and set your initials and signatures for use when signing documents.

Sign a document after filling it out in PDFfiller (Android)

After creating and filling out a document in PDFfiller, quickly e-sign and edit it using SignNow.

Meet the new My account space

Modify your profile info, edit personal account settings, and manage your cloud storage integrations with ease, from one place.

Rename documents or templates in your SignNow account

Rename documents and templates to meet the needs of your workflow.

Manage your Document Group Templates with ease

Template owners can now add new templates to a Group Template or delete them.

Format data automatically for SSN, ZIP and Phone text fields

Enable SSN, ZIP and Phone validation to format data entered into the text fields. Recipients just need to paste or type the relevant information to the field for it to appear in the format set.

June 2019

Sign in with your Facebook or Google account (Android)

Log in to the SignNow Android app using your Facebook or Google credentials, no need for additional passwords. If you already have a SignNow account, you can still choose the log-in method easiest for you.

Sign in with your Facebook or Google account (iOS)

Simply use your Facebook or Google credentials to create a SignNow account in your iOS app. If you’re already a SignNow user, you can now enjoy easier access to your files.

Collect signatures faster using email reminders

Set up email reminders when sending documents for signing.

Notify signers:

  • In X days
  • Every X days
  • X days before Expiration

Manage field settings in a few clicks

Instantly select field settings on the right side of the editor’s interface.

Add an extra layer of security for sensitive documents

Once Credit Card validation has been enabled for a document’s text field and a signer has added their credit card number, the document owner can restrict access to downloading, exporting or emailing copies of the document. This option should be enabled for the entire organization.

Manage your signed document groups

Delete your document groups with the Signed status if they’re out-of-date or were created for testing only.

Crop the size of uploaded documents (iOS)

Make any document look neat no matter how you’ve added it to SignNow - via standard uploading, exporting it from a cloud or taking a photo of a paper document.

Enjoy more freedom when navigating through fields while e-signing (iOS)

Choose for yourself which fields to fill during an e-signing session - all fields or required fields only.

Simplify your choice of the most relevant subscription plan (iOS)

The new look of the Subscription page now includes the full list of all SignNow features and also offers a more convenient switch between annual and monthly subscription plans.

Use drawn signatures for your organization

Set the ability to use drawn signatures only (excluding typed or uploaded) for your document signers and apply it for your entire organization.

Restrict the use of saved signatures in your organization

Restrict the ability to (re)use saved signatures by your document signers and apply it for your entire organization.

May 2019

Get signatures faster with Sign in Person (SignNow ServiceNow)

ServiceNow users can now start a Sign in Person session from any type of record. Sign in Person events are clearly marked in the Status Report, and signed documents are attached and updated in the record. Sign in Person session hosts can add a signer’s email as well as CC so they both receive signed copies.

Save time sending attachments for signing (SignNow Netsuite)

Netsuite users can now select any DOCX or PDF file attached to a Netsuite record and add fillable fields before sending it for signing via SignNow.

Reduce manual work with bulk sending (SignNow Netsuite)

Netsuite users can now select multiple contact records to send documents for signing in one go. Each signer will receive their own copy of the document.

Stay on top of the signing process, org-wide (SignNow Netsuite)

Netsuite org admins can now track the signing status of all documents in their org in a single Send Status Report. This report can be filtered by Date, Date Range, Sender, Status, and Record.

Quickly create copies of new documents

SignNow users can now create copies of new or edited documents before sending them for signing.

Get fast access to support and track your inquiries

Go to our brand new Support page by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of your account and select Support. Find answers to the most common questions or create a support ticket. Switch to the Tickets Status section on the left-hand sidebar and track the status of all your support inquiries.

Speed up your workflow with Document Groups (Android)

Send a Document Group to multiple signers in one click from any Android device.

Sign documents faster in your mobile browser

Recipients can now sign your document and fill out all fields using SignNow’s adaptive mobile version.

Upload multiple documents

Account owners can now upload multiple documents from their device and check the status of their uploads.

Use Kiosk Mode on Android devices

Kiosk mode is now available for Android phones and tablets. Account owners can enable Kiosk mode in the left sidebar or in the Templates menu.

Make it easy for recipients to sign your documents with the new Signing Flow (Android)

Recipients can sign and fill in the fields of your documents even faster:

  • Guide me button has been replaced with Left and Right arrows to navigate through fillable fields
  • Progress bar and numbers in the header now display the filling progress of required fillable fields
  • Navigation order is now set from top to bottom, left to right. The order is no longer determined by which fields were created by the document’s sender.

Sign after scanning with the ScanToFill Integration (Android)

After creating a document in ScanToFill, add your signature in seconds using SignNow.

Organize documents in Document Groups

Document owners can now add new documents to Document Groups or delete them.

Notify recipient when an invite has been cancelled

Save your recipient’s time by notifying them when you no longer need their signature.

Streamline your Sign in Person experience for the SignNow Netsuite integration

Automatically generate branded documents for the Sign in Person mode.

Maintain full control over your documents

Account owners can select multiple files and then delete, unarchive or move them to other folders.

Save time filling out fillable fields (iOS)

The iOS keyboard now adjusts to the validation type of each fillable field. For example, if the validation is set to numbers or currency, the keyboard will only show numbers.

Instantly start Kiosk Mode (iPad)

Enable Kiosk mode in the left sidebar of your screen. Account owners can then choose a template and use it in Kiosk mode as usual.

Connect your OneDrive account to SignNow (iOS)

Upload documents from OneDrive to SignNow and save them in your OneDrive account.

Quickly edit multi-page documents (iOS)

Add, rotate, rearrange, and delete pages when uploading documents to SignNow. New editing options can now be accessed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

April 2019

Fill out date fields faster using the Date picker

Signer can use the Date picker to change the current date and time.

Transfer intermediate Document events to third party applications

API users now can receive information for intermediate Document / Document Group events via an API.

Crop image sizes while editing documents (Android)

Users can now crop an image when uploading it from their gallery or cloud storage, or when taking pictures with their camera. The cropping tool allows users to cut an image if needed.

Session options for document owners and recipients (iOS and Android)

Edit, fill out and sign documents even faster by choosing from an array of session settings while documents are open:

  • Recipients can now set Autofill and Focus Next Field options
  • Document owners can now set Autofill, Long Form Date, Focus Next Field, and Black&White Photos options

Enjoy new Signing Flow improvements (iOS)

Recipients can sign and fill in the fields of your document even faster with the all new signing flow:

  • the Guide me button has been replaced with forward and backward arrow buttons for navigating fillable fields
  • fields being signed now change their color to light blue
  • progress bar and numbers in the header now display the filling progress of required fields for a document (includes all filled and unfilled fields)
  • the Done button now opens a dialog box of options: Done, Decline, Forward, Info, and Close document

Auto-populate recipient email (iOS)

Save time sending signature invites with auto-populating for email addresses: each time you start typing a recipient’s address, a list of suggested emails will be shown.

Explore the Sign in Person experience for SignNow’s Netsuite app

  • Use SignNow templates for Sign in Person to automatically populate the fields of your document with data from a Netsuite Record
  • Create customizable Shortcut buttons for Sign in Person and get instant access to your most used templates

Create your SignNow account without entering a password

Create a SignNow account in seconds using only your email address, no password needed. Don’t worry, you’ll set your password after exploring SignNow's advanced features. Upload documents to your account, edit them and add fillable fields before verifying your email address and setting a password.

Send documents and attachments to Signers only on completion

Document owners can now set documents and attachments to be sent to Signers only on completion.

March 2019

Quickly navigate through fillable fields

No matter what order the fields were added to a document, now signers can instantly reach the field they need using their keyboard. Move from the top left field in the document to the right and then down using the arrow keys. You can also quickly jump to the next field by pressing Tab and return to the previous key by pressing Shift+Tab..

Press Shift+? or click the Keyboard Shortcuts button in the toolbar to open the list of keyboard shortcuts.

Enjoy new signing flow improvements

  • the Guide me button is replaced with the Done button
  • new yellow pointers such as Start, Next and Continue, along with the Tab key, will guide your signers through the fields
  • the changed fields are highlighted with an outline and hint

Expand the signer’s productivity with the new options during the signing session mode

Undo – cancels the last action

Redo – restores the last canceled action

Download – downloads the document

Zoom in – increases the document scale

Zoom out – decreases the document scale

Zoom – changes the document scale by a certain percent

Keyboard Shortcuts – opens a list of keyboard shortcuts

Thumbnails – opens and closes the thumbnails panel to the right of the document in the signing session mode

Add e-signature capabilities to Slack with the SignNow app

  • Invite people to sign documents without leaving Slack
  • Check signature status of the documents sent in the channel
  • Request signatures from multiple signers and set the order of signing
  • SignNow for Slack works both for members of your workspace and for other signers
  • Signed documents uploaded to Slack and to SignNow account

Get it now!

Accelerate the productivity of your workflows in MS Flow with the SignNow connector

SignNow MS Flow connector is published now:

February 2019

Save time by signing in with your Facebook or Google account

Create a SignNow account using your Facebook or Google credentials without the need for additional passwords. If you already have a SignNow account, you can still connect it to Facebook or Google in order to simplify the sign in process.

Check out new updates for the SignNow Netsuite App

  • Signing in person customer can now automatically receive their signed copy: just add their email before starting the Sign in Person session.
  • New signature statuses allow users quickly check out the process of signing for one or multiple signers.
  • Simplified app settings management is now available to Netsuite organization admin in a dedicated Settings panel.

Automate e-signature workflows and generate data-driven documents in Microsoft Dynamics

SignNow for Dynamics 365 is now available on Microsoft AppSource